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Best4U clamshell box is very useful even for personal use, like birthday gifts, wedding giveaways, proposal gifts, jewelry, cosmetic products, clothing, etc. Best4U offers a durable clamshell box with a chapter cost.

Innovative Christmas Calendar Storage Box Chocolate Packaging Paper Gift Box
You can personalize your own designs with ribbon and Best4U will assist you
Clamshell Box with Foam Insert
Highlight your logo with custom fonts and color with foam insert
Foldable Clamshell Box
Premium quality box that last long and you can get it beyond your expectations
UV Printing Clamshell Box
Low minimum order required and Best4U has lowest prices to avail
Gold Stamping Clamshell Box
Your products will be secure and you will surely love the designs
Emboss Clamshell Box
You can customize and add more details like colorful prints or highlighted logo
Glossy Clamshell Box
You can choose different sizes that you want to make it stunning
Matte Clamshell Box
Best4U will manufacture luxurious packaging box in matte finish
Creative Clamshell Box
Made with high-quality materials, wonderful prints with cheap price
Scarf Clamshell Box
It could be more beautiful with lovely designs and personalize artwork
Electronics Clamshell Box
Best4U can manufacture large orders of clamshell box, also supports small orders
Beauty Ware Clamshell Box
In whatever color or size you like, Best4U will give you the best quality

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    Why Best4U Could Get Good Feedback From Market? Know Your Clamshell Box Supplier Better

    Best4U is an experienced manufacturer for more than a decade and can create a solution for your custom clamshell box that is suitable for your needs. We focus on the quality of producing top-grade personalized clamshell box that fabricated using digitalized machines and with the help of our outstanding and expert designers. Best4U will make your future brighter using our very own custom clamshell box.

    Choose the right supplier for your personalized clamshell box that can give you the exact requirements for your products and needs. Best4U is your extraordinary clamshell box supplier that has a lot of achievements since 2009 in China in the packaging industry. Best4U has earned a lot of good feedback from different companies worldwide and continuously supporting them by giving great quality products.

    Your Best4U clamshell box manufacturer has a wide range of packaging materials for your personalized clamshell box, like cardboard paper, Kraft cardboard, C1S/C2S art paper, corrugated paper, textured paper, Gold and Silver paper, etc. For C1S and C2S paper, you can use it for light products, like electronic products, small toys, gifts, and more to mention.

    It is a great idea to use the Best4U clamshell box for any type of business and industry, including gifts, school supplies, food products, mobile electronics, beauty products, clothing, consumer electronics, wedding giveaways, party favors, etc. Your personalized clamshell box is very useful that will make your products safe.

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    Best4U provides excellent service from designs to production. We always look for different ways to serve and to add value to our dear clients around the world. You can assure that you can get your custom clamshell box with durability and as pretty as you can see the pictures online. So never doubt in partnering with us as Best4U, your clamshell box supplier will give you 100% satisfactory.

    We ensure that every custom clamshell box is made with high-quality raw materials, these materials are environmental-friendly, food-grade and can be recycled, it is safe to use for your food products. No need to break your bank to get a one of a kind personalized clamshell box, Best4U makes sure that you can use your custom clamshell box for the longest time as you can recycle it and can use it in many ways.

    It is a smart solution to have your custom clamshell box to secure your products and you can absolutely be stylish in putting any designs and Best4U also provides a multi-options of high-grade printing arts, including UV clamshell box, CMYK clamshell box, PMS clamshell box, Emboss clamshell box, hot stamping clamshell box, etc.

    For hot stamping, there are two kinds to select. One is a solid color, like gold, silver, blue, green, red, hot pink, purple, etc., the other one is laser and that is holographic. You can have your personalized clamshell box in a matte film and glossy film.

    Your Best4U clamshell box supplier in China is considered one of the most competitive manufacturer and exporter of custom clamshell box worldwide. Highly versatile in creating different types of packaging that you need.

    Best4U is stable and constant in giving a high quality of the personalized clamshell box and has a 100% strict process in checking each of your orders in securing the standard quality that Best4U produces and all your custom clamshell box must pass the 4x quality checking in order to proceed to the next procedure.

