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    Essential Oil Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Essential oils are naturally occurring and extracted from plants.

    They are used to provide a scent or flavor to food, cosmetics, air fresheners, or their supposed therapeutic properties.

    That is why it is substantial to convey certain vital information to customers via labeling essential oil bottles.

    This guide can help you if you are in search of data related to essential oil labels before placing your order.

    1. What are labels for essential oil bottles?

    Essential oil labels refer to the labels that are being used for labeling bottles of essential oils.

    The essential oil comes from plants and is used as a fragrance in perfumes and aromatherapy.

    Essential oil labels

    Essential oil labels are convenient stickers with pertinent information about the oils, including ingredients, prices, and product information.

    When you use essential oil labels, you can avoid placing a piece of paper on the bottles, and adhesive labels do not affect the quality of the product.

    Essential oil labels are labels used by people who market and sell essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and many others.

    These stickers are perfect for aromatherapy businesses, candle-making companies, health shops, spas, and salons to advertise products.

    They can also be used as labels or stickers on sample bottles at functional food stores and grocery stores.

    2. What type of ingredients are involved in making essential oil labels?

    Certain ingredients are consumed to make high-grade labels for essential oil bottles.

    Paper and plastic are the main elements employed in the making process.

    The material list that can be summarized as an overview is:

    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • PE
    • PET
    • Vinyl
    • Textured paper
    • Destructible or Eggshell paper
    • Transparent PET
    • Colored PET
    • Writeable paper
    • BOPP

    Coated paper

    coated paper

    Coated paper is a type of thin paper that has been made waterproof by applying a layer of plastic on the top side.

    This type of paper is designed for applications where the printed label needs to be protected from moisture, coatings, and chemicals in particular.



    PET is a clear, challenging, and inert plastic that does not release any harmful substances that can leach into your essential oil products.

    It resists microbiological growth and is fit for packaging food and pharmaceuticals.

    It also provides the classic look of glass with the advantages of a flexible plastic label.

    Eggshell paper

    Eggshell paper is a subtly rough texture that resembles the surface of an eggshell.

    Eggshell paper

    It can be found in anything from high-quality writing papers to construction paper.

    Though it is seen in many different items, people sometimes call it antique or vellum finish.

    This paper can be laminated with surface coatings.


    Aside from these materials, adhesives are also employed to impart self-adhesive properties to labels.

    Adhesives may fall under one of these three categories:

    • Rubber-based adhesives
    • Oil-based adhesives
    • Water-based adhesives

    Water-based adhesives are commonly used among these adhesives, while oil-based sealants have greater strength and are used in exceptional cases.

    3. What are the best types of printing technologies for label printing?

    There are many techniques for printing labels.

    However, the printing method varies depending on the characteristics of the material being printed onto and the purpose of the label itself.

    You can use a multitude of printing techniques to print a variety of labels for essential oil bottles.

    Below lists the most common label printing methods and elements:

    • CMYK printing
    • Digital printing
    • Gravure printing
    • Flexo printing
    • Offset printing
    • PMS printing
    • UV laser printing
    • Debossing and embossing
    • Hot and cold stamping


    Embossing is a printing technique that adds a layer to paper, which allows for raised text or images.


    It is a method of printing on material with a raised pattern, in which the image becomes part of the material’s surface.

    This creates a tactile sensation, which adds to the visual appeal of the label.

    It is especially effective when combined with foil stamping or silver foil stamping.

    Offset printing

    Offset printing is a commonly used mass-production printing technique that uses a printing press, paper, or other materials.

    In this process, the ink is transferred from an etched plate to a rubber blanket to an impression cylinder and then to the printing surface.

    Offset printing offers high speed and flexibility, thus making it the perfect choice for bulk and short-run fast-turnaround print jobs.


    Flexography is a printing process where the image is transferred to the surface by a wide plate, and ink is applied through a pressure process.

    It provides thin and sharply defined lines on the item’s surface and good gloss and good wear resistance.

    Flexographic labels are commonly used for cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products, or food packaging.

    4. How do manufacturers make essential oil labels?

    The manufacturing process of labels for essential oil bottles occurs in a step-wise approach.

