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    Round Gold Foil Stickers

    With Best4U’s great and professional team, gold-foil stickers pass through strict quality checking that ensures quality of your product

    Rectangle Gold Foil Stickers.,

    Best4U can produce more than 30,000 rectangle gold foil stickers within five hours with our advanced imported machines

    Heart Gold Foil Stickers

    Heart gold foil stickers could be used to express gratitude to clients and loved ones. Best4U can help you with the designs

    Shiny Gold Foil Stickers

    Best4U takes 100% full responsibility for products quality problem


    Transparent Gold Foil Stickers

    Transparent gold foil stickers are best to use with your cosmetics and others.

    Kraft Gold Foil Stickers

    Kraft gold foil stickers are just one of the premium quality materials that Best4U has.

    Cosmetic Gold Foil Stickers

    Give your cosmetic gold foil stickers the beauty that it needs. Best4U can help you with customization

    Bakery Gold Foil Stickers

    Best4U specializes in customization with perfect designs by our professional designers.

    Thank You Gold Foil Stickers

    Show your gratitude with our premium quality thank you gold foil stickers. With high quality materials.

    Your Experienced Gold Foil Stickers For Over 10 Years

    High manufacturing capacity, along with innovative machines and a flawless procedure in each phase, will ensure that gold foil stickers are completed on time.

    Best4U was founded in 2009 and has been focusing on the printing sector for over ten years. Over the years, Best4U has continued to learn and improve, gaining valuable expertise. Here, your gold foil stickers will be produced to a high standard.

    From the material, template to delivery, each gold foil sticker will be 100% checked. Your order is safe with Best4U.

    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    High Quality Standard That Best4U Observes

    Hologram Material QC Checking
    Gold Foil Stickers Material Checking
    Best4U only uses high quality material
    Smooth process
    Template Checking of Gold Foil Stickers
    Professional team that checks quality of gold foil stickers at the production area
    Advanced quality machines
    Printing Of Gold Foil Stickers
    Advanced printing machines, high quality layout, print gold foil stickers better
    Delivery Checking
    Checking of Printed Gold Foil Stickers
    Passes through 4 times quality checking
    Label Cutting
    Gold Foil Stickers Cutting
    Cutting perfectly your gold foil stickers
    Packing method
    Packing of Gold Foil Stickers
    Gold foil stickers will be on roll or sheet as your request
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Checking Before Delivery of Your Gold Foil Stickers
    Before delivery, gold foil stickers will be checked carefully, ensure every detail perfect
    Shipment Cartons
    Gold Foil Stickers Shipment
    Placed inside strong protective cartons to protect your gold foil stickers on the way

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    See How Best4U Does a Good Job for You

    Gold foil stickers are popular and fabulous stickers to make your brand or message stand out. Best4U offers the best customized, unique layout, and high-quality materials and output for your gold foil stickers that will surely make your brand or stickers go up to the next level.

    Best4U has excellent skilled designers that will ensure that your gold foil stickers grab the attention of your guests. These stickers might be used on any form of packaging to increase brand awareness.

    Best4U specializes in customization. For your gold foil stickers, Best4U guarantees that we will only utilize high-quality materials. Our experienced designer can help you create the perfect design. Simply provide us with a clear description of your requirements. It would be preferable if you already had a layout for your gold foil stickers.

    Why should you use Best4U to supply your gold foil stickers? Best4U will make your custom gold foil stickers label a reality, based on the advice and success of every company for which it has worked, as well as cost-effective bargains so you don’t have to break the bank.

    With Best4U’s ten years of experience making gold foil stickers, over 1000 global brands have chosen Best4U as their gold foil sticker and other sticker and label producer. We’ve been on top as a manufacturer since 2009, and we never jeopardize the brands’ trust in us.

    Best4U can manufacture gold foil stickers in any color or shape depending on your brand’s needs. We have rectangle gold foil stickers, round gold foil stickers. Transparent gold foil stickers or floral gold foil stickers are just one of the sample stickers that Best4U offers.

    With Best4U high-quality printing arts, your gold foil stickers for your product would have a premium quality output. Best4U also has CMYK, PMS, UV SPOT, and gold foil that is best to use for promoting your brands and take them to the top.

