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    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Hand Sanitizer Label

    Hand sanitizer is now a must-have product to avoid contracting any viruses, and that is why it is more relevant to label your hand sanitizer products in a correct label requirement.

    We gather some information about labeling your sanitizers to ensure that you’re following the hand sanitizer labeling guidelines.

    This section covers a variety of topics related to hand sanitizer labels, including the purpose of the labeling, pricing, where to get personalized labels, printing procedures, and more.

    1. What makes the hand sanitizer different from other labels?

    Hand sanitizer is classified as a medicine since it must have active chemicals that are used to treat an illness.

    Sanitizer items must meet a set of FDA requirements in order to be classified as hand sanitizer.

    hand sanitizer label

    A hand sanitizer label should follow certain FDA guidelines to ensure that important details are shown clearly and accurately for shoppers.

    Unlike other labels, the hand sanitizer label is crucial when it comes to the manufacturing details of hand sanitizer to guarantee that consumers receive a safe, effective outcome, which is especially important nowadays.

    2. What are the components of a hand sanitizer label?

    There are three important elements that must be presented with specific FDA approval in order to secure the proper presentation of crucial data on a hand sanitizer label

    hand sanitizer label

    Principal Display Panel (PDP): The front of your package appears like this. The PDP must enclose at least 40% of the front-facing side of circular containers, and a complete face of square and rectangular packaging.

    The PDP must have the following important factors:

    • Product Identity Declaration

    The identity of the product differentiates the product from its function and it is important to showcase it.

    For example, the identity of the product is “Hand Sanitizer,” while the aim is “Kills 99.9% of Bacteria.” These declarations are mentioned separately from the product title.

    • Volume (Net)

    The FDA suggested that the label must list the product’s net volume in milliliters (mL).

    You can also show the weight in ounces (Oz), but the PDP must have the metric volume of the product container contents.

    • The National Drug Code (NDC)

    Before launching your product to the marketplace, all pharmaceuticals, including over-the-counter (OTC) medicinal products, must be given a National Drug Code.

    Hand Sanitizer Labels Drug Facts Display: This can be shown on the back of every over-the-counter drug approved by the FDA.

    It must include a list of active components as well as their intended use (such as alcohol or isopropyl alcohol and antiseptic), the purpose of the product, cautions about inappropriate use or potential dangers, usage instructions, dosage, other inactive substances in the formula.

    Manufacturer’s Details: This could be the product’s manufacturer, packer, or distributor’s name and company address.

    This part will allow you to include a cellphone number or telephone number for customers to call if they have queries about how to utilize your product that will help customers to avoid uncertainty.

    3. Can I make my hand sanitizer label into an anti-counterfeiting label?


    The medical business is concerned about counterfeiting, but it is terrible for sanitizers in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    anti counterfeit hand sanitizer label

    Making your hand sanitizer label into an anti-counterfeiting label makes your sanitizers secure.

    Hologram type of material is a great choice for anti-counterfeiting labels.

    This label is made to be extremely difficult to duplicate.

    It can be printed with a serial number and can be used for tracking.

    4. Does China offers the lowest cost for hand sanitizer labels?

    As we all know, China is capable of supplying any type of product with excellent quality and inexpensive rates, which includes hand sanitizer labels.

    Many label manufacturers in China can provide you with just what you need for your hand sanitizers, including all of the necessary information on the label.

    Chinese suppliers are adaptable and can personalize the label on your hand sanitizer.

    The majority of Chinese companies sell hand sanitizer labels for around $0.01 to $3. It will decide on the label’s quantity, size, and bespoke design.

    5. Can I apply processing arts for my hand sanitizer labels?

    Yes, of course.

    A well-designed, high-quality label, like any other product, will let your hand sanitizer stand out and gain attention to the brand.

    Processing arts is the best option to make your label attractive.

    There are several options of processing arts for hand sanitizer labels, and that includes the following:

    • Glossy Film
    • Matte Film
    • UV Printing
    • CMYK/PMS Printing
    • Cold Foil
    • Emboss Printing
    • Thermo Laser
    • Dome Epoxy
    • Thermo Gold, White, Purple, and Green
    • Front Adhesive/Partial Adhesive, etc.

