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    3D Hologram Sticker

    3D hologram stickers are attractive, with a rainbow effect to make them unique

    It is very popular and makes your brand known easily with its see-through appearance

    Scratchable Holographic Stickers

    Scratchable holographic stickers is with an extra scratchable layer

    Barcode Hologram Stickers

    Protect your brand and market with barcodes & holographic designs stickers

    Authentic Hologram Stickers

    If you just want to highlight your logo, authentic hologram stickers will be a nice choice as well

    Black Hologram Stickers

    A unique appearance with any custom shape and size of your desired request

    2D Hologram Stickers

    2D hologram stickers doesn’t have mulit-layers, it’s just plain rainbow effect

    Silver Hologram Stickers

    A high-quality sticker that suits your budget, we find ways to protect your brand

    Security Hologram Stickers

    With the bottom marks layer, security hologram stickers fully protects your products

    Your Professional Hologram Sticker Manufacturer

    Best4U established in 2009, focus on the printing industry for over 10 years. During these years, Best4U keeps learning and improving, growing rich experience. Your custom holographic stickers will be of high quality.

    With advanced machines and a smooth process, the high manufacturing capacity of Best4U will ensure hologram stickers finish in time.

    From the material, and template to delivery, each holographic labels will be 100% checked. Your order is safe with Best4U.

    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    Best4U Makes Your Hologram Stickers in High Quality

    Hologram Material QC Checking
    Material Checking
    Best4U only accept high quality materials, make hologram stickers better
    Smooth process
    Template Checking
    Professional designers to check template carefully, no error on hologram stickers
    Advanced quality machines
    Hologram Sticker Printing
    Advanced printing machines, high quality layout, print hologram stickers better
    Delivery Checking
    Print Checking
    Strict printing checking on hologram stickers, be your eyes on our side
    UV printing
    UV Printing Equipment
    Superb cutting machine will cut your hologram stickers in the precise way
    Packing method
    Individual Packing Method
    Hologram stickers will be on rolls, sheets or cut individually as per your request
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Checking Before Delivery
    Before delivery, hologram stickers will be checked carefully, ensure every details are perfect
    Shipment Cartons
    Hologram Stickers Shipment
    Strong protective cartons are Best4U's choice, protect your hologram stickers on the way

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    Best4U is the top leading hologram sticker manufacturer that is based in China for 10+ years in the industry. Best4U has a high demand for hologram stickers in the market and that is proven and tested. With high-end types of machines, and the top producer of workers that will surely manufacture your holographic labels in the best quality that you deserve.

    Best4U is the best holographic labels suppliers, you can form your hologram label in any design and in any color. Best4U has advanced CMYK and PMS types of stickers hologram printing machinery that can secure your hologram stickers in great condition.

    Best4U holographic sticker manufacturer will let you select any shape you wanted for your holographic decals, you can choose to have a circle sticker holographic, triangle holografische sticker, oval holographic logo stickers, square hologram labels, rectangle label hologram, and more…

    Best4U hologram stickers are very useful in different industries, like chemical products, packaging, homemade products, laundry shops, etc.

    Best4U hologram manufacturer can manufacture many holographic labels, we can make more than 40,000 hologram stickers in just 5 hours of manufacturing. Best4U has a high capacity of manufacturing machines that can cater to all your orders of holographic foil stickers and we will make sure that we can give the best quality of hologram stickers that you will never regret working with us.

    You can use Best4U hologram stickers as warranty label hologram, void hologram tag, security hologram stickers, anti-counterfeit hologram stickers, holographic scratch off stickers, etc. Best4U hologram labels are flexible when it comes to your brands and products and Best4U will help you protect your brand with our hologram sticker and it will be your best choice.

    Best4U has competent and reliable designers and advanced quality machines that will make your cool holographic stickers unique, attractive, eye-catching, and of premium quality.

    Best4U earned good feedback in the market because of its high standard quality of hologram sticker roll. There are more than 1000 global brands that have consistently ordered Best4U hologram stickers since 2009. Best4U has rich resources and 8 different printing machines to ensure the best quality that Best4U can offer.

