Is It Possible To Avoid The Bubbles In The Liquid Oil ?
   There‘re Some Customers Asked That If It Could Be OK to Avoid The Bubbles In The Liquid Products , Maybe It Will Be Solved If We Full Fill The Liquid When Produce , So Will That Be Possible ?

    We Tested With One Order Of Liquid Pyramid Paperweight . They Are All Without Bubble Untill We Packed Into Cartons , And Then ,We Delivered, After One Month Of Their Sea Journey , There Still Were Some Bubbles When Our Customer Received .

  Actually It Indeed Couldn‘t Be Avoid, As We Know, The Reason Of Bubbles Is Because That There‘s Air Inside , And Air Is Anywhere, Even Though We Full Filled Liquid In The Container When Produce, But the Container Cover Is Sealed With Different Parts ,When Weather Or Temperature Is Different, Heat Makes Something Expand And Cold Makes It Contract ,Air Still Goes In ,So The Bubbles In Liquid Is Nature . 


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