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    Lotion Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Lotions are a great way to keep skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Lotion labels are one of the primary factors that initiate the sales of lotion products.

    This guide will find the knowledge you need to label lotion products and other valuable information such as the different printing methods, materials required, and many more.

    1.    What is a lotion label?

    A lotion label is a piece of paper or plastic with an adhesive backing that displays the ingredients for a lotion product.

    It is a form of product labeling found on the side of the container holding the body product.

    A lotion label is a type of drug or medical products label used to identify the contents and directions for personal care products, including lotions and other topical solutions applied to the skin.

    lotion label

    It is required by law to provide consumers information to know what is contained in the body care moisturizing product.

    This label will be specific elements such as weight, use by date, ingredients, and more.

    By having this information available, consumers can make an educated decision on what lotion brand to purchase.

    The purpose of this label is to create an eye-catching look that conveys images quickly to consumers.

    2.    What are the lotion label types based on materials?

    There are different types of lotion labels based on the material used for the labeling.

    You must take care that any labeling should be done so that it is safe.

    The type of safety depends on the material used and where you are going to paste the label.

    Most labels are made of plastic and paper to ensure durability.

    The most suitable materials that can be utilized to make labels are:

    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Coated paper
    • Transparent PET
    • Colored PET
    • PE
    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • Textured paper
    • Destructible or Eggshell paper

    All of these materials have distinguishable characteristics.

    This allows you to choose the materials wisely for the secure and long-lasting adherence to lotion bottles.

    Coated paper Label

    Coated paper is a particular type of paper in which the fibers have been given an outer layer of a substance such as clay, plastic, wax, or starch.

    This process provides protection and durability to the surface of the paper.

    Labels made of coated papers are generally thicker and more durable than regular paper.

    Coated paper labels are also laminated with surface laminations.

    These are significantly splash-proof as well as tear-resistant.

    BOPP Label

    BOPP stands for “Biaxially-oriented polypropylene.”

    BOPP is a plastic film that has low surface energy, which makes it repel liquid.

    It is one of the easiest plastics to use in the form of labels.

    PE Label

    Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic.

    It is available in various grades and formulations for different needs.

    Polyethylene labels offer excellent chemical and impact resistance, as well as low friction.

    3.    What printing methods can be employed for lotion label printing?

    The process involved in lotion label printing depends on the surface you wish to print on and the colors you choose.

    Different methods can be employed, whether you would like to print onto a flexible plastic such as polypropylene or polyethylene or more rigid materials coated or uncoated papers.

    lotion label printing

    Based on these facts, there are various forms of printing technologies that renowned printing companies prefer.

    These includes:

    • UV laser printing
    • PMS printing
    • Offset printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Flexographic printing
    • Lithographic printing
    • Hot and cold stamping
    • Debossing and embossing


    Debossing is a way of adding texture or depth to your product.

    This is often done on cases, packaging, lids, and even business cards.

    Debossing is a permanent way of printing a design or design elements into the label.

    It is performed by using custom dies to imprint a recessed image into the top layer of a label, so the pattern shows up in relief against the base material of the brand.

    UV Laser printing

    UV laser printing is the process of using ultraviolet light to cure photosensitive resins onto 3rd party substrate.

    Unlike traditional direct laser printing, UV laser printing does not use a toner or ink supply.

    Ideal for custom label printing, it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

    Due to the nature of UV laser technology, print colors are determined by the resin being used for each specific application.

    The UV light cures the coating with which the paper has been treated, thereby permanently creating an image or design onto the base material.

    4.    What is surface lamination?

    A surface laminate is a decorative material applied to the top face of label stock to provide a valuable feature.

    This process of applying laminate is referred to as surface lamination or surface coatings.

    These used to be only available on the very best and most expensive label stocks. But today, they are readily available at most price points.

    lotion label surface lamination

    They can add an impression of class, vibrancy, or even water resistance to a label design.

