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Your eggshell sticker could be applied to any product or any business you have. Best4U makes it more durable and easy to apply with the lowest price deals to order. It could be applied to any appliances, laboratory machines, electronic products, gadgets, tools, and more…

QC Pass Eggshell Stickers
It could be any shape, like round, square, rectangle, etc.
Warranty Eggshell Stickers
Best4U specializes in custom Warranty Eggshell Stickers in premium quality
VOID Eggshell Stickers
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Security Seal Eggshell Stickers
Best4U can personalize it according to your request and we can ship worldwide
Hologram Eggshell Stickers
Great quality and could attract consumers easily
Warning Caution Eggshell Stickers
It is used as a caution or warning sticker for any product you have

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    Find the perfect supplier that can fit your standards in making your brands on top. Best4U is known to be famous as an eggshell stickers supplier in China since 2009. Best4U can make every custom eggshell sticker in sharp prints and in good resolution images using advanced technology machines.

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    You can always have enough eggshell stickers, your Best4U eggshell sticker supplier can manufacture 30,000pcs of a custom eggshell sticker in just 5 hours with a wide eggshell sticker factory. You can send orders and instant quotations during normal days or even peak season. Best4U is 24/7 available to supply all your needs according to your request.

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    Your eggshell stickers are extremely hard to remove once it is pasted on any smooth surfaces. It will turn like a crack eggshell when you try to remove it. Each of your personalized eggshell stickers will run through a smooth and strict process of quality checking to have the best quality result. Best4U always ensures that you will receive your orders in error-free condition.

    Your product will absolutely secure with your personalized eggshell stickers which are harder to break and Best4U will make it more durable to use. Best4U offers top-grade materials that you can choose, such as coated paper, synthetic paper, textured paper, eggshell paper, etc. Those materials are highly recommended for better use.

    There are different industries all around the world, and you can attach your eggshell stickers to whatever products you have, like industrial products, electronic products, cellphones, computers, packaging boxes, appliances, and more to mention. This could be a big help to avoid tampered products and also to avoid high risks of damaging your products.

    You can request any shape for your custom eggshell stickers to make them more attractive, including round eggshell stickers, rectangle eggshell stickers, oval eggshell stickers, etc. The square shape of the eggshell sticker is very common to use for most business owners.

    You can start looking for the right eggshell supplier that can exactly give what you want for your products. Best4U will continuously strive hard for perfection and all our efforts will absolutely give you 100% satisfactory in all aspects and for the development of your brand.

    Best4U offers low MOQ of custom eggshell stickers for 1000 pieces of customized orders. You can design and personalize it with your own ideal artwork and Best4U will take in all your demands. Never doubt to contact us any time of the day, Best4U is 24 hours available.

    For the safety of your orders, Best4U will be packed your personalized eggshell stickers with strong boxes to avoid damages to your orders during the shipment process. You can choose whether you want your eggshell stickers on rolls, or on sheets, and they could be cut in shape. Best4U will take charge of all the processes.

    Best4U serves for a decade in the eggshell sticker printing industry and also provides an amazing after-sales service. Our great service doesn’t stop right there because Best4U will give 100% compensation if you encounter any quality problem regarding your orders. Best4U will always prioritize every quality of your personalized eggshell stickers.

    Nowadays, it is very important to protect every product, and Best4U has full compliance with market standards and we have had many accomplishments for 10 years in fabricating great quality custom eggshell stickers. With a fast and excellent production to every eggshell sticker order and fast shipping services that Best4U provides.

    Best4U is a versatile company that can produce any kind of sticker label. You can also have bottle labels, like shampoo bottle labels, jar bottle labels, bottle seal labels, perfume bottle labels, dropper bottle labels, etc. You can check the Best4U bottle labels website to see some of our achievements and you can send your instant quotation with this link attached:

    If you are just a beginner in the business industry, Best4U accepts small orders for any kind of products and business you have. Best4U will hand you a free eggshell sticker sample to see our example output before you place your orders.

    Get any kind of eggshell stickers such as warranty eggshell stickers, QC pass eggshell stickers, VOID eggshell stickers, hologram eggshell stickers, etc.

