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    Offset Printing
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    Matte and Glossy
    Both matte and glossy stickers have unique advantages and are suited to different purposes
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    To meet your needs, we have a wide range of detergent label factory in China and Best4U can accommodate orders both large orders and small orders. With fast manufacturing lines, Best4U can fabricate more than 30,000 pieces of custom detergent labels for 5 hours, so you can get enough personalized detergent labels more than how much you need.

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    Best4U provides different kinds of supreme materials for your personalized detergent labels, you can choose coated paper detergent labels, Kraft paper detergent labels, synthetic paper detergent labels, textured paper detergent labels, etc.

    You can also select PVC detergent labels, PE detergent labels, PET detergent labels, and BOPP detergent labels. These materials are waterproof, oil-proof and daily anti-corrosion, your products will be surely secured and your personalized detergent labels will last long.

    You don’t have to waste more money and time, Best4U is always here to help you with your effective branding solutions. Your detergent labels manufacturer has accurate services and fast production with the Best4U expert manpower that was hands-on and capable of producing top-quality custom detergent labels.

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    Your custom detergent labels can easily be put or paste on your products and very flexible. In customizing your custom detergent labels, you can put your logo to highlight your brand. You can customize some designs and important details about your product so that your buyers can easily recognize your brand and know the advantage of your brand your product. Best4U your detergent labels supplier will help you with all the processes for you to achieve your goals.

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    The Definitive FAQ Guide – Detergent Labels

    Detergent labels are particularly common in supermarkets.

    This information can assist you in deciding which option is better with your detergent labels.

    It is important to have knowledge about detergent labels including the printing process, personalization, manufacturers and suppliers of detergent labels, prices, materials, and so on.

    1. What is the essential purpose of detergent labels?

    Detergents are cleaning products that include detergent powders for laundry, household cleansers for cleaning items such as furniture, windows, and plastic, and dish cleaning products for dishwashing, and among other things.

    detergent labels

    The purpose of detergent labels is to guide you in using a product effectively and safely.

    Detergents can include dangerous substances, and the label contains a wealth of valuable and important information.

    Furthermore, before using a product, always read the label.

    Any hazardous product must have the following information on the label:

    • Statements of caution
    • Safety warnings
    • A warning symbol and signal statement that are both standardized
    • Additional info that is relevant about the product

    Your customers will be satisfied since they can see what the product is made of with detailed descriptions on the detergent labels.

    Detergent labels are necessary for establishing a connection between the product and the consumer.

    2. Are there manufacturers of detergent labels in China?

    Yes, there are several manufacturers of detergent labels in China

    In fact, they provide premium quality of detergent labels that can sustain any kind of surroundings and temperature.

    Manufacturers in China are reliable and they use a high-quality type of machinery and they ensure the quality of detergent labels you get.

    It is very convenient to purchase a detergent label from China because they provide great service and are capable to ship worldwide.

    It is easy to access online nowadays and search the detergent labels manufacturers that will fit your qualifications.

    Numerous detergent label manufacturers in China provide the most affordable prices.

    3. Does detergent labels effective in advertising products?

    Yes, without a doubt!

    Labeling is critical in product promotion since it aids in capturing a customer’s attention.

    Detergent labels, whether retail homemade or displayed in a store, are efficient in promoting products. With amazing label customization and detailed information, your goods will stand out.

    Labels for products can come in a range of sizes, materials, and even shapes. You can make it as attractive as consumers will pick it up from the shelf.

    The labeling of detergent products is an important component in the sales and distribution of the product.

    4. What is transparent detergent labels made?

    Transparent detergent labels are made with a variety of materials. It has a durable quality that makes it waterproof, oil-proof, and weatherproof, etc.

    Transparent materials are as follows:

    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • PET
    • PE
    • PP
    • Synthetic paper

    These materials have a clear and a “no-label” visual effect.

    The PET material can be colored and transparent. It can be aluminum coated, like silver and gold.

    All of these materials can be utilized to create a variety of indoor and outdoor products.

    Transparent detergent labels can be customized and are resistant to splashes, allowing them to endure longer.

