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    How Best4U Manufacture Label Printing

    Best4U is proven and tested by 1000+ global brands worldwide for its highest quality of label printing, expert designers, and detailed process for over 10 years in the printing industry.

    We have premium materials for label printing: Synthetic paper, BOPP, PET, Kraft paper, textured paper, PE, Vinyl, PP, coated paper, and so on. We use eco-friendly and safe materials for your safety.

    Best4U supports various laminations such as holographic surface, matte and glossy finish for label printing. We make every custom labels stand out!

    High technology machine for bottle stickers

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    Material Checking
    Material Checking
    Best4U will always satisfy your needs for your label printing
    PMS Printing
    PMS Label Printing
    Best4U ensures that you will have your label printing in best quality
    Packing method
    Packing Of Label Printing
    You can choose to pack your label printing whether it is on roll, or on sheets
    UV Printing
    UV Label Printing
    It is elegant and sophisticated in design
    Hot Stamping
    Hot Stamping Label Printing
    Best4U will make your label printing unique in output
    Delivery Checking
    Quality Checking
    Best4U will always check the quality of your label printing to provide the best quality
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Delivery Checking Of Label Printing
    Before delivery, Best4U will the status of your label printing
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    Delivery Process
    Best4U will deliver your label printing on time and you can have it by sea or by air

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    Premium Synthetic Industrial Labels Sticker
    Lip Gloss Labels

    We Make It All Easier For You

    All your label printing needs are here in Best4U, with fast processing of orders, free sample of custom labels, lower prices but of the highest quality, flexibility for any products you have, and professional designers to make the design artwork for your label printing amazing.

    Best4U label printing manufacturer is trusted by global brands worldwide for over 10 years and is known as an expert logo sticker manufacturer in China. You can custom your label printing in any size and color, Best4U has PMS printing and CMYK machines for your custom label printing.

    Your label printing could be in any shape that you like, you can have it like round label printing, rectangle brand stickers, hexagonal label printing, triangle custom label printing, square logo stickers, etc. Best4U will always assist your needs just send your detailed order and your logo sticker supplier will serve you better.

    Best4U has a large label printing factory and knowledgeable staff that are capable to create outstanding personalised labels which are durable and flexible that Best4U offers. We can manufacture large numbers of label printing and Best4U also supports a small number of orders.

    You can get enough print labels online here in Best4U, we can supply more than 30,000 pieces of personalized labels orders in 5 hours with digital machines to produce a sophisticated quality of custom label printing.

    For your custom logo stickers materials, you can choose various types of materials such as PVC label printing, BOPP label printing, PE label printing, synthetic label printing, Kraft label printing, etc. It depends on you what you will choose and Best4U your label printing supplier will support your needs.

    You must choose the right label printing supplier for your products, Best4U is perfect for your needs. Best4U label printing is flexible, you can use them in many ways and in different industries like bakery shops, fruit shops, beverages, candle shops, candy shops, bath products, food products, etc.

    In branding, the best way is to show off your brand name or logo with our logo label. We have highly innovative logo sticker printing equipment to ensure the quality of your custom labels. Best4U makes sure that company logo stickers will entice everyone to purchase your products.

    Best4U is established label printing in China in 2009, it is proven that your label printing orders are safe here in Best4U. With 8 varieties of printing machines and premium materials to ensure the highest output of your printing label.

    Every brand sticker printing will absolutely presentable with our expertise and we also produce custom labels for small business as well.

    Your label printing orders will be packed according to your demand, it could be on roll, or packed on sheets. Every custom brand sticker will be shipped out with stronghold cartons to make it safer when it arrives at your preferred location.

    The custom logo sticker roll is mostly ordered by our clients since it has an easy application and printing labels are intact.

    Best4U label printing supplier will provide a free sample of label printing for your convenience and for you to check the quality first before ordering from us. You are our top priority here is Best4U.

    We manufacture logo stickers in bulk wherever you are in the world. Best4U can reach you globally as we are capable of shipping personalized logo stickers anywhere.

