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Your Gift Stickers Are Multi-Purpose

Best4U manufacturer support to do custom gift stickers in small quantity 500pcs

For You Gift Sticker
Can be custom with any unique design, perfect for any event
Christmas Gift Labels
Premium quality labels with custom printing arts that can be applied
Wedding Gift Stickers
Your wedding event could be lovelier with luxurious artwork with a low cost
Birthday Gift Sticker
It could be more colorful with custom shape and size you prefer
Holiday Gift Tag Stickers
With low MOQ for 500-1000pcs, it will save up your budget
Teacher Gift Labels
It could be with any laminations, glossy, matte or holographic
Halloween Gift Labels
A cost-effective solution to make the trick or treat more creative
Graduation Gift Labels
Graduation custom gift labels makes your party personalised
Thank You Gift Stickers
Make it more special with sophisticated printed design you can get

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Materials for Bottle Labels

Best4U supports gift stickers on rolls, or sheets or cut them in size individually

Label Packing Method

Bottle Labels Printing Art

The most popular materials for gift stickers include synthetic paper, textured paper, Kraft paper, BOPP, and others. Each material has the ability to make your gift stickers function beautifully :

  • Waterproof, oilproof, and anti-corrosion.
  • Gift stickers could be in any color printing.
  • Gift stickers could be cut in any shape.
  • Gift stickers could be glued by automatic labeling machines.

Printing art options for bottle labels: CMYK printing, UV Printing, Hot stamping ( gold stamping, silver stamping, red stamping, green stamping, purple stamping, and more )

Laminated film options for bottle labels: Glossy, Matte, Pearl, Alu Foiled, and more

Tips help you get an instant quotation :

  • Confirm gift stickers size according to the appearance effect you need.
  • Confirm gift stickers material.
  • Confirm the gift stickers quantity you need.

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    Why Best4U Has Chosen By Many Brands?Grab A Gift Stickers From A Satisfying Supplier

    From 2009, Best4U has been a well-known and professional manufacturer of gift stickers in China. Best4U has been in business for over 10 years and continuously produces high-quality gift labels using high-end printing equipment and we ensure that your gift stickers are highly beautiful and ideal for any type of occasion.

    Best4U is an expert in printing gift sticker labels with various options of printing arts including PMS printing, UV printing, Emboss printing, CMYK printing, hot stamping, cold stamping, deboss printing, and digital printing. We always make sure that every gift label will be printed out with premium quality images and the prints are intact that will never fade easily.

    The sticky gift labels can be personalized with your specifications. Start customizing with the shapes. The shapes of present labels are limitless and can be whatever you need, such as square gift stickers, oval gift stickers, circle gift stickers, rectangle gift stickers, and so on. Best4U is always here to figure it out.

    The dimensions of gift labels are important as well, we will make it easier for you. You can send your preferred size of gift label sticker and Best4U will definitely assist you.

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    Best4U Gift Stickers Are Fantastic & High-Quality

    Don’t worry if you’re having trouble designing or personalizing your gift stickers because we’re always here to help. Professional designers work for Best4U for an excellent result that makes every gift presentable. With the original and distinctive design of gift sticker labels that we specifically created for you, you will undoubtedly astound your guests, friends, and family.

    Gift stickers are versatile; they may be used in most brands of businesses, homemade products, small businesses, and, most importantly, personal purposes. You may be wondering how to add a special sticker label for your gifts; Best4U offers a favour stickers for whatever occasion it may be. It can be on a wedding ceremony, bridal showers, birthdays, golden anniversaries, etc.

    It is favorable to make every event special by adding stickers into your gift boxes, paper bags, jars, bottles, plastic containers, etc.

    If you are preparing for a blast for your birthday or for your family member’s birthday, these party favour stickers are a good one to add on. Best4U is highly equipped and expert enough to make designs colorful and stylish that would fit to your theme.

    When it comes to the materials used to make present labels, Best4U has a lot of options. These include the following: Textured paper, Synthetic paper, Coated paper, BOPP, Kraft paper, PVC, PET, and PP. These are the materials to use when manufacturing gift tag sticker, and the thickness and texture of these materials may vary.