    For your satisfaction, Best4U will offer free sample gold foils stickers. You will be able to inspect the quality of our items as a result of this. Check out our company’s credibility. Best4U has been credible in its job for over a decade. And we never fail to amaze our clients.

    Best4U can ship wherever you are. A lot of brands have been ordering outside China and Best4U has been able to ship and satisfy all our client’s needs in and outside of China. We have fast shipping lines that deliver your gold foil stickers on time of schedule.

    Best4U has a large factory line that can produce more than 3000 stickers in 5 hours. So whether you have large or small orders, Best4U can provide them for you. We can cater to your big orders even in peak season and deliver them to your doorsteps. We also offer small orders with a minimum order of 1000 gold foil stickers at a very low cost and of excellent quality.

    With high demand in the market, Best4U gold foil stickers have advanced digital technology machines that offer you not just gold foil stickers such as custom label stickersplastic label stickerstamper-proof stickers, and a lot more. Just contact our team and inform us what you like about your brand.

    If you’re just getting started with your brand and want to take it to the next level, contact Best4U. The Best4U team is available 24hours to answer all your inquiries and your requests. Best4U can give you the gold foil sticker that you need for your brand with high-quality output.

    In Best4U we are in full support of our clients. Our team will be there for you before, during, and after the purchase of your gold foil stickers. We’ll get your products to your door, and all you have to do is choose whether you want them transported by air or by sea. But Best4U highly recommends air shipping if you need your gold foil stickers urgently.

    Best4U assurance of the safety of your gold foil stickers is 100%. Your gold foil stickers will be placed inside a stronghold box for keeping its quality along the way. Best4U takes 100% full responsibility for products quality problem

    With Best4U’s great and professional team, gold-foil stickers pass through strict quality checking. We have 4 steps in checking the quality of gold foil stickers before handing them for shipping. We ensure that the gold foil sticker you received is in 100% good condition maintaining its premium quality.

    Best4U is a long-term company that will work tirelessly on your gold foil stickers to assure your complete pleasure and to ensure that your ambitions become a reality. Best4U cherishes every aspect that might help your products reach the top, we will be with you in achieving your goals and help you fulfill your aspirations.

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    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Gold Foil Stickers

    The gold foil stickers are all around and can be customized.

    This guide will guide you with all the information you need in building your own rapport in business.

    In the printing industry, a lot of manufacturers offer a wide selection of sticker labels that would surely help your brand to stand out and one of those is this gold foil sticker that can amaze everyone because of its outstanding appearance.

    Read on to discover more about gold foil stickers.

    1. What is the best way to attach gold foil stickers to the product?

    Get dazzled by the gleaming appearance of gold foil stickers.

    gold foil stickers

    Acquiring sticker labels that would fit nicely for branding is the most difficult aspect of this endeavor.

    The gold foil stickers must be applied to your goods carefully and without faults.

    If you are using packaging boxes, bottles, jars, or any type of product container, this must follow some simple steps on you attach the stickers directly to the product.

    Simple steps to follow in sticking the gold foil sticker to the product:

    • First, make sure the product or the container is clean on where you want to place the sticker.
    • Remove the sticker from the backing paper.
    • Position the sticker to its location.
    • Push the middle of the sticker downside to stick it to the surface and press freely into both sides and make sure there’s no bubble in it.
    • Let the finished product with the sticker settle down and continue the steps to the next product.

    2. Where can I use the gold foil stickers?

    The gold foil stickers are suitable for a range of products.

    gold foil stickers

    It can be a good choice for everyone to expand and grow their businesses and make every event ideal and perfect.

    The gold foil stickers can be used in the following industries:

    • Beauty products
    • Fashion industry
    • Baking industry
    • Electronics
    • Machinery
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Fast food restaurants
    • Retail industry
    • Healthcare and so on…

    There are more different business industries that a gold foil sticker can be used.

    In the modern generation, every product and brand must show off the trendy and modernized look to gain the sympathy of the consumers.

    3. What’s the simplest process to create gold foil stickers?

    Making the gold foil stickers is some kind easy and there is a significant process that needs to be done.

    On the other hand, if you have the tool or other materials to create a custom gold foil sticker, it is an advantage one to create on your own.