    Surface lamination also allows for easier store scanning through explicit or intermediate tinted materials and many other creative applications.
    Depending on which materials are selected for the laminate, they can provide different properties to various applications due to their diverse chemical compositions.

    lotion label

    There are different materials that you can consider as surface laminates which give:

    • Matte look
    • Glossy look

    Matte materials are considered dull look with no gloss or reflection, contrary to glossy materials that impart shine to labels.

    Matte laminates are expensive than gloss laminates.

    5.    Why is it imperative to label lotion bottles?

    Many reasons show the benefits of using lotion labels.

    They are more visually pleasing, easier to create, and much more affordable than the traditional method of putting information directly on the bottle or tub.

    There are also health and safety reasons for using them: the labels are waterproof and do not come off when wet.

    This ensures that the expiry date cannot be rubbed off and that labels cannot be tampered with.

    lotion label on bottles

    The labels can also provide information to caring organizations in an emergency, so a person’s allergies or medical conditions can be easily identified.

    Lotion labels are essential for product identification and marketing of the products they are attached to.

    Lotions are popular cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that allow people to care for their bodies by maintaining moisture or preventing dryness and chapping.

    Because of this, they are purchasing a lotion product is a multi-step process that includes reading the product’s label to understand the product’s ingredients, directions for use, and warnings before using it.

    Therefore, proper labeling of these products is crucial for the safety of the general public.

    6.    What are the lotion labeling requirements?

    A cosmetic or drug lotion must be notified to the FDA and comply with their labeling requirements.

    lotion label

    These regulations state that all cosmetic and drug establishments must include on their label are:

    • Ingredients or components in descending order using their common name
    • Intended function
    • Net weight
    • Identity
    • Manufacturer’s name or trade name
    • Contact details
    • Warning statement if any

    The labeling requirements fluctuate from place to place. If one country follows a specific law for labeling, then other countries might be labeling their products using different instructions.

    That is why it is essential to check with the local government to label your lotion products rightly.

    7.    Is a lotion bar cosmetic?

    A lotion bar is a bar-shaped solid block of lotion.

    Lotion bars can or cannot be cosmetic for several reasons.

    Suppose you have not added any colorants, emollients, fragrances or thickeners, and your lotion bar is just a solid mixture of ingredients that results in no change to the skin when applied. In that case, your lotion bar is probably not considered a cosmetic.

    lotion labels

    However, if you have added ingredients that are considered cosmetics (such as an emollient or thickener), then your lotion bar may be regarded as a cosmetic.

    This is particularly true if adding these ingredients provides a benefit or result in a different feel when it comes into contact with skin.

    8.    Is it okay to make a lotion label at home?

    Of course!

    If you want to go custom but are on a super tight budget, you can make your lotion label at home.

    There are several sites online that offer label-making software for free.

    This will allow you to create and print your labels.

    lotion label

    You may want to make your labels because you can control what ingredients are in the product label and the design layout, artwork, etc.

    The good news is that you can also purchase pre-made labels for a couple of dollars from many internet stores.

    You must not ignore that all the labeling requirements should be met if you intend to sell your homemade lotion.

    9.    What are lotion bar labels?

    Lotion bar labels are found on top of lotion bars.

    A lotion bar is a soap product made with the same ingredients as ordinary soap but solid instead of liquid.

    Homemade lotion bars can be made in your home using techniques like soapmaking.

    lotion bar labels

    If you want custom labels for your lotion bars, there are many benefits to purchasing them from a professional manufacturer.

    Lotion bar labels are a great way to provide an affordable and unique solution for promoting your small business brand or an ideal addition to your personalized handmade gift basket.

    It is used for labeling your homemade lotion in various forms like:

    • Moisturizing lotion bar
    • Baby lotion bar
    • Body lotion bar
    • Hand & body lotion bar
    • Organic lotion bar
    • Anti-aging lotion bar
    • Olive oil lotion bar and more.

    10.    Can I custom make lotion labels?


    Label manufacturers allow their customers to make custom-made lotion labels as per their business requirements.

    You can opt for various choices from a list of customizable options such as colors, typography, images, data, etc.

    Customized lotion labels help your product stand out and bring awareness to your brand.