    The Best4U gift stickers can be a gift tag sticker that can stick to your tags in any shape and size, a gift sticker name that you can print or add a name on the sticker, a gift card labels that are popular to apply on different types of cards, whether holiday cards or special cards. These are all customizable which means you can personalize the designs to make everything special.

    Best4U gift sticker manufacturer is capable of accepting bulk purchases of gift sticker labels since we have a large printable gift labels production capacity to ensure your demands for your special events and all are met with a level of quality and you will not be disappointed with your decision to order with us.

    Best4U consistently assures that you receive what you desire due to its strong demand on the market. Whether it is a gift name stickers, stick on gift tags, self-adhesive gift labels, party favour labels, printable gift labels, to and from gift stickers, or anything else, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee quality and, above all, we provide a low price of gift stickers that will not break your budget.

    Aside from sticker tag for gifts, we also make hanging gift tags, which are well-known for promoting your business. Best4U can customize these hanging gift tags according to your needs and it will not be impossible to increase your profit and impress your guests, because, with us, you can be satisfied just like our satisfied clients worldwide.

    The adhesive gift tags can be in any adhesive type and also the self adhesive gift labels. A removable adhesive, repositionable adhesive, or permanent adhesive can all be used. Best4U can make a peel and stick gift tags that are easy to use and applicable in all applications.

    If you require different types of gift stickers, such as return gift labels, present label stickers, or gift label sale, Best4U can meet your needs because we are a cost-effective supplier and dependable manufacturer. We accept modest orders as well as big purchases with a low MOQ.

    Wherever you are, Best4U can transport your parcels and set a high standard in checking the quality before being delivered to your door.

    Get some Best4U gift stickers and make every gift as amazing as it should be!

    Gift Stickers| The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Self adhesive gift tags are a great way to make your items unique and personalize small gifts, packages, and cards.

    Gift Stickers FAQ Guide is a document that contains answers to the frequently asked questions about adhesive gift tags and name stickers for gifts. The major information includes what gift stickers are, where you can use such gift card labels, what material used in manufacturing peel and stick gift tags, how to remove these sticky gift tags, and much more.

    Learn more below about these stickers to uncover the detailed and practical information you are looking for.

    1.    What Are Gift Stickers?

    A gift sticker is defined as a label with a layer of adhesive on the back. Transform unfinished packaging with your personal touch and a modern design. These stickers are self-adhesive, easy to apply and remove with no residue left behind.

    Gift stickers are a fun, easy way to create custom gifts for loved ones and friends and family. A gift tag sticker is affordable to make someone feel special through present label stickers.

    Gift Stickers

    These return gift labels make it easy to customize your present and express yourself almost anywhere. Each self-adhesive sticker is designed for dozens of occasions, from birthday presents to thank-you gifts. Gift stickers are also called stick on gift tags and are used to identify and decorate gifts.

    You can purchase them at any retail store that sells gift labels or other related products. They can be custom-made by the individual or purchased pre-made in various styles, shapes, sizes, and colours. You can choose to and from gift stickers.

    2.    Where Can You Use Gift Stickers?

    Several uses exist for printable gift labels. Some of the main applications are as follows:

    Gift stickers are nice gifts for any occasion due to their unique design and bright colours. You can use gift name stickers for occasions such as wedding anniversary, birthdays, jobs well done, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremony, birthday celebrations, holidays, Christmas days and many more.

    Applications of gift stickers

    Gift Stickers are perfect for sticking on all kinds of surfaces, from paper, wood, cardboard, cloth to glass, metal and ceramics.

    You can stick them on anything from laptops and phones to notebooks and guitar cases. You can use gift stickers to label envelopes, packages, boxes, advertisements and crates. Your imagination is the limit!

    You can use them to decorate your gifts and make them look more attractive. You can use them to write a message on the gift. You can also use gift stickers to seal up your present.

