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    Your custom jar label is the best to use for mason jars, glass containers, mini jars, spice jars, pint jars, quart jars, canning jars, and more. Best4U jar supplier has creative artwork designers to design and produce unique and luxurious layouts and you can get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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    Jar Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Jar labels are a great way to add a final artistic touch to all clear glass jars such as jam, jelly, and preserves.

    If you are a crafter or just want to add an embellishment to your grocery store goods, you need a label.

    This guide comprises substantial information based on-label uses, materials, printing options, customizations, sizes, and many more.

    1. What is a jar label?

    Jar labels are stickers that are placed on the top of glass jars and plastic containers.

    This label is a product label used on glass or plastic jars with a twist-off lid.

    They are designed with various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to display the name and information of its container content.

    Jar Label

    A jar label is a great way to identify the contents of your jars and bottles.

    You can design unique labels that perfectly represent your brand by customizing your labels with words of your choice in multiple colors and shapes.

    The purpose of the jar label is to tell you what is in the jar, so you do not have to lift the lid and see for yourself.

    Not only does it promote your product, but it also helps keep containers organized and helps avoid confusion about the contents of each container.

    2. What type of ingredients are involved in making jar labels?

    Jar Labels can be made of different materials, depending on where you are putting them.

    The most common type of material for a label is plastic, but paper labels are also popular.

    The material choice of the label is affected by whether you want the brand to be waterproof or not.

    Obtainable materials for making durable labels are:

    • PE
    • PET
    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • BOPP
    • Transparent PET
    • Colored PET
    • Kraft paper
    • Textured paper
    • PVC
    • Eggshell paper

    Choosing the suitable material is critical for a secure, long-lasting seal on a jar label.

    All of these materials have differences that set them apart.

    Some materials are famous for their anti-splash, waterproof, and tear-resistant properties, while others lack them.

    Textured paper

    The regular paper has a smooth surface.

    Textured papers are coated on one side with tiny bumps or grids to give the piece a rough, raised texture.

    This special coating improves the printing quality on the textured side of the paper and adds an upscale look to the article.

    Textured paper can be further coated with laminates to impart water-resistant alike properties.


    PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic.

    PVC ingredient labels provide an identity, safety, and security stamp of approval for the product.

    The labels are waterproof and UV resistant with unlimited shelf life.

    Eggshell paper

    Eggshell paper has a rougher texture than other paper types.

    It is subtle, but it is not as smooth as other finishes linen.

    It has an eggshell-like finish and is sometimes called “antique” or “vellum.”

    3. What is the manufacturing process of labels?

    Manufacturers use a step-by-step process to make premium quality labels for your jars.

    Labels are used on a variety of consumer products.

    Jar Label

    The manufacturing process begins with an idea or concept that is developed into a visual identity.

    Then the labeling is designed to create visual impact and stand out effectively from other labels, especially on crowded shelves.

    Several other factors control this process, such as materials, printing methods, dimensions, etc.

    However, the general procedure can be summed up as below:

    First, quality controllers check that the materials and adhesive are suitable for the job.

    Next, they design a template based on your preferences.

    Later, printers print labels on the selected material, using various printing methods.

    The labels are then cut and inspected for quality before being packaged.

    4. How is jar label printing done?

    The process involved in label printing depends on the surface you wish to print on and the colors you want to choose.

    It is essential to consider which material you want your labels printed on and how detailed you would like it to be.

    Jar Label

    Printing on a flexible plastic such as polypropylene or polyethylene is easy for the process of printing.

    Printing on coated or uncoated papers has different processes.

    There are a variety of methods that can be employed to suit your needs.

    Flexographic printing

    • CMYK printing
    • Offset printing
    • PMS printing
    • Hot stamping
    • Cold stamping
    • Debossing
    • Embossing
    • UV printing
    • Inkjet printing

    CMYK printing

    CMYK is a color printing process that uses four inks Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black).

