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    Food Label Sticker | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Food label stickers are one of the most widely consumed labels worldwide.

    The guide focuses on several aspects related to food labels to provide you with important information such as printing techniques, laminations, rules and regulations, customization, types of food labels, advantages of importing food labels from China, etc.

    1.    What is a food label sticker?

    A food label sticker is a piece of paper packages and other packaging materials on the food, showing the product name, ingredients, shelf life, etc.

    A food label is an essential source of information for consumers as well as businesses.

    It helps people to make eating choices.

    There are different types of food label stickers, but they all have the same purpose.

    A food label is a piece of mandatory information that every package of food must provide to consumers.

    food label stickers

    This is to provide consumers with the information they need to assess a product and make an informed decision before buying it.

    The food sticker has information printed on it in regards to the product found inside the package.

    The ingredients, additives, nutritional facts, and allergen warnings are all printed on this label.

    There is also a bar scan to allow a product scanner or check customers’ checkout at retail places such as grocery stores or department stores.

    2.    Are their premium quality materials for making food stickers?

    Yes, there are many kinds of materials that can be used to make food labels safe.

    Based on the environment, you can choose materials depending on their qualities, such as waterproof, solvent-proof, crack-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

    However, there are so many reasons why you should choose food labels to be your next package of premium quality materials.

    High-grade materials help you protect your food products from price volatility, increase profit margins, and build brand awareness.

    There are several material options to make a good quality food label, such as:

    • Synthetic paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • Destructible or eggshell paper
    • BOPP
    • PVC
    • PE
    • Transparent PET
    • Colored PET
    • Textured paper

    Synthetic paper

    Synthetic paper is a durable material made up of thin layers of clay, pulp, and resin.

    It is resistant to water and oil so that it can be used on things like food packages where there may be touching of food or liquids.

    It is also fragile and lightweight so that it does not add too much extra weight to the package itself.


    PVC is an abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride Resin, a compound of monomers, a polymer resin material with versatile applications in the food industry.

    Using PVC for food and beverage packaging offers benefits such as easy-to-read labeling, multi-layer printed graphics, high tensile strength, transparency, and crush resistance while being easily washable.

    The characteristics of being moisture-proof and waterproof make PVC ideal for keeping contents fresh.

    3.    What are the types of labels based on food label stickers printing?

    Food label stickers printing is a marketing tool used to give information regarding the food that will be eaten and advertised.

    The food sticker design must be food-safe and meet government regulations regarding ingredients, nutrition, allergens, etc.

    Waterproof and tearproof lamination is necessary to protect the printing of the label stickers.

    There are certain types of labels based on the printing process:

    • CMYK printed label
    • Digital printed label
    • Inkjet-printed label
    • PMS printed label
    • Offset printed label
    • Embossed and debossed label
    • A hot and cold stamped label
    • Flexo-printed label
    • Lithographically printed label
    • UV printed label

    UV printed food label

    UV printing is an ink technology that applies metallic inks by using polymers sensitive to ultraviolet light.

    The surface of the polymer is hardened when it is exposed to UV light.

    This enables printing on difficult-to-mark surfaces like plastic, foil, or paper rolls.

    UV food labels can be used for hot and cold food products.

    It has the advantage of being safer than traditional printing methods of the label in some ways.

    It is waterproof, oil and dirt-proof, and easy to print.

    Offset printed food label

    Offset printed food label is an easy-to-use, affordable way to promote your business with consistent color and graphics.

    An offset printed food label is durable enough to withstand the rigors of constant daily use and is suitable for spot UV and gloss lamination in addition to regular labeling.

    4.    How are labels made?

    Food labels are used on almost all food containers. That is why there is an understandable process of manufacturing them.

    In addition, the label needs to be made in such a way that is clear and easily acknowledgeable for the consumer.

    Food manufacturers need to be aware of many rules, regulations, and symbols during the label manufacturing process.

    The manufacturing process is comprised of few basic steps that are common to all types of label-making.

    These are:

    • Template inspection
    • Adhesive checking
    • Material inspection
    • Manufacturing
    • QC inspection
    • Packaging

    First of all, manufacturers inspect the quality of materials, designs, and templates for labels then proceed towards the next steps.