    There are easy steps to order your custom clamshell box, you can contact Best4U anytime. Best4U production team is available 24 hours for your needs. Your clamshell box supplier provides fast services to provide your requests as fast as we can with accurate procedures to avoid errors and damages. Best4U always makes sure that we satisfy you and will make you smile when you receive your orders.

    For a custom clamshell box, you can always get more than you always wanted. Best4U has low minimum order for a custom, for as low as 1000 pieces of the custom clamshell box that varies in the lowest price that you can really afford to have in building your dreams for your brand.

    Best4U clamshell box supplier will accept small orders for just starting up a business. There is a fulfillment when you see your brand rising up to the top and that is how Best4U will help you onwards. For big businesses, large orders are acceptable for more than 30,000 pieces of personalized clamshell box and that can only take just 5 hours to manufacture in our wide clamshell box factory.

    Apart from the clamshell box, you can also place your order for a lid and base box, hang tags, pillow box, cardboard display box, packaging sleeves, magnetic gift box, and more to mention. Best4U is your ultimate supplier in everything you need.

    Place your order for your clamshell box now at Best4U!

    Clamshell Box – The Ultimate FAQ

    The Clamshell Box FAQ Guide is a collection of questions and answers about the Clamshell Box.

    This list contains clamshell boxes, including their varieties, various shapes, prices, dimensions, usage, printing technologies, production methods, and more.

    This will guide you in collecting information on clamshell boxes and will be beneficial to your company.

    1.    What is a clamshell box?

    A clamshell box is a kind of packaging box for storing displaying items that are meant to keep them safe.

    Clamshell boxes can be made in various shapes, colors, designs, and printing styles to create a wonderful presentation of the clamshell boxes for your products.

    clamshell box

    Your clamshell box can handle any kind of product, whether small or large products.

    The clamshell gets its name from the shell of a clam, which it resembles in both appearance and function.

    2.    What is clamshell boxes made of?

    Clamshell boxes are made with premium and durable materials that make every clamshell box presentable and high in quality.

    The following are the materials that can be used for your clamshell box.

    • C1S/C2S Art Paper

    It is commonly used for light or small things such as sex toys, gadgets, presents, and so on.

    • Cardboard Paper

    It is harder than art paper. This type of material can be found on cereal boxes, greeting cards, and many more.

    • Kraft cardboard

    Colorful printing is not ideal for this type of paper, and it cannot be coated with any type of lamination film. It has a retro look to, and many customers like it.

    • Corrugated Paper

    It is usually used for large packaging boxes, such as office printers, kitchen pots, shipping mailer boxes, and so forth.

    • Textured Paper

    There are many different textures to pick from. They give a luxurious appearance.

    • Gold/Silver Paper

    Many consumers have been using this type of paper to create clamshell boxes for cosmetic and skincare goods in recent years because it appears really bright and blingy.

    You can select the appropriate material for your clamshell box.

    3.    What are the different shapes for clamshell box?

    For clamshell boxes, the most common shapes are:

    • Square

    square clamshell box


    • Rectangle

    rectangle clamshell box

    With creative artwork and high-quality protective materials, you may personalize your square shape clamshell box.

    To attract more customers, most bakery establishments would use square clamshell boxes for cookies, cakes, and other pastries.

    You can use the rectangle shape for take-out foods, jewelry, kitchen items, cosmetics, and more…

    When it comes to packaging, rectangular and square clamshell boxes are quite adaptable, and most businesses prefer them.

    Most customers will choose rectangle and square shape as these shapes can store more items and has a wide dimension that suits every product.

    4.    Why clamshell box is important?

    Clamshell boxes are meant to keep your products safe while they’re on the shelf. Nothing is more crucial than your product’s safety.

    A clamshell box will make your products protect their safety and freshness.

    importance of clamshell box

    Your clamshell box is very important to avoid deforming on your products and sealed it to avoid any damages.

    It provides a sleek and professional appearance while providing essential protection from harmful light, dust, and regular usage.

    It is a good choice to maintain the gorgeous look of your brand.

    5.    Is it okay to customize clamshell box?

    Yes, you can customize your clamshell box.

    It can be more beautiful if you customize it with your own style and according to your needs.

