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    Material Checking
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    PMS Printing
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    Liquor Labels Packing
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    Offset Printing
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    Soft Touch Laminated
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    Delivery Checking
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    Liquor Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Liquor-containing bottles are often seen with labels that present various information to the customers, and these labels are called liquor labels.

    In this guide, you can comprehend various points related to the liquor labels, be it the materials, manufacturing process, printing process, import from China, cost of liquor labels when buying from China manufacturers, etc., and many more.

    1.    What do you mean by liquor labels?

    Liquor labels can be defined as labels that adhere to the containers of beverages such as wines, spirits, drinks, and so on.

    Liquor labels are usually used on the bottles of alcoholic beverages. That is why they are also called liquor bottle labels.

    They are essential to make a product stand out from other products.

    A liquor label should be eye-catching and unique in design.

    The liquor labels can also show information about the content and brand of the liquor.

    Liquor labels are essential to help people understand the content of the liquor product.

    Liquor labels have a lot of information written on them related to the ingredients, sources, content of alcohol, and other helpful information.

    These labels on liquor products are essential as they protect the people consuming these products.

    As a legal requirement, all liquor products need to be appropriately labeled or according to various rules and regulations.

    These labels not only protect the consumers but also helps in checking the quality of each brand.

    2.    What type of material is used to make liquor labels?

    A liquor label is composed of a shortlist of ingredients.

    You can make a label with different kinds of materials.

    There are different types of paper to choose from, each suitable for a particular use.

    The types of materials used to make liquor labels are as follows:

    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • Textured paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • PET
    • Vinyl
    • Transparent PET
    • Coated paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Writable paper
    • Eggshell paper
    • Brush silver and gold PET
    • Matte gold and silver PET
    • Shiny silver and gold PET

    Because of the unique capabilities of different kinds of material, their costs vary.

    The different layers of liquor labels made with these papers are costed differently due to the added material, labor, and printing methods that each paper type requires.

    3.    How are liquor labels manufactured?

    The manufacturing process of liquor labels depends on what type of liquor label you want to make.

    Liquor labels can be manufactured differently based on adhesiveness, self-adhesive liquor labels, and non-adhesive liquor labels.

    Self-adhesive liquor labels:

    Self-adhesive liquor labels

    For self-adhesive liquor labels, sticker paper is used, which is composed of three different layers.


    These layers are:

    Upper layer

    The upper layer gives the face of liquor labels.

    This layer is the one that gets printed during the printing process.

    Materials that you can use to make the upper layer are:

    • BOPP
    • PVC
    • PE
    • Paper
    • Polypropylene

    You can use the different paper types mentioned above to make the upper layer of liquor labels.

    Central layer

    The central layer is usually composed of adhesive glue.

    On the back of the front layer, adhesive glue is spread in layers, making a central layer after getting covered by the backing layer.

    Back layer

    The back layer or backing of liquor labels is the layer of material used to cover up the adhesive layer.

    It helps the central layer stay intact from the environment and things until you can use your liquor labels on bottles.

    Different types of materials are used to make the back layer for liquor labels, such as:

    • Glassine
    • Film
    • Kraft paper
    • Polypropylene

    Non-adhesive liquor labels:

    Non-adhesive liquor labels are simply composed of a single layer of material.

    Non-adhesive liquor labels

    You can make non-adhesive liquor labels with a variety of materials.


    The lack of an adhesive layer makes these labels non-adhesive, which means additional glue will be required when you paste your liquor labels on liquor bottles.

    4.    Liquor labels are best for which type of bottles?

    Liquor labels can be used for a variety of situations.

    Whether it’s on glass or plastic, the image will appear just the same.

    Liquor labels for bottles
    No matter what is the material of the bottle, the label will give the same effect.

    Liquor labels can serve their primary purpose irrespective of the liquor bottles.

    However, liquor labels on glass liquor bottles give a decent and luxurious presentation to the packaging of liquor labels.

    Plastic liquor bottles such as those made with PET can also be used for packaging.

    Liquor labels made of different types will also go along the line to add to the look and value of your liquor bottles.

