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    Honey Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    In today’s marketplace, there is a broader need to prove the authenticity of the product.

    Consumers want to know they are getting the real thing from a brand they believe in.

    With honey labels, you can impose the authenticity of your honey products in people’s minds.

    This guide leads you with answers to frequently asked questions about honey labels, including what it is, how it is made, how it is printed, how one can import labels from China, and other specifications.

    1.    What is a honey label?

    A honey label is a specific label that is applied to every jar of honey that you purchase.

    This label lists essential information that you should know before you purchase your jar of honey.

    Honey labels are required for products that contain honey and must be shown in any language required by law or requested by a consumer.

    honey label

    It includes, but is not limited to, the name and address of the business that produced the honey, the net weight of the product, and any nutritional claims or statements combined with it.

    It also contains other regulations enforced by the FDA concerning food products for sale to consumers.

    Some businesses display honey labels directly on their products, while others write out the information and place it on another piece of paper.

    The primary purpose of a honey label is to help promote sales, making it easier for consumers to find and contact the business if necessary.

    2.    What are the materials used for making labels?

    Materials used to create labels include paper, vinyl, and many more.

    Whatever material is selected will ultimately depend on the product’s or package’s function and the label owner’s choice of material.

    Some of the dominating materials can be listed as below:

    • PVC
    • Vinyl
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • Textured paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Colored PET
    • Transparent PET
    • Destructible or Eggshell paper

    These materials possess variable qualities, based on which you can employ the one that suits your business needs well.


    It is a sturdy material used for making labels.

    Vinyl is used because it is waterproof and is ideal for protecting the information on a label from moisture.

    Vinyl labels contain no metals or dangerous chemicals that could leach into food.

    It is also one of the cheapest materials to use for labels.


    Paper is cheap and lightweight.

    It can be printed easily and folded up to fit in small spaces.

    There are different types of paper such as:

    • Coated paper
    • Uncoated paper

    Coated paper

    A coated paper is a paper or film with a coating applied to one or both sides, used as an industrial packaging material for food, pharmaceuticals, and other goods.

    Labels made with coated paper are well-known for their anti-splash, tearproof, and water-resistant properties.

    Uncoated paper

    Uncoated paper lacks surface laminations and does not possess properties specific to coated paper.

    It includes kraft paper labels that seem raw and untouched and can be delicately printed.

    3.    What methods are available for honey label printing?

    Several methods are available for honey label printing, depending on the level of customization desired by your business and the regulations that govern your product.

    honey label printing

    Printing methods vary based upon the type of label material and the level of detail desired by the manufacturer.

    Some printing methods allow for translucent materials, while others are opaque.

    The most familiar ways in which label printing can be done are:

    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • Digital printing
    • Flexographic printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Offset printing
    • Cold and hot stamping
    • Lithographic printing
    • UV printing
    • Embossing and Debossing

    CMYK printing

    CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) printing is a subtractive color model used in color printing and is also used to describe the print job output by such a printer.

    Using CMYK (as opposed to RGB or other methods) is the dominant technique for commercial color printing.

    PMS printing

    PMS printing employs a Pantone Matching System, which is a process by which the color is directly applied to the surface of your product in the form of spots.

    Labels printed with the PMS technique are vibrant, vivid colors that will not fade over time.

    It is proven to be environmentally friendly and produced with high-quality inks.

    4.    What are the benefits of using the label on honey bottles?

    There are so many benefits when labeling honey.

    Labels are essential in every industry.

    This is because it gives information to consumers about the product.

    Labels on honey bottles are vital to an organization since they distribute the products and know the client well.

    honey labels on bottles

    It identifies where the honey was made; what business the love came from, provides contact information if questions about the product.

    It is not always easy for consumers to determine if honey is pure honey or not.

    The honey label can give information about how pure and high quality is a particular honey product.

    Not only do the labels make honey products attractive and appealing, but it also helps to avoid confusion in the mind of the consumer.

    Honey labels offer impressive benefits for both producers as well as consumers.

    5.    What are the dimensions of honey labels?

    The dimensions of honey labels refer to the size, shape, and amount of space allotted for a particular brand.

    The size is measured in terms of width by height.

    The space allotted for each type of information varies depending on its nature.

    As the size of labels depends on the honey jar or bottle size, that is why you can make your personalized labels accordingly.

    Honey Label

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    1.67 x 1.4463 1.

    2.5 x 2.1651


    1.8 x 1.8 2.

    2.125 x 1.6875


    1.75 x 1.25 3.

    2.5 x 1.563


    3.33 x 2.8839 4.

    2.675 x 2


    2.625 x 1 5.

    3 x 2


    3.5 x 2 6.

    5 x 3


    6.    What are the legal requirements for a honey label?

    The honey regulations provide particular requirements for a honey label.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires certain information to consumers on the labels of products containing honey.

