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    Lip Gloss Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    The Lip Gloss Label guide contains all the information that you might be searching for.

    This guide can prove to be a helping hand if you are looking for details related to material options, printing choices, customization, sizes, laminations, factors affecting cost, importing labels from China, etc.

    1.    What are lip gloss labels?

    Lip gloss labels are small, self-adhesive labels that you can use to create customized and attractive name badges for your lip gloss business.

    A lip gloss label is nothing more than a label designed to stick to your favorite tube or pot of lip gloss.

    lip gloss labels

    You can use it to list all of the ingredients, create a cute design for your favorite color, or even sew on the details about the product that you think will be most appealing to customers.

    They are easy to apply, remove, and replace.

    Labels come in a variety of sizes and colors and are available online in unprinted form.

    They can be customized using your text in various fonts, sizes, and colors.

    Labels are also available with printed messages on the front and back of the label.

    2.    What are the materials used to make lip gloss labels?

    There are a variety of materials that are used to make labels.

    You can use different types of materials for varied looks and presentation of labels.

    Labels made with unique materials help in imparting noticeable properties to your packaging solution.

    The materials that are used to make lip gloss labels can be listed as follow:

    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Coated paper
    • PVC
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Textured paper
    • Writeable paper
    • Colored paper
    • Transparent PET
    • Gold and silver material

    Coated paper

    It is the type of paper material used often to make labels as this material is cost-efficient.

    It can be covered with lamination materials.

    When coated paper is laminated, it serves as the anti-splash water label.

    Synthetic paper

    Labels made with synthetic paper have a smooth surface.

    These types of labels are also waterproof as well as tearproof.

    Kraft paper

    Kraft paper is used to make labels that give a luxurious look.

    You can use kraft paper labels if you want to leave an ‘eco-friendly’ impression on your customers.

    Kraft paper cannot be laminated, which means labels made with kraft paper are not waterproof.


    PVC is used to make vinyl labels.

    These types of lip gloss labels are famous for their tearproof, waterproof, and flexible nature.

    Depending on the features of different materials, you can custom make your labels with desirable strength and flexibility.

    3.    How do manufacturers make lip gloss labels?

    Various steps are involved in the manufacturing of labels.

    The steps can be summarized as follows:

    • Adhesive checking
    • Material checking
    • Template checking
    • Manufacturing
    • QC inspection of finished products- labels
    • Packaging

    The material checking step is essential because, in this step, the strength, durability, and reliability of materials are measured.

    The manufacturing process incorporates some further sub-steps such as

    • Template impression on the material
    • Printing of label
    • Cutting of labels

    Printing step

    In this step, the design of your labels is printed on the selected type of material.

    There are various printing technologies available for this purpose.

    Cutting process

    Cutting of the labels is done according to the dimensions that you give to label manufacturers while ordering your labels.

    Quality Control inspection

    After the manufacturing process is completed, the final product is checked to alleviate problems and faults in the printing or cutting off of the lip gloss labels.

    Packaging process

    The final step in the manufacturing process is the packaging of labels.

    Three ways are available for you to choose your packaging method, these are:

    • On sheet

    sheet lip gloss labels

    • On Roll

    roll lip gloss labels

    • Cut in Shapes

    cut in shapes lip gloss labels

    4.    How is label printing done?

    Lip gloss printing is an essential step in giving your lip gloss labels an adorable and eye-catching look.

    There are various printing techniques, each of which possesses specific properties.

    You can opt for any printing options to make your labels perfect for the elevation of the business presentation game.

    lip gloss label printing

    The options for printing labels can be listed as below:

    • PMS printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Embossing
    • Inkjet printing
    • UV laser printing
    • Flexography
    • Hot stamping

    PMS printed lip gloss labels

    PMS, or Pantone Matching System, is an industry leader in color matching and printing.

    PMS printing means the machines use metallic ink that turns your designs into stunning, vibrant colors.

    PMS printed labels can be designed to match your product or theme perfectly.

    CMYK printed lip gloss labels

    CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is a printing process that produces vibrant and true-to-life colors.

    The process involves using four different inks on four separate sheets of paper, which are then blended.

    When done correctly, this creates labels with a richer color than what you see on screen or printed from a computer.

    UV printed lip gloss labels

    UV printing is a process whereby special inks are layered onto a clear base to create labels.

    The inks are cured (set) by the UV light, and once set, they will not fade over time or through washing.

    This printing process allows you to print vibrant colors on all materials in addition to being waterproof and scratch-resistant.

    These labels stay clean and do not pick up dirt like standard paper labels.

    5.    What are the FDA labeling requirements for lip gloss labels?

    In most cases, the label’s primary purpose is to provide information about the product’s contents for consumers.

    According to the FDA cosmetic labeling requirement, certain information must be stated on the lip gloss labels or any other cosmetic product label.

    A variety of printed matter may be present on labels, including:

    • Features
    • Brand name
    • Product name
    • Ingredients
    • Series name
    • Packaging size
    • Warnings
    • Barcode
    • Instructions for use
    • Quantity of the product
    • Contact details for companies or people who make the products

    You can state this information while printing labels for your cosmetic business.