    Best4U is capable of checking those hologram stickers with 100% high standard quality. Best4U has quality materials to choose from for your hologram stickers like PET, BOPP, and PE, etc. Best4U will have your hologram labels flexible and make your hologram stickers unique in a highly holographic effect.

    Your Best4U hologram sticker can be of the best quality, Best4U has a 100% strict print checking on your hologram tag to secure that there is no error on your hologram stickers. Best4U will guarantee you that your holographic labels will be in good hands.

    You can always buy hologram stickers from Best4U and we offer cheap holographic stickers that are guaranteed in premium and durable quality. The Best4U as your holographic labels suppliers n China also produce small hologram stickers, laser hologram sticker, spot holographic stickers, partial holographic stickers, and so on.

    We never disappoint our customers in purchasing hologram stickers from us. You can inquire and call us directly with your purchase of hologram sticker online and send your personalize hologram label designs to us and we will be happy to serve you better.

    Best4U is competitive and offers the lowest hologram sticker price that doesn’t break your wallet. It is the best way to secure your brand using our holographic labels that surely stand out from the rest.

    We manufacture your hologram sticker in different packing methods such as hologram sticker roll, hologram sticker sheet, and cut in shape hologram sticker. We serve whatever your request for your hologram sticker. As your hologram label manufacturers since 2009, we assure your 100% satisfaction of every holographic labels you get from us.

    Best4U is highly competent in shipping and trusted hologram label manufacturers. We do fast shipping services like door-to-door delivery, via air or via sea. We want to make sure that you will get your Best4U holographic sticker labels on time. Best4U ensures that your order holographic stickers will be packed safely, it could be rolled or sheets, depending on your demand.

    Best4U also offers tamper proof stickers, warranty labels, business stickers, candle labels, etc.

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    Hologram Stickers | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Hologram stickers are 2-dimensional (flat) stickers for authentication, security, and decoration.

    They can have the logos of the factories, trademarks, signs, and figures. Industries use them as an essential part of the authentication and preservation of products.

    Hologram sticker FAQ Guide is a set of frequently asked questions and answers about holographic labels.

    This guide helps consumers understand a hologram, how to create it, its features, how it may work, the types of the hologram, how to use a hologram sticker, and much more.

    This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions and learn everything about the hologram sticker you are striving for.

    1.    How do hologram stickers work?

    Hologram stickers work by reflecting and diffracting the different colors of light from different angles.

    The holographic artworks appear to float on the surface due to their voids between the colored and transparent surfaces.

    The hologram sticker is a security feature that contains a unique hologram that contains silver particles.

    Hologram Works

    These particles react to light by creating an outline of the original image in color and viewing the naked eye.

    The rainbow hologram sticker contains a holographic image that appears as a rainbow when exposed to light.

    Hologram stickers work by using an interference pattern.

    The pattern is formed by millions of microscopic glass beads strategically distributed across the film’s entire surface.

    The holographic film’s encoding prevents counterfeiting, guarantees security, and ensures that your stickers have a one-of-a-kind look.

    2.    What is a hologram sticker?

    A hologram sticker is a label that is made of unique material with a picture.

    This picture is made to give the impression that the reflection in the image changes when you look at it from different angles.


    A hologram sticker consists of a picture (representation of work or trademark), text information (name of a product, company, or person), and technical characteristics of hologram stickers (e.g., color, size, thickness).

    Hologram sticker is often referred to as fingerprints.

    From a technical perspective, the holographic label is made of a complex process using laser engraving and printing technologies.

    The result is that every label has the same specific characteristics and contains information encrypted so that no one can change it while maintaining its original quality.

    Hologram stickers are used initially on banknotes, traveler’s checks, and other official documents and identification cards to enhance security.

    In recent years, hologram stickers have been popular in promoting and advertising as a guarantee of product genuineness.

    3.    How do you read a hologram sticker?

    The most common way to read the information in a hologram is by the angle prism method.

    With this method, you can pick out more information, and because you’re looking at it from a straight-on angle, you will also be able to see the entire surface because you are not distorting it.