    Best4U also support different packing method for your label printing, such as logo sticker roll, company name stickers sheets, and print my logo on stickers that are cut individually according to their sizes. We manage all the processes accurately in manufacturing adhesive sticker printing that surely suits your demands.

    Our self adhesive sticker printing is easy to stick onto any surface just like jars, bottles, plastic containers, or even on laptops, windows, guitars, etc. The Best4U’s roll stickers with logo creations are wonderful that can bring bling to your item.

    In processing your orders, Best4U has strict quality control in every branding stickers labels, it should go through 4 times quality inspections to secure the quality of your custom labels individually before shipping out. After all the process, Best4U will deliver it immediately to your location safely.

    You can also order different kinds of label printing including metal stickers, caution label printing, candle label printing, holographic label printing, skincare label printing, and more.

    Contact Best4U now and send your inquiries for your label printing!

    Label Printing | The Definitive FAQ Guide

    Label Printing FAQ Guide is a guide for newbies to learn about label printing through a wide range of questions.

    This label printing guide helps you make informed decisions about label printing.

    This guide pertains to information about but not limited to label printing, applications, printer used in label printing, materials used in label printing, cost of label printing, types of label printing, best-supported formats used in label printing, and much more.

    This guide will provide you with all the necessary information for which you are striving.

    1. What is label printing?

    Label printing involves the process of capturing a company’s brand, category, or product identity into a label.

    Label printing is when labels are printed either digitally, flexographically, or in wide format.

    Label Printing

    In the general label printing process, the label is produced by a series of impressions through an engraved cylinder and silkscreen.

    The finished label is then cut from the sheet and trimmed manually or automatically, depending upon the printer model you are using.

    Each of these processes yields different results in the feel, purpose of the label, and look.

    Label printing uses high-speed computerized equipment to create complex designs and images and variable information required for labeling.

    2. How to do label printing in Word?

    Yes, you can do label printing in Word.

    There are different methods of label printing in Microsoft Word.

    label printing in Word

    Below are the steps of the widely used method for label printing to follow:

    1. Create a document in MS-Word.
    2. Go to the Mailing tab and set up your page information — alignment, margins, header/footer, etc.
    3. You can select from a ton of shapes available – by default, these are drawn
    4. Enter the related information you want to put on your label, including address, precautions, ingredients, brand name, brand address, etc.
    5. Go to the images tab to insert your logo
    6. Fill in the desired colors from the theme colors tab
    7. Go to options and select desired label options
    8. Click on the File tab and go to the print tab to print your finalized label

    3. What is label printing with a barcode?

    Label printing with barcode is a technology for identifying objects with the help of marks employing printing or engraving certain information necessary for its identification.

    Label printing with barcode adds text, graphics, or a barcode to an object. The result is known as a label.

    label printing with a barcode

    Label printing with barcode uses barcode to encode labels with information for supply chain logistics and inventory management.

    It involves printing the product/service information, UPC code from the database published as an image on an adhesive label sheet.

    They can be easily applied to any surface like carton boxes, plastic bottles, etc.

    4. What are the applications of label printing?

    Label printing has a broad range of applications. You can find labels on most products that we purchase or use every day.

    There are so many different types of labels, ranging from the mailbox we receive our mail into personal items that we use, such as cosmetics, medicine bottles, food products, pens and pencils, clothing, laundry detergent, and much more.

    It is used in shipping forecasts and shipments, product identification, price tags, rotating stock information, etc.

    Label printing is also used in delivering information about a particular product regarding its usage, expiry, and precautions.

    Custom label printing is specifically used to fulfill your needs or intended function, depending upon your particular product.

    5. What are the benefits of label printing?

    There are numerous benefits of label printing. Some of the services are listed below:

    • Label printing helps you stand out from your competitors and ultimately leads to increased revenue generation.
    • Label printing is very beneficial for businesses because it’s a practical and time-saving way of organizing documents, products, and assets.
    • Label printing provides identity to every product, and it helps the customers select the best of the products available in the market.
    • Label printing is used to print labels that are waterproof, tearproof, high temperature resistant, low weather resistant, UV resistant.
    • Label printing makes it easy to organize and track different possessions that may need special attention.