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    Eggshell Stickers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Consumers nowadays value the picture quality and the appearance of the labels on each product.

    One of the primary factors that protect the goods against tampering is their legitimacy. With eggshell stickers, you can rest assured that your products will be safer, allowing you to relax while keeping your things protected.

    This FAQ will assist you in determining the aspects that contribute to a positive result while using eggshell stickers.

    This includes the manufacturing process, materials utilized, Chinese suppliers, pricing, and advantages of applying eggshell stickers, and so on…

    1. What are eggshell stickers for?

    Eggshell stickers, often known also as destructible stickers, are particularly difficult to remove.

    eggshell stickers

    This eggshell sticker serves as permanent stickers that are hard to break.

    Any attempt to wipe these stickers out will result in their breaking into small fragments.

    Normal vinyl or paper stickers are not likely the same as Eggshell Stickers.

    They’re recognized as the greatest form of a sticker on the market due to their resistance to removal.

    2. Are eggshell stickers good to use?

    The best stickers available on the market are Egg Shell Stickers.

    When attempting to open the product, it sticks effectively to the most absurd surfaces and breaks very tough.

    Whether for commercial or personal reasons, using eggshell stickers has a number of advantages.

    The main benefit of having eggshell stickers is that they can guard your product if you leave it on the street or somewhere else.

    Once it has been tampered with, you will notice that the stickers have been split into bits.

    Eggshell stickers are worth purchasing and are one of the most widely used stickers by many professional companies across the world.

    3. What is Security Seal Eggshell Stickers?

    An unauthorized person cannot tamper with a sealed object without the user’s knowledge, due to security seal eggshell stickers.

    Security Seal Eggshell Stickers

    They can be required for a many kinds of surface identification and tamper-evidence applications.

    It can keep your products safe and prevent them from being opened without your permission.

    4. How to make eggshell stickers?

    Eggshell stickers are a special combination of paper and plastic with an increased, water-activated adhesive that is incredibly robust, fade-resistant, buff-resistant, ultra-destructible, and ideal for your sticker art.

    Almost all forms of ink and paint can be used on eggshell sticker paper.

    It features a semi-porous surface that absorbs alcohol, permanent, oil-based, and acrylic markers, locking the color deep into the sticker’s surface.

    Because the ink does not merely lay on top of the sticker, spray paint sinks in and does not flake off like vinyl can.

    The processes for making eggshell stickers are outlined below.

    • Material Checking

    For your eggshell stickers, there are a multitude of sticker materials from which to choose.

    For a great output, your manufacturer will inspect the materials that will be used.

    • Adhesive Checking

    They come with either a permanent or a removable adhesive.

    The manufacturer will be aware of the type of adhesive that will be used and will monitor the procedure.

    • Manufacturing Process

    The manufacturer will produce your eggshell stickers in a professional manner, including the printing and cutting processes, etc.

    • Quality Checking

    This could be the most important technique for guaranteeing the quality of each eggshell sticker.

    • Packing Of Orders

    To avoid damage while transportation, each parcel is packed with protective boxes.

    Your orders are ready for delivery after all of the procedures have already been accomplished.

    5. Where can I buy eggshell stickers?

    There are many sources that you can buy eggshell stickers.

    Nowadays, it is quite convenient to conduct an internet search to choose the finest location to get anything truly valuable, such as eggshell stickers.

    You can also buy from a local retail store or wholesaler, both online and offline, through local retailers.

    There are eggshell sticker manufacturers in China who fully support custom orders and are regarded as excellent producers of high-quality stickers at affordable pricing.

    You may personalize your eggshell stickers with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and fonts from Chinese suppliers.

    You have to do is to get in touch with your manufacturer and provide them with all of your particular requests; they will handle the rest of the procedure and deliver your orders as soon as possible.

    6. Can I customize eggshell stickers?

    Yes, you certainly can.

    When it comes to sticker labels for our brands, we have our own unique interests.

    You can be unique and creative in making your eggshell stickers eye-catching.

    Because of their durability and color burst capabilities, the custom eggshell stickers are popular among enthusiasts.

    You can create customized eggshell stickers in any size, shape, color, or theme you choose.

    customized eggshell stickers

    Inform your manufacturer about your requests.

