Materials for Ribbon, Bowtie, Handle, Window, Insert etc.

Paper Handle

There are flat and twisted kinds of paper handles.

Silk Satin

Silk satin could be used for bowtie, handle and lining.

Plastic Handle

Both box and bags could be with plastic handle, in different shapes.

Nylon Handle

Nylon handle is popular for paper bags and paper shaped boxes.

Metallic Ribbon

Metallic ribbon for gift box is nice choice.

Cotton Handle

Twisted cotton handle is popular for bags. There are many different colors.

Processed Molded Pulp

Processed molded pulp could be done with secondary special finishes such as hot pressing, coating and dying etc.

Dry Press

Dry press molded pulp is widely used for the coffee.

Wet Press

Wet press makes the molded pulp in super smooth topside.


PET insert or window is OK, it has super clear feature and there are different thickness options.


PETG is high resistance to heat and chemical, it is super strong.


PLA is biodegradable and eco-friendly.


PS is high impact resistant for packing heavy products.


PP is kind of high tensile strength plastic.


LDPE is low density, popular for light insert.

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