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You can customize your business stickers according to your needs, Best4U is here to assist & help you boost your marketing strategy in different kinds of businesses, like bakery shops, food, beverages, water bottles, etc.

Custom Logo Printing Business Stickers
With customize logo that will highlight your brand
Kraft Paper Business Stickers
Get inspired with Best4U designs to make your products standout
Foil Stamping Business Stickers
An elegant choice for your product, Best4U can make it possible
Hologram Business Stickers
Holographic stickers can make buyers attract with eye-catching effect
Clear Business Stickers
It could protect your logo, 100% waterproof and oilproof
Metallic Business Stickers
It could be in any size you want with sophisticated design
Die Cut Business Stickers
Beautiful die cut business stickers, order as much as you want
Round Business Stickers
Lower prices with high-quality materials for your round business stickers
Square Business Stickers
You can create wonderful designs here in Best4U with great quality
Business Stickers Sheet
According to your demands, Best4U can supply business stickers sheets
Business Stickers Roll
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    Every business needs to impress consumers and interact with them by making presentations more attractive and eye-catching, giving them assurance that your products are worth it to buy. That’s why Best4U business stickers manufacturer makes it easy for you to establish your brand out on the shelves with a professional look that gives the first impression to the customers.

    With thousands of brands who trusted Best4U since 2009, that totally gives out everything just to make you satisfy and make your imagination come true. The best branding solution for making your brand step up to the next level is to make your custom business stickers stand out among the rest, giving your customers 100% satisfaction.

    Your custom business stickers here in Best4U are highly exceptional that everyone will be amazed by the Best4U business stickers supplier made. You can create designs and customize your custom business stickers with your own version and Best4U will make them wonderful as it is with the use of the latest technology type of types of machinery and has a wide range of business stickers factory that make your custom business stickers absolutely perfect.

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    “Best4U Is One Of The Trusted Company For Over 10 Years”

    Best4U has multi-options of high-quality materials for your custom business stickers. You can make it more attractive with a sophisticated appearance by choosing the right materials that you want, including synthetic paper business stickers, textured paper business stickers, Kraft business stickers, coated business stickers, etc., Best4U has also transparent materials, like PET business stickers, PE business stickers, PVC business stickers, BOPP business stickers, etc. You can make your logo protected with this kind of material.

    For customizing your custom business stickers, adding up your business logo and business name could make consumers easily remember your brand, you can also put your contact information on your custom business stickers so that your buyers can contact you anytime to purchase your products. Those are effective ways for making your brands known, Best4U will help you every step of the way.

    There are several types of businesses and Best4U has helped many companies and individuals to put up their own business without too much hassle, your Best4U business sticker supplier has trusted by global brands for over 10 years and the company still growing and learning more to give you top quality business stickers. You can use your custom business stickers in food products, bakery shops, electronic products, homemade products, chemical products, household products, wines, beverages, and many more.

    Best4U is operating for over 10 years and producing thousands of business stickers in China and throughout the world. We ship business stickers worldwide, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can always contact the Best4U business stickers supplier anytime. You can avail yourself of the affordable prices that Best4U offers with a high-quality output of custom business stickers.

    Nowadays, it is easy for you to create amazing custom business stickers without investing in equipment and spending a lot of money, here in Best4U anything could be possible for branding solutions and earn good profit by using Best4U custom business stickers. Best4U has professional designers for your business sticker printing, can make your logo highlighted with a digitally printed layout that your customers will be attracted to.

    To connect with your customers with their desired product and to catch their attention, Best4U suggests that you can fabricate your custom business stickers using our high-quality art materials, such as UV business stickers, CMYK business stickers, PMS business stickers, hot stamping business stickers, etc. All will be successfully made by the Best4U business sticker manufacturer.

    Best4U business sticker supplier has the passion and dedication to evolve your brands and that can lead to a successful business. Look for the perfect partner for your brand with the best quality and availability not just in one location but in the whole world.