    In choosing the right processing art that you need for your hand sanitizer label, ask your manufacturer which options best suit your requests.

    6. Is there a minimum order of hand sanitizer labels?

    If it’s a personalized label, the supplier may have a minimum order requirement, such as 500 to 1000 custom hand sanitizer labels.

    On the other hand, if it’s on stock labels, you can order as many as you want, such as 150 or 600 pieces.

    Many Chinese suppliers have small MOQs for customized labels and supply products at extremely low prices.

    It is quite convenient to have a supplier who can attend to all your requests for your hand sanitizer label.

    7. What do you mean by the hand sanitizer labels?

    For compliance with legal standards, hand sanitizer labels are used to advertise your hand sanitizers and convey necessary information about your products.

    hand sanitizer label

    Hand sanitizer labels can be designed to match your event’s theme or to contain personal information.

    It could be a way to get your product noticed in the industry.

    Whether you own a pharmaceutical company or sell handmade hand sanitizers, the hand sanitizer label is a major factor in increasing sales and establishing brand recognition.

    As a result, you must make each label appealing to the buyer so that they would purchase your goods without hesitation.

    8. Can a hand sanitizer label be transparent?

    Yes. It can be transparent.

    Transparent labels are clear and versatile, and allow you to see through them when applied to surfaces due to their super clear quality.

    transparent hand sanitizer label

    Materials like BOPP, PVC, PET, PE, Synthetic paper, PE, and PP are highly recommended for making your label transparent.

    Since they are oil-proof, waterproof, and corrosion resistant, these label materials will protect your product logo.

    The transparent labels can be used for a variety of things, like giveaway labels towards fantastic product packaging.

    9. What is PET for hand sanitizer labels?

    PET is a type of polyester that stands for polyethylene terephthalate.

    PET labels have been authorized by the FDA and other regulatory organizations across the world as safe for use with food, beverages and other products.

    PET hand sanitizer label

    PET is a high-temperature resistant, durable, chemically resistant, and cost-effective material for hand sanitizer labels.

    It can come in a variety of colors, making it more sophisticated for your hand sanitizers.

    PET can be brushed gold/silver, glossy silver, and matte gold or silver.

    10. What is the cheapest label material for a hand sanitizer label?

    For hand sanitizer label, the cheapest label material is coated paper.

    Coated printing paper is manufactured by coating a base paper with fine pigments and adhesives, then smoothing it.

    Because it has a semi-gloss glass look, great ink absorption, and can be printed on inkjet, coated paper is also commonly used for hand sanitizers.

    There are 2 kinds of coated paper, such as:

    • Common Coated Paper
    • Mirror Coated Paper

    Glass paper is another name for this mirror coated paper.

    It provides a polished texture and is commonly used in gloss multicolored stickers.

    11. Is it okay to use hand sanitizer labels on occasions?


    Hand sanitizer label for bridal showers

    Personalized hand sanitizer labels can be used in different events, like:

    • Birthdays
    • Weddings
    • Bridal Showers
    • Anniversaries
    • Baptisms
    • Thanks Giving Party, and so on…

    Make every event memorable with elegant designs, colorful themes, and amazing styles and shapes.

    12. What is the advantage of using a hand sanitizer label?

    For many years, hand sanitizer is a very famous safety product on the market.

    To keep their consumers safe and satisfied with the product, several firms have their own private branded hand sanitizers with unique labeling.

    A company’s packaging and branding procedure involves the use of hand sanitizer labels that provide product identity.

    It helps a lot of businesses gain their goals in their marketing and show the world the benefit of using sanitizer products.

    hand sanitizer labels

    Using valuable content on special labels for your items is a brilliant approach to interacting with customers.

    Bespoke labeling with a detailed product description and a catchy slogan might do wonderfully for your brand and easily organize every product on the shelves.

    These embellishing techniques can effectively call attention to specific portions of your label while also making a positive impression on the buyer.

    13. What are the different hand sanitizer label materials to use?

    Labeling companies have a lot to offer when it comes to hand sanitizer labels.

