Decorate a Brown Paper Bag for Christmas

Make your DIY paper bags as easy as it is for Christmas!

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    Cheapest & Pretty Way to Decorate a Brown Paper Bag for Christmas

    Paper bags are bags made from paper, typically Kraft paper or a similar type of paper material.

    They are commonly used for packaging and carrying items such as groceries, small gifts, or personal items. Paper bags are often used as an alternative to plastic bags, as they are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.

    They come in various sizes and can be plain or printed with designs and logos. Some paper bags have handles for easy carrying, while others have a flat bottom to stand upright. Paper bags can also be decorated and used for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and parties.

    decorate a brown paper bag for christmas

    DIY paper bags decorated for Christmas can have a variety of uses, including:

    Gift wrapping: Use the decorated paper bag to wrap small to medium-sized gifts for friends, family, or coworkers.

    Decoration: Place the decorated bags around the home or office as festive decorations.

    Goodie bags: Fill the decorated bags with treats or small gifts for party guests.

    Treat sacks: Fill the decorated bags with goodies for Santa Claus or for children’s holiday stocking stuffers.

    Table setting: Place silverware and napkins in decorated bags for a festive table setting at a holiday dinner or party.

    Display: Use the decorated bags as part of a holiday display, such as hanging them from the mantel or displaying them on a table with other holiday decorations.

    Making DIY paper bags is a fun, useful add-on to the list of Christmas handicrafts you have designed to spend the busy hours of the whole holiday season.

    Taking a lot of effort into wrapping or packaging your gifts enhances the enjoyment of exchanging gifts, and utilizing bags instead of wrapping paper is one method to let your gifts stand out in the cheapest and most attractive way!

    Here are some materials you might need to decorate a brown paper bag for Christmas:

    • Brown paper bag
    • Scissors
    • Wrapping paper
    • Ribbon or twine
    • Rubber stamps
    • Colored markers
    • Sequins or glitter
    • Christmas-themed stickers
    • Glue or tape
    • Optional: additional embellishments such as beads, pom-poms, or felt cutouts

    Let’s Start!

    1. Cut-out snowflakes: Use a pair of scissors to create intricate snowflake patterns on the brown paper bag.
    2. Decoupage with wrapping paper: Cut pieces of festive wrapping paper and glue them onto the bag using glue.
    3. Add ribbon or twine: Wrap a ribbon or twine around the top of the bag and tie in a bow.
    4. Stamp designs: Use Christmas-themed rubber stamps and ink to create patterns and designs on the bag.
    5. Draw with markers: Use colored markers to draw festive images like trees, presents, and holly on the bag.
    6. Glue on sequins or glitter: Add a touch of sparkle by gluing sequins or glitter in the shape of stars, snowflakes, or other festive shapes.
    7. Stick on stickers: Decorate the bag with Christmas-themed stickers, such as reindeer, Santa Claus, or holly leaves.

    brown paper bag for christmas

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