    6. What does digital label printing mean?

    Digital label printing prints labels from a digital file and typically uses a printer with a specialized inkjet print head that picks up the color scheme, especially CMYK, from the printer to precisely place each color value on the label.

    Digital printing is one of the most cost-effective, highest quality methods of printing on labels.

    digital label printing

    Whether you need to deliver high volumes of short-run labels or single labels for private labeling applications.

    With the help of digital printing technology, label printing is possible on different materials (paper, plastic, metal, wood, tile, glass, etc.) of different sizes and with various features (heat-sensitive, transparent, holographic, with a magnetic layer, etc.).

    Label Design can be made according to your requirements.

    7. What are the printers used in label printing?

    There is a wide variety of label printers used in the label printing process.

    Size, shape, and other unique attributes will govern which label printer will be best suited for your project.

    Below are a few different uses of label printers:

    • Epson Colorworks C7500 label printer
    • Arrow jet aqua 330 R Industrial label printer
    • Trojan T2C tabletop Inkjet label printer
    • Anytron any – 002 label printer
    • Color dyne 1800 – C label printer
    • QL – 300 5 Color toner label printers

    Each label printer has its features and functionalities. You must select the one which is not only reliable and affordable but also performs its intended function.

    If you need large quantity label printing in a short time, professional label printing manufacturers’ suppliers could help you.

    8. What is flexo label printing?

    Flexo label printing, also known as flexography, is a cost-effective printing solution for using flexible plates made of rubber or screen.

    The process requires using a cylinder with an open top and a screen or rubber plate (flexo plate) that sits in the cylinder while an image is scanned.

    The image is then transferred to the flexo plate, which produces a high-quality print on a roll of paper.

    By employing several types of colors, the plates are used to imprint various types of impressions on different material types.

    Flexo label printing allows labels to be printed in many different ways, including variable and multi-color printing. Thus, it’s ideal for flexible, high-quality label printing.

    9. How much does label printing cost?

    Label printing costs depend on many factors. Material, label quantity, size, different printing technologies etc.

    How well the business knows, in advance, the size of its labels, budget available for label printing technology.

    What shape and quality of the material it wants to use, label printer, and label order quantity.

    Usually, the label printing costs lie in the range of $0.01 to $1 depends on personalized request.

    10. What does custom label printing mean?

    Custom label printing is a type of printing where the client can choose from an array of label printing options and have these printed according to their custom specifications.

    Custom label printing allows you to add the desired color, size, themes, fonts, logo, shape, and material, etc.

    A wide variety of companies can take advantage of such custom label printing services since they can target and attract the attention of their customers specifically.

    You can use custom label printing on almost every occasion, like birthday invitations, parties, celebrations, wedding invitations, concerts, and many others, to make your event memorable.

    11. What is transparent label printing?

    A transparent label printing is used to make transparent labels by which you can quickly see-through. It uses special inks that allow light to pass through it.

    This label printing makes use of transparent material and adhesives. Clear labeling is a low-cost, efficient way to print on transparency materials.

    transparent label printing

    Its advantage over traditional opaque labels is that the information on the label can offer a “no label “ looking. Many beverage or shampoo etc suppliers like use transparent labels on their product bottles.

    You can use these labels in all kinds of industries, including retail, e-commerce, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, and other B2B and B2C sectors.

    12. What is the Hs code for label printing?

    The Harmonized System code is referred to as the Hs code, is created by the World Customs Organization and based on a combination of tariff nomenclature and a uniform international classification system.

    It is used as part of the trade agreements that WCO members have signed.

    This is a set of international standards that helps customs officials identify and classify goods. Several countries across the globe use it.

    The Hs Code for label printing is an 8-digit code that varies from country to country, and it represents the shipment details, including shipped from, shipped to, quantity, description, and price.