    5. Is it okay to use oil-based adhesive on detergent labels?


    On detergent labels, there is a choice of adhesives that can be used.

    Oil-based adhesives are commonly used in electronic products, gadgets, and other items that require labels to be applied in a high-temperature environment.

    The oil-based adhesive is suitable for detergent labels because it has strong water resistance, dries quickly after application, and solidifies quickly.

    6. Is it possible to make my detergent labels holographic?

    Yes, it is possible to make detergent labels holographic.

    hologram detergent labels

    Holographic detergent labels allow more creativity to make your product shine through.

    It has an enticing appearance, which may lead to more customers seeing your product.

    Holographic labels are labels that are printed on a special vinyl that has a rainbow effect that changes depending on the light and viewpoint.

    Because hologram detergent labels are difficult to counterfeit, manufacturers can use them to display authenticity and preserve genuine products.

    7. What is the difference between security labels and void labels for detergent products?

    Security and void detergent labels are both used to secure products from any kind of tampering.

    However, they have a different effect on and function.

    Security labels

    It has been established to support the enhancement of the security of the product to which it is applied.

    security labels

    It could be achieved by acting as a tracker with the whereabouts of the item, prohibiting counterfeiting, and providing visual evidence of tampering with the label.

    Void labels

    When a label is removed, these labels display a void message on the surface on the back of the label, or both, to show that it has been tampered with.

    void labels

    Since most void labels state “Void,” this message can be customized to fit the application by including the name or logo of the business that owns or makes the products.

    8. Is it safe to use detergent labels?

    Yes, of course!

    Detergent labels are safe to use and recommended for detergent products, cleaning products, and others.

    Detergent labels will not hinder the effectiveness of the product because they will clearly state what it is. It’s a great way to promote your product.

    The materials of detergent labels are raw materials and are safe to use and some are recyclable depending on the materials used.

    It will not cause any harm with proper usage of the labels and on the other hand, it will be a big help in any kind of business.

    9. How much do detergent labels usually cost?

    Detergent labels, like other labels, are a cost-effective marketing solution.

    This will not break the bank, perhaps it may assist you in increasing profits by marketing your brand using detergent labels on the market.

    Detergent labels range in price from $0.1 to $3. The value will be determined by the quantity ordered. The price of each label will be affected by the customization as well.

    There are detergent label suppliers in China who give the best costs. Bulk orders will be less expensive than small orders.

    10. Is detergent labels can be used on soap, shampoo, lotion, insect repellant, etc.?

    Detergent labels are multipurpose and may be applied to a variety of products, including soap, shampoo, lotion, insect repellent, and more.

    It could be custom made in terms of shape, size, design, material, and color.

    Perfect for showcasing your uniqueness in product labeling in all kinds of products.

    For all marketers, it is a highly convenient and effective marketing method.

    You can print and personalize your own labels, or if you’re too busy, you can search online and contact your chosen detergent label manufacturer, who will handle the manufacturing procedure for you.

    11. Is it okay to apply different shapes for dish soap detergent labels?

    Yes, of course!

    Using different shapes of detergent labels demonstrates your originality in labeling your product.

    irregular shape of detergent labels

    There are many different shapes that can be used to personalize detergent labels. The most popular shapes are round, oval, rectangular and square.

    Those shapes are commonly used on detergent labels, food labels, pantry labels, and so on.

    It can input more information about the goods, especially the rectangular shape, because it has a wide area to print on, as it is common on many products.

    You may also make it more stylish and modern by using irregular shapes.

    Star, diamond, hexagon, heart, triangle, and other irregular forms are examples.

    Considering shapes are such a crucial aspect of labeling, you must create it one-of-a-kind so that it shines out of the rest.

    12. What are some of the different sizes of detergent labels I may use for my products?

    When acquiring custom labels, you must first measure the bottle of detergent you will be labeling to confirm that the label size will fit your bottle, design, and expense.

    Here are some recommended sizes for the detergent label, this serves as your guide only.

    Detergent Labels Sizes

    Sr. No.


    Sizes (inches)


    Spray bottle

    2”x 3”


    Plastic bottle

    3.5”  (round)





    Small container


    You can measure the length and width in inches with a measuring tape or a ruler to determine the correct label measurement.