    It will let your customers know about the benefits of your products and services as a marketing medium with your specified brand voice to interact with them.

    11.    What are the dimensions for lotion labels?

    A lotion label is often smaller than a lotion bottle.

    Before you decide which size to print your labels, make sure to evaluate how you plan on marketing your lotion.

    The size of a lotion label will vary depending on the length of the ingredients and nutrition facts, including other factors like the size of the bottle or container, etc.

    A few standard label sizes can be noted as:

    Lotion Label

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    2/3 x 1-3/4″ 1.

    4″ square


    1” x 2-1/2” 2.

    3-1/2” square


    1” x 2” 3.

    2″ circle


    1” x 3” 4.

    2-1/4” circle


    1-1/2” x 3-3/4” 5.

    4-1/2” circle


    1-1/2” x 5” 6.

    2″ x 1″ oval

    When you want to custom make your labels for lotion products, you can also personalize them based on sizes and shapes.

    12.    Can I make creative lotion labels?


    You can pour your creativity while designing a label for your lotion product.

    A creative lotion label is a term used to explain a product that features a unique and artistic display.

    A creative lotion label uses unusual shapes and vivid colors to set itself apart from traditional lotion labeling.

    creative lotion labels

    This label is successful because it uses colors that contrast the rest of the product’s packaging and print but match the brand’s logo.

    The lotion is primarily cosmetic products and, therefore, like all other product labels, must adhere to specific labeling regulations set by the appropriate government body.

    13.    What are hand lotion gift tags?

    A hand lotion gift tag is an optional label that you can add to your hand lotion bottle.

    This label typically has the name of your company or business on it and includes a place for the recipient’s name, along with some other information.

    Gifts and greeting cards are given to the receiver along with these products, and hence gift tags come in handy when gifting them.

    lotion label

    Hand lotion gift tags are also helpful when presenting homemade hand lotions to someone special and feel like writing something.

    These gift tags can be used in gifting hand cream anywhere from a casual get-together with friends, family, etc., to a formal party.

    14.    Can I print sayings on lotion labels?

    It depends on the phrase you want to print, but the answer is generally yes.

    Many companies print sayings on lotion labels to get free advertising or brand recognition.

    lotion labels

    Consumers tend to remember catchy phrases or cute sayings that are printed on lotion labeling.

    15.    How to label homemade lotion?

    Homemade lotion uses essential ingredients, and thus consumers must quickly determine what is present in any homemade lotion product.

    Labeling homemade lotion helps consumers safely use any products intended for the skin.

    You can make sure that all labeling for homemade lotion may need to include a disclaimer such as “for external use only” if botanicals are included.

    The points that are mist to mention on labels for homemade lotions can be:

    • The identity statements
    • The volume of cream in the bottle
    • Ingredient list
    • Warning labels

    16.    Is it acceptable to print images on lotion labels?

    If you are making your product to sell it, it is acceptable to print images on your lotion labels.

    It is generally okay to print an image on a lotion label only if the image’s content is necessary and related to your product.

    lotion label

    For example, you could print a picture of something that represents the product, such as a flower to represent a beauty lotion or a bird for an organic product.

    17.    How to remove labels from lotion bottles?

    To remove labels from lotion bottles, you will need to begin by washing the bottle in warm, soapy water.

    Once the label is clean, you should remove it using your fingers and a soft cloth.

    Polishing the bottle with rubbing alcohol will also help loosen any residue that may be left.

    If this method does not pay off, then you can go for another one.

    You need to spray the label with an oil-free product.

    Next, place the bottle in a freezer for 10 minutes.

    Afterward, gently peel off the frozen label and tape off all remaining sticky residue with masking tape.

    Not only does this method work on removing labels from glass lotion bottles, but it also works on plastic bottles.

    18.    What is required on the tanning lotion label?

    To market and sell your self-tanning lotion, you will need to include the correct type of warning language on your label.

    The law requires that any product that may expose people to chemicals, like UV filters, fragrance oils, or ingredients like dihydroxyacetone (DHA), carry a warning label.

    lotion label

    There is a particular statement provided by FDA that is compulsory to be printed on tanning lotion labels.