    A well designed sticker will communicate to other people to promote your brand. It is a fun way to be creative in style and make the branding so easy.

    Simple Steps to Create a Gold Foil Sticker:

    • Custom Design

    The first thing you have to consider is the design of your sticker label and also includes the size and shape of the gold foil sticker.

    Customize your label according to the needs of your brand that would stand out eventually when you display your product in the marketplace.

    A bold font style is a great idea to make your stickers really stand out. Make every detail cool and fun to make it more interesting.

    • Apply the Printing Art ( Hot Stamping )

    Applying the printing art to your sticker is an amazing way to make the sticker more appealing.

    The hot stamping method is the process of making the sticker a gold foil sticker.

    Hot stamping is a lithographic printing technique that involves transferring foils like gold into the surface.

    • Printing

    It’s time to print the finished custom sticker using high-end equipment in a timely manner for accurate results.

    • Cutting Process

    There will be a cutting procedure for gold foil stickers whether it is a die-cut, kiss cut, roll form, or on sheet.

    4. Is there a transparent gold foil sticker?

    Yes, of course.

    transparent gold foil stickers

    There is a transparent gold foil sticker.

    The transparent gold foil stickers are made up of some specific materials, such as BOPP, PVC, PET, and so on…

    This transparent gold foil sticker can bring awesomeness to the brand.

    The personalized gold foil stickers come in a variety of printing designs and enticing colors, leaving a lasting impact on the customer.

    The transparent materials are extraordinary because it has a quality that other materials don’t have.

    If you want a gold foil sticker, a transparent material is the best option to have.

    The transparent gold foil sticker is oil proof, corrosion proof, waterproof, and tear proof.

    So you will be satisfied with this kind of sticker that leaves a beautiful image on every product you have and it will surely protect the logo of your brand.

    5. What are the materials that foil stickers are made of?

    The finest raw materials are used to create these gold foil stickers.

    One alternative for gold foil stickers could well be best suited to obtain the proper labeling solution for branding that will depend on your label needs, style, time frame, and budget expenses.

    These are the raw materials that could be selected for the gold foil stickers:

    • PVC ( clear )
    • Kraft paper
    • Textured paper
    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • BOPP ( clear )
    • Destructible paper or eggshell paper
    • PET ( clear )
    • PET ( colored )
    • PE ( clear )
    • PP ( clear )

    Choosing the suitable material for your product is one of the essential parts of labeling that could change the way you market your brand.


    PE stands for Polyethylene that is one of the clear materials that makes the label long-lasting.

    It has a soft texture and is good for any application. It is resistant to oil and water splashes.

    Textured Paper

    A textured paper has a textured finish that is also used in various products with a gold foil print.

    It is famous for beauty products, wines, and so on.

    It can be laminated as well and personalized with preferred artwork.

    6. What printing procedure is used to create a gold foil sticker?

    Printing the label makes the label extravagant with the quality images that are printed on it.

    The label cannot go on without a print.

    We make sure that a custom sticker has a good quality printing designs that cope with the goal of branding.

    A laser printer is used to print the gold foil sticker designs.

    The printing method is called “Hot Stamping” for gold foil stickers.

    Hot stamping is a process where heat, pressure, and dye or toner are used to attach a gold foil coating to the material.

    As a result, gold foil sticker custom print jobs take longer to manufacture and are a little pricier compared to others.

    However, the gold foil sticker will bring a luxurious attractive appearance and a very effective one for uplifting your brand.

    7. Is it true that gold foil stickers are waterproof?

    The gold foil sticker can be waterproof, indeed!

    waterproof gold foil stickers

    Since there are different materials that are used to create a gold foil sticker, picking up the right choice of material that is waterproof is vital.

    The waterproof gold foil sticker will last because of its durability that can sustain any type of weather, liquids, grease, and even oil.

    With the waterproof gold foil sticker, the consumers will be amazed and satisfied with their purchases from your brand.

    8. Can a gold foil sticker can be designed as a seal label?


    A gold foil sticker is highly flexible and can be used in any type of application.

    A seal label with a gold foil design is possible since a seal label can be personalized according to what you need.