    These inks are combined to create any color.

    A CMYK image appears darker than its spot color counterpart because it is printed using a combination of all four colors.

    Offset printing

    Offset is the most commonly used printing process for thousands of labels and tags.

    It is an indirect method of printing that uses plates made of a material that can be rubber or aluminum.

    It is called offset because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper.

    Offset printing is an economical choice for large print jobs. It has a high-quality printing process that accurately reproduces colors, sharp fonts, and a clean, professional appearance.

    5. Are jar labels safe to use on food storage jars?

    Yes, jar labels are entirely safe for use on food storage jars.

    As long as you are using non-toxic glue, the label is safe to use on anything you would like any other label on.

    Jar Label

    By the time these jars make it back for sale, they have been washed many times already.

    Labels that cover the surface of jars are a great way to add some decorative flair to your food storage.

    While they are made with durable materials, like plastic or vinyl, their adhesive firmly sticks to the jar and can resist wear and tear.

    6. What type of adhesives are used on jar labels?

    There are different sorts of adhesives that you can use for making labels.

    Based on nature, they can be divided into three categories:

    • Water-based adhesive
    • Solvent or rubber-based adhesive
    • Oil-based adhesive

    Rubber-based glue

    The rubber-based adhesive is permanent for most labels.

    It is a water-resistant material that does not peel or crack.

    Water-based glue

    Water-based adhesive is used for all types of labels, stickers, and gift items because it forms a bond with the surface it is applied to.

    This allows for ease of repositioning if needed.

    As water-based adhesive dries, it develops an airtight seal with the surface that prevents any moisture from entering or leaving the surface.

    It is the most common adhesive used at the commercial or industrial level.

    There are other kinds of glue based on the strength:

    • Permanent
    • Removable

    Removable adhesives are often used on mailing labels and stickers, while permanent adhesives are typically used for products that will be kept for a long time.

    Each has its advantages, so you need to consider options when choosing an adhesive for product labels.

    7. How to remove label adhesive on jars?

    Removing label adhesive from jars is a common dilemma.

    However, with the removal methods described below, you will quickly find that the task is easier than you had previously anticipated.

    The label adhesive can be removed from glass jars by soaking in warm, sudsy water with a drop of liquid dish soap.

    Jar Label

    Be sure to allow the jar to soak for several minutes before attempting to pull the label away.

    Then lightly scrub the jar’s surface, and the label should lift off with little to no residue left behind.

    By pulling it off under running water, you can minimize fingerprints on your jar and make it easier to get clean next time you use it.

    If the jar is smooth-sided and new, you can probably wipe off the label with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth.

    Rather than that, you can also employ adhesive removers for this purpose.

    8. What do you mean by jar lid label?

    Jar lid labels are labels that you put on the top part of a canning jar.

    These labels are mainly used to label the “lid” of the glass jar, not the jar itself.

    Jar Label

    Jar lid labels are temporary or permanent labels that you apply to the lids of your jars to identify the contents.

    These adhesive-backed labels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the one that fits with your existing decor and meets your needs.

    Like all other product labels, lid labels can be customized with text and images, standard letters, numbers, symbols, etc.

    9. What are the sizes of jar labels?

    There are so many different sizes of jars in use today, and the sizes can vary greatly.

    Traditionally, jar labels have been sized to fit the opening of the jar precisely. Still, as newly shaped pots have been made available, the label sizing has been adjusted to accommodate these jars as well.

    The label’s overall size is determined by how much information you need to fit the brand itself and how large your font will be.

    Jar Label

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    1.25” x 9.75”1.2.5” x 1.5 “


    1.5” x 1.5”2.

    1.5” / 2’’ lid


    2.25” x 7.75”3.

    2” circle


    1” x 4”4.2” x 3-1/3”
    5.1” x 1”5.

    4-1/2” circle

    6.1-1/2” x 5”6.