    Manufacturers process essential oil labels in these segments:

    • Material and adhesive inspection
    • Template checking
    • Printing of labels
    • Printing inspection
    • Packaging
    • Delivery

    The labels are self-adhesive which are made using sticker stock.

    Labels have the following three layers:

    • Front face
    • Middle layer
    • Backface

    The materials used to make all these layers are different.

    Front face materials can be:

    • Paper
    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • PET
    • PE

    The middle layer is composed of adhesive smear, which can be rubber, oil, or water-based.

    The back face can be composed of:

    • Glassine backing
    • Kraft backing
    • Filmic backing

    All of these materials have distinguishable characteristics and thus varied weights.

    5. Are essential oil labels profitable?

    Once you have your essential oil business set up, your next concern becomes how to market your products and get customers to sell them for you.

    One of the most effective ways of doing this is through essential oil labels.

    essential oil labels

    The importance of essential oil labels is paramount.

    Proper and attractive labels on your bottles and jars of herbal and plant extracts, such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and other essential oils, will expand your market potential.

    It is important to remember that customers choose to use your products over others because they trust you and the products you make.

    It means that providing a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing label not only makes it easier for your customers to use your product but makes them more likely to buy from you in the future.

    6. Are there full and partial labels for essential oil bottles?

    Yes, there are.

    essential oil labels

    Full coverage labels are the labels that cover the essential oil bottle around its whole circumference.

    essential oil labels

    In partial coverage labels, only the front side of the bottle is covered with a label, while the other side of the bottle is free of the label.

    You can take advantage of labels that provide full coverage if bottles are of larger sizes.

    However, it depends upon choosing the best option that suits your business mood and theme.

    While ordering, you can deal with labels of different sizes to go with the right full or partial coverage providing a label for your essential oil bottles.

    7. How to make vinyl labels for essential oil bottles?

    You can straightforwardly make vinyl labels for essential oil bottles.

    The things that you need to proceed with are:

    • Vinyl sticker sheet
    • Scissors and cutters


    You can start by designing your label.

    You can also use online label templates to seek guidance.

    After designing, print your vinyl sticker sheet using the printer.

    When you have obtained a printed label sheet, you can cut the labels from the sheet and employ them on your oil bottles.

    The labels you have made will be of good quality due to vinyl’s water-resistant and tear-proof properties.

    8. What is CLP, and why do you need it?

    Labels are a necessary part of product packaging; without them, consumers might be confused about using the product correctly.

    CLP is the abbreviation for Consumer Labeling Practices.

    ACCORDING TO THEIR INTENDED USE, the FDA developed CLP to standardize information on all essential oil, fragrance, and other natural product labels according to their intended use, including the potential claims for nutritional support drugs claims, medical device claims, or any other type of health claim.

    European Union and non- EU manufacturers have to provide labels that are CLP compliant.

    essential oil labels

    There are several reasons to use CLP labels with your essential oil, fragrance, and cosmetic products.

    As a beginning or starting business, it is vital to declare your product’s ingredients.

    CLP labels are a new requirement (April 16th, 2018) for essential oil products sold to the European Market.

    With CLP labeling, you will inform your customers of the health and safety warnings and obtain clear instructions on using your products.

    You cannot sell essential oils in the UN or EU market without CLP labels. That is why it is necessary to make CLP-compliant labels.

    9. How do you label lavender essential oil bottles?

    The things that are crucial to be considered while making labels for essential oil bottles, be it lavender actual oil bottle or else, are:

    • Labels with astonishing looks
    • Popping colors on labels
    • Use of images
    • Appropriate content on labels

    lavender essential oil bottles

    In lavender essential oil, you can opt for purple color on the bottle with lavender flower images.

    People tend to attract the popping colors when standing in the shop having essential oil bottles all around them.

    Compliant images play a significant role in reminding people of the flowers related to essential oils so, and they tend to buy them.

    On the other hand, a label should have all the required information, warnings, hazards, etc.

    10. What size are essential oil labels?

    The labels for essential oil bottles are obtainable in multiple sizes.

    essential oil bottles

    The label size directly depends on the bottle size and your choice of making a full or partial coverage label.