    There are different containers to use for detergent and finding the right measurement of the label is important.

    13. Which material is best to use for detergent labels?

    Choosing the correct material for creating detergent labels is always important to safeguard your logo.

    Various materials are utilized to create a wonderful and durable detergent label.

    The following are the materials for detergent labels:

    • Textured paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • PET (clear)
    • PET (colored)
    • Eggshell paper (destructible)
    • PE
    • PP

    Synthetic paper, PET clear, BOPP, PVC, PP, and PE are all options if you want your labels to be transparent.

    The thickness and texture of each material vary.

    14. Is it possible to use detergent labels on chemical products?

    Yes, definitely!

    The chemical product must all have labels on it.

    The detergent labels are flexible to be labeled on any product you have.

    Just only indicate the name of the product, the product description, and details about the particular product.

    chemical products with labels

    It can also be customized with the chemical product’s hazardous warnings.

    It can be informative to show customers what they are buying, much as it might be with detergent products.

    15. Can I make my detergent labels using special paper?


    The detergent labels can be made with special paper.

    Special paper is also called textured paper which is popular to use in some products.

    There are several kinds of a special paper, such as:

    • Antique paper
    • Colorful pearl paper
    • Water texture series
    • Antique European cotton paper
    • Colored paper series
    • China red series
    • Colorful time
    • Cotton silk series and more…

    Specialty papers can be used to improve the function, manufacturing, or decoration of another product in a variety of ways.

    Coatings on specialty papers are one-of-a-kind and cost-effective. It comes in a variety of hues, including white, blue, red, beige, gray, brown, green, purple, and others.

    16. What is the time frame for manufacturing detergent labels?

    Manufacturing detergent labels takes time and is depending on the personalization of the labels.

    If you order in bulk, it usually takes 5-10 days. It will only take 3-5 days for small orders.

    Manufacturers have labels that are ready to ship that can be processed in as little as one day. It will be shipped the same day as soon as you place your order.

    It is an advantage to order bulk because you can save more.

    17. How to choose an appropriate supplier of detergent labels?

    Nowadays, you may find a multitude of detergent label suppliers by searching the internet.

    All you have to do is make sure that the supplier you choose is a reputable and skilled one.

    If you choose a supplier from China, you can contact them directly via email and visit their official website. Because all transactions will take place online, you must be cautious to avoid scams.

    A good supplier must possess the following characteristics:

    • Artistic
    • Experienced
    • Reliable
    • Flexible
    • Trustworthy
    • Expert, etc.

    Your detergent label supplier must also accommodate all of your needs and be responsible for any kind of issues or damages regarding your label orders.

    It is recommended that you select a supplier who is extremely adaptable and will meet all of your expectations.

    18. Can I use Pantone colors for my detergent labels?

    Yes, of course!

    Pantone colors are hue codes that represent a certain shade.

    The Pantone Color Method, also known as PMS, is a globally recognized standardized color matching system.

    pantone colors for detergent labels

    From designers to manufacturers to marketers to customers, the Pantone system is the accepted language for color interaction.

    The PMS was created with the intention of creating a color standard for printing labels on some products especially detergent labels to make it outstanding and vibrant.

    19. What printing processes are suitable for detergent labels?

    Your detergent labels will benefit from the printing process. It has the potential to draw shoppers’ attention.

    Mostly in a particular field of application, labels for home chemicals and other detergents require some design specific requirements.

    Furthermore, because labels are used for advertising, they must have a vibrant color and a variety of creative flexibility and in this, printing arts will have a specific role to make detergent labels beautiful.

    The following are the printing process you can choose:

    • Deboss printing
    • Emboss printing
    • UV (ultraviolet) printing
    • Dome epoxy
    • Flexographic printing
    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • Cold foil
    • Hot stamping printing

    In addition, detergent labels can be a glossy and matte film to make your products sophisticated.

    Flexographic Printing

    Flexographic printing is the ideal method for producing labels that must be stored in insecure and harsh environments, and it is widely used on detergent items.

    The color richness of the painting materials and the absence of odors are two advantages of this method of printing.