    You can check legal requirements for labels on your local government website.

    19.    Are there warning labels for lotion labels too?

    Yes, there are warning labels for lotion labels too.

    Warning labels for lotion labels give people the information or instructions they need to use a product safely to prevent it from injuring someone or creating a dangerous situation.

    warning labels for lotion label

    A warning label warns consumers about the ingredients or effects of the product.

    It also provides them with directions, precautions, or anything else necessary for the safe use of the product.

    20.    In what colors should I print lotion labels?

    There is no limit to expressiveness while making labels.

    It means you can opt for any color with any shade to print on your labels.

    Colors convey liveliness to the consumers when they are searching for a new product to buy.

    Colorful and eye-catching labels enable your products to stand out from other brands.

    21.    Do lotion labels need to be water-resistant?

    Lotion labels are not water-resistant but should be made with waterproof ink, oil, or alcohol-based.

    Lotion labels can last longer if they are water-resistant but do not need to be.

    If your lotion will only be on store shelves, it is unnecessary to make them water-resistant.

    If you decide to go with a waterproof label, you should consider using dye ink or a laser printer.

    You can also laminate your labels if you want them to be more resistant to moisture, but this will increase the cost.

    22.    What are the adhesives used on labels?

    There are three major classes of adhesives that are well known to be used in manufacturing labels.

    The adhesives are categorized based on their nature or origin, such as;

    • Water-based adhesive
    • Oil-based adhesive
    • Rubber-based adhesive

    Water-based adhesive is utilized more commonly in several industries, while oil-based glue is rare in exceptional cases.

    23.    What are roll and sheet packaging labels?

    They are the packaging methods that are incorporated to pack labels and deliver them to your doorstep.

    The roll packaging method is often employed due to its cost-effective and easy-to-fed nature in labeling machines.

    Labels can also be printed on sheets, but it enhances the cost as the number of labels increases.

    In general, both of these methods are obtainable.

    24.    Can I apply lotion labels manually?

    Of course, you are allowed to label your products manually.

    However, using automated machines leaves you with some spare time and saves you from being tiresome.

    25.    Are vinyl lotion labels tear-resistant?

    Yes, they are.

    Vinyl is a common material used for labels; however, many brands use different types of vinyl ranging from the upper scale of outdoor vinyl to the lower end of indoor vinyl.

    The type of material will determine tear resistance.

    26.    Will the lotion label be spoiled when exposed to sunlight?

    It depends on the choice of material.

    The sun is a powerful force.

    If your label will survive, it needs to withstand the rigors of use, exposure, and especially direct sunlight.

    With ultraviolet rays constantly breaking down the chemical bonds in inks, the colors will fade or even disappear entirely.

    As a result, your brand is not portrayed as clearly as you would like.

    A straightforward solution is a UV-stable ink.

    27.    Are kraft paper labels suitable for lotion bottles?

    Yes, kraft paper labels are substantial for lotion bottles.

    Kraft paper labels are one of the perfect materials for lotion bottles.

    Not only do they make it very easy to see the lotion content from a distance, but the writing is crisp and clear.

    Kraft lotion label

    In addition, since kraft labels come in various sizes and shapes, you can select one that best fits your need.

    28.    How to access lotion label manufacturers from China?

    You are required to know what lotion manufacturers need to make lotion product labels for you.

    Lotion bottle labels are as important as other packaging labels because they are crucial for every package.

    If you want to buy labels from China, you can research their online presence on the Internet.

    29.    How to make cost-effective lotion labels?

    If you wonder how to make cost-effective lotion labels, there are many ways to get cheap labels from a print shop, but you will need to set up a quality label that helps sell your lotion.

    You can make labels at home.

    You can use blank labels.

    If you are personalizing your labels, you can choose options that do not cost out of your budget.

    30.    What is the minimum order quantity?

    Minimum order quantity is the minimum amount of product you can avail of by purchasing from a particular vendor.

    The MOQ differs from supplier to supplier.

    Most often, the MOQ is 500 labels.

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