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    How Best4U Makes Everything Possible

    In making your products attractive and easy to recognize by consumers, you have to make them presentable in a creative way and look amazing among others. Best4U die cut stickers manufacturer will let you design your own and make your artwork easily without any hassle, with fast processing of your orders and a systematic way of producing a great quality custom die cut stickers.

    Whether it is animated, sophisticated, and fun designs of custom die cut stickers, Best4U die cut labels suppliers can manufacture that for you with high-end die cut stickers printing types of machinery to precisely fabricate each die cut labels incredibly.

    Branding your own logo isn’t that easy, you have to put a lot of effort and you have to think creatively in a way that you can build eye-catching custom die cut stickers to easily stick on your product anywhere. That is why Best4U die cut labels suppliers is here to print all your needs with highly digital machines and professional expert designers to successfully make an extraordinary die cut stickers.

    Your die cut stickers can be useful in different aspects of any business, whether you want to stick them on your laptop, helmet, car window, guitar, etc. It can also be helpful for branding your own products like homemade products, lotion, pastry products, beverages, etc. Styling your die cut logo could be very fun in custom shapes, designs, and sizes with unique effects that you will surely love.

    Best4U has the best die cut sticker company in China and has a wide capacity that can accommodate large orders according to your desire quantity of die sticker. Best4U die cut labels suppliers can create different kinds of labels originally made by Best4U. We also support small numbers of orders, bulk die cut stickers and wholesale die cut stickers, quality is all that matters to us.

    Best4U die cut stickers suppliers has different types of materials that can be used in creating a fantastic design of die cut stickers, it could be PVC die cut stickers, PET die sticker, PE diecast stickers, synthetic paper die cut stickers, textured paper die cut stickers, BOPP die cut stickers, etc. You can also pick whether you want it to be waterproof, weatherproof, oil-proof, and anti-corrosion with our transparent die cut stickers.

    You can always have custom die cut labels in any shape you want, you can have them round die cut stickers, rectangular die cut stickers, square die cut stickers, oval die cut stickers, large die cut stickers, etc. Here in Best4U die cut labels suppliers, you just have to relax and sit back, we have it all in a good process and we will deliver it once it’s all done.

    Best4U has proven a lot in customization and in die cut sticker printing. With endless production to cater to all your needs for your products even in high season, we are always here to help you all the way through the process. Best4U die cut logo stickers could bring your imaginations to life, it’s the best way to emphasize your products and Best4u can handle those and you will be amazed by its durability.

    Your die cut stickers will be precisely cut into the shape of your designs, giving them a clean appearance. Best4U die cut labels suppliers will do the accurate process for your custom die cut stickers. It will be under quality checking before the delivery process. Your die cut sticker orders should pass the four (4) times quality checking in order for you to receive the great quality of die cut stickers.

    You can always contact Best4U die cut sticker suppliers for your needs, with a lower cost of custom die cut stickers at cheap price but absolutely in high quality. You can also get a free die cut sticker sample for quality checking, and we assure you that Best4U can bring your products to a highest level that can gain high demand in the market.

    Best4U ensure the right procedure in making die cut stickers that would probably enhance your branding. As your die cut labels suppliers, we will never bring disappointment to you, instead, we assure you the satisfaction of die cut stickers you will get from us.

    We have professional designers to assist you with your die cut sticker design all the way. Every sticker die we produce is 100% eco friendly die cut stickers that are safe to use by everyone. We process your order of die cut stickers right away! Highly innovative procedures for manufacturing custom die cut stickers from start to finish.

    Best4U supports different packing methods for die cut stickers such as die cut sheet labels, die cut roll labels, and cut to shape stickers. We make every brand stand out from the rest with our best die cut stickers.

    Your personalized die cut stickers can be with various laminations that we offer, like matte die cut stickers, glossy die cut stickers, holographic die cut stickers and etc. With these laminations, your cut die stickers are wonderful to look at and have a unique appearance.

    One of the recommended types of die cut stickers is die cut transparent stickers which can highlight the logo in die cut. The clear die cut stickers have a see-through effect and it is clearer to see the name of your product and your brand that is printed on it.

