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    Eggshell Stickers Are Important For Your Brand

    Eggshell label stickers are non-removable, they are destructible and will leave marks when peeling off. It’s widely used as warranty void sticker, tamper evident security labels, etc.

    There’re different breakable levels like very easy to break, normal break, and hard to break.

    Best4U has many different materials for you to custom, even in the same break level, there’re also different types of materials.

    Eggshell Stickers in Popular Printing and Types

    You can customise any designs on eggshell label stickers, they could be in any shape, size, or color printing.

    VOID If Seal Broken Eggshell Stickers
    VOID If Seal Broken Eggshell Stickers

    It’s widely used for warranty label stickers, you can design a position to show the warranty date

    Tamper Evident Seal Eggshell Stickers
    Tamper Evident Seal Eggshell Stickers

    With custom logo printing, it will help you to make tamper evident, eggshell labels could be used as original seal labels

    Parking Violation No Parking Sticker
    Parking Violation No Parking Sticker

    Eggshell stickers could be used for a hole parking warning sticker as well, it could be any size

    Custom PAID Print Eggshell Label Sticker
    Custom PAID Print Eggshell Label Sticker

    Want to distinguish the paid customers easier? many customers use eggshell stickers to remark them

    Hello My Name is Eggshell Stickers
    Hello My Name is Eggshell Stickers

    Eggshell label stickers could be writable, it’s also widely used in schools or early education centres as name stickers

    Personalized Holographic Eggshell Stickers
    Personalized Holographic Eggshell Stickers

    The holographic eggshell could give you a shiny rainbow effect, and make your logo more conspicuous

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    Different Packing Method

    You can select to make it on a roll, or on a sheet. Normally it’s kiss cut for this material, but it’s also OK if you also need it to die cut.

    • Eggshell Sticker Roll
      Eggshell Sticker Roll

      Make eggshell stickers on a roll if you will label it by machine

    • Eggshell Sticker Sheets
      Eggshell Sticker Sheets

      It will be multi pieces on one sheet, the quantity could be like your request

    • Cut in Shapes Eggshell Stickers
      Individual Eggshell Stickers

      You can also choose to cut them individually, then it will be individual pieces

    How Best4U Makes Your Eggshell Stickers In Higher Quality

    Advanced Equipments

    Best4U has high-tech machinery to print out good-quality

    Strict QC-S
    Strict Quality Control

    We make higher standard quality checking for every order

    Assist On Design
    Make Attractive Designs

    Best4U will assist your artwork to make it easier with our expert designers

    Guaranteed Service-S
    Great After-sale Service

    Best4U will be highly responsible for quality problem

    Select the Perfect Supplier that Can Match Your Demand

    Best4U Label Sticker Printing Machine 570x360
    Best4U Label Printing Machine 570x360

    Best4U provides cheap prices for custom eggshell stickers, wide manufacturing capacity, and expert designers to help you design.

    Best4U supplies custom eggshell stickers globally and is capable to deliver your orders by sea, train, or by air. Best4U can reach you wherever you are and we provide excellent products that will amaze you.

    What are eggshell stickers?

    Eggshell stickers, often known also as destructible stickers, are particularly difficult to remove.

    eggshell stickers

    Any attempt to wipe these stickers out will result in their breaking into small fragments.

    Normal vinyl or paper stickers are not likely the same as Eggshell Stickers.

    They’re recognized as the greatest form of sticker on the market due to their resistance to removal.

    Can we use eggshell stickers for any products?


    There are many different types of products that you might consider applying eggshell stickers in the business world.

    eggshell stickers

    Eggshell stickers can be used on the following products:

    • Food package
    • Equipment
    • School supplies
    • Beverages
    • Gadgets
    • Appliances
    • Nutritional products and more…

    Weatherproof eggshell stickers stick to all kinds of surfaces, including concrete, rust, metal, wood, plastic, etc.

    It is essential to use the same way that any other stickers would.

    Is it hard to remove eggshell stickers?

    All eggshell stickers are extremely difficult to remove.

    The longer they remain stuck to the surface, the more difficult it will be to wipe them away.

    eggshell stickers

    Probably the most long-lasting stickers you’ll come across.

    Instead of being removed whole, these eggshell labels tend to peel and tear like a shell of a boiled egg.

    These stickers are appropriate for any application requiring a long or nearly unattainable distance.

    The adhesive film used for eggshell stickers sticks to most all materials with extraordinary adhesive strength, which increases over time.

    Can I make my eggshell stickers waterproof?

    You can use holographic eggshell paper if you want your eggshell sticker to be waterproof.

    Hologram eggshell stickers have a laminated surface coating that is considered becoming waterproof.

    Sticker materials consisting of paper are not waterproof, but they can be made water-resistant simply by applying a plastic laminate or other water-impermeable layers.

    As a result, laminating your eggshell stickers will change the consistency of the sticker and make it indestructible.

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