    It can be whatever shape and size.

    Just like other custom stickers, the gold foil sticker is a wise creation and investment for branding.

    9. Is it possible to create different shapes of gold foil stickers?

    Yes, of course.

    The shape of the gold foil sticker is limitless.

    You can do whatever you want for your gold foil sticker to be stylish.

    However, if the shape is uncommon, it would take time to produce because of the styling and cutting process of the uncommon shape for the gold foil sticker.

    A multitude of manufacturers in China can produce different styles of artwork.

    10. What is the procedure for ordering a gold foil sticker from a Chinese manufacturer?

    Chinese manufacturers are approachable and accommodating.

    They are one of the top suppliers around the world that can sustain custom stickers and capable to produce great quality gold foil stickers.

    You can do the following steps in purchasing a gold foil sticker from a Chinese manufacturer.

    • Look for a Chinese manufacturer on the internet.
    • Do a wise move by choosing the right one that can give your needs for your business.
    • Send your orders to the Chinese manufacturer for final detailing.
    • Confirmation of orders is required to start the manufacturing process.
    • Send your details to the manufacturer ( delivery address, contact information, and name )
    • Arrange the payment for your orders.
    • Wait for the manufacturer for their message regarding your orders. They will dispatch your orders after they are done with all the procedures for your gold foil stickers.

    11. What is the right printer to print a gold foil sticker?

    There are many printers available to print your stickers.

    However, there is an appropriate printer to print a gold foil sticker.

    When it comes to massive printing jobs around the house or workplace, high-quality printers are practical to employ.

    The laser printers are usually used in printing the gold foil sticker to perfectly print your desired printing quality of a sticker.

    Samples of LaserJet Printers for Gold Foil Stickers:

    • Brother Monochrome Laser Printer HL-L6200DW
    • Canon imageCLASS MF247dw
    • Brother Monochrome Laser Printer MFCL2710DW
    • Samsung ProXpress M3820DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer
    • Brother HL-L3230CDW Colour Laser Printer

    Finding a quality LaserJet printer that could manage and help you with your paper printing demands would be an excellent idea for small businesses, homemade products, personal interests, and so on.

    12. Is it possible to produce a gold foil die-cut sticker?

    Yes, of course.

    The gold foil sticker can be die-cut.

    die cut gold foil stickers

    Die-cutting of gold foil stickers is a process in which a material is cut using a die.

    In that result, the sticker is cut to its exact shape for whatever shape it is.

    The gold foil die cut sticker is famous in the market.

    We used to see die cut stickers on many brands and that is really nice to look at with personalized styles that bring out the stylistic creation of every company.

    No matter what shape you want for your gold foil stickers, like flower, round, heart, oval, etc. Die cutting is the best option to show up the trendy shape you’ve got.

    13. Can I use the gold foil sticker for jars, gift boxes, paper bags, envelopes, and more?

    Definitely, yes!

    The gold foil sticker can be used all around, in all means it is more flexible and can be utilized in all kinds of packaging.

    It is an amazing tool that can help you in marketing your brand.

    Whether it is for gift boxes, food jars, bottle beverages, candle jars, letter envelopes, shopping paper bags, the gold foil sticker will add a bling to the packaging that will make the brand known.

    Nothing to worry about being stressful with your business, the gold foil stickers will hand on that stress and let your business boom in the market.

    14. Is the Kraft gold foil sticker resistant to any wet?

    The Kraft gold foil sticker is durable and able to sustain outdoor applications.

    Kraft gold foil sticker

    It is one of the top materials that are being used nowadays in the market because of the texture quality it has.

    On the other hand, because the Kraft paper has its own quality, it cannot be laminated with plastic that will make it resistant to splashes.

    The Kraft paper looks authentic and it cannot be tear easily because it has a thick texture also.

    Aside from brown color, the Kraft paper has white color and black color as well.

    15. How to measure the gold foil sticker size?

    Getting the right sizes of a sticker is a very important factor also in labeling your product.

    When you get the measurement of the gold foil sticker size, only take measurements on the side of the container or the product where the label will go.

    Get the measurement of the width and height of the surface. You can use a ruler or a measuring tape.

    Make sure to get the sizes of those to make the label fit into the product and will look beautiful.