    You can tell your manufacturer your detailed requirements for your clamshell box and your manufacturer will handle all your requests.

    customize clamshell box

    Make sure you will choose the reliable manufacturer of the clamshell box that specializes in the customization of the clamshell box to give you what you exactly want.

    6.    What are the applications of clamshell box?

    Clamshell box is commonly used to protect high-end items such as cell phones and electronics, etc.

    The clamshell box may come with an additional seal, they are nevertheless commonly used in retail environments to secure products from tampering from the outside.

    Clamshell box can be used in different industry such as:

    • Food products
    • Gadgets
    • Clothing
    • Electronic products
    • Shoes
    • Jewelry
    • Books
    • Body care products
    • Skincare products
    • Cosmetics
    • Nutritional products
    • Surgical items

    clamshell box for jewelry

    There are wide applications of the clamshell box and it is essential to use in whatever products you have.

    It can aid in the protection of your items from tampering and theft.

    7.    What are the printing techniques that can be applied for custom clamshell box?

    You can use a choice of printing techniques to decorate your clamshell box, such as:

    • UV
    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • Emboss
    • Hot stamping

    There are two types of hot stamping: solid color (gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, hot pink, etc.) and laser which is Holographic.

    UV printing is a type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to dry or cure ink while it is being printed.

    Embossing is perhaps the most environmentally friendly decoration method available, as the embossing is achieved by stretching the paper stock and no additional substance is added to the stock, such as ink, coating, or foil.

    These printing techniques can help you create a clamshell box that is both attractive and elegant.

    Printing techniques can enhance the appeal of your products while also increasing the profitability of your business.

    8.    How long does it take to make a clamshell box?

    Normally, it takes time to make a clamshell box with all the processes including the checking of materials, printing process, cutting process, assembling, quality checking, etc.

    The length of time it takes to make a clamshell box will be determined by the amount.

    Small and big orders are accepted by all the manufacturers.

    However, you can have your clamshell box in a rush order from your supplier.

    Just inform your supplier ahead of time that you need your clamshell box as soon as possible.

    9.    Can I personalize clamshell box with window?

    Yes, of course.

    You can personalize your clamshell box with window.

    clamshell box with window

    Every buyer will be enticed by a clamshell box with a window and enables them to see the product inside.

    This window can be used to display products that are being promoted or introduced in the market.

    You can also have a clamshell box with a window as a gift to make it outstanding and elegant.

    A clamshell box with a window has the potential to attract more customers and improve your marketing approach, boosting your company to the top.

    10.    Is clamshell box reusable?

    Yes, a clamshell box is reusable and eco-friendly.

    You are helping our mother nature by using clamshell boxes.

    reusable clamshell box

    It can help you save money and reduce waste.

    Your clamshell box is 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

    11.    How to get the measurement of a clamshell box?

    In getting the measurement of your clamshell box, you can use a ruler or measuring tape to get the exact measurement that you want.

    how to get the measurement of clamshell box

    The first step is to measure your clamshell box’s length, width, and height.

    You’ll need to measure the depth of your clamshell box and figure out the dimensions.

    You must ensure that your clamshell box has the correct size to accommodate your intended location as well as your items.

    12.    Why China is a good choice for importing clamshell box?

    In China, there are numerous clamshell box manufacturers and suppliers.

    A supplier from China is a good choice because they create high-quality clamshell boxes at a low cost.

    You can choose the sizes, materials, colors, and patterns for your clamshell box from your supplier in China.

    It is quite convenient for you because they will deliver your orders quickly and without difficulty to your doorway.

    13.    Are clamshell boxes eco-friendly?

    Yes, clamshell boxes are eco-friendly.

    Clamshell boxes are made with 100% eco-friendly materials that are safe to use, especially for food products.

    The raw materials used are non-toxic and not harmful to the environment.

    This means, clamshell boxes are safe to use in any products you have.

    14.    Can a clamshell box be waterproof?

    Yes, your clamshell box can be waterproof.

    waterproof clamshell box

    A waterproof clamshell box is an excellent alternative for keeping your products dry.

    To keep oil and water out of your clamshell box, cover it with plastic sheeting or wrapping paper.

    Your clamshell box will be protected from any form of environmental conditions and could last longer.