    Finding the right material to protect your product and logo is important when creating creative and lasting labels.

    There are many different sorts of label materials with various textures that you may use on your hand sanitizer items.

    The following are the materials you can choose for your successful marketing

    • Coated Paper
    • PVC
    • Vinyl
    • BOPP
    • Synthetic Paper
    • PET (clear)
    • PET (colored)
    • PE
    • PP
    • Kraft Paper
    • Eggshell Paper (destructible paper)

    PET, BOPP, PE, PVC, PP are transparent types of materials with a see-through effect that are considered waterproof, tear-proof, and oil-proof.

    Kraft paper is unique and can be vintage in a style that brings sophistication to your product.

    14. Is hand sanitizer label cost-effective for branding?

    When it comes to your branding, low-cost labels are significant.

    In some ways, the hand sanitizer label is a cost-effective marketing solution as well as a money-saving tool.

    Many marketers are using labels that can add up their sales in the market and spend the lowest cost in labeling.

    Using hand sanitizer labels is the most inexpensive way with the best result in communicating your product to the consumers.

    If you have a label supplier, you will save money by not worrying about the cost, and you will save time by not making your own stickers at home.

    15. Can I make my own artwork design for my hand sanitizer label?

    Yes, you can.

    Designing hand sanitizer label

    Your own artwork design is not difficult, especially if you have the time and the necessary skills.

    Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Cyberlink Photodirector, and other suggested editing software applications can assist you in designing your own distinctive design.

    You may also download and use some freehand sanitizer label templates online.

    In designing your own artwork, consider the font, color, theme, and style you want that would best fit to your product.

    16. Is there a printable hand sanitizer label?

    Yes, a printable hand sanitizer label is available.

    Printable labels can also be writable labels where you can able to write on the label using a marker, or a pen.

    printable hand sanitizer label

    These printable labels come in a range of sizes and shapes.

    Manually personalize each label with a manufacturing date, best before date, or effectiveness or smell classification of your product.

    Printable labels can be used for almost any occasion and on almost any type of item.

    17. Is the hand sanitizer label recyclable?

    Sadly, not all stickers and labels are recyclable.

    One reason for the variation is that recycling centers differ in respective capabilities, and several labels and materials may need more specialized equipment and sorting processes

    Furthermore, other materials have qualities that only allow for one-time application, or the combination of components makes recycling the label impossible – such as tamper-evident security labels, VOID labels, and eggshell labels that break once removed.

    When a paper label has adhered to cardboard or corrugated packaging, the paper is usually considered recyclable.

    Contaminants, such as ink and adhesives, will be eliminated from the process.

    18. How to remove the hand sanitizer label from the container without leaving any residue?

    We’ll show you how to clean your container after removing the label so that it’s free of residue.

    removing hand sanitizer label

    First step: Using a washcloth, soak it in white vinegar.

    Second step: Next, wrap the washcloth around the sticker’s spot.

    Third step: Allow for a half-hour soaking.

    Final step: Wipe the sticker off from the container leaving it without any residue.

    After removing the label and any residue, your container is ready to use again.

    19. Can I make the hand sanitizer label glossy?

    Yes, the hand sanitizer label can be glossy.

    Gloss lamination on your labels is a way to grab the attention of the shoppers.

    glossy hand sanitizer label

    Glossy hand sanitizer labels can withstand more use and are wipe resistant, so the print quality will remain consistent even under continuous use.

    The high-resolution printing method is left to show on with a stunningly smooth, glossy finish, giving your product anything truly special.

    20. What is a cold foil for hand sanitizer labels?

    Cold foil for hand sanitizer labels is used to give fragile or heat-sensitive label materials a brilliant finish.

    cold foil hand sanitizer label

    The cold foil method is commonly applied to wine, beers, cosmetics and even and sanitizers, etc.

    Cold foil labels are manufactured by compressing a thin foil sheet onto label material and drying it using UV curing equipment.

    Cold foil comes in a wide selection of colours and can be personalized.