    Best4U die cut labels suppliers in China is one of the top suppliers for over 10 years and professional in cheap cost die cut sticker printing since 2009. We provide fast shipping services and fast lead times so that you can get your orders on time.

    For your die cut sticker needs, Best4U can also manufacture different kinds such as cartoon die cut stickers, clear die cut logo stickers, holographic die cut stickers, die cut stickers pack, custom logo die cut stickers, die cut sticker sheets, die cut roll labels and more. You can send your inquiries anytime and your instant quotation here in Best4U. You can avail die cut stickers online at your own convenience.

    Best4U is known for its credibility of being competent and artistic when it comes to manufacturing your die cut stickers. We can also produce kiss cut stickers, eggshell labels, packaging labels, bottle labels, thank you stickers, and more. You can get enough printing labels and packaging here in Best4U and you can buy die cut stickers as much as you need. We are just one call away.

    You can send your orders and quotation for your die cut stickers, contact Best4U now!

    Die Cut Stickers | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Die cut stickers are the ideal way to increase your product’s brand awareness.

    They are easy to paste on any item or surface and even easier to peel off.

    This guide is focused on the information linked to die-cut stickers.

    1. What are die-cut stickers?

    Die cut stickers are simply stickers that have been precision cut in any shape desired.

    Die-cut labels are incredibly eye-catching with their variety of shapes and custom logos, and the self-adhesive backing makes them simple to use.

    You can apply them to any flat surface, although a smooth material is recommended as a textured surface will not allow the sticker to adhere.

    Die cut stickers are stickers with a unique cut-out shape.

    They are also known as labels and are used for product labeling, inventory, and container labeling.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Die-cut stickers have creative shapes, such as hearts, circles or squares, etc.

    Die-cut labels are cost-effective marketing tools to boost sales and business growth, with various shapes and sizes to choose from.

    These stickers have printed messages that can be either plain or textured with eye-catching images.

    2. What is die-cutting?

    Die-cutting, also known as thru cutting, is the process of cutting through the material with one or more dies which can also be called blades, knives, or cutters.

    Die-cutting can be used on various materials, including paper, cardstock, sheet metal, foil board, vinyl, and plastic.

    Die-cutting is the art of molding a thin material to craft a customized shape.

    The most common die-cut objects include labels, stickers, and various other items used for product packaging and advertising.

    It is a labor-intensive process involving the use of dies (molds) to cut large-volume quantities of thin material.


    The die-cutting process starts with the creation of the shape using a die.

    This can be made from complex metal tooling, steel, or soft material (like copper and acrylic).

    After the shape has been created using the die, it is placed in a machine and cut out as a product or product.

    This method allows each shape to be meticulously cut into a flat sheet, making the end-use product look much more professional than it would have been if it had not been die-cut.

    3. What are the types of die cut stickers based on materials?

    These custom die cut stickers can be made from various materials, such as paper or thin plastic sheets.

    Die cut stickers are made from various materials.

    These materials include different types like paper, cardboard, glass, polyester, and vinyl.

    However, the list can be elongated by mentioning these materials collectively:

    • Synthetic paper
    • Eggshell paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • PVC
    • Textured paper
    • BOPP
    • Vinyl
    • PE
    • Colored PET
    • Transparent PET

    Die cut stickers can be made using more than one material for an added feature or look on the product.

    But yes, die cut stickers do contain adhesive on the back so that you can apply them to certain surfaces.

    Based on these materials, there are certain types of die-cut stickers with featured characteristics.

    Textured die cut sticker

    Textured paper is a stationary type that has surface porosity or texture, especially a rough surface intended to imitate fabric (e.g., corduroy).

    It is usually made from conventional paper stock or textured foil and bonded with an adhesive or laminated to other sheet material.

    You can use several different types of textured paper depending on the texture of the material to make unique die-cut stickers.

    Contrary to smooth surface stickers, die-cut stickers made with textured paper conveys emotion from the print to the viewer’s mind.

    BOPP die cut sticker

    BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a lightweight polymeric material.