    In the printing process, the food label must contain basic facts such as the product’s name, quantity information, ingredients statement, country where it was produced, a nutrition facts table, etc.

    After that, the cutting of stickers is done to make them graspable for application.

    5.    What are the unique types of label stickers?

    There are several unique forms of label stickers that you can choose from for your food stickers.

    The enchanted label types can be summarized as:

    • Dry peel labels

    A dry peel label is a label whose adhesive is not a permanent one.

    You can remove this sort of label from the package.

    • Reseal labels

    This type of label can be used for resealing the product package, as its name shows.

    Reseal labels have to be placed on the opening of the package.

    • Fold-out labels

    As you can guess from the label name, this label can be folded out and open up just like an accordion.

    If you want to give your consumers additional information, you can use this type of label.

    • Expanded reseal booklet

    Expandable reseal booklet is an amalgam of fold-out and reseals labels.

    The label can be opened up as a booklet as well as it adheres to the product packaging.

    • Die-cut labels

    Die-cut labels are the customized shape labels that are laser cut and have the exact shape of the design printed on the label.

    • Prime labels

    This is a label that refers to the primary label content of your product.

    The features of prime labels are innumerable including, surface finishes, foil stampings, specialty coatings, etc.

    6.    What pieces of information are required on food label stickers?

    Food labels are essential for consumers to understand what they are eating.

    Due to advances in technology and improvements in printing methods for stickers, many vendors now offer businesses and consumers the ability to customize labels with highly detailed graphics that show ingredients, calories, and nutritional values.

    food label sticker

    According to FDA requirements, food packaging labels must include the following information:

    • Nutrition Fact
    • Ingredients
    • Allergen labeling (ingredients with allergy warnings)
    • Processing method (i.e., minimally processed, processed)
    • Name and address of the business that prepares the food
    • Manufacturing date
    • Best before date
    • Net quantity
    • Serving size

    You can also print the Inspection number and Product code.

    7.    What is the essential part of a food label?

    The most important part of a food label is the nutritional panel.

    A consumer’s understanding of nutritional information is vital to making educated decisions about food selection.

    Nutrition information (Nutritional label) summarizes the nutrient content of foods.

    essential food label sticker

    Federal and state agencies determine the information required on labeling of retail food products.

    The nutritional panel or nutrition facts (NF) on the food label shows information about a product’s ingredients and the energy and nutrient content of the food.

    Federal law requires specific food packages to display a standard panel, but additional meetings can be displayed on the product if the manufacturer chooses.

    8.    What components are a part of the nutrition food label?

    The nutrition food label generally includes the:

    • Serving size
    • Number of servings per container
    • Calories per serving
    • Total Fat per serving
    • Saturated Fat per serving
    • Trans fat per serving
    • Cholesterol per serving
    • Protein per serving
    • Carbohydrate per serving
    • Dietary fibers per serving
    • Sodium per serving
    • Sugar per serving
    • Vitamin D, Potassium and Minerals

    The information listed on the nutrition food label is possibly not limited to these factors.

    The food labels are strictly regulated by the government authorities so, and changes can be expected.

    It is essential to make labels for your food products that are FDA compliant.

    9.    Why is labeling food products crucial?

    The labeling of a food product is crucial.

    It provides clear information on the health and hygiene qualities of the food being offered for consumption.

    The official food labels ensure nutrition data, ingredients’ origin, and labeling instructions are provided.

    It helps the consumers decide what they want to eat, and it also increases the safety of the products being served.

    food labels

    Labels on food products are as important as those on medicine, clothes, etc.

    Food labeling help to create awareness among customers on the quality, costs, quantity, and contents of food products.

    It also helps in improving the standards of hygiene and quality control.

    Food labeling regulations are made to protect consumers from fraud by providing them with fair and honest information about the food products they are considering buying.

    Proper food labeling also helps to make businesses accountable for their production practices.

    10.    Are there tearproof food label stickers?


    A tearproof food label is a label that protects the information on the label from fading as well as tears or water without affecting the taste of the food.