    21. Can a plastic film backing paper be used on hand sanitizer labels?


    Plastic film backing paper is popular to use in wide industry in any kind of label materials.

    plastic film backing paper

    Plastic film backing material not just holds the adhesive, but also lends to the tape’s functionality.

    It is transparent, heat-resistant, and durable to use.

    Using this plastic film backing paper helps extend the life of your hand sanitizer label, both indoors and outdoors usage.

    22. Is the hand sanitizer label ok to use on different containers, like plastic bottles, jars, glass bottles, and etc.?

    Hand sanitizer labels are multifunctional which can be used on different containers.

    Labels can also be adjusted to fit the size of your containers.

    For example, if you’re using a small plastic bottle for your sanitizer, your label must also be compatible with the size you are going to use.

    Hand sanitizer labels can also be utilized on spray bottles of different sizes.

    23. Which is better, kiss cut hand sanitizer label or die cut hand sanitizer label?

    Kiss cut and die cut hand sanitizer labels are both good to use, but they have distinct qualities that you should know.

    Kiss cut stickers are perfect for delicate designs because the backing protects the sticker during transportation.

    kiss cut vs. die cut hand sanitizer label

    People prefer the appearance of die cut stickers, hence they are more popular.

    A Die Cut label is laser cut entirely through the backing of the label, leaving only the bespoke shape and label artwork.

    While Kiss cut stickers are digitally produced and laser cut, but with a lighter touch, leaving a slightly exposed backing.

    24. How to select a trustworthy supplier of hand sanitizer labels from China?

    There are factors you have to consider in choosing the right supplier for your hand sanitizer labels.

    A reliable supplier may be trusted upon, especially if the ordering process is done online.

    You should look into the manufacturer’s background to see whether they are experienced and expert in designing labels, how many years they have been in business, and if they are competitive in offering high-quality labels at lower pricing.

    Finding the right supplier will put you at ease and allow you to put your trust in them by making your hand sanitizer labels stand out and will help you boost your branding.

    25. Is low tack glue can be used for hand sanitizer labels?

    Yes, of course.

    Low tack glue is a versatile, easy-to-apply adhesive that may be used on any product label.

    This is appropriate for non-permanent uses.

    If you need to place a label on a product and then easily remove it, using low tack adhesive on hand sanitizer labels is the best option.

    Low-tack adhesives are specialty adhesives that give a solid bond to the surface material while allowing the label to be removed without leaving a sticky residue or damaging it and the label can be reused.

    26. Can I make my hand sanitizer labels in triangle shape?

    Yes, you can make any shape of labels for your sanitizers.

    Random shapes, such as triangles, hexagons, nonagons, and other shapes, can be applied to your sanitizers.

    Since most of the shapes for the labels are rectangular, oval, square, or round, a unique shape can set your personalized labels out from the competition.

    27. Can I make my Kraft hand sanitizer label waterproof?

    Unfortunately, Kraft paper material cannot be covered with film and cannot be waterproof.

    On the other hand, Kraft paper material for your hand sanitizers could be a wonderful choice.

    Aside from its exceptional strength, Kraft is completely ecologically friendly.

    A vintage look of a Kraft hand sanitizer label can be used for a particular occasion, including business advertising, weddings, bridal showers, and so on.

    28. How to order custom hand sanitizer labels from China?

    In ordering procedures from your supplier in China for your customized labels, you can send your bespoke designs, including the shape, size, color, material, and artwork of your hand sanitizer label.

    They will process your orders right away after placing your orders online, and your payment will be secure.

    Your Chinese supplier will deliver your orders to you no matter where you are.

    29. Is there a destructible paper for hand sanitizer labels?

    Yes, destructible paper for hand sanitizer labels is available.

    destructible hand sanitizer label

    They can’t be reused because destructible paper can’t be removed in one part.

    The destructible paper will be broken into fragments if it is tampered with or attempted to open.

    This can be placed on the cap of your sanitizer to secure your product from tampering.

    Destructible paper material for hand sanitizers can be personalized with any color, style, and shape that you prefer.

    Destructible paper is widely applied in a variety of industries, including shipping labels, water bottle labels, wine labels, tamper-resistant labels, electronic devices, and so on.


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