    BOPP die-cut stickers have excellent thermo-physical features, making them a perfect choice for various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, packaging, and printing labels. You need a waterproof or grease-resistant material.

    4. How die cut sticker printing is done?

    The printing process of these stickers is similar to the printing of other sorts of stickers.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Die cut stickers can be printed with laminated paper options and with many different adhesive materials.

    There are multiple printing techniques that you can employ for making desirable printed die cut labels.

    Some of the notable printing methods are as follows:

    • PMS printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Digital printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Lithographic printing
    • UV printing
    • Flexographic printing
    • Offset printing
    • Gravure printing
    • Hot and cold foil stamping
    • Debossing and embossing

    Gravure printing

    This form of printing, also known as rotogravure, uses a deep-etched image printed in multiple colors with one pass over the plate.

    Gravure printing is a printing process often used for forms of packaging, including labels, stickers, and die cut stickers.

    Gravure printing is best suited to larger orders since the time and cost of this type of printing make it less economical for smaller quantity orders.

    Cold foil printing

    Cold foil printing, also known as cold stamping, is a thermal printing process that utilizes temperature printing plates to produce a foil or metallic finish on a paper label stock.

    Cold foil printing is one of the most elegant and sophisticated printing methods.

    The foil is printed directly onto an adhesive, or a laminated surface then finished with a transparent, glossy laminate.

    It is used to brand names, logos, packaging labels, gift boxes, and other products.

    It provides beautiful reflections and glosses, making it perfect for embossing and spot UV finishes

    5. How do cut sticker manufacturers make them?

    Manufacturers mark several steps to complete the process of making die cut stickers.

    The process can be divided into simpler sub-steps such as:

    • Template checking
    • Material and adhesive checking
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality control checking
    • Packaging process

    At first, the design goes through the printing stage, where it is first sent to a printer, then transferred to a die by an image plate.

    The die is constructed in such a way that it will cut out the design of the sticker.

    After it has been outlined, the next step will be to cut out the paper and apply adhesive if sticker stock is not used.

    6. What is a laminated die cut sticker?

    A laminated die-cut sticker is a sticker that goes through the lamination process.

    Lamination is a significant part of any product packaging.

    Die Cut Stickers

    It is the process of applying or adhering films, papers, resins, or adhesive on various products to protect them from wear and tear, damage, liquids, or moisture.

    It can extend the shelf life of stickers to preserving artwork and even making consumer products durable.

    Lamination also strengthens the item against ultraviolet light and debris that can scratch the surface.

    The lamination process involves smooth paperboards such as:

    • Glossy laminate
    • Matte laminate
    • Pearl laminate

    7. How does a die cutter work?

    Die cutters work with pressure and a sharp blade to cut through thin paper, cardboard, vinyl, various plastics.

    The machine’s precision controls, built-in sensors, and patented technology make it possible for die cutters to produce intricate designs quickly and efficiently.

    The sheet of material is rolled over a cylinder that has a blade to cut out the shape.

    The cylinder moves along a flat metal plate (the bed) so that when the blade comes down, it is always in the same place on the bed.

    8. Why is the process called die cutting?

    Die-cutting has been used in many ways throughout history.

    Since the mid-1800s, people have been using hand tools to carve basic die-cuts out of paper.

    It was not until the 20th century that making paper larger and more intricate was possible.

    Instead of using hand tools, machinery was developed to cut large products such as packages and labels quickly and with greater precision.

    Then the name of the old process, “die,” meaning creation by machination, was altered into “die cutting” with the mixing of “cut,” which was referred to as the cutting of materials into shape.

    9. Can I make die cut stickers with a Cricut?

    Of course, you can!

    Die cut is used in an array of different industries for labeling purposes.

    Cricut design space was explicitly made for crafting purposes; therefore, it can be used with die-cutting machines and associated tools.

    Die Cut Stickers

    There are simple steps that you can follow to make die-cut stickers using the Cricut machine.

    First of all, you will need to open your Cricut space on a computer.

    Then you can find and upload the designs that you wish to print on stickers.

    After uploading the artwork, you can outline your design: round edges or an outline with pointy edges.

