Making Die Cut Stickers

Excellent tips on making and designing your die cut stickers

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    Tips of Making Die Cut Stickers

    Die-cut stickers, commonly referred to as custom-shaped stickers, have long been the most widely used method of identifying and giving the contents of containers a unique identity. Professional die-cut label printing is the way to go if you want to boost your branding efforts, advertise a good or service, or elicit a reaction from your audience. A die-cut sticker has the advantage of being able to be cut into any special form and printed with eye-catching text or graphics to draw of making die cut stickers

    Designing for Stickers

    It’s understandable why stickers remain one of the most popular items. They have a stunning appearance, are uniquely die-cut, are simply detachable, and may be adhered to anything. Except for animals, food, and the laptop screen of your coworker, but you get the idea. Anyway, vinyl stickers are a flexible approach to spruce up your surrounds because they are not only reasonably priced, but also available in a huge range of sizes. We have some advice that will help your ideas stand out even more so that you can make the most of this entertaining product.

    Use Files with High Resolution

    Files with high resolution

    Uploading good-resolution photographs is crucial, as it is with all items now on the market. Your artwork will look sharp and tidy this way. Higher quality files will be made available in larger sticker sizes and still appear exciting because stickers are now available in enormous sizes up to 14 inches. It is vital to consider the art you are selling and how it will look, not only in little sizes but also in larger ones, due to the varied size.

    Benefit from Transparency


    This is especially clear when the image has an odd shape. This enables you to experiment with fun borders and shapes for each of your designs. It’s also the reason why collecting these stickers is so much fun. The die-cut forms add to the aesthetic of surfaces covered in vinyl stickers, such as those found on laptops, skateboards, and vehicle bumpers. The layout gains a new component from the use of positive and negative space.

    Examine Your Colors

    Examine the color

    Use words only when absolutely necessary or if the design is text-based; otherwise, let the stickers speak for themselves. To precisely depict how your stickers will appear, be sure to convert your RGB to CMYK color schemes.

    Consider creating a set of matching stickers that can be collected.


    1. The Size and Shape

    Why produce die-cut stickers in the typical square, rectangle, round, or oval shape when you have the option to die-cut the stickers in any shape? Your stickers can be made in any shape that closely mimics your items, including the shape of a cartoon figure, tool, piece of equipment, bottle, or anything else. Consider what shape will best represent or complement your goods and make a wise choice.

    2. Utilize Strong Colors

    The sticker’s color scheme is crucial in capturing customers’ attention. Die-cut stickers with dull color printing will go unnoticed next to those with vivid color printing. Additionally, try to utilize the same color for the stickers if your brand has a certain color or a color that goes with your brand identification.

    3. Lettering & Font Size

    You may have colorful stickers with eye-catching pictures, but what if the writing cannot be read? Stickers’ primary function is to inform your clients of the contents of the container, correct? Therefore, much care must be used when designing die-cut stickers or labels to select the proper typeface and font size. Make sure that even from a distance, the text is readable.

    4. Brand/Trademark

    Die-cut stickers’ main goal is to help you promote your brand. Therefore, be sure to position the business name or emblem at the top of your sticker. Your brand should be positioned so that customers will immediately recognize it.

    5. Keep it Simple

    Use your space well! Avoid overcrowding the sticker with text and images since this may be confusing or distracting. Select the words or visuals that best convey your company’s image, your product, or your service while avoiding any ambiguity. The stickers should have enough empty space.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Die-cut stickers are not printed on a printer like conventional paper, which is the first thing you need to understand about them. They are made from a single sheet of adhesive vinyl that has been cut to shape before being attached to a backing paper.

    One of the most common methods of sticker printing is die-cut stickers. These are the ones that are adaptable in terms of size and shape. They provide your goods, shipments, or documents with an artistic touch. They can be used as decorative features on your products or for branding and marketing purposes. The statement that die-cut stickers make things look cooler is not hyperbole. The result is a sticker that has a tidy, expert finish and lasts for years!


    Do you have what it takes to create your die-cut stickers? So we hope you found these suggestions useful.
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