    5.    What is the impact of environmental factors on liquor labels?

    Environmental factors are the aspects in which they affect the boundaries of labeling.

    Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure directly affect the appearance of your liquor labels.

    The paper itself is made from natural fibers and contains water.

    These environmental factors cause the fibers to expand or contract, which affects the paper’s opacity, stiffness, and ability to bend.

    If it is exposed to heat longer than needed or not kept at the right temperature, the label will become discolored and curl up when applied to the beverage.

    Liquor labels can also be affected during transit, resulting in the crumbling of brands on the liquor bottles.

    For this, you can cover up your liquor bottle containing a liquor label wrapped in cushioning material.

    6.    How can I make a waterproof liquor label?

    Waterproof liquor labels are those that can withstand a splash of water on a bottle.

    In other words, you can be protected against accidental spillage.

    There are several ways to produce a safe and reliable waterproof liquor label.

    Waterproof Liquor Label

    The easiest and quickest way is to laminate the liquor label to your bottle.


    Lamination helps in protecting the material and information printed on the liquor labels.

    Lamination is an inexpensive process that can make your liquor labels protected from water and other inert liquids.

    Waterproof liquor labels are labeled with ink containing waterproof, chemical compounds that enable them to resist smudges and streaking.

    7.    How to have a template of liquor labels?

    You can obtain templates of liquor labels from online sources.

    Liquor Labels Template
    You can search a variety of liquor labels online to make different or desirable liquor label designs.

    Liquor label templates can help in making the designing process convenient for liquor labels.

    If you do not want to get the aid of the designing team and want to design your liquor labels by yourself, then these liquor label templates are a handy option.

    You can make your desirable liquor label design using these templates according to the dimensions of your liquor bottle.

    8.    Can I customize liquor label templates?


    The templates that are available online can be easily customized according to your will.

    There is several software that offers templates for labeling different types of products.

    You can use such software as well to obtain a liquor label and customize it.

    You can change several factors while customizing the liquor labels.

    Several factors include:

    • Font size
    • Font style
    • Font color
    • Background color
    • Images
    • Shapes

    It is essential to take care of the dimensions of your required liquor label.

    You can measure the dimensions of the liquor bottle on which you will paste liquor labels before customizing the templates.

    9.    Can I make my liquor labels?

    Of course.

    You can make your liquor labels at home with ease.

    Before starting the process, you will need to measure the circumference of the liquor bottles to get an idea of the dimensions of liquor labels.

    For this, you will need to obtain the materials that are required to make liquor labels.

    For instance, paper can be printed after when you have done customizing your liquor labels.

    You can use different types of printers to produce varied printing quality.

    When you have done printing your liquor labels, then you can cut them into shapes.

    While cutting liquor labels, take care of the designs and edges of them.

    After that, you can paste them onto liquor bottles after cleaning the bottle surface.

    You will need to use glue for the application of liquor labels.

    If you do not want to make the process lengthy, you can use sticker stock to make liquor labels.

    It will help you to make self-adhesive liquor labels.

    10. What printing techniques are prominent for liquor label printing?

    Several printing techniques are used to produce high-quality printed liquor labels.

    You can employ any printing technique while considering several factors such as cost, etc.

    Every printing technique gives a different printing quality with varied sustainability features.

    Some of the printing techniques that are the best option to choose for printing liquor labels are:

    • CMYK printing
    • Lithography
    • Inkjet printing
    • UV laser printing
    • Cold stamping
    • Hot stamping
    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Embossed
    • Debossed

    CMYK printing of liquor labels

    Liquor labels are created using a four-step (CMYK) process.

    CMYK printing of liquor labels

    When making a label, the digital designer applies your logo to the brand and starts selecting your “base color.”

    The process involves using four colors—cyan, magenta, yellow and black—to make a realistic representation of your design.

    Inkjet printing of liquor labels

    Inkjet printing is a digital printing technology that uses liquid ink in place of plates and rubber blankets.

    The ink is directly printed onto paper or similar surfaces, rather than using an inked surface as with traditional printing.

    Offset printing of liquor labels

    Offset printing is a common printing technique used in commercial printing.

    Firstly, a rubber plate is coated with ink and then pressed on the printing surface.