    Next, you can print out your designs using a printer by selecting the “print and then cut option.”

    Cricut will print and cut your die cut stickers so you can enjoy them.

    10. What industries use die cut stickers?

    Businesses use die cut labels for various reasons, such as to promote sales and advertise their product.

    Die cut stickers are used in many industries and can be printed on different types of materials.

    Here is the list of a few industries to be named:

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Stationery business
    • Automobile industry
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Shipping industry
    • Commercial business
    • Import/exports
    • Clothing industry

    11. What sizes of die cut stickers are obtainable?

    Die cut stickers classify shapes and refer

    There is a large variety of sizes and shapes available in die-cut stickers. Because they present themselves as two-dimensional, they are often used to create a visual or marketing effect.

    Die cut stickers come in a variety of sizes, depending on what type you choose.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    2 x 6.75


    4.25 x 8.25


    2.75 x 3 8.

    2.125 x 1.68


    3 x 9 9. 2.5 x 1.56
    4. 3.25 x 8 10.

    2.67 x 5.75


    3.75 x 7 11. 5 x 2
    6. 4 x 6.5 12.

    5.25 x 3.5

    The size of die-cut stickers is customizable.

    12. What is the difference between a kiss cut and a cut sticker?

    Kiss-cut and cut stickers are the methods of die-cutting for printing.

    Die Cut Stickers

    The difference between the kiss cut and the cut sticker is how the sticker sheet is separated.

    The kiss-cut stickers are shaped precisely how you see them on a sheet.

    They are cut all the way around, but the back liner of the stock is not cut into a design shape.

    On the other hand, the front and back liner of custom die cut stickers are both cuts into the shape of the design printed on them.

    The die cut stickers are used for the detailed design of the product in various shapes.

    The kiss cut sticker is considered for the words, phrases, and logos while using the same shape as the product.

    Both of them are customized stickers for different applications.

    13. How can I make a die cut sticker at home?

    There are many different ways you can make die cut stickers at home.

    You can save money making them yourself.

    Many websites offer custom stickers and labels for very reasonable rates or use the templates online to create your stickers.

    You can use the Cricut machine for this purpose, as already mentioned.

    Or you can print the sticker stock using an offset printer and then cut your stickers with scissors.

    14. Can I make waterproof die cut stickers?

    Sure, you can make your die cut stickers waterproof.

    There are several methods of making your stickers waterproof.

    The most reliable and notable method is to laminate your stickers.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Sticking laminate to the surface of die cut stickers helps them stand the torments of the surrounding for a long time.

    The use of glossy laminate can make your stickers repel water and become anti-splash.

    This will save the printed design of your stickers from fading.

    15. What can I print on a die cut sticker?

    You can print just about anything on a die cut sticker.

    From text to intricate designs, you have various materials and shapes, many of which are custom made.

    Use a die cut sticker for product packaging, education themes, medical uses, or promotional items.

    You can print full-color images, text, and even QR Codes on die cut labels.

    You can print on a die cut sticker the same things you would be able to print on any other sticker.

    Also, it is easy to include any logo or name color you want on the sticker.

    16. Are die cut stickers self-adhesive?

    Yes, they are.

    Die cut stickers are often referred to as label stickers because they are self-adhesive labels.

    Die cuts are a style of sticker printing that is inherently self-adhesive because they are pressed from a flat sheet of film.

    The sheets have an adhesive backing that holds the die-cut shape together while allowing for easy separation from the rest of the sheet.

    Most manufacturers offer a range of stock die cuts in various sizes, but they can custom cut almost any sticker shape for you.

    17. What are the uses of die cut stickers?

    They are used to identify products in retail stores and for product branding.

    These stickers can also be used on the windows of automobiles, especially by car dealers.

    Die cut stickers are printed on different materials and are often used for promotional purposes or special events.

    Die Cut Stickers

    Name tags, rotary or two-sided name tags, vinyl bumper stick, wood grain, magnetic, paper, iron-on, vinyl display, tailgate decals, and custom die cut stickers are just a few.