    2” x 1” oval

    Jar labels are also obtainable in customizable sizes.

    10. How to make a fancy jar label?

    Jar labels are simple, elegant, and easy to make.

    They look so fancy when you use different color combinations on them to get the one to match your themes.

    Jar Label

    You can decorate with flowers, add a lid or a strip of fabric on the top if you want and even handwrite your message on your new fancy jar label.

    You can try plenty of different designing templates to design a unique label.

    It is possible to choose from various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to add your personal touch to the presentation of jars.

    11. What are the benefits of using jar labels?

    Jar labels are versatile accessories that can be used with all types of food and beverage jars.

    They are instrumental since they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Jar Label

    These self-adhesive labels help businesses comply with health and safety standards that require ingredients information to be printed on the packaging, especially for jams, coffee beans, etc.

    Besides, they guide customers on what is inside the jar to identify the product and purchase the appropriate one quickly.

    Fact is an attractive jar label enhances your product image and helps in increasing sales.

    You can spice up your kitchen, give a labeled jar as an unexpected gift for a birthday or a housewarming, or can add a special touch to every event by making your personalized jar labels.

    12. Can I make jar labels with Cricut?

    Of course.

    Luckily, Cricut has made it possible to have professional labels for your gifts without knowing any specialty software.

    It is pretty easy to make jar labels.

    Craft Cricut has various shapes, fonts, and designs to use for your label-making venture.

    You can print directly onto labels using the Cricut machine even if you do not have an inkjet printer.

    This saves you from having to buy pre-made stickers or labels.

    13. What is the wraparound label?

    Wraparound labels are a particular type of label designed to cover the entire surface of a jar, bottle, can, or another packaging.

    Jar Label

    It is an overlay of self-adhesive film that has a sticky side and a release liner backing.

    It is necessary to precisely design your wraparound label depending on the shape of the bottle or jar you want before produce your wraparound label.

    Wraparound labels often have graphics and information on both sides to tell the story about the product being displayed.

    14. How to measure a label for a jar?

    To ensure that your jar label looks excellent on your jar, it is crucial to select the correct label measurement for your jar.

    Mark the jar or help with a thin permanent marker or pencil mark where you want the label to go.

    Place the product label on a flat surface and measure from the right side of the title to the left.

    You can also wrap the paper around the jar to measure the circumference and make a label accordingly.

    15. What are the benefits of full wrap labeling?

    Full wrap labels are perfect for branding your product or giving it the extra professional touch.

    Full wrap labels provide both security and protection.

    This is because they fully cover the product and help prevent any kind of tampering during transit.

    It also provides you with complete visibility of all your product information and enhances your brand image, which can help boost sales instantly!

    16. Can I put labels on mason jars?

    Yes, you can put labels on mason jars.

    Jar Label

    You can consider ordering jar labels if you have mason jars that you love to display on your shelves or put out at a special event.

    However, you may or may not use a permanent adhesive on jars, as they must come off quickly when you are ready to use the pot for storage.

    Using labels on mason jars makes them a great way to organize and reseal your spices and other pantry items.

    17. Are jar labels suitable for plastic jars?

    Absolutely, yes.

    You can paste labels on any jar, plastic, or mason jar, no matter the jar material.

    Thanks to the self-adhesive nature of labels that do not care for the jar material.

    You have the choice to select the type of material for making labels, even if you are going to paste them on plastic bottles or jars.

    18. Are jar labels reusable?


    Most jar labels are reusable though not all.

    It depends upon the type of adhesives used, whether it is permanent or removable.

    Jar labels can usually be reused for multiple jars.

    This depends on whether the jar has a flat or contoured label.

    A flat label is durable enough to withstand multiple uses.

    A contoured label is designed for one-time use, but it also can last through multiple applications as long as the surface is clean and dry before re-application.

    19. What do you mean by jar cake labels?

    Cake jar labels are sort of customized labels that are affixed on the cake jars.