    Once you’ve sent your exact requests, it is now ready for the next step, which will be handled by your manufacturer.

    7. What is an eggshell sticker?

    Egg Shell Stickers aren’t the same as normal vinyl or paper stickers.

    It adheres to even the most absurd surfaces and breaks readily.

    They won’t peel off after a week, unlike regular paper stickers.

    The initial adhesive and the holding adhesive for eggshell stickers are commonly separated into two categories.

    The first glue peels off quickly, but the staying adhesive is more difficult to remove.

    Since all of the sizes and shapes available are specifically made to reduce the excess of every sticker, many suppliers in China are able to offer this high-quality sticker to consumers at a low cost.

    8. How to choose a reliable supplier of eggshell stickers from China?

    Select the most suitable company in your area that provides the most services at the most affordable pricing.

    When evaluating a supplier, conduct a background check to ensure that the company is worth your time and money.

    Many well-known brands choose for sticker labels produced in China.

    When it comes to sticker label quality, Chinese suppliers have shown to be the most trusted.

    Chinese suppliers follow rules and strict guidelines in manufacturing stickers to produce high-quality standard.

    Above all the criteria, Chinese manufacturers also offers lowest price and you don’t have to spend more money to get exactly what you want for your brand.

    You may, however, select the option that best meets your needs. On how they meet all of a customer’s needs, such as quick production, speedy shipment, and precise processes, and can be trusted.

    The most important factor is trust, especially if you placed your order online.

    For legitimacy as a sticker label manufacturer, the supplier must be trusted and established.

    9. What are the regular shapes for eggshell stickers?

    Eggshell stickers, like other stickers, are also available in a variety of shapes.

    You may create it one-of-a-kind while attracting shoppers’ attention.

    Different shapes of eggshell stickers

    Rectangles, squares, rounds, and ovals are the most common shapes.

    There are unusual shapes that you can choose, like, hexagon, triangle, nonagon, and more…

    10. What is the purpose of using eggshell stickers?

    An eggshell sticker plays an important role in your product.

    These stickers function as permanent stickers, protecting your product from tampering and preventing theft from opening your product.

    Any action to remove the stickers will result in them breaking into small pieces.

    Eggshell stickers are known for their staying strength since they are made of a thin, fragile substance and super bonding glue.

    If we have a high value on our products and brands, using eggshell stickers is a must.

    11. Can we use eggshell stickers in any products?


    There are many different types of products that you might consider applying eggshell stickers in the business world.

    eggshell stickers

    Eggshell stickers can be used on the following products:

    • Food package
    • Equipment
    • School supplies
    • Beverages
    • Gadgets
    • Appliances
    • Nutritional products and more…

    Weatherproof eggshell stickers stick to all kinds of surfaces, including concrete, rust, metal, wood, and plastic, etc.

    It is essential to use the same way that any other stickers would.

    12. What is Hologram Eggshell Stickers?

    This material has an iridescent effect vinyl that gives your design a vibrant rainbow appearance.

    Hologram Eggshell Stickers

    Hologram Eggshell Stickers have a holographic surface that cannot be removed in one go, and they have a strong water-sensitive adhesive.

    Strong adhesive to a variety of surfaces and extremely difficult to peel.

    Because of its uniqueness, it is popularly used for security purposes and is highly recommended by most businesses.

    13. What are the materials for eggshell stickers?

    There is a range of eggshell sticker materials available to suit any needs.

    Eggshell stickers, generally known as destructible stickers, are notoriously hard to extract.

    The materials used to make eggshell stickers are as follows:

    • Fiber eggshell paper
    • White glossy eggshell paper
    • White matte eggshell paper
    • Hologram eggshell paper
    • Textured eggshell paper
    • Color eggshell paper
    • Synthetic eggshell paper
    • Transparent eggshell paper

    Color transformed eggshell paper in water.

    Each of these materials has a variety of alternatives and durability.

    14. What will happen to eggshell stickers if your item is being tampered?

    When tampered with, an eggshell sticker will break into tiny bits.

    tampering eggshell stickers

    Eggshell stickers are constructed of a specifically developed material that breaks easily, making them an ideal alternative for protecting important files or things.