    The image is then transferred to the plate so that the ink can be transferred onto paper or other material.

    11. In how many shapes can I make liquor labels?

    You can make your liquor labels in many different shapes.

    A limitless number of shapes and designs are possible for your liquor label.

    Liquor Labels Shape
    The possibilities are endless, from the unique label to the straightforward stock design.

    A high-quality representation of your brand image is the main objective of any visual marketing plan for your product, including creating a perfect liquor design with a unique shape and color scheme to match marketers’ vision at an affordable price.

    You can put liquor labels on wine bottles, beer bottles, liquor bottles, or even bags to hold alcohol.

    The most popular shape for general use is square and round, but you can make them in any shape and size.

    This is because it looks the best on almost any bottle shape and doesn’t take up much space.

    12. In what sizes can liquor labels be made?

    You can make liquor labels in various sizes.

    The size of liquor labels depends on the size of your liquor bottles.

    Liquor Labels Sizes
    Some of the liquor label sizes for full-sized and mini liquor bottles can be summarized as follows:
    The size of liquor labels usually ranges from 1-6 inches.

    Liquor label sizes

    Sr. no. Dimensions in inches

    For a full-sized liquor bottle

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    For mini-sized liquor bottle


    2.125 x 3 1. 1.5 x 1.5


    3 x 3 2.

    1.5 x 1


    3.5 x 4 3.

    3 x 1.5


    3.5 x 5 4.

    3.025 x 1.8375

    5. 3.75 x 4.75 5.

    3.5 x 1.75

    6. 4 x 3.33 6.

    4.5 x 2

    You can custom make your liquor labels in any size while ordering from liquor labels manufacturers and suppliers.

    13. What are the benefits of using liquor labels?

    Carrying unique branded liquids not only gives you a competitive advantage but also improves your marketing strategy.

    Liquor labels are a great tool to make your brand stand out without being too aggressive or invasive.

    Liquor Labels Benefits

    Labels on liquor bottles help the company advertise and show the vintage, quality, characteristics, and other essential information about the product.

    Liquor labels are flexible and reusable.

    They let you personalize your business with custom designs that showcase your brand.

    A personalized label design can also be used to help sell merchandise by offering tastings to potential buyers.

    14. What are the available sizes of liquor labels for mini liquor bottles?

    The most common sizes for liquor labels available for mini liquor bottles range from 2″ to 3″.

    Mini Liquor Bottles
    The circumference of mini liquor labels is vital for calculating the size of liquor labels.

    Most liquor bottles in the market find the best fit size of 3″ width and 2″ height size of liquor labels.

    15. How to efficiently apply the liquor label on a glass bottle?

    You can effectively apply liquor labels on glass bottles with a bit of carefulness.

    To start the application process, clean the glass bottle with a clean cloth to remove dirt from it or use solvent for this purpose.

    After cleaning, you can put glue on the spot of the bottle where you want to paste your liquor label.

    The alignment of the liquor label with the glass bottle is essential to give a clean presentation.

    Then you can put your liquor label on the bottle’s surface and press it gently outward to remove any creases.

    If you use a self-adhesive liquor label, you do not need to put glue on the bottle.

    Peel off the backing of the liquor label, position it rightly on the glass bottle and paste it.

    16. Can I make a liquor label on Microsoft word?


    Microsoft word is a software that allows people to make their labels and stickers.

    You can use this software for designing your liquor labels.

    There are several options to choose from while designing liquor labels on Microsoft word.

    After designing liquor labels, you can print out the liquor labels and use them.

    17. Is liquor label suitable for the environment?


    Liquor labels are recyclable, which means you can reuse them after discarding them.

    It is the most common question that arises in the minds of nature lovers.

    Most people fail to realize, though, that with hemp, liquor label manufacturers can provide consumers a choice in reducing their carbon footprint while also offering a unique spin on the look of the traditional wine or liquor bottle.

    18. Should I remove the liquor label from the bottle before recycling?

    Removing Liquor Label

    Yes, you can remove liquor labels from the bottles before recycling, no matter the type of bottle they use, like glass or plastic.


    Liquor labels are made of paper to better put them off before recycling them for a better reason.