    Dome Epoxy

    An Epoxy dome imprinting is a way of visibly but inconspicuously showing a logo on a promotional item.

    Permanent glue is used to adhere the dome to the promotional product.

    In whatever printing arts you will use for your detergent labels, it will definitely beautify your brand and can be easily seen by shoppers.

    20. Does Kraft paper is possible for detergent labels?

    Kraft paper is another well-known type of material that many marketers pick for their detergent labels because it is a robust and strong material.

    Kraft detergent labels

    Kraft paper is utilized in several industrial and commercial applications due to its toughness.

    It is also eco-friendly and can be customized as well.

    Kraft labels are good for coffee, gourmet food packaging, soap packaging, and detergent products due to their textural quality.

    21. How to test detergent labels if it is waterproof and tearproof?

    Water Resistant Labels are printed on a long-lasting material that can withstand exposure to oils and liquids in items.

    These labels come in three different finishes: glossy white, matte white, and clear detergent labels. Your design will look amazing with a waterproof sticker.

    A sticker’s waterproofness cannot be determined unless it has been tested. Your label supplier might also send you a sample of the detergent labels.

    To make the detergent labels waterproof, simply place a transparent laminating sheet over the top of the label once it has been manufactured and placed on the specified surface.

    Waterproof detergent labels are used to safeguard from possible pollution such as wetness or water exposure during production, shipment, and storage of products.

    22. How do you stick a detergent label to a gallon of detergent?

    The following are the steps for applying detergent labels to gallon containers:

    • Make a decision on where you’ll put your label.
    • Make sure the surface is dry and free of moisture.
    • Remove the backing layer and apply your label with care.
    • Allow 72 hours for your label to cure before using it.

    These are simple techniques to add sophistication to your detergent labels on gallon containers.

    23. Does it need to put precautions on detergent labels?

    Yes, of course!

    Labels are there to help you effectively and properly use a product, especially on detergents.

    precautions on detergent labels

    Harmful chemicals could be found in detergents and cleaning products and the label must provide a lot of useful and crucial information.

    For detergents designed primarily for professional use, such as industrial and commercial cleaning.

    Furthermore, any detergents categorized as hazardous must be labeled and packed in compliance with the CLP Regulation’s criteria.

    A detergent label with precautions is important for the safety of the consumers and that will lead them to proper usage of the product.

    24. How to personalize detergent label templates?

    There are several detergent label templates available online that you may customize to make your artwork easier to create.

    These are the steps for designing detergent labels using a template:

    • Search and choose free templates online that you will use.
    • Download the templates on your computer.
    • Begin personalizing the template with image editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp, Canva, and others. You can also alter the image in Microsoft Word.
    • You can change the font style, color background, or add a photo to the template when changing it with your own design.
    • Last but not least, save your files to your PC.

    25. Could it be possible to recycle a detergent label?

    When recycling detergent labels, it is important to consider if the material used is removable or easy to remove the label.

    Many buyers do not recycle detergent labels after they have been used.

    A detergent label is attached to any container with a strong adhesive. Because it is difficult to remove and is considered a permanent label, most detergent labels are not recyclable.

    26. What are detergent labels on rolls?

    Detergent labels on rolls are of the highest quality, with sizes, styles, and materials that can be customized.

    detergent roll labels

    Detergent roll labels are attached to a continuous backing paper looped around a central core.

    A tube consisting of paper, cardboard, plastic, or metal serves as the core of detergent roll labels.

    Roll labels can be utilized because they enable a greater range of shapes and sizes to be manufactured within the limits of a laminate’s allowable dimensions.

    Custom printed roll labels produce less waste, print faster, and are much easier to distribute and handle in big quantities.

    27. Can I make my detergent label anti-corrosion?


    Detergent labels can be corrosion-proof.

    Anti-corrosion refers to the process of preventing or protecting detergent labels from corroding in high-risk conditions.

    There are specific materials that can be utilized to manufacture corrosion-resistant detergent labels.

    To make your detergent labels corrosion-resistant, you can use PET, PVC, BOPP, PE, and PP materials.

    These materials are translucent, allowing your brand logo to be protected while also lasting a long time.

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