    3.    What Materials Are Used In Gift Stickers?

    There are different materials that you can use for gift stickers. Some of the widely used materials are as follows:

    Materials for Gift Stickers

    PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

    PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. This is a light, highly transparent, yet extremely durable material that presents several advantages when used in manufacturing gift stickers labels—made of matte white, semi-glossy or glossy clear with permanent adhesive backing. They’re perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

    PVC is a synthetic plastic perfect for making sticky gift labels. Strong against salt and high humidity, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) adheres well to paper and board by strong adhesive force. Thanks to laminated film, moisture-proof, water-proof, acidity- and alkaline-proof, it’s perfect for making labels used on gift tag stickers.

    PE (Polyethylene)

    Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of long chains of ethylene monomers. Polyethylene is used to manufacture self adhesive gift labels because it is resistant to fatigue and has very good chemical resistance, sealing properties and moisture barrier properties.

    Coated Paper

    Coated Paper consists of a layer of coating that is applied to the paper surface. This coating aims to improve the visual appearance and physical properties of the paper. Coated paper is very important in making gift label stickers because it can make printing more predictable and colourful, helps your present sticker labels stand out, and offers you flexibility.

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper is a special type made from woodchips widely used for present labels. They are 100% recyclable and are manufactured with no chemical treatment. Kraft paper is a material that has many unique characteristics. It is considered extremely tough and resistant to tearing, puncturing, and creasing.

    4.    How Do You Make A Gift Stickers?

    There are several ways to make your to from gift stickers. The process starts with designing the gift sticker name in online or offline software.

    You can pick the desired shape for your label using preferred software. You can add text change the font style and font size to make it easily readable. You can fill the shape with the background colour to make it more appealing.

    The option exists to add an image within the favour stickers and much more; after completing the design, and you can print your gift labels directly through the attached printer.

    Making gift stickers

    If you are a beginner and don’t know much about designing, you can pick the available online present sticker label template. There are thousands of printable party favour stickers templates present online.

    Depending on what you want to put on your party favour labels, you can choose anyone. You can edit them regarding text, colour, image, contrast etc. After done with editing, you can print them.

    5.    What Are The Pros Of Using A Gift Stickers?

    There are several benefits of using sticker tags for gifts. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

    Gift Stickers can be used to decorate a gift, so it stands out from the crowd. They’re the perfect finishing touch to gifts of all sizes.

    They can also help you make a group of gifts look cohesively similar, which can be difficult when you’re getting gifts for many people.

    This is also a smart way to avoid the stress of organizing and maintaining a lot of gifts. You won’t spoil any surprise! Gift labels are easy to work with and save you time to have more fun with your friends and family.

    Gift stickers are the perfect way to adorn your gifts without breaking the bank. They are affordable and easy to use.

    They come in various materials suitable for different environmental conditions like excess humidity, ultraviolet rays, and rainfall and can withstand rugged and rough use.

    6.    Are Gift Stickers Recyclable?

    Recyclable gift stickers make recycling easier for your local waste centre and allow material to be used longer. It is made from a biodegradable material that breaks down in landfills, producing less pollution. Using this recyclable material in place of non-recycled can save trees and natural resources. The ink used in the printing of these stickers is harmless.

    They are non-toxic and non-hazardous. They do not leave any chemical residue on the surface of the items. The adhesive used on the back of these gift stickers is also biodegradable. This increases the carbon footprint and reduces the amount of waste produced.

    7.    How To Remove A Gift Stickers?

    Removing a gift label sticker is easy. First, peel off the gift stickers from the present. Be sure not to rip your present paper and try to use two hands to keep the paper smooth. Then as you remove the gift stickers labels, fold them into a small square and hold it onto your finger. Then with your other hand, start rolling the self adhesive gift labels into a ball, and now you are done removing sticky gift labels.

    Removing gift stickers

    If you cannot remove the gift stickers with the method mentioned above, you can put the sticker with the product either in a hot or cold water or apply it on the sticker’s surface. Keep it rinsed for 10 to 25 minutes.

    This will make the chemical reaction of glue with the pasted surface weak. The sticker will come out of the surface with a single peel without leaving any sticker residue on your gifts.

