Some Countries Resume Work Continuously
We have been working at home for a long period of time. This period of time is a pain for many people. I believe that many people have the feeling of being so eager to work hard for the first time in their lives. Indeed, we are also experiencing a financial crisis. Many people face the plight of unemployment. Anyway, on the other hand, this is also a good sign. Awakening from sleep , people learn to cherish.

Immediately afterwards, the good news also came. The epidemic situation was under control in many countries, countries resumed work continuously, and everything recovered slowly.
As manufacturer of promotion gifts and packaging labels, it‘s so happy to see the hard time is leaving. We believe that the freight rate will gradually drop, and the delivery time will return to normal. This is what we have all expected for a long time. After all, products such as packaging boxes and label stickers, after we have experienced too much helpless cases that heavy freight leads to the rising of customers‘ costs.
However, We also sincerely thank the courier who held their jobs during the outbreak. We know that some people have been working on sea for two or three months because of the outbreak. You have worked hard. Thank you


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