    13. How to do label printing with a hand machine?

    Label printing can be done with an essential home dispensing printer to create a couple of labels at a time.

    Labels for personal use or home use are usually printed with a manual dispenser.

    You can print anything on your labels, including text, images, themes, etc.

    You can make your custom address labels, shipping labels, round labels, square labels, rectangle labels, business cards, and much more with your printing machine.

    You need to buy the materials for label printing at the local store or online and then cope with the process.

    14. Can I perform online label printing?

    Yes, you can perform online label printing.

    There are two options to choose from:

    • Premade template
    • Design your template

    With premade label printing templates, you need to customize it according to your preferred color, size, shape, art, and text.

    Premade label printing templates save time and help you design a professional label.

    Designing your template requires professional skills and extra work regarding adding several elements into your label art, text color, size, shape, themes, fonts, and much more.

    After you finished customizing or designing, you click on the print command to print out your label.

    15. What are paper sizes used in label printing?

    Different types of paper sizes are widely used in label printing. Some of the widely used measures are listed below:

    paper sizes in label printing

    Letter Size (8.5″ × 11.0”):

    The standard size used for label printing is 8.5″ x 11″.

    This standard paper size is used for personal, professional, and academic papers on desktop printers.

    The most common types of labels printed on letter sheets are shipping and address labels, product labels, and more.

    Legal-size (8.5″ × 14.0”):

    Legal-size is slightly larger than letter size. They measure 8.5″ x 14″. This size makes them perfect for printing posters, banners, and signs.

    Tabloid (11.0″ × 17.0”):

    The tabloid paper size is lengthier than the legal size.

    It is referred to as a broadsheet or tabloid when printed with a long edge on either the left or the right side.

    Use it to print banners or signs. It’s perfect for printing in wide format.

    12.0″ x 18.0″:

    The most extensive ANSI-sized paper is the 12.0″ x 18.0″ sheet.

    It’s used most often by commercial printers, banner and large format printers, and digital printing presses.

    It’s also a popular size for display advertising in retail stores.

    A4 Size (210mm x 297mm):

    A4 is slightly smaller than Letter, measuring 210mm x 297mm.

    This is the standard size for all paper products such as labels, envelopes, invoices, shipping boxes, etc., that are widely used by several businesses in label printing.

    16. What does quality control label printing mean?

    Quality control label printing is what ensures that the finished label meets or exceeds specific quality standards.

    It is necessary to ensure that the color, size, artwork, shape, quality, and services flow through the production line of label printing without delays and errors.

    By following quality control standards, you can deliver the highest quality label printing services to your end-users, contributing to increased profits.

    If you fail to implement quality control, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction as it creates dissatisfaction with customers, leading them to competitors’ products or services.

    17. What type of inks is used in label printing?

    The types of inks that are widely used in label printing are solvent-based, water-based, and UV.

    These labels can be used for various label printing processes, including rotogravure, UV flexography, digital printing, and letterpress.

    Different types of inks have a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages.

    Inks and coatings, such as UV-curable inks, are formulated with ingredients that possess excellent heat resistance.

    This is because they are cured by a crosslinking process that produces a tough, durable finish that resists stains and abrasion.

    Because of their high surface tension, solvents type inks should only be used in certain situations, such as adhering to films or other porous surfaces.

    18. What are the different scales used in label printing?

    There are lots of label printing scales exist in the market, but some of them are given below:

    1. LP1000N Label printing scale
    2. CL7200 Label printing scale
    3. CL55OOB Label printing scale
    4. CL5500R Label printing scale
    5. CL5500H Label printing scale

    Labeling printing scale is an automated weighing and labeling device that allows you to print a price-embedded label at the push of a button.