    Die cut stickers are perfect for adorning products such as laptop cases, cell phone covers, water bottles, iPods, CD cases, or practically anything flat and can fit a sticker.

    These stickers are great for marketing because they work well as advertising labels, product packaging, and general promotional pieces.

    This is because a large amount of detail can be packed into a smaller space than traditional printing.

    18. How to apply a die cut sticker?

    The application of a die-cut sticker is hassle-free.

    You do not need to have additional gluing substances by your side while pasting a sticker.

    This is because the die-cut stickers are made on a sticker stock.

    All you need to do is remove the sticker’s back liner that protects the adhesive layer on the backside of the printed front liner.

    Then, clean the surface of the object on which you intend to apply the sticker.

    Adjust the angle and paste the sticker on the surface, then firmly press it onto the surface to remove any bubbles or creases.

    19. What is a logo printed die cut sticker?

    This die cut sticker is a small paper sticker that is custom printed with your logo design or a design you choose to have published on the sticker.

    Die Cut Stickers

    A logo sticker will stand out the most with the design, and you can put some of the design on multiple sides to increase the marketing for a brand.

    There are many different shapes and sizes for logo printed die-cut stickers; you can have one color, many colors, with multilayer complex designs on it.

    Also, you can have color logos created, which makes for very eye-catching custom stickers for your business, or to give away as promotional products to your clients or customers.

    20. Are die cut stickers more expensive?


    Most customs cut sticker orders, in minimal quantities, are considerably more expensive than kiss-cut stickers or even labels.

    The complexity of the cut enhances the price of stickers.

    Die cut stickers are made with high quality and offer various choices in terms of size, shape, materials, colors, and finishes.

    It is more expensive than other types of stickers, but the overall quality is worth it.

    21. Can I get an embossed die cut sticker?

    For sure.

    Embossed die-cut stickers are unique stickers with a raised impression that impart a 3D structure printed on the sticker surface.

    22. Are there die cut roll labels?

    Yes, you can avail die cut labels on rolls.

    23. Can I print character images on stickers?

    There is no problem with it at all!

    Die Cut Stickers

    You can indeed print any image on stickers.

    You can ask your printer to print a character image or submit your artwork for printing.

    24. Are die cut stickers useable in business?

    Yes, the die-cut stickers are useable in business.

    Die Cut Stickers

    It is a practical product in different business industries, such as food and beverage, furniture, electronic products, toy and game industry, and even clothing.

    This would be useful in conventions and marketing tools for a brand or company.

    Also, you can use them to advertise in different ways such as on vehicles, bottles, windows, doors, and even people’s clothing and school supplies such as binders and folders, which all add up to the fine details of what your brand is.

    25. Are there kraft stickers?


    Die Cut Stickers

    These stickers are made from high-quality paper and are designed to be easy to use with the highest possible efficiency on production lines.

    With these kraft die cut stickers, you can easily create an impressive look with all your wedding invitations, gift cards, and other decorative items.

    26. How can I make an eco-friendly die cut sticker?

    You can make eco-friendly stickers by choosing materials that are good for the environment.

    Paper-based and biodegradable materials can be the best choice, including safe to use adhesives and printing methods.

    27. Can I order die cut stickers from China?

    You can order die cut stickers from China online.

    They are usually a lower price than US-based local companies because you are buying directly from China.

    Some companies might charge more and use a complicated shipping route, but it may not be worth it because you may not see higher quality than what you can buy online at the end of the day.

    Plus, this is a way to keep their overhead costs low and profit margins in line with what they would make from your regular custom sticker order.

    28. What is the cost of stickers?

    If you buy from Chinese sticker manufacturers, you can expect die cut stickers to be between $0.01 and $0.1.

    However, multiple factors are influencing the price wave, including:

    • Size and shape
    • Design layout
    • Design complexity
    • Packaging method
    • Surface lamination
    • Materials
    • Printing options
    • Customization

    29. What is the minimum order quantity?

    This depends upon the manufacturers.

    Every manufacturer displays the MOQ that suits their business so, the MOQ may vary from company to company.

    But most of the suppliers accept orders that are above 500 stickers.

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