    A tearproof food label is commonly used on bottles and cans for various products, including food, medicine, beverages, and tobacco products.

    You can make a tearproof food sticker by opting for suitable materials.

    The food labels made with BOPP, PVC, vinyl, PE, PET, synthetic paper, etc., are all tear-resistant.

    11.    What are the food categories on which food labels are employed?

    There are numerous categories in which food labels are employed.

    To determine which labels should be used for each product category, you must know the facts.

    Food labels can be employed in conjunction with food processing, manufacturing and storage, distribution, sales, and retail.

    food labels

    Food stickers are used in the food products that belong to the following categories:

    • Fruits
    • Vegetables and legumes
    • Meat, nuts, eggs, fish, poultry, legumes
    • Cheese, yogurt, milk, and alternatives
    • Cereals, pieces of bread, pasta, noodles, rice, and grains

    12.    What is a temperature sensing food labels?

    Temperature sensing food labels are particular types of stickers that can be directly affixed on the surface of any food product, including raw foods and frozen and cooked foods.

    They work with a temperature sensor and display the temperature of the product at all times.

    food label stickers

    This prevents consumers from consuming contaminated food and keeps products fresh for a longer time.

    Temperature sensing food labels are one of the many ways the food industry is striving to control the safety of the food supply.

    A temperature sensing label contains metal particles that respond to heat with a color change, usually white to black.

    This change allows for a visible method of monitoring the temperature a product is exposed to during processing, storage, and transportation.

    13.    Are temperature-sensitive food label stickers worth it?

    Temperature Sensitive food stickers are worth the investment for many reasons.

    They can potentially save your food and food products from being thrown away due to incorrect storage temperature requirements.

    food label stickers

    If you have consumers rely on a particular food product because of your brand name, then this is undoubtedly a wise investment for you to make.

    The advantages that printing temperature-sensitive food label stickers provide to your business can help you save money and increase your bottom line.

    14.    What types of printing inks are not bad for food labeling?

    There are many different types of printing inks that can be used for food labeling.

    To keep food safe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed many regulations for the types of inks that can be used on the packaging, and these inks are called food-grade inks.

    There are over five thousand printing inks that are approved for use on food packaging with minor conditions.

    Innumerable chemicals are used for making such links.

    Water-based inks, inkjet inks, and UV inks are all safe for food labels.

    15.    What are the adhesives used for food label stickers?

    Multiple types of adhesives comply with a food label sticker.

    These include:

    • Water-based
    • Oil-based
    • Rubber-based

    Water-based adhesives are widely used for making food labels.

    Some other forms of adhesives that are food safe are:

    • Hot melt
    • Hide glue
    • Epoxies
    • Silicone-based
    • Liquid-based

    16.    What is an irreversible temperature sensing label?

    An irreversible temperature sensing label is a sticker whose ink becomes permanent when the brand reaches a determined temperature or heat level.

    The ink on an irreversible temperature sensing label will not fade, smear, scratch, or rub off.

    The color of this label permanently changes from silver to black, generally.

    The color does not reverse to the original state.

    To help you keep your food safe to eat, these labels can be placed on various surfaces such as cups and cans.

    17.    What is the purpose of a reversible temperature label?

    A reversible temperature sensing label is a label that changes color based on the temperature difference, but the color does not vary permanently.

    There is a temporary shift in color from one state to another.

    A reversible temperature sensing label is a label that indicates and records the temperature at which the food was stored and can tell the direction of the temperature change.

    This sensing label is used to ensure that an item stays within temperature guidelines.

    18.    Does the government regulate the food labeling process?


    The government regulates the food labeling process.

    Various organizations enforce specific regulations over the food labeling process.

    For example, the Food and Drug Administration inspects the food labeling process to ensure that all labels meet government standards.

    Organizations like the FDA employ skilled and trained experts who understand government requirements for food labeling.

    They thoroughly scrutinize the label, inspect the container, and look at items like the rollout or peel off stickers or temperature sensing label to customize

    In short, the materials, adhesives, printing inks, and printed information are all regulated by the government.

    19.    Why is food labeling an issue?

    Food labeling is an issue because it is essential to provide consumers with the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their nutrition and diet.