    The angle prism method of reading custom holograms works best when using a black light.


    A hologram sticker will always have one of the following features and a unique serial number and security code.

    A QR Code. This is an easy way to find out more about a sticker.

    Hologram stickers can be read by looking at them from different sides. Most of them have a particular angle where the text is readable.

    You can tell a lot about a hologram sticker by knowing how to read a hologram.

    Being able to do so will help you learn how to spot duplicate fake hologram stickers.

    4.    Are our hologram stickers waterproof?

    Yes, the world-famous Holographic Labels waterproof sticker is made from a material that can survive the test of time.

    Hologram stickers have a waterproof layer of protection that won’t allow water to permeate and kill the adhesive on the back.

    It can be applied to almost everything while keeping itself strong in any weather condition. You can use them in the snow, rain, and heat, etc.

    Sunlight or a dry environment won’t damage them. Hologram sticker has been tested on cars, paper, and even clothes.

    An extreme sealing varnish over the sticker with an adhesive layer is applied to make the hologram stickers very durable and resistant to all weather conditions.

    Another advantage of using waterproof stickers is you can use them indoors as well as outdoors.

    5.    How do you make a hologram sticker in photoshop?

    You can make a hologram sticker in Photoshop very quickly!

    This instructable involves creating an image that will later be transferred to a sheet of plastic.

    You then apply that image to the plastic as mentioned above to create a photo-realistic Hologram sticker.

    To generate a graphic with the hologram effect in photoshop, right-click on your image and select “layer style.”

    Photoshop Hologram

    Click on the drop-down menu that contains holographic effects and click “new layer.”

    Select “screen” from this new drop-down menu. Click okay.

    The new layer will appear in the holographic category inside the layer’s palette on the far-left side.

    It will have a dull rainbow color. Now you can go in and tweak the sliders and begin to work with white, black, and colored sections of the image.

    After you have finished editing, you can print a single click from the file menu in photoshop.

    6.    Where to buy hologram stickers?

    There’re many places to buy hologram stickers. Some of these are listed below:

    • Online
    • Offline

    You can buy from a local retail store or wholesaler offline or search for hologram sticker online. Importing from China is a good choice. No matter if you need to do custom with your printing design or take their regular designs in stock.

    Hologram stickers manufacturers from China support do custom with high quality, low price.

    You can also place orders in smaller quantities.

    There are thousands of colors, sizes, fonts, and designs that Chinese Hologram sticker manufacturers offer.

    You can choose any size, quantity, color, font, and themes depending upon how you want your hologram sticker to be.

    Once you have placed your contact details, Hologram sticker manufacturers from China deliver your order to your doorstep.

    7.    What are custom 3d hologram stickers?

    Custom 3d hologram stickers are a unique way to market your business.

    Custom hologram stickers printing refers to decorative stickers made of a unique optical material, reflecting light that makes an image look like it is floating above the surface.

    The word custom hologram stickers indicate just according to your requirements away from standards.


    With a lot of dimensions to choose from that fits your needs. A wide variety of shapes and sizes to customize your hologram stickers to make them one of a kind.

    They look aesthetically pleasing from all angles and can be applied to various surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, paper, and more.

    It is indeed a versatile decorative item that can give your products or presentation extra-ordinary appeal.

    A custom 3d hologram sticker is a special kind of sticker that offers an extra layer of protection.

    8.    What are regular surface texture options there for the 3d hologram stickers?

    There are several 3d hologram stickers textures you can choose from. Some of the regular surface textures that are widely used on 3d hologram stickers are listed below:

    • Rainbow Pattern
    • Diamond Pattern
    • Rays Pattern
    • Custom Pattern
    • Brushed Pattern
    • Honey Comb

    You can choose any one depending upon your needs and budget.

    Hologram stickers

    Complex pattern printing may cost you a lot more as compared to simple 3d hologram sticker printing.

    9.    What are multipurpose hologram stickers?

    Multipurpose hologram stickers can be used as decoration, packaging and security labels, trademarks, nameplates, and much more!