    19. What are the types of label printing?

    There are many types of label printing, but some popular varieties are given below:

    • Offset lithography.
    • Flexography
    • Digital printing: inkjet & xerography.
    • Gravure.
    • Screen printing

    20. What is the software used in label printing?

    There is a lot of software used in label printing. Some essential software’s used in label printing are listed below:

    • Acme insight
    • Nextar Pos Software
    • Prime Label Printing Software
    • Label Flow
    • Guttenberg ERP
    • HDPOS Smart for Electronic
    • GNPriting Label Printing software
    • QR batch
    • Nice Label
    • Label joy
    • BarTender Label Printing
    • Ultimaker Cura
    • Zebra Designer

    21. What do you mean by waterproof label printing?

    Waterproof label printing is the process of printing labels from durable materials that are resistant to moisture.

    The type of inks and adhesive used in the label printing process is also waterproof.

    These kinds of labels are durable and will get no erosion while passing through any type of liquid, including water, oil, etc.

    waterproof label printing

    Waterproof labels are for outdoors, weatherproof, rainproof brands for landscaping, lawn and garden, and agricultural products.

    Waterproof label printing provides you with waterproof labels with the anti-counterfeiting feature, resistance to different acids, and alkali or salt solutions.

    22. What is the importance of label printing?

    Label printing has a lot of importance. Imagine all the products in a retail store without printed labels, and you cannot identify the products and what is inside.

    Labels also add extra security because they come in seals, which means that the product hasn’t been tampered with.

    This helps in creating customer loyalty and helps to boost up sales, especially when these labels are branded.

    Any information you want to deliver to your customers should be printed on the label, and the customers will get that information.

    Label printing allows businesses to advertise their products through distinctive labels printed on different materials.

    23. What type of materials used in label printing?

    There are some essential types of materials used in label printing which are highlighted below:

    • Coated Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Synthetic Paper
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Metalized Clear or White Polyester
    • Industrial Vinyl
    • Destructible Vinyl
    • White Polypropylene
    • Static Cling Vinyl
    • Fluorescent and Foil paper
    • Semi-Gloss and High Gloss Paper

    24. How many kinds of printing technologies for label printing?

    There are various printing technologies used for label printing. All have their pros and cons and depending on the application.

    • PMS
    • CMYK
    • UV
    • Hot stamping includes holographic stamping
    • Solid Color Stamping like gold, silver, red, green, purple, etc.

    25. Why import label printing from china?

    It is better to get your label printed from China.

    Chinese manufacturers provide custom label printing. You can choose from thousands of shapes, sizes, colors, themes, artworks, and fonts depending upon your product needs.

    The best thing is that there is no limitation on the quantity ordered.

    You can also order a free sample to judge the label printing quality before placing an order.

    Some Chinese manufacturers provide the highest quality at low prices, and discount options exist for you when you order in larger quantities that will ultimately maximize your profit.

    There are no worries related to delivery responsibilities on your end. Once your checkout and place your address, you will receive your product directly to your doorstep.

    26. What are the supported formats used in label printing?

    There are several file formats used in label printing. These file formats result while you save as your label either in Word, Adobe, or any other software.

    Some of the widely used file formats are listed below:

    PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG are the most popular file formats for label printing.

    PDF is a file format used to distribute documents for viewing on computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is a popular file format because of its versatility in terms of the devices it can be considered on.

    JPG is a file format that is best used for images. It is also known as the Joint Photographic Experts Group. It’s great for websites, email, and other small-sized files.

    TIFF is a powerful image format used to store and transfer digital images. TIFF stands for “tagged image file format” and is an industry-standard for storing and sharing raster images.

    PNG (short for Portable Network Graphics) is a high-quality graphics format superior to GIF files. It allows users to send large images over the Internet with a slight reduction in quality.

    27. What does pressure-sensitive label printing mean?

    Pressure-sensitive label printing is a type of label printing that requires a kind of pressure to be applied to the label to create a bond between the adhesive and the product.

    These labels are incredibly self-adhesive, meaning that heat, water, or solvents are not required to transfer the label to its target.

    Pressure-sensitive labels are one of the most accessible types of labels to apply and remove.

    They can be applied in various ways, and they are also easy to remove with just a superficial peel.

    Pressure Sensitive Labels are a great way to label various materials. These labels are easy to use, store information, and look great on labels.

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