    It is illegal to sell any product marked as honey that does not contain honey or its derivatives.

    honey labels

    Labels on honey products are required to include the following information in this order:

    1. a) Honey
    2. b) The name and address of the business that packed the honey
    3. c) The net weight or volume of contents
    4. d) A purity statements
    5. e) Panel – a statement of ingredients
    6. d) Country of origin
    7. e) Storage condition

    7.    Are there label surface lamination options?

    Of course, there are!

    Lamination is a process in which a thin material is applied over a surface to give it strength, durability, and longevity.

    Laminating refers to a process where the label is attached to the honey jar in such a way as to be protected from the environment.

    This enables consumers to read the label even when exposed to high temperatures or low temperatures or getting wet.

    honey label lamination

    It also extends the shelf life of your labels by protecting against moisture and dirt.

    Lamination can give the packaging an expensive look and can also be used to add special touches such as square corners, metallic foil, or inlays.

    Lamination is one of the fastest ways for a new business owner to grab attention.

    There are two forms of surface laminations that you can avail of:

    • Glossy lamination
    • Matte lamination

    Honey labels are glossy and made from durable paper.

    The glossiness helps them stand out on the retail shelf to catch the customer’s eye.

    glossy honey labels

    Despite glossy labels, there are matte honey labels that give out the essence of luxury.

    8.    Can I make honey labels at home?


    You can indeed DIY your honey labels.

    Making honey labels at home is as convenient.

    Adding your label with a name, address, and phone number to the honey jars gives it a personal touch.

    You can add a text that “Your locally made honey” or “this product comes from my beehives,” giving it an even more value-added feel.

    Making honey labels at home is also an excellent way to get started in the local selling of honey.


    The first step is to create the label template in a word processing program.

    You can use any font that you like, but keep the size of the name and address information as small as possible so that it does not cover up too much of the honey jar.

    Then you can print on sticker stock and paste labels on honey jars after cutting.

    9.    What is a honey warning label?

    A honey warning label is an alert on the back of any jar of honey that has been processed, which will convey to the consumer all of the potential risks involved with eating the said product.

    Gathering this information into one place will allow consumers to be both informed and educated about what is in the food they are about to ingest into their bodies.

    honey warning label

    A honey warning label ensures consumers are aware of the risks to their health when consuming honey.

    Like drugs and alcohol, honey may contain an allergen that its sellers are required to warn consumers about in case they are allergic to it.

    10.    Are there clear labels for honey jars?

    For sure!

    Honey jars are a classic when it comes to sweet treats.

    They can be adorned with beautiful clear labels.

    clear honey label

    These labels are popular because they are clear and let light pass through to read without removing the tag.

    Clear labels can be printed with a variety of color mixtures and designs to make them shine more like opaque labels.

    11.    How can I get printable labels?

    Printable labels are the ones that you can print using your home printer.

    There can be several ways of obtaining printable labels.

    You can use templates for making a label that best adheres to the dimensions of your honey jar or bottle.

    This will save you from the trouble of imperfect printed labels later on.

    The other way is to have sticker stock and print them on your own using a template.

    By using printable labels, you are allowed to adorn your labels with the art of your taste.

    Make sure to print your labels with durable ink so that the labels will not fade away quickly.

    You can also try printing on kraft paper as it is straightforward to obtain and print it.

    12.    How many labels are there in a label sheet?

    The answer to this question cannot be specific.

    Because several factors influence the number of labels printed on a sheet of the brand.

    The size of the sheet and the label’s dimensions are the prime elements that affect the number of titles.

    As for a label sheet of size 8.4″ x 11″, there would be about 20 labels printed with the sizing of 1.8″ x 1.8″ square shape.

    The same goes for a label that can be a whole wrap label, and you can make two such labels per sheet in this case.

    If you take a sheet that is larger in dimensions than the mentioned size, then the number of labels per sheet can also be increased.

    13.    What do you mean by a template for making a label?

    A blank label template is a sheet of paper or a page that contains all the necessary parts of a business’s labels.

    A blank template with everything indicated, including text, boxes, and logos, can save your time preparing the printable honey label for your business.

    honey label template

    This way, you get a blank printable honey label that you may customize by adding a logo, information or add to it.

    There are premade templates widely used by businesses to create a label for their honey without worrying about getting the dimensions precisely suitable or coloring and font styles aligned correctly on a label.

    14.    Can I be creative in making attractive honey labels?


    You can employ your treasured creativity while designing the template for the printing label.

    There are different sorts of graphics that you can embed on your honey label.

    attractive honey label

    Creativity pulls your product packaging game toward the sky as people love to be fascinated by the art and mind of the designer.

    Making labels for honey products is no more tedious than it was in the past. Nowadays, you can print images of bees, beehives, honey-related graphics, and attractive double entendres.

    15.    How to use honey labels for a wedding?

    You can truly bring a new look to your wedding using honey labels by making customized labels for your event.