    Notably, its key feature is its ability to discriminate angle viewing.

    Multipurpose hologram stickers are hugely popular for a wide range of uses, from advertising products to safety and security authentication.

    They can be made in any shape, size, or design.


    Multipurpose hologram stickers are made out of polycarbonate and are printed using a bar of silver or white ink, depending on the design.

    Polycarbonate is ideal for the large runs that these stickers usually come in, as it’s a tough and durable material that allows them to withstand heavy usage but still look great.

    Multipurpose hologram stickers can create a variety of effects.  They are most often used for creating 2D and 3D visual effects.

    10.      What is the printing process of the hologram sticker?

    The principle of Hologram Sticker production is Micro structuring.

    During the hologram sticker production, the hologram pattern is recorded on film, laminated with a protective metal layer, and finally covered with an adhesive layer.

    Some of the processes used to produce hologram stickers are direct laser, general production, and silk screen printing.

    Laser hologram stickers directly printed from computer-generated design (CAD) without pre-production operations such as silkscreen or offset printing.

    This is the cost-effective method to produce 1D or 2D high-quality images based on the user’s artwork.

    It is widely used in the ID card, membership card, credit card, and security documents such as banknotes, passports, etc.

    The general process is used to make one-off exceptional complex design images based on the 3D model or sculpture of the original.

    Silkscreen printing is the most widely used printing process in the holographic sticker industry.

    It is a cost-effective way to offer full-color business logo(s) and artwork on various materials, including glass.

    11.      Why are hologram stickers most costly in designing?

    Hologram stickers are the most costly in design due to the materials and techniques used.

    They are designed to be quite durable and last for a long time, which takes a lot of time to get it right.

    Though hologram stickers made with generic holograms and low-quality material may look good from a distance, these will not last as long as authentic hologram stickers.

    You will not measure the actual cost of designing a hologram without understanding shiny holographic stickers’ designing process.

    Following factors contribute to higher costs of Hologram stickers:

    • hologram size,
    • artwork,
    • paper,
    • shape,
    • surface material for the hologram sticker
    • features of the hologram,
    • user features of the hologram stickers,
    • materials used in making custom hologram stickers, for example, metalized vinyl’s, cost of silver may vary from other raw materials that used to make a metallic holographic sticker,
    • customer desires to have a personalized cheap holographic sticker that best fits their requirements.

    12.      What are the applications of hologram stickers?

    The uses of Hologram stickers are countless. Some of the uses of hologram stickers are listed below to give you a thought about:

    Hologram stickers can be widely used for consumer electronics, e-cigarette, skincare products, cosmetics, nutrition supplements, etc.

    Hologram stickers have the same functions as that of the standard security feature.

    It is for anti-counterfeiting, identification, authentication, quality control, add warranty symbol, security seal, and VOID if tampered label.

    Hologram stickers have the same functions as that of the standard security feature. It is for anti-counterfeiting, identification, authentication, and quality control.

    You can use hologram stickers for protection, promotion, identification, decoration, or as a gift to your customers.

    Hologram usage

    Hologram stickers can store information in them, such as barcodes, ID numbers, and logos.

    Hologram stickers are widely used in credit cards, ATM cards, and other security documents.

    Hologram stickers play their part, particularly in the fields related to public security and advertisement activities, etc.

    13.      What is the difference between holograms and standing stickers?

    Holograms are more complex in appearance than a standing sticker.

    Holographic stickers use patterns, colorful images, and rainbow effects due to the nature of their structure.

    Standing stickers are monotone, one color image that does not include any pattern or special effect.

    Difference between hologram and standing stickers

    Standard stickers are all made with a scale-able template applied to a sticker sheet made from plastic or paper.

    Holograms feature an image that changes as it is tilted and requires special processing like silver to achieve this effect, making them cost much more than standing stickers, which only have a static image.

    Hologram stickers are shiny, 3D images that change view when you move them in space. Standing stickers and images are flat, planar, and have no movement or depth.

    14.      How do hologram sticker protect your product?

    The hologram is the most used security label you will find on products. It is a two-dimensional image that is practically impossible to duplicate.