    It’s hard to get rid of them without completely destroying them.

    When eggshell stickers are tampered with to prevent removal and are readily destroyed, cracking and numerous chipping effects and bits occur, leaving signs of tampering.

    When you need to prohibit undetected access to electronic equipment, appliances, rental equipment, computers, laptops, and instrumental or machinery repairs, these are ideal.

    The technology works by combining a highly weak and brittle substrate with a strong adhesive to assure that any attempt to remove the label results in the label disintegrating into multiple components.

    15. If I order eggshell stickers from a supplier, is there a minimum requirement?

    It is based on the manufacturer.

    Many Chinese suppliers have low MOQs for custom products, allowing you to design the sticker label.

    Reasonable MOQ (minimum order quantity) for custom eggshell stickers vary from 500 to 1000 pieces at a very cheap cost.

    However, you can get any quantity of labels from suppliers that offers ready to ship labels.

    Your supplier will dispatch the labels the same day you place your order.

    It is beneficial for individuals who are just starting out in business or who use this type of label for individual matters.

    16. Is it hard to remove eggshell stickers?

    All eggshell stickers are extremely difficult to remove.

    The longer they remain stuck to the surface, the more difficult it will be to wipe them away.

    eggshell stickers

    Probably the most long-lasting stickers you’ll come across.

    Instead of being removed whole, these eggshell labels tend to peel and tear like a shell of a boiled egg.

    These stickers are appropriate for any application requiring a long or nearly unattainable distance.

    The adhesive film used for eggshell stickers sticks to most all materials with extraordinary adhesive strength, which increases over time.

    17. Can I get eggshell stickers in a roll?

    Yes. Eggshell stickers are available in rolls.

    Eggshell stickers come in two different packing options.

    eggshell stickers on a roll

    • Rolls
    • Sheets

    Eggshell stickers on rolls are easier to apply, peel, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

    Sheets are the ideal choice for small quantities of eggshell stickers.

    Rolls, on the other hand, are more cost-effective than sheets for large purchases.

    18. How to paste eggshell sticker by hand?

    In terms of manually putting it to a surface, it’s the same as with other sticker labels.

    • Eggshell stickers should be applied to a clean surface, whether it’s flat or curved.
    • Carefully remove the sticker from the roll or sheet.
    • Stick it onto the surface and gently rub the middle of the sticker from sideways.
    • Make sure it’s well pasted and free of bubbles.

    When pasting eggshell stickers, be careful because once they’re attached, they can’t be removed or replaced.

    19. How much does an eggshell sticker cost?

    Eggshell stickers from Chinese manufacturers are the cheapest on the market, but they are of extremely high quality.

    Get eggshell stickers from your supplier for $0.01-$3 each.

    Prices may differ depending on quantity and specific design.

    The price is reasonable and will not break your bank.

    Without any effort on your part, Chinese suppliers will assist you in expanding your business. They are available to handle any type of request.

    20. Can I make my eggshell stickers waterproof?

    You can use holographic eggshell paper if you want your eggshell sticker to be waterproof.

    Hologram eggshell stickers have a laminated surface coating that is considered becoming waterproof.

    Sticker materials consisting of paper are not waterproof, but they can be made water-resistant simply by applying a plastic laminate or other water-impermeable layers.

    As a result, laminating your eggshell stickers will change the consistency of the sticker and make it indestructible.

    21. What is a Warning Caution Eggshell Stickers?

    Warning caution eggshell stickers for your security and for one-time use only just like other eggshell stickers.

    Warning Caution Eggshell Stickers

    Uses come in a range of phrases such as Voltage, Hot Surfaces, Lockout, Safety Equipment Requirements, and Health Hazards.

    This type of label is used to alert individuals of risks that may cause health problems if they are exposed to them or other chemical products that are unsafe to people.

    Warning Caution Eggshell Stickers for hazard warnings and any dangerous matter, as well as other uses…

    22. What are the usual sizes of eggshell stickers?

    Eggshell stickers come in all sorts of sizes.

    Sizes will differ depending on your needs and the product container where the stickers will be applied.