    15.    What is a clamshell box with foam insert?

    A clamshell box that has foam inserted inside the box.

    clamshell box with foam insert

    It is another way to customize your clamshell box to have a good presentation of your product.

    A foam insert is placed on the top of your clamshell box to protect fragile and sensitive items.

    For your customized clamshell box, you have the option of using either a foam tray or an EVA tray.

    On jewelry, watches, and other delicate items, a clamshell box with foam insert is recommended.

    16.    Can I choose matte film for clamshell box?

    Yes, you can choose a matte film for your clamshell box.

    It is a fashionable way and unique to make your clamshell box in a matte film.

    matte clamshell box

    Matte film is used for added protection and enhanced presentation with your own design put on your clamshell box.

    Matte Film is suitable for those who need large-format color prints that are high-quality and long-lasting.

    It is also recommended that you use it on your clamshell box.

    17.    How much does it cost to order clamshell box?

    The cost of ordering a clamshell box is likely to be determined by some factors.

    The price of a clamshell box varies depending on how you want your clamshell box to look.

    The clamshell box will probably cost from $0.5-$2 per piece.

    The number of clamshell boxes, the materials utilized, the size, the printing arts used, and the artwork that are considered for the costing of the clamshell box.

    18.    What are the sizes for clamshell box?

    The dimensions of the clamshell box are determined by the packaging’s purpose.

    You can customize the size of your clamshell box to meet your specific requirements.

    Each item will have its own clamshell box measurement.

    The measurements listed below are for your reference.

    Sr. No.




    Clamshell Box

    5” x 5” x 4”


    Clamshell Box

    11” x 9” x 4”


    Clamshell Box

    14” x 12” x 9”


    Clamshell Box

    19” x 15” x 7”

    You can make your own desired measurement for your clamshell box according to your needs.

    19.    Why is it important to have a clamshell box manufacturer?

    It is essential to work with a clamshell manufacturer to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.

    It saves you time and effort because all you have to do is send your detailed clamshell box order to your manufacturer.

    Collaborate with your manufacturer to create a gorgeous clamshell box that won’t break the bank.

    All of the steps will be completed by the clamshell box manufacturer in order to satisfy you.

    20.    Can I put a ribbon on my clamshell box?

    Yes, you can.

    clamshell box with ribbon

    The appearance of a clamshell box with a ribbon is elegant and adorable.

    Notify your clamshell box supplier of the ribbon color you prefer.

    A clamshell box with ribbon is an excellent choice for important occasions such as weddings, birthday gifts, baby showers, and bridal showers.

    It’s ideal for making your goods look sophisticated.

    21.    What is a foldable clamshell box?

    A foldable clamshell box can be used for a variety of products.

    foldable clamshell box

    A foldable clamshell box can be folded in such a way that it can seal tightly to keep the item inside the package safe.

    The foldable clamshell box’s size can be lowered and customized so that it can be conveniently stored on a shelf.

    Can be easily assembled and easy to use.

    22.    Can I choose a color printed clamshell box?

    Of course, you can select a color printed clamshell box.

    Color printed graphics are spectacular and suitable for any occasion.

    Clamshell boxes come in a variety of color printed designs, such as floral, rainbow, cartoonish color, and so on.

    colored clamshell box

    A clamshell box with color printing can quickly attract shoppers.

    For your clamshell box, you can pick whatever color you want.

    23.    What are the processes in manufacturing clamshell box?

    The steps for making the clamshell box are listed below.

    • Materials

    Choose the material that you prefer for manufacturing your clamshell box. It includes the accessories for decorations, magnets, etc.

    • Size

    You must choose a clamshell box size that is appropriate for your product.

    • Assemble

    Cut all the sides of the material and assemble them using a glue adhesive or tape.

    • Coating

    The coating can be achieved by covering the box in paper and then printing any graphics and textures for the best results.

    You can tell your manufacturer with any additional styles or designs that you want for your clamshell box.

    You can apply matte or glossy film on your clamshell box and printing arts for a perfect results.

    24.    What do you mean by emboss clamshell box?

    Embossing is a technique for creating a three-dimensional design by pressing an image into paper or cardstock.

    The embossing method can be used to create text, logos, and other graphics.

    emboss clamshell box

    Embossing creates a raised surface where the design is lifted above the surrounding paper on your clamshell box.