    The sizes that can be achieved for making labels can be:

    Essential oil labels
    Sr. No. Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No. Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    1. 1 x 2 (10 ml) 7. 1.5 x 1 (5 ml)
    2. 2.375 x 1.25 (10 ml) 8. 1 x 0.5 (5 ml)
    3. 2.625 x 1 (10 ml) 9. 2 x 1 (30 ml)
    4. 2.625 x 0.875 (10 ml) 10. 2 x 1.5 (30 ml)
    5. 1 x 1 (15 ml) 11. 3 x 1.5 (30 ml)
    6. 1.75 x 1.25 (15 ml) 12. 3.75 x 1.25 (30 ml)

    You can custom make labels of any size for your essential oil labels.

    11. Do essential oils labels have a list of ingredients?


    The FDA must approve all essential oil labels and labels for herbal remedies, and they all list an ingredients label.

    essential oil labels

    As mentioned in the CLP requirements, it must have a list of ingredients on labels.

    The list of ingredients on the label enables customers to read what ingredients are used in making essential oils, what is inside the bottle, the ingredient’s concentrations, etc.

    If a customer can read this type of information on labels of essential oil bottles, then there are great chances that they will also buy them.

    12. Can I buy blank labels for essential oil bottles?


    A blank essential oil label is the most straightforward yet crucial item you can use when creating your products.

    Oils vary greatly, so it is essential to be able to make your labels.

    Blank labels allow you to mark the oil name and other information on the title manually.

    Doing so gives an aesthetic look to labels and also provides a personalized touch.

    You can write or draw anything on blank labels to uplift the competition.

    13. How to access the essential oil label template?

    There are thousands of templates obtainable from online sources.

    You can conveniently access these templates to make your labels in your very own style.

    Templates enable the users to alter certain types of information on labels as well as their positions.

    You can play with several elements while revitalizing templates, such as:

    • Font size, style, color, etc.
    • Theme
    • Images
    • Background effects
    • Text, etc.

    After changing templates in your style, you can print them onto your labels or send them in a portable file to your manufacturer.

    14. Are there labels for essential oil bottle caps?

    For sure.

    You can avail bottle top labels for essential oil bottles.

    Bottle top labels are the labels that you can paste on the cover of essential oil bottles.

    You can print the information that you desired on such labels.

    essential oil labels

    You can make them colorful, print your brand name, product name, etc.

    Printing images following your essential oil can also leave a significant mark.

    Bottle top labels are circular.

    Because most of the caps of essential oil bottles have circular caps.

    Bottle cover labels can enable you to know the essential oil without reading the whole brand.

    15. What are essential oil labeling requirements?

    Essential oil labeling requirements vary from company to company and region to region.

    In the US, the FDA requires that all essential oil labels be approved before being sold to customers.

    Here is the list of information that is must be present on essential oil labels:

    • Brand name and logo
    • Name of product
    • Size of packaging
    • List of Ingredients
    • Expiration date
    • Warnings and directions
    • Detail of company
    • UPC
    • Certifications
    • Batch number

    16. Are essential oil bottle labels oil and waterproof?

    Of course, most of the labels are oil and waterproof.

    However, there are mixed opinions on essential oil bottle labels oil proof.

    Some brands will at least put a disclaimer that they are not oil-proof.

    essential oil labels

    If your essential oil bottle is entirely and tightly sealed, there is no way that the label could be affected by any oils in the actual oil bottle.

    If the plastic lid on your essential oil bottle has some vent holes to prevent the liquids under pressure from building up too much pressure.

    Then these tiny little holes in the plastic will allow some oils to enter the top of the cap through the cap seal, which would slowly contaminate the outside surface of your label.

    17. Can I print flower images on essential oil labels?

    Yes, you can print flower images related to the essential oil on labels.

    essential oil labels

    It also depends on what design elements you use to create your essential oil labels.

    Individual flower images for reference may work, but your product design will need to be altered to acceptable levels if you plan to use many flower images for decorative purposes.

    18. What to do if I need to make colored essential oil labels?

    While ordering labels for essential oils, you can choose the color range or themes that you want on your labels to be reflected.

    You can incorporate a bunch of colors according to your business theme, brand-associated color, etc.