    However, you can always customize this information while ordering labels.

    6.    What are the benefits of using lip gloss labels?

    While lip gloss labels might seem like a novelty item, they are some of the most useful promotional products.

    Labels are an excellent solution for displaying your product in an attractive and easy-to-read format.

    Labels can promote your business or brand and are great for gifting purposes to add a personalized touch.

    lip gloss labels

    Adding your brand logo or other graphics on top of the label enables customers to know they are getting a genuine product from you instead of a fake.

    The use of labels on lip glosses is a cost-effective solution to gain market presence.

    Customized labels let you highlight some of the most important details about your product without giving the impression that everything is over-the-top necessary.

    The more attention your customer pays to your product, the more likely they are to buy it.

    7.    How can I make handmade lip gloss labels?

    You can smoothly make handmade lip gloss labels for your business or gifting purposes.

    The process is simple.

    handmade lip gloss labels

    You can follow these steps:

    • Template designing
    • Material selection
    • Printing of labels
    • Cutting

    Template designing

    First of all, you need an elegant template designed for printing labels.

    For template designing, you will need to measure the dimensions of your lip gloss tube.

    Material selection

    You can choose the material of your choice to make labels.

    Printing of labels

    After selecting material, you can print your template design on the material using your computer and printer.

    You can print your logo, product name, etc., in various colors to make labels more attractive.


    You can then cut labels using a scissor and paste them on the lip gloss containers using glue.

    If you do not want to make handmade labels, you can contact lip gloss manufacturers to order customized labels.

    8.    Are there clear and transparent lip gloss labels?

    Yes, there are clear lip gloss labels available for your usage.

    Transparent or clear labels are the labels that are made with transparent PVC.

    It serves as a transparent, see-through material on which you can print the information related to lip gloss and your business.

    transparent lip gloss labels

    These clear gloss labels are made from plastic and laminated with a glossy surface to make them more appealing.

    Transparent labels aid the customers in seeing what is inside the tube or bottle of lip gloss.

    clear lip gloss labels

    To be clear, they are capable of displaying the appearance of the product better than opaque labels.

    Clear labels can be custom printed with vibrant colors that add an energetic touch to the transparent material.

    9.    What are the dimensions and sizes of labels?

    You can make lip gloss labels in numerous sizes.

    The dimensions of labels depending on the lip gloss tube or container.

    You can measure the circumference of your lip gloss tube and make labels accordingly.

    dimensions and sizes of labels

    Some of the sizes that you can consider for making labels are:

    Lip Gloss Labels sizes

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    2” x 2” 7.

    3” x 3”


    1.9” x 1.9” 8.

    4” x 4”


    1.5” x 1.5” 9.

    1.6875” x 2.125”


    2.125” x 2.125” 10.

    1.5” (circle)


    1” (circle) 11.

    2.5” x 5”


    2.625” x 0.625” 12.

    2.5” x 4.5”

    You can custom make your labels of any size and shape with dimensions like your packaging container.

    10.    Can I make lip gloss labels with my brand logo?

    Yes, you can print your business logo on the label surface.

    Printing your brand logo can help your customers to be familiar with your product.

    In this way, lip gloss labels printed with your brand logo will inspire customers to prefer your product over other lip glosses in the market.

    Labels with logos assist in creating a trustable environment and present your lip glosses as a “Not- Fake” product.

    lip gloss labels with brand logo

    You can opt for numerous printing techniques to make your logo more visible and vibrant than the rest of the information on labels.

    You can print a logo with your desirable colors, font styles, font sizes, etc., to make your label stand out.

    Many trustworthy label printing companies can do this job for you in an incredible way.

    11.    How can I design lip gloss labels?

    You can design labels in multiple ways.

    Labels can be designed from scratch, or you can use templates to do so.

    You can use different software for designing labels such as Microsoft Word, etc.

    Label designing software is made to assist you with numerous fonts styles and sizes with various colors and shapes.

    lip gloss labels design

    You can make your label design by altering templates that are available online.

    Templates for labels can be modified according to your choice.

    You can select from multiple options to design a label that aligns with your business cause and theme.

    12.    Is laser printing suitable for lip gloss label printing?

    Of course!

    Laser printing is an electronic printing process.

    It produces high-quality text and graphics by repeatedly sending a laser beam back-and-forth over a drum-like drum to charge the drum’s surface and create an electrostatic image.

    There are numerous benefits of laser printing.

    Laser printing is ideal for creating custom labels for your lip gloss or other small items due to the high quality, long-lasting results, and low cost per label.

    The best part about laser printing is that it does not require any special inks or extra equipment.

    It means, labels that are laser printed can save some bucks when made in large quantities while maintaining the printing quality.

    13.    Are labels laminated?

    Yes, lip gloss labels can be laminated with different film options.

    Lamination is a process that is done to make the labels more durable, waterproof, and scratch-proof.