    This is available in a variety of colors and styles and your clamshell box will surely be nice-looking.

    The most flexible colors are gold and black embossing powders. Glitter embossing powder, on the other hand, is fantastic for adding shine to your products.

    The embossed clamshell box is an attractive and one-of-a-kind design that is one of the greatest printing techniques for your clamshell box.

    25.    What are the surface finishes to clamshell box to make it more beautiful?

    Surface finish, sometimes known as surface roughness, is a measurement of a surface’s texture.

    A clamshell box can have a variety of surface finishes that can be applied to it, such as:

    • Glossy lamination

    Glossy lamination for clamshell box gives the ink a shiny, glass-like finish that increases its color and brightness.

    It’s often used in business settings, such as marketing and promotional products.

    The most popular laminates appear to be gloss laminates for clamshell boxes, which are also the least priced.

    • Matte Lamination

    Matte lamination creates a classy, beautiful look of your clamshell box.

    Matte lamination is free of shine, thus the colors are more muted.

    The matte soft cover finish is less reflective than the gloss finish, giving the cover art a more natural appearance.

    • Embossing or Debossing

    Embossing on a clamshell box is the process of raising a logo or other image to produce a three-dimensional graphic.

    From the bottom, a metal die is pushed into paper, card stock (or other suitable material) to create this raised design.

    Debossing is the complete opposite of embossing in that it creates an indent in the material.

    It’s a popular custom clamshell box technique that can convince any buyer to acquire your products without a doubt.

    • Hot foil stamping or soft-touch lamination

    Soft-touch lamination gives your clamshell box a long-lasting appearance.

    Hot stamping is widely applied in the finishing of packaging products such as food, medicine, and beverages, as well as high-end luxury products, for the decoration on clamshell boxes.

    One of the greatest options that can survive for years despite frequent use.

    • Spot UV varnishing

    Spot varnishing is a method of applying a protective coating to printed materials such as brochures, packaging, and business cards, etc.

    Your clamshell box can be protected from water splashes using Spot UV.

    These surface finishes can be applied to your clamshell box, with embossing and debossing being one of the most common for all types of packaging boxes.

    26.    Are there any accessories that can be applied on clamshell box?

    Yes, you can apply any kind of accessories for your clamshell box.

    Clamshell box could be with:

    • Window
    • Fabric Ribbon
    • Hanger
    • Plastic handle
    • EVA tray
    • Foam tray
    • Fabric handle
    • Hemp rope handle
    • Fabric lining

    Some customers are likely to see something creative and appealing, as they desire.

    It’s a great idea to add any accessories to any clamshell box to make it more artistic in many ways.

    If you wish, you can tell your clamshell box manufacturer to include accessories so that it is more attractive and your clamshell box will stand out.

    27.    Are there minimum orders for clamshell box?

    It depends on the manufacturer of your clamshell box.

    The majority of clamshell box suppliers have no minimum order requirements, while others offer low MOQs for custom clamshell boxes.

    Every clamshell box manufacturer in China provides the most affordable custom and high-quality clamshell boxes.

    For clamshell box orders, you can contact your supplier directly.

    28.    What is a scarf clamshell box?

    Scarf clamshell boxes are ideal for all types of scarves and wraps, including silk and thick scarves.

    scarf clamshell box

    With a magnificent scarf clamshell box from your clamshell box maker, you may give your products an elegant appearance.

    You can design your scarf clamshell box any size you wish to accommodate your products and make it vibrant and eye-catching.

    29.    Can I choose the best material for my clamshell box?

    Yes, you can choose the best material for your clamshell box.

    The materials for the clamshell box can be chosen from a variety of options. Those materials are long-lasting and environmentally friendly, as well as being safe to use.

    If you want your clamshell box to be waterproof or endure longer, your clamshell box manufacturer can advise you on the best materials to apply.

    30.    Is clamshell box durable?

    Yes, of course.

    Every clamshell box is durable and easy to use packaging boxes.

    Clamshell boxes are sturdy and can hold a variety of items, including electronics, cosmetics, clothes, toys, and more.

    Clamshell box is one of the suggested packaging options because of its great quality and low cost.


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