    8.    How To Apply Gift Stickers?

    Applying an adhesive gift label on any gift surface is simple. You can follow the instructions below to apply the sticker on any gift surface successfully.

    First of all, clean the gift surface on which you want to put your return gift labels. Hold the printable gift labels in one hand and peel them from backing through another hand carefully and slowly. Doing it fast may result in tearing of sticker.

    Apply gift stickers

    After peeling it, now hold the stickers with both hands. Now hold it near the surface where you want to put it on. Set the proper alignment of the sticker against the surface.

    Now place one side on the surface and slide the other hand slowly over the surface to make it stick on the surface and meanwhile ensure no freckles appear while pasting the sticker. This method prevents you from pasting your sticker in irregular or tilted form.

    9.    What Can You Put On Gift Stickers?

    Multiple things you can put on your gift stickers. Some things that people widely use are as follows:


    You can put the text of any style or size on your gift card labels. You can include the gift label sale name of the person to which you present the gift, a quote to remember, anything special to person or memorable, etc. This way, you can add gift name stickers or gift sticker names.


    This is the best visual presentation on the gift stickers. You can add the image of a person regarding a special occasion, or you can place an image retrieving the memories of the past on party favour stickers. This will make your present memorable through name stickers for gifts.


    Colour on gift stickers can be used to accentuate a design, create contrasts, create cohesion and uniformity, among other things. They are important in enhancing the visual appeal of your adhesive gift tags and increasing their aesthetics. Depending on the present or style you want to depict on the stick on gift tags, you can add any colour.

    10.   What Software Can I Use To Make Gift Stickers?

    You can use several different software in the market for present sticker labels. These software’s are divided into two categories, including online and offline.

    Some of the offline software that you can use include

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft word
    • Skylum Luminar 4.0

    This software offers you all the tools you need to design your to from gift stickers at ease. The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes the best and most widely used among users. This software does not require a network connection to assist you in making a design for party favour labels.

    Some of the online software’s that you can use include:

    • Canva
    • Fotor
    • Befunky
    • Pixlr
    • PicMonkey

    These software’s are paid and free depending on the type of use you want them from. You will get free access to limited templates and tools in free usage mode, while in the premium version, you get access to all tools and unlimited predesigned templates.

    This software helps you save time and cost in hiring professionals in designing your particular template for present label stickers. Everything is designed in drag and drop format to provide you with added ease.

    11.   What Embellishments Can You Use To Decorate Gift Stickers?

    Embellishments separate the best to and from gift stickers from your average gift stickers. To make your gift stand out, you must consider choosing unique embellishments to match your sticker tags for the gift’s theme.

    Several embellishments exist that you can choose for self adhesive gift tags. Some of the main embellishments that you can choose for gift tag sticker include:


    Ribbons are decorative tapes made of different fabrics and materials used on present labels. It is usually used for embellishment on gift stickers, and these are roll-wrapped cords. These embellishments compliment the occasion! It adds extra charm as well as beauty to your favourite gifts.


    The button is a common decorative element with a large round shape originally used as fasteners to connect two pieces of materials on peel and stick gift tags. It can be made of plastic, fabric or metal. Putting on gift stickers adds a professional touch to your gifts.

    3D Shapes

    3D shapes on sticky gift tags add more dimension and life to a standard sticker and make it stand out. 3D effects and shapes can be used with paper rosettes, candy applique stickers, confetti, glitter and jewel pieces. Create a unique gift wrap solution with 3D Shapes Gift Stickers on your gifts. It is an elegant way to embellish gifts for your loved ones.

    12.   What Sizes Are Available For Gift Stickers?

    Several sizes exist for gift stickers. Some of the widely used sizes include:

     Sr. No.