    To avoid flagging, choose the right label size so you can apply the sticker onto its proper place.

    Common Sizes For Eggshell Stickers

    Sr. No.



    Eggshell Stickers

    Sizes (inches)


    1″ x 1″


    1.5″ x 1.5″


    3″ x 3″


    3.5″ x 3.5″


    6.5″ x 6.5″

    These dimensions are provided solely for your reference. Customizing the sizes of your eggshell stickers is always an option.

    23. Are eggshell stickers are safe to use especially for food products?

    Yes. Eggshell stickers are a popular sticker label alternative because they are eco-friendly and safe to use most especially for food.

    eggshell stickers for food

    Eggshell stickers are ideal for use as refrigerated packaged foods since they are made with wet strength qualities that improve performance in wet conditions.

    It will prevent the food from being accidentally opened in any food delivery.

    Eggshell stickers with a strong adhesive bond to the surface of paper boxes, plastic containers, bottled beverages, paper bags, and other surfaces that you want to place your food products.

    24. Can I make eggshell stickers colorful?

    Yes, just like other stickers, you can make your eggshell sticker colorful.

    colored eggshell stickers

    With color-printed designs, custom eggshell stickers are a great choice to instantly attract the attention of customers.

    You can make it in any shade you would like: green, blue, red, white, and so on.

    25. What are the important factors need to be on the eggshell stickers?

    To identify the information about the product, each sticker must have some details on it.

    The following information must be included:

    • Company name
    • Product name
    • Brand logo
    • Code number, etc.

    These details are generally displayed on product stickers for item identification.

    Feel free to personalize your eggshell stickers and send them to your manufacturer in the styles you want.

    26. What do you mean by Security Seal Eggshell Stickers?

    Unauthorized users cannot tamper with a sealed object without the user’s knowledge with the use of security seal eggshell stickers.

    Security Seal Eggshell Stickers

    They can be utilized for any kind of surface identification and tamper-evidence functions.

    Any effort to destroy the security label will result in cracking and dissolution, exposing any tampering attempts.

    The most effective ways for resolving issues in all aspects of product development, distribution, promotion, sales, and usage.

    27. What are the ordering steps to purchase eggshell stickers from a supplier?

    The steps for ordering eggshell stickers from your suppliers are as follows.

    • Send Inquiry

    Send your questions or any inquiries about the stickers you desire, contact your supplier directly.

    • Send quotation

    Your product quotations should be sent to your supplier.

    • Cost calculation

    Your supplier will calculate the cost of your orders and notify you as soon as possible.

    • Confirm orders

    To continue the procedure, each order must have confirmation if all the details are correct.

    The manufacturer will continue the manufacturing process, which includes material checking, adhesive checking, template inspection, printing, and quality inspection, and among other things.

    After all of the procedures have indeed been performed, the supplier will transport orders via sea or air cargo.

    To avoid delivery errors, the client must submit the correct address for the shipment process.

    28. How long to process eggshell stickers?

    The manufacturing procedure for eggshell stickers is dependent on the order quantity.

    The majority of the time, it will just take 3-4 hours to complete for 20,000-30,000 pieces of eggshell stickers.

    It will take up to 5 hours for 30,000 custom stickers to be made, including all procedures.

    It will take around 15 minutes to 1 hour for small orders such as 100-1000 sticker orders.

    All eggshell stickers will be processed using machines, and the processing time will be not too long.

    29. Why is it called eggshell stickers?

    It’s named eggshell sticker because when you tear it up, it breaks into little pieces like a boiled eggshell.

    Eggshell stickers are hard to remove from the surface from where it is pasted.

    If you intend to seal your valuables, it’s important to use them.

    Many businesses, as well as individuals, use eggshell stickers for private use, business advertising, and other purposes.

    The adhesive on eggshell stickers reacts to moisture in the air, much like Gorilla glue, which is considered one of the most powerful glues known.

    Eggshell stickers are amazing since they work well with most permanent markers and have a high resilience to sunlight, so the design won’t fade as soon.

    If you care about protecting your items from theft or other unfavorable circumstances that could lead to them being accidentally opened, eggshell stickers are best recommended.





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