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    Industrial Waterproof Labels

    These labels are designed to remain intact and legible even when exposed to moisture, humidity, extreme temperatures, or direct contact with liquids.

    They are commonly used for labeling products or equipment that are frequently subjected to outdoor or wet conditions, such as in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

    The labels can be printed with various information, including product names, barcodes, serial numbers, safety warnings, or instructions.

    How do industrial waterproof labels withstand exposure to water and chemicals?

    Industrial waterproof labels are typically made from synthetic materials like vinyl, polyester, or polypropylene. These materials are known for their resistance to water, oils, solvents, and chemicals.

    Some industrial waterproof labels may have additional protective coatings or laminates applied to enhance their resistance to water and chemicals.

    These coatings act as a barrier, preventing liquids from seeping into the label and causing damage.

    Industrial waterproof labels feature specialized adhesives that are designed to withstand exposure to moisture and chemicals. These adhesives are typically formulated to maintain their bonding strength even in wet or harsh environments, ensuring that the label stays securely attached to the surface.

    Industrial Waterproof Labels
    Industrial Waterproof Labels

    Can industrial waterproof labels be easily removed or are they permanent?

    The removability of industrial waterproof labels depends on the specific adhesive used and the surface to which the label is applied.

    While industrial waterproof labels are designed to be durable and long-lasting, some variants are engineered to be removable without leaving behind residue or causing damage to the surface.

    Certain industrial waterproof labels feature removable adhesives that allow them to be peeled off cleanly when needed. These adhesives are formulated to provide a strong initial bond but can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue or causing surface degradation.

    On the other hand, some industrial waterproof labels are designed for permanent application. These labels utilize aggressive adhesives that create a strong bond, making them difficult to remove without damaging the label or the surface.

    Why Trust Best4U Manufacturer?

    Best4U Label Printing Machines 570x360
    Artwork Checking 570x360

    Best4U takes great care of every little detail; we check accurately each procedure at every stage, including the inspection of your artwork, material selection, printing, and packing.

    Since 2009, Best4U has focused its attention on the printing sector, processing orders utilizing a variety of printing methods. We have a wide range of high-tech industrial machinery.

    Highlights of Industrial Waterproof Labels

    industrial waterproof labels
    Wide Application
    • Equipment and Machinery
    • Product Labeling, Outdoor, and Environmental
    • Chemical and Hazardous Substance
    • Inventory Management and Asset Tracking


    industrial waterproof labels
    Quality Features
    • Doesn’t melt, deform, or lose adhesion in extreme heat
    • Custom specific designs, logos, barcodes, or variable information
    • Long-lasting performance
    • Remain intact and readable


    How long is the production time?

    Typically it takes 1-7 days. We ensure the final outcome of our labels & packaging is 100% satisfactory.

    Do you offer free samples?

    Yes, we can offer free samples if you need our existing regular kinds

    What's your minimum order quantity?

    We offer the lowest MOQ for as low as 500pcs for any custom design you need to fit your branding requirements.

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