    There are many great ways to use it, and you may find out some of them yourself.

    honey label for wedding

    You can apply honey labels on the top of gift baskets as wedding favors or label your jars with honey than you will finish during your holiday.

    The wedding will be a happy event that will remain in the memory of the bride and groom and all family members.

    It will be best to make a gift with honey labels for future newlyweds!

    16.    Can I also add a tag along with a label on the honey bottle?

    Of course!

    It is all influenced by the choice you prefer.

    You can use labels alone on the honey bottles and jars, but you can also prefer using tags along with the labels on honey products.

    honey label with tag

    There are various unique ways in which you can enhance the presentation of your product.

    As far as the use of tags is concerned, you can print some personalized stuff or statement for a promotional or gifting purpose.

    17.    Are there stickers for honey jar caps?

    Absolutely, yes!

    Honey jar lid labels are tiny labels attached to the lid of a honey jar and contain information about the product.

    honey label on caps

    They can help promote your business and make it easier for you to identify your jars in your business inventory.

    Other than the information printed on the main label, you can use jar lid labels to affix your logo or product name on the top of the jar cap.

    18.    What type of adhesives are used in making labels?

    An adhesive is a product that uses chemical action or mechanical means to bond two objects together and adhere labels and stickers to surfaces.

    In stickers and labels, natural and synthetic adhesives impart bonding between the brands and product surface.

    There are three primary forms of adhesives that have potential uses in various industries:

    • Oil form adhesive
    • Water form adhesive
    • Rubber form adhesive

    An oil-based adhesive can be used with food-grade packaging, and it can withstand heat.

    It can also be applied in low temperatures, and it is ideal for cold labels.

    Water-based adhesive is one of the most widely incorporated forms of adhesive.

    19.    Can I print my design on labels?

    Yes, you can.

    You can print them on your own using a domestic printer, or you can ask the printers to print a premium-quality design using your artwork while placing an order.

    20.    Should I print the honey logo on labels?

    You should print it.

    There are many reasons to print your logo on the honey labels.

    An eye-catching label with a logo will help your company to look more professional.

    So, using labels with a logo is one of the best ways to advertise your business.

    honey logo on labels

    If you want to sell honey, you should print the sticky label with the company logo.

    You can also have them with a barcode to input shipping data directly into your software so that you could manage and track the shipments of your honey products.

    21.    Can I make a customized honey label for occasions?


    Custom honey labels are significant for businesses.

    Firstly, you can make customized labels to match the occasion.

    For example, if it is Chinese New Year, you can put your family picture on it as a customer gift.

    Secondly, you may use a different logo on the label to represent other occasions.

    Thirdly, you can use different colors and patterns on your label.

    Last but not least, you can make a different list of ingredients on the honey jar with the photograph of the product.

    22.    In what shapes are honey labels obtainable?

    Honey labels are obtainable in various shapes for a variety of businesses, products, and customers.

    honey label shapes

    However, the most commonly used shape is round.

    Small local producers often use Round honey labels to develop a strong brand presence with their local honey consumers.

    Round honey labels have the advantage of fitting any size jar of honey but may end up looking generic if produced by large honey label producers.

    23.    Do antique honey labels increase the worth of honey packaging?

    The answer to the question is “Yes.”

    Since people have distinct and individual tastes, they might want to try something different from the usual honey jars available in the supermarkets.

    antique honey label

    Antique honey labels give consumers a sense of novelty, which is why they are willing to spend more on it.

    24.    Is nutrition fact label on honey jars necessary?

    Not exactly.

    There is no federal requirement for a nutrition fact label on honey jars.

    Some states are requiring it, but some states are not.

    Some consumers recommend that nutrition label on honey jars is necessary because without label few consumers take a chance and eat food that is not healthy for them.

    It means you can print your logo, product name, etc., if the honey is raw.

    25.    Are labels safe for pasting on honey jars?


    They are safe to be used on food products and do not interfere with the food itself.

    To be assured, you can use eco-friendly materials and printing options while making labels for food products.

    26.    Are labels degradable by the environment?

    Some are, and some are not.

    Most plastics labeled with a recycle symbol have been tested to be degradable by the environment.

    Some other labels include claims that extend the environment’s ability to degrade these plastics, such as the BOPP label.

    27.    Can I buy personalized honey labels from China?

    Of course!

    Personalized labels are catered to your business needs.

    You can buy honey labels from China as many Chinese manufacturers are well-known for custom label orders.

    They enable you to choose several options to manufacture labels perfectly according to your demand.

    28.    Are honey label manufacturers and suppliers devoted to quality measures?

    Yes, honey label manufacturers and suppliers conduct regular quality control to develop and improve the quality of products.

    They need to have a strict quality inspection on labels before delivery to earn your satisfaction.

    29.    What is the price of the honey bottle seal label in China?

    In China, the price of a honey label could be as low as $0.01, or it can cost more than $1.

    There are many styles of honey bottle seal labels in the market right now.

    The price of the labels is lower in China than in other countries, especially developed ones.

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