    Product Sticker shapes

    Size (inches)


    Gift Stickers Rectangular 2.625″ x 1″


    Gift Stickers

    8.5″ x 11″


    Gift Stickers

    5.5″ x 8.5″


    Gift Stickers

    2″ x 4″


    Gift Tag Sticker

    3.33″ x 4″


    Gift Stickers Labels

    6.5″ x 4.5″


    Sticky Gift Labels

    2.688″ x 2″


    Gift Label Sticker

    4″ x 1″


    Present Labels

    4″ x 5″


    Gift Sticker Name

    4.25″ x 11″


    Favour Stickers Circle



    Party Favour Stickers



    Gift Name Stickers



    Name Stickers For Gifts



    Gift Card Labels



    Self Adhesive Gift Labels



    Adhesive Gift Tags 2.5”
    18 Stick On Gift Tags



    Present Sticker Labels 1.0”
    20 To From Gift Stickers



    Sticker Tags For Gifts 6.0”
    22 Self Adhesive Gift Tags



    Peel And Stick Gift Tags Square 1” x 1”


    Sticky Gift Tags 2” x 2”
    25 Adhesive Gift Labels

    3” x 3”


    Present Label Stickers

    4” x 4”


    Return Gift Labels 5” x 5”
    28 Gift Label Sale Other

    2″ x 0.5″


    To And From Gift Stickers

    2.5″ x 1.375″


    Party Favour Labels 3.5″ x 2″


    Printable Gift Labels

    2″ x 0.5″

    32 Gift Tag Sticker

    1.75″ x 0.75″


    You can choose any one depending on your needs. Usually, the bigger the sticker’s size, the more cost involved in it.

    13.   How Can I Download A Gift Sticker That I Created Online?

    Usually, downloading gift stickers vary from software to software. There are two ways to download gift stickers. These ways are as follows:

    For instance, when preparing a design in Canva, the download button exists on the top right corner. You can head towards this button when you have finished design editing and click on it.

    This will allow you to download the gift sticker in the desired format. The major format it includes are:

    • PNG
    • JPG
    • PDF Standard
    • PDF Printing
    • SVG
    • MP4
    • GIF

    Some online software allows you to save your sticker into the PC by selecting the desired format. For this, you have to right-click on the sticker and go to a tab of “save image as” from a pop-up window.

    After clicking on the tab, another window opens to select the storage location and storage format.

    14.   What is the difference between gift stickers and gift tags?

    A gift tag is an item used to show who the gift is from. A decorative piece of paper, card or plastic is attached to gifts utilizing a thin string or piece of plastic.

    They come in various sizes, shapes and colours and can be used on gifts of all kinds. You can also choose them according to the colour scheme of the wrapping paper.

    A gift sticker is a decorative paper sticker that can be used for products, bottles, gift envelopes, gift boxes and many other occasions. It has an adhesive on its back, and you don’t need a string or ribbon to attach it. Peel it and paste it on any gift you want.

    Gift Stickers and tags are essential for properly wrapping gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and more. They are the perfect little addition to a present that turns an otherwise simple gift (box) into something more special.

    15.   How to choose the best gift sticker?

    Several things need your attention while selecting the best gift sticker. Some of the main considerations are as follows:


    Many factors make a good gift sticker, but the size is the most important factor. The perfect size of Gift stickers is the key to the best-looking gifts you can give.

    If you choose a bigger or small size compared to your gift, it will spoil your occasion. Make sure the size you are choosing is the best fit.


    Price is one of the most important considerations for purchasing anything. If you look at decorative stickers, they are cheaply priced and easily available, so you need not worry too much about the cost.

    However, if you are looking for specific designs or an intricate design such as foil stamping, there will certainly be a difference in the price compared to a simple sticker.


    Gift stickers are made of high-quality materials such as BOPP, PE, Coated Paper, Kraft paper, PVC, etc. The gift sticker you give to the recipient should reflect the person you are buying it for.

    It should represent their personality, interests or some other aspect of their life that you want to portray when gifting them something on a special occasion. So, choose the best material as per your requirement.


    The design of Gift stickers is very important in your choice of gift tags and the best gift stickers. It is essential to find a suitable design for the intended recipient.

    Whether you are looking for a unique design or just one that looks good, designing the sticker is how you get the desired effect on the gift.

    16.   Are The Gift Stickers Water-proof?

    Yes, gift stickers are water-proof. This feature comes along with the material being utilized in making these stickers. Materials such as Polyvinylchloride, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, coated paper all are water-proof.