    19. What are the types of liquor labels?

    There are different types of liquor labels based on their features, such as:

    • Die-cut liquor labels
    • Kiss-cut liquor labels
    • Dry peel liquor labels
    • Reseal liquor labels
    • Fold-out liquor labels
    • Tag and board liquor labels

    These liquor labels give unique and luxurious looks to the liquor bottles.

    20. How to use liquor labels through a labeling machine correctly?

    Before you can start to use liquor labels, there are a few things that you need to consider.

    You need to know what type of labeling machine that you will be using.

    This is because every labeling machine uses the labels differently.

    The second thing that you need to consider is the dimensions of your label.

    Different machines will have different dimensions, so the printing process must adhere to such differences.

    21. How to tell if the liquor label is imperfectly printed?

    You can tell whether the liquor label is perfectly printed or not.

    If the liquor label is imperfectly printed, then the print quality will be reduced, leading to the misprinting of information.

    Moreover, the liquor label design can also be affected along with the colors of the arrangements.

    22. What do you mean by UV printed liquor labels?

    UV-printed liquor labels are the ones that are printed using the UV printing technique.

    A UV laser printed liquor label is a professional yet cost-effective way to distinguish your brands and make them unique.

    These labels are well-suited on most alcohol bottles such as beer, wine, cocktail, liquor, or any other spirit, etc.

    23. Do glossy laminated liquor labels give an eye-catching look?

    Yes, for sure.

    Laminated Liquor Labels
    Glossy laminated liquor labels give an eye-catching look.

    Plus, the labels are waterproof and won’t get damaged if they get wet or spilled on.

    The most common material that is used in liquor labels is glossy laminated material.

    Best for labeling beer and alcohol mostly packed in small bottles and cans of different sizes.

    This way, the information about the brand, alcohol type, etc., can be shown on the labels without feeling the need to open them up every time.

    24. What is the weight of the backing liner of liquor labels?

    The backing liner of liquor labels can be made of a variety of materials.

    The weight of the backing liner is dependent upon the type of material.

    For instance, in the case of a backing liner made of polypropylene with 135-micron thickness, the weight would be 80GSM.

    25. Can I seek help from the designing team of liquor label manufacturers?

    Yes, you can seek help for designing the liquor labels.

    It is not difficult to design the label and make it look attractive.

    Label makers do it in an exciting style that adds excellent value to the product.

    Labels for liquor bottles do not have to be cluttered or complicated.

    You just need to print some basic information like your product, brand name, company name, address, etc., on a card, which will be pasted on the body of the bottles.

    This way you will be able to attract more number of customers in your favor.

    26. What do you mean by custom liquor labels?

    Custom liquor labels mean that the liquor labels are customized according to your will.

    You can claim custom options to make customized liquor labels by choosing options from various categories.

    You can also seek help for designing your liquor labels from designing teams of liquor label manufacturers.

    27. Are there any liquor label factories that supply personalized liquor labels?


    Many liquor-label factories supply good-quality liquor labels with the option to personalize.

    You can find your best bet by searching for reliable liquor label manufacturers because, in this case, you will be saved from disappointment that might come with the wrong choice of manufacturer.

    You can check several aspects of the websites of manufacturers before sending a quote.

    28. What factors affect the cost of liquor labels?

    The cost of liquor labels is affected by the following:

    • Shapes of liquor label
    • Size of liquor label
    • Printing technique
    • Lamination option
    • Adhesive property
    • Types of materials such as different types of papers – each type cost differently

    29. Why are liquor label factories from China best to import liquor labels?

    Liquor label factories and manufacturers from China can be the best bet if you want certain desirable features of a liquor label company, such as

    • High-quality material
    • High-grade printing
    • Faster turn around
    • QC inspected process
    • Lower cost
    • Custom option

    While ordering liquor labels from China, you can rest assured that the quality of your liquor labels will not be compromised.

    30. At what price can I have liquor labels from China?

    You can buy liquor labels from China at an average price ranging from $0.01 to $1.

    The cost of the liquor labels can be affected by several factors such as materials, adhesives, printing options, shapes, sizes, etc.

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