    A laser beam plays different designs into both sides of the holographic film.

    That’s how the pattern of bright and dark areas is created, which has a life that varies depending on the angle of view and carries a distinct holographic appearance.

    Protect your product

    Hologram stickers can also act as a visual deterrent, displaying the message that illicit activity will not be tolerated and encouraging reporting of such activity.

    A hologram sticker is a kind of Anti-counterfeit label that could protect your product, logo, or trademark from being forged.

    Hologram stickers protect your product from any damage that might occur during shipping, handling, or storage.

    Hologram stickers are one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest. They enhance the integrity and value of your brand or product.

    15.      What is meant by a hologram security sticker?

    Security Hologram stickers have become increasingly popular nowadays, especially with the development of anti-counterfeiting technology.

    The majority of counterfeiters want their money back immediately if they are detected, so the hologram sticker is the most effective way to reduce cost and quickly identify counterfeit products.

    Even when you see an unauthorized version of an original product, counterfeit means that a trained eye can still instantly spot it from afar because of its low quality.

    Backed by the adhesive material and security features, hologram stickers are printed on base paper which generally complies with the ISO standard.

    Transparent holograms are indelible to be seen from different angles and have high image clarity.

    Security hologram stickers use many underlying materials, such as PET, PVB, PMMA, etc.

    Hologram sticker featuring a completely random pattern of your design, you will secure the item every time.

    This hologram sticker is made from thermally engraved materials and reflects a randomly generated pattern whenever you move in the light.

    16.      What are the types of hologram Stickers?

    There are lots of kinds of hologram stickers on the market.

    There are generic holograms, patterned holograms, rainbow holographic stickers, custom-made holograms, metallic hologram stickers.

    You can decide on the type based on your needs and budget since each type has its price.

    Hologram stickers come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

    They can come custom-made to fit your exact specifications, or you can buy online generic hologram images that have been already designed.

    There are solid holograms and multicolored holograms that add an extra dimension to your business card, gift, product, or almost any other item you want to put them on.

    Some hologram stickers may have a protective covering on top of their designs, which I either like as it protects the hologram sticker design from washing off or destroying your design.

    17.      What are tamper-proof hologram stickers?

    Tamper-proof hologram stickers are the most popular counterfeit deterrent.

    These anti-counterfeit labels and tags are made of a complex mixture of materials, shaping, and image characteristics that stop anyone from reusing the products.

    Tamper-proof hologram stickers are highly sophisticated stickers that are made to hold or sell any items.

    It is used for the original proof purpose and to protect the customers from being sold as well.

    Tamperproof hologram sticker

    Tamper-proof Hologram stickers have many features, and the main feature is that they cannot be forged.

    Furthermore, tamper-proof holograms are stunning, and the artwork can be unlimited in color and content.

    It is widely used by banks worldwide as an anti-counterfeiting solution, with its high quality and expensive appearance.

    Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers and Labels, as the word indicates, are stickers and labels that help prove your product’s integrity.

    These holograms have a laminate layer between two or more laminates. It has layers of reflective metals (stainless steel and aluminum) in thin layers that, when exposed to blue light, show up and display an image.

    18.      How to use a die-cut Machine to make hologram stickers?

    To make hologram stickers, die-cutting is necessary.

    Hand cutting is too complex and time-consuming, so it’s better to use a high-tech machine to cut out the stickers.

    In most cases, we will do this process together with offset printing to achieve different sticker surface patterns.

    Generally, die-cutting is not used alone to make hologram stickers due to its several shortcomings, such as the inability to control the sticker’s size or shape. Die-cutting is the most.

    Die Cut machine for hologram stickers

    Die Cutting Machine is the ideal tool to make small semi-spherical shapes for stickers, die-cut letters, shapes, and more.

    It’s equipped with a handle that runs via air pressure or a motorized gearbox. It’s also equipped with a computer that helps you to use the Machine.

    These stickers can be used for various products of yours but are best suited to adding a unique and stylish look to your packaging and promotional items – such as brochures, leaflets, giveaways, and point of sale displays.

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