    The stickers made with these materials built to last can withstand harsh outdoor weather environments, including high humidity, rainfall, etc.

    Some stickers are not water-proof because of their material, but they are made water-proof by applying a special type of coating. The coating adds up, shining to the surface and making it visible from a distance. These have become popular worldwide because of their durability and affordability.

    Water-proof gift stickers have also proven effective at protecting printed graphics against exposure to heat and cold. These stickers were printed with high-quality ink that won’t bleed or fade. These stickers keep memories alive throughout their lifetime.

    17.   How do I send gift stickers online?

    There are several ways you can adopt while sending gift stickers online. Some of the main means for party favour stickers are as follows:

    When you finish designing gift stickers, you can share them with your friends or family or anyone special to whom you want to give t to. You can use your email and send the file as an attachment for the gift sticker name.

    If you don’t have Gmail, you can use social media and tag your friends or special person while sharing the particular gift stickers or gift name stickers. You can post gift stickers either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.

    If you don’t have social media, you can utilize google Docx or one drive to share the file of gift stickers. You first need to upload the name stickers for gifts files on google drive and generate the editable link. Then you can send this link for gift card labels via text to the person with whom you want to share it.

    18.   What kinds of styles are available in gift stickers?

    When it comes to gift stickers, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a whimsical design for present sticker labels with an evergreen, snowflake or tree graphic or a simpler shape that is circular or heart-shaped, several designs exist to suit your needs.

    Gift stickers are available in various colour combinations to complement any colour scheme and festive occasion! Watercolour, metallic, and geometric patterns on sticker tags for gifts make giving a gift a joy from start to finish.

    You can use embossed or inkjet printing to make your design more elegant and noticeable.

    19.   Can we print name stickers for gifts?

    Yes, you can print whatever you want on your gift stickers. Printing the name of a particular person you want to present this gift instigates special feelings that strengthen your relationship.

    You can also put on a special thing on gift stickers that you think is more valuable and plays a greater role in making your gift memorable. The possibilities are endless.

    You can adjust the position of the text wherever you want directly on your gift stickers. You can make it bold to make it more attractive on self adhesive gift labels.

    20.   What is the importance of adhesive gift labels?

    The adhesive is the bonding agent that holds the gift stickers to your gift. Without adhesive, you won’t be able to make it stick to your gift. It’s important to understand the factors that could affect return gift labels function, so here are a few things to consider when choosing which adhesive is right for you.

    • It must be resistant to water
    • The life of the adhesive on present label stickers must be longer
    • It should resist oil and solvent
    • It must be dried quickly on printable gift labels
    • The adhesive should not bleed

    Adhesives may come from either natural or synthetic sources. Adhesives cure (harden) by either evaporating a solvent or by chemical reactions between two or more constituents. The adhesive available in the market can withstand various conditions, from refrigeration to hot temperature and humidity.

    21.   How can I prevent gift label stickers from peeling?

    Peeling is defined as the loss of adhesion from gift stickers labels from a certain surface. Several factors cause it. The common causes are Dirty surface, Uneven surface, Moisture on the surface and Incorrect material selection.

    Something you must consider to prevent the peeling of your gift label sale. These things are as follows:

    • The easiest way to prevent sticky gift labels from peeling off is by cleaning the surface of the gifts before applying your adhesive label.
    • When you apply the gift stickers on a surface, the surface must be even.
    • There is no moisture present on the surface when applying to and from gift stickers.
    • When the material you have selected cannot bear the surrounding conditions, it will be easily susceptible to peeling.

    22.   What thing makes sticky gift tags last longer?

    Various things make your self adhesive gift tags or stick on gift tags stand out. Some of the major things include adhesive, printing ink, and the material of the gift stickers.

    Gift tag stickers and gift stickers are made with a strong adhesive that not only stands up to the elements but the test of time.

    The material of present labels such as PVC, PE, and PET makes these gift stickers stand out for harsh and rough environmental conditions.

    The strong and high-quality inks on gift stickers are built to last. You can print any colour on peel and stick gift tags with UV printing, inkjet printing and foil stamping.

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