    You can make labels with solid colors or soft colors.

    19. How to find essential oil label measurements?

    You can measure your essential oil bottle before ordering labels.

    Measuring the bottle gives an idea of what size of the label will go best with your bottle.

    There are label chart guides available online to tell you what label size will be great for a specific ml bottle.

    For measuring, you can use a measuring tape.

    Wrap the measuring tape around the bottle to know the circumference of the bottle.

    You can then decide whether you want full coverage or partial coverage.

    20. What are essential oil spray labels?

    Essential oil spray labels are the labels that you can affix to spray bottles.

    essential oil labels

    These are the same as essential oil bottle labels and contains the exact requirements.

    The difference is they are more significant than small bottle labels.

    You can custom make labels for spray bottles in a variety of materials and colors.

    21. Can I use essential oil to remove the sticky label?

    Yes, it can be used to remove labels easily.

    Add a tiny amount of essential oil onto the label and rub it with a cotton ball for a few seconds.

    You need to repeat it few times for the best results.

    For example, the lemon essential oil can interfere with the adhesive nature and can aid in removing the label with ease.

    22. What are essential oil warning labels?

    Essential oil warning labels are an identifying tag that is usually placed on a product or container.

    essential oil labels

    It is used to warn the consumer of potential side effects or health hazards caused by the use of the item.

    They may also warn of potential drug claims about reputed characteristics.

    Essential oil warning labels should be honest, transparent, and accurate.

    Essentially these labels provide a list of known dangers and precautions that must be taken before using certain oils.

    The use of these labels is legal, as it is required by law for companies in the USA to provide potential customers with essential oil safety information.

    23. How to paste labels on essential oil bottles?

    Pasting labels on essential oil bottles requires no hard and fast rule.

    All you need to do is clean the bottle before affixing the label with warm water and clean it with clothing.

    Then place the bottle in front of you and remove the back face material of the label.

    After that, carefully place the label in the correct position and rub gently after pasting.

    Congratulation! You have successfully labeled your essential oil bottle.

    24. What are the available packaging methods for labels?

    The packaging methods that you can benefit from are:

    • Roll packaging
    • Sheet packaging
    • Cut to shape packaging

    All these packaging options can cost differently.

    The most common packaging option used by customers is roll packaging.

    25.  Can I laminate kraft paper essential oil labels?

    Sadly, no.

    You cannot laminate kraft paper labels.

    essential oil labels

    This is because kraft paper is not meant to be laminated and is demanded in its actual form (without lamination).

    If you want to have laminated labels, then you can make labels out of coated paper, BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, etc., as these materials can be freely laminated.

    26. What options do suppliers have to ship my labels?

    The suppliers can ship your labels by air, sea or by road after processing them.

    You do not have to worry about this phase as suppliers and manufacturers aim at delivering your products at your doorstep while reserving the product standard.

    27. Why import essential oil labels from China?

    Chinese manufacturers have had their name in the packaging and labeling field for many years with thousands of satisfied customers.

    From a customer’s point of view, you may love to find that these features are prominent in the business profiles of manufacturers from China:

    • Premium quality material
    • Finest printing of labels and packages
    • Exclusive rates
    • Quick delivery
    • Personalization option
    • Sample supply on demand

    28. What is the minimum order quantity for brands?

    Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies significantly among suppliers and manufacturers.

    However, the minimum order quantity mentioned by most of the suppliers comes to be 500 labels.

    You can avail them in the form of rolls or sheets.

    The greater the number of orders, the greater the relaxation or discount in the total cost.

    29. Do manufacturers offer custom printing options?


    There are numerous manufacturers with an online presence that offer their customers to custom make their labels.

    This customizability element leads to customer satisfaction and enables people to make labels up to the level they want them to be.

    You can choose from customizable options, and a point to be noted here is, all the customizable factors affect the price of labels variably.

    30. What factors affect the cost of essential oil labels?

    The elements that decide the cost of essential oil labels are as follows:

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Printing methods
    • Lamination options
    • Material options
    • Packaging method
    • Quantity of order

    These factors greatly influence the price range of labels, so, while placing an order, you can keep a check on these points to keep the process light on your pocket under your budget.




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