    Ensuring that food labels are easy to understand and readable is convenient for consumers, especially those with visual disabilities.

    food label sticker

    Food labeling has never been so important.

    Increasing health awareness and strict government legislation on food standards demand packaged products with an ever-improving nutritional portfolio.

    Food labels can connote quality, convenience, or even how eco-friendly a given item is and to what extent it has been locally produced.

    It is crucial to inform the government with accurate facts. That is why food labeling can create an issue if not done correctly.

    20.    What do you mean by an organic food label?

    An organic food label is used to describe or inform the consumers if a product is organic or not.

    Organic labeling means that a product was produced without the use of most conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

    organic food label

    Organic foods are also usually non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).

    Different countries worldwide have various organic certification organizations to assess whether food companies can label their products as organic.

    21.    Can a product be labeled organic without being certified?

    The simple answer is no.

    A product cannot carry the organic label without certification.

    While it may sound misleading to have the word organic on the front of a package, it is legal with specific regulations and requirements.

    A product can be labeled as “organic” only if 95% of ingredients among the ingredient list are organic instead of synthetic.

    22.    What are nutrition label ingredients that should be avoided?

    Nutrition labels list the ingredients present in a food product.

    This is an excellent tool for checking out what exactly you are eating, but it can be used for more than just that.

    Here are seven ingredients to avoid when purchasing food products:

    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    • Trans fats
    • Sodium Nitrates and Sodium Nitrites
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
    • Partially hydrogenated oils
    • Potassium Benzoate and Sodium Benzoate

    23.    What are party food label stickers?

    These are the food stickers you can employ while arranging occasions such as parties, buffets, etc.

    Party food label stickers are designed to bring the highest security to your party planning and preparation.

    food label stickers

    Popular uses of these stickers include putting them on plastic containers for storing food and drink or applying them to bottles of alcohol to serve as place cards during dinner parties.

    24.    Are there laminated food labels?

    For sure.

    Laminated stickers have a special covering on top of them that makes them fungus-proof, tearproof, and waterproof.

    These stickers can also be used at the lower or upper-temperature limit but must not go beyond it.

    They can be printed with food-grade inks and made for unique ingredients as per the requirement.

    The advantage of laminated stickers is that they can better protect the products and help to ensure their safety.

    25.    What are the available packaging methods?

    The food labels can be packaged in either of these three methods:

    • Roll form packaging
    • Sheet packaging
    • Cut into shapes

    26.    Can I make customized food label stickers?

    Of course!
    A customized sticker is a self-adhesive label that is custom-made for marketing.

    The stickers are used to promote goods and services or are used in other creative concepts.

    You customize these factors:

    • Size and shape
    • Laminations
    • Printing techniques
    • Design layouts
    • Packaging method

    27.    What are the symbols on food packaging?

    Symbols are the indications of some statements that are not printed but can be summarized in symbols.

    Many symbols appear on the packaging of your food.

    The most common symbol is the recycling symbol.

    symbols on food packaging

    Recycling a food product means that you can recycle the package if you have reached the end of the product and there is nothing more to do with it.

    These food symbols are used on all foods and drinks worldwide to aid consumers in identifying them.

    28.    Are warning labels must be on a food package?

    Warning labels are important on food packages, so customers are well informed.

    Consumers of any age need to know the possible side-effects of the products (such as allergens or harmful chemicals present), any good storage practices to ensure longevity, and how to handle the ingredients for safety reasons.

    food warning label

    Warning labels on food products helps in conveying safety among people.

    29.    Is the food label sticker eco-friendly?

    Without any doubt!

    They are made with standards that comply with safety rules and regulations.

    Hence, they are safe for the environment.

    30.    What are the advantages of importing food labels from China?

    For the China Labels manufacturers, they can produce food labels with accurate dimensions and high-quality materials.

    They also have specialized design personnel to help you create a specific design for food labels and provide you with a professional way to protect your products from being imitated.

    Of course, the label maker in China provides a complete solution for food label importing and will use their expertise to handle the whole process from the beginning to the end.

    More importantly, these Chinese suppliers can be customized food labels from several material options, mailing roll sizes, and package styles.




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