Korean Style Flower Wrapping

Easy to Follow Tutorials for Korean Style Flower Wrapping

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    Korean Style Flower Wrapping Tutorials

    Korean Style Flower Wrapping is the perfect way to learn how to make gorgeous, intricate flower arrangements.

    Our easy to follow tutorials will provide step-by-step instructions to create stunning displays worthy of your home or special events. With Korean Style Flower Wrapping, you can quickly and easily transform simple flowers into exquisite works of art.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced florist, our tutorials will provide you with the necessary guidance to take your flower wrapping skills to the next level.

    Let Korean Style Flower Wrapping help you create truly beautiful bouquets for any occasion!

    korean style flower wrapping

    Korean style flower wrapping, also known as “ipsae-guk,” is a unique and beautiful way to present flowers as a gift or decoration.

    Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to wrap flowers in the Korean style:

    1. Gather materials:

    To wrap flowers in the Korean style, you’ll need a bouquet of fresh flowers, floral tape, ribbon, and tissue paper or wrapping paper.

    2. Prepare the flowers:

    Trim the stems of the flowers so that they are all the same length. Then, gather the flowers together to form a tight bouquet.

    3. Wrap the stems:

    Use floral tape to wrap the stems of the flowers together. Make sure to wrap the tape tightly so that the stems are secure.

    4. Add tissue paper:

    Wrap the bouquet with a layer of tissue paper or wrapping paper. Tuck the ends of the tissue paper under the bouquet and secure it with floral tape.

    5. Add ribbon:

    Wrap a ribbon around the tissue paper, making sure to cover the floral tape. Tie the ribbon into a bow, making sure that the knot is tight.

    6. Finish with a knot:

    To complete the wrapping, make a knot with the ends of the ribbon. This knot should be located near the base of the bouquet, just above the stems.

    7. Adjust and fluff:

    Adjust the tissue paper and ribbon as needed to create a neat and presentable appearance. Then, gently fluff the flowers to make sure that they are arranged in an attractive way.

    korean style flower wrapping

    The primary use of this style of flower wrapping is to present flowers as a gift or decoration.

    In Korea, the traditional way of wrapping flowers is considered an art form, and it’s often used to show respect and appreciation for the recipient. The intricate wrapping style can also be used to create a visually pleasing display of flowers, making it popular for use in weddings, events, and other special occasions.

    Aside from its aesthetic value, the Korean style of flower wrapping also serves a practical purpose. The wrapping helps to keep the flowers fresh and secure, while also preventing damage to the delicate blooms during transportation.

    Overall, the Korean style of flower wrapping is a unique and beautiful way to present flowers and is valued for both its practical and aesthetic benefits.

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