    The lamination options available for labels are:

    • Glossy lamination
    • Matte lamination
    • Pearl lamination

    Matte lamination for labels can be expensive than glossy laminations, but it yields a subtle touch on tags.

    14.    Are lip gloss labels waterproof and oilproof?


    Labels can be waterproof and oilproof.

    This virtue of labels depends on the type of material employed in the manufacturing process and the surface lamination.

    Lip gloss labels made with BOPP, PET, PE, and PVC are waterproof and oil proof.

    Glossy lamination of labels can further enhance the water resistance of brands.

    Kraft paper labels cannot be laminated, and thus they are not waterproof.

    15.    Do labels impact human health?

    The material used for manufacturing lip gloss labels is safe for the environment and living organisms, including humans.

    Lip gloss material checking is done before the process that shows the safety points.

    Label factories and manufacturers use certified paper and synthetic materials to start the process.

    The printing inks are safe for nature and human health as they are also attested.

    16.    Are lip balm labels the same as lip gloss labels?


    Lip balm labels and labels serve the same purpose.

    lip balm labels

    You can also employ labels on your lip balms, or you can custom make lip balm labels individually.

    17.    How can I paste labels?

    Lip gloss labels are self-adhesive, which means you do not have to use glue or any other sticking material to paste the tag on the container.

    You can peel the backing layer of labels and paste it directly on the cleaned lip gloss tube.

    You need to carefully paste labels and press the label surface gently to remove air bubbles or creases.

    18.    Can I paste labels with the machine?

    For sure!

    Labels can be attached to the tubes with the help of labeling machines and manually.

    You can choose the perfect packaging method according to the type of labeling machines that you are using.

    paste labels

    Rolls of labels can be the best choice for labeling machines that use rolls.

    However, if you have a sheet labeling machine, you can employ the sheet packaging method for labels.

    19.    What are rolls of lip gloss labels?

    Rolls are the way of packaging labels.

    Roll packaging of labels is standard as it is a time-saving medium that can be fed into labeling machines easily.

    Moreover, rolls of labels tend to cost less than sheets of labels.

    20.    Can I put sheets of lip gloss labels in the labeling machine?

    Yes, you can.

    A sheet labeling machine is a must if you want to paste labels on sheets using a labeling machine.

    Sheet labeling machine is different from roll labeling machine.

    The difference is that the role labeling machine spins rolls of labels rather than sheets compared to the sheet labeling machine, whose medium is label sheets.

    21.    Are labels tearproof?

    Lip gloss labels can be tearproof.

    This feature of labels is reliant on the type of material chosen for making labels.

    If labels are made with BOPP, PE, PET, PVC, etc., they will be tearproof.

    22.    Can I customize lip gloss label templates?


    There are piles of label templates available online that you can customize accordingly.

    customize lip gloss labels

    You can change the size, shape, font size, font color, font style, transparency, background color, background design, etc., of lip gloss templates.

    23.    Are labels biodegradable?

    Lip Gloss labels are made from plant-based materials and are biodegradable.

    biodegradable lip gloss labels

    If you want to make 100% biodegradable labels, you can employ kraft paper or recycled paper and plant-derived adhesives.

    24.    Can I make lip gloss labels with recycled paper?

    Of course!

    You can employ recycled paper to manufacture labels as it lessens the carbon footprint.

    In this way, you can make labels that cost less and benefits the environment more.

    Recycled paper can be the best bet if you are willing to leave a non-polluting impression of your business on your customers.

    25.    Can I discard lip gloss tubes with labels?

    Yes, you can.

    Lip gloss labels are often made with paper or paper-like synthetic material that pose no significant threat to nature.

    It enables you to discard lip gloss tubes along with the labels if lip gloss tubes are also eco-friendly.

    26.    How many colors can I print on labels?


    You can print numerous colors and multiple shades of those colors on your lip gloss labels.

    Vivid shades impart solid features to the demonstration of labels.

    You can customize your labels as per your desires and needs.

    27.    Can I get lip gloss labels from manufacturers and suppliers in China?

    Without any doubt!

    Of course, you can get labels from manufacturers located in China.

    There are many credible and trustworthy suppliers from China that you can find online.

    Before placing your order, you can check their websites thoroughly and read customer reviews to help you decide.

    28.    Why import labels from lip gloss labeling factories in China?

    There are quite a few motives that can intrigue you to prefer placing an order for labels from China.

    The noticeable points regarding labeling factories of China can be condensed as below:

    • Economical labels
    • Quality control inspection
    • Certified factories and manufacturer
    • High-grade materials
    • Chief printing quality
    • Vigilant customer care teams
    • Faster delivery

    29.    What factors affect the cost of lip gloss labels?

    Multiple factors affect the price per label.

    These factors include:

    • Printing technique
    • Surface laminations
    • Material options
    • Size and shape of labels
    • Packaging method

    These factors can increase or decrease the cost of labels.

    There are different categories of these factors that include options according to your budget.

    You can customize your labels depending upon your budget by selecting a cost-effective or lavish alternative.


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