    Storing the cake in a glass jar is an attractive idea of food presentation on occasions, specifically at birthday parties.

    Jar Label

    For such jars, you can make labels with printed wishes to enhance the look of jars following the event theme.

    20. Are there clear jar labels?


    There are transparent or clear jar labels that you can make for your jar labeling.

    Jar Label

    Clear labels are made on a particular type of material that is not opaque such as transparent PET.

    These labels provide a clear view of your product inside the jar, but they are also tear-resistant and scratch-proof.

    21. Are gratitude jar labels printable?

    For sure.

    Jar Label

    Jar labels are obtainable in blank formats, which enables you to print them on your own.

    You can also write over these labels and leave a touchy handwritten phrase on it, paying gratitude.

    You can print gratitude-related illustrations to enhance the look of jars.

    22. What are the honey jar labeling requirements?

    A label that goes on a jar full of honey should be compliant with the labeling requirements requested by the government.

    Jar Label

    Certain elements are considered must be mentioned on a honey label.

    These include:

    • Country of origin
    • Weight mark
    • Lot mark
    • Name of product
    • Name and address of the producer
    • Storage conditions
    • Expiry date

    A list of ingredients is not required on the label as most honey comprises a single essential component.

    That is why it is sufficient to mention honey on the label.

    23. What to print on the spice jar label?

    Printing customized labels on jars is an easy and affordable way to dress them up or give them a fun new twist.

    Jar Label

    Spice jars can look very plain, and custom imprinted labels will add charm and personality.

    You will be able to fill your kitchen with a variety of different label designs, so you’ll never lose track of what you have in stock.

    There are the following instructions that you can print on spice labels:

    • Name of brand
    • Logo
    • Storage instructions
    • Usage instructions
    • Spice name
    • List of spices
    • Any sort of recipe
    • Nutritional facts
    • Warning

    24. Are there kraft paper candle jar labels?

    Yes, there are.

    Candle jars can be perfectly decorated with vintage and a raw touch of kraft paper labels.

    Jar Label

    You can print labels on kraft paper or can use blank labels to make handwritten labels.

    Candle jars with kraft labels give an aesthetic feel and a luxury handmade impression.

    25. Are labels on jars eco-friendly?

    Yes, jar labels are eco-friendly, and any reasonable title will be friendly to the environment.

    The advantage of using labels is that they reduce waste and save some bucks used on printing directly on glass jars.

    When you have these stickers, you do not have to use as much plastic to have a label for all your jars.

    Eco-friendly inks and materials are utilized to produce labels that never disappoint you.

    26. Are labels obtainable in roll form?

    Of course, you can surely avail labels in roll packaging form.

    Roll packaging organizes your labels nicely compared to sheet methods and is proven to be economical when printed in large quantities.

    27. Are jar labels waterproof?


    Jar labels are waterproof because they are primarily intended for kitchen usage.

    You can decide to make waterproof labels by opting for a suitable material based on the purpose utilization.

    Labels made with BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, and laminated labels are all water-resistant.

    28. What factors influence the price of labels?

    The factors that are dominating in deciding the cost of labels can be summed up as below:

    • Size and shape
    • Printing methods
    • Customization
    • Packaging method
    • Surface laminations
    • Quantity of order
    • Design layout

    29. What is the advantage of importing labels from China?

    You can save money if you source labels from China.

    It is no secret that China produces the best quality products at the lowest prices in the world.

    When you decide to start your business, you will begin to recognize that importing from China is a great way to open your doors and be competitive in the global market.

    As the world’s largest country, China has a large labor force.

    So, the Chinese manufacturers have more competitive prices, cheaper prices than other countries.

    30. Are jar label manufacturers and suppliers qualified?


    Most of the suppliers and producers with a history of customer satisfaction are qualified in packaging and labeling.

    So, you can rest assured that you will receive labels that are compliant with regulatory instructions and made more safely.




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