    We will give some sample sizes that you can use for gold foil stickers. Check out below.

    Sr. No.

    Label Size ( inch )


    3.5″ x 1.4″


    2.8″ x 1.3″


            2.5″   (round shape)


    1.75″ x 1.25″


    8.5″ x 2.5″


    16. Is the gold foil sticker can be customized?


    Custom gold foil stickers

    To make the gold foil sticker captivate the eyes of the consumers, you should make a wonderful sticker by customizing it.

    Make your sticker unique and wonderful by adding some details and extras in personalizing.

    Aside from the shape and size of the label, you need to customize also the color and the design of the sticker that you need for your business.

    Find more ideas in personalizing the sticker by searching online to enhance also your capability and creativity.

    Some customized gold foil stickers by experts are made exactly what they prefer to have.

    You can make a relevant looking sticker, rainbow theme, vintage vibe, aesthetic look, or an extraordinary style that would really wow the people.

    17. Can a manufacturer of gold foil stickers do the artwork?


    Manufacturers of gold foil stickers can do customization.

    If ever you don’t have the time to create your own artwork for your gold foil sticker, the manufacturer will make it for you.

    Inform your manufacturer about the design and theme you want for your gold foil sticker when placing an order and they will make your desired artwork as much as possible.

    That is why the manufacturers are here to help you out in your business to make things easier for you.

    The great challenges when you have a business is you can’t afford to do all the kinds of stuff and being very busy is quite hard enough to handle.

    You need a manufacturer to cater to all those stuff that you cannot handle at all regarding the labeling of your product and making your branding easier to achieve.

    18. Are there other colors for the gold foil sticker aside from gold?

    The color of the gold foil sticker can be altered the way you wanted it to be.

    There are enough colors to choose from aside from gold to make a custom sticker.

    You can make a foil sticker with silver, rose gold, green, pink, and blue, and so on.

    This can make your brand outstanding with a classy look.

    19. Is it okay to use the gold foil sticker as window décor?

    Yes, it can be.

    This gold foil sticker can be a decoration and stick to the wall.

    It is easier to attach and use as a craft.

    You can make the size bigger of the gold foil sticker to see clearly the design of the sticker.

    As a wall décor, it is more attractive to use a transparent gold foil sticker as it is best to identify the design of the sticker and many people will appreciate it.

    It can be personalized as it will become stylish with modification of the gold foil sticker.

    20. What is the price of a gold foil sticker?

    The gold foil sticker is a little bit higher than the usual sticker label.

    Since the gold foil sticker is made with a one of a kind printing procedure which is the hot stamping method.

    The usual cost of the sticker will always vary or will depend on some factors, including the number of orders, custom designs, materials, printing options and etc.

    The price of the gold foil sticker is around $0.3 – $5.

    It is really worth it because as you can see the result and layout of the gold foil stickers can really help every brand to expand in the market.

    This gold foil sticker is the one you need for your brand that never breaks your budget.

    21. Can I use the gold foil sticker on my wedding day?


    gold foil stickers for wedding

    The gold foil sticker might be the perfect partner for your souvenirs and giveaways on your wedding day.

    This is an attractive tool to make your special day really special.

    It can be attached to any kind of craft, like gift boxes, wine bottles, and wedding souvenirs, etc.

    The design of the gold foil stickers can be in any artwork that would match the theme of your wedding.

    Cool and aesthetic designs are really common to use.

    Even if your wedding is simple, this gold foil sticker will make it luxurious with a bling.

    22. Is it possible to make the gold foil sticker emboss?

    Yes, of course.

    You may design gold foil stickers that are embossed, which are quite lovely.

    Embossed and hot stamping printing options can be combined to make an elegant sticker that your love to have.

    Embossing the gold foil sticker is popular with many products, like wine, cosmetics, clothing, food products, and a lot more.

    23. Which is best, the glossy gold foil sticker or the matte one?

    Both glossy and matte are beautiful to have but they have different textures and appearances on stickers.

    The glossy gold foil sticker is shiny and shimmering that can really improve your packaging.

    While the matte film has a duller look but is elegant to look at.

    They are both applicable to all kinds of events that make them more special.

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