    For a wide variation of business, Best4U can also manufacture different labels like pantry labels, logo sticker labels, thank you stickers, hot sauce labels, adhesive labels, bottle labelsbeer labels, hologram sticker labels, die cut stickers, etc. Best4U is highly flexible.

    Though you have struggles in marketing and having a hard time in competition and profitability for your products, it is not a problem right now, all will be easy here in Best4U with hard work to grow and dedication to succeed. Best4U is highly competent in business sticker printing and produces 30,000 pieces of custom business stickers in just 5 hours, so you can get more than you wanted, and also Best4U supports small orders with low minimum order required for your convenience.

    Best4U has concerned with the quality of each of your custom business stickers, so that is why Best4U will inspect each of your orders for 100% quality assurance, and with fast shipping service and accurate process.

    Start ordering your business stickers here in Best4U now!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Business Stickers

    There are thousands of companies that imply using business stickers nowadays as the best choice of a marketing solution.

    Business stickers are famous and have a lot of purposes in different business sectors.

    In this guide, you will know the advantages and the purpose of using business stickers. This will give you knowledge in bringing up your business to the top and this includes the printing process, the costing, manufacturers, the materials used, and a lot more.

    1. What do you mean by business stickers?

    Business stickers are also a cost-effective approach to promote your products.

    business stickers

    Stickers are the most adaptable promotional marketing products on the market.

    Business stickers are indeed popular in today’s digital world, whether for branding, advertising, or product packaging.

    Business stickers are simple to apply and place on any flat surface, making them an efficient tool for brand identification.

    Personalized business stickers will help you increase the exposure of your brand by showing your logo, brand, and even your web page or phone number.

    2. What are the applications of business stickers?

    Nowadays, business stickers are frequently used to promote all types of products.

    Business stickers are an excellent option for every business because they can be used in a number of ways and can provide a unique yet effective twist to many aspects of the business.

    business stickers application

    Business stickers can be used as the following:

    • Help Organize Products

    An excellent way to assure that your business runs well, as having well-organized products is necessary.

    • Suitable To Any Product

    A simpler way to sell your product in the market that can be used for any type of product, including homemade goods, candles, beverages, food, garments, shoes, toys, cosmetics, electronics, chemicals, and more.

    • Occasional Events

    Who knew that business stickers could be used for anything? It can be used for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baptisms, anniversaries, and other occasions.

    Stickers are commonly used on everyday goods such as laptops, guitars, computers, cellphones, car windows, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

    • Packages and Parcels

    Delivering out parcels to customers is rather thrilling, especially if there are designed stickers applied to the package, which will add to the excitement when the package is received.

    Stickers may be a great asset to your brand, especially for businesses that sell products, so you can showcase any art or style you want on a business sticker.

    3. What is a metallic business sticker?

    Metallic business stickers add a dazzling shine to any label design, catching the eye and enhancing your content.

    metallic business stickers

    Metallic sticker printing transforms your ordinary sticker into vibrant works of art.

    Metallic sticker printing is capable of handling a lot of colors.

    During the printing process of a metallic label, silver foil is placed beneath CMYK colors.

    Silver and gold are common colors for metallic business stickers.

    They’re made of a durable film with a lasting adhesive that sticks to any kind of product.

    4. Where to order business stickers that offer cheaper prices?

    There are various online and local shops that sell business stickers at cheap prices.

    However, you must consider also the quality of the label they are selling.

    China offers a high-quality business sticker standard that is ideal for a wide range of industries.

    You may check the quality of the business stickers they are selling at inexpensive prices by searching online or visiting some local stores near you.

    5. What are the types of backing paper for business stickers?

    The release liner is another name for backing paper.

    backing paper of business stickers

    The release liner is usually composed of paper and has a silicone coating on one side to allow the label to be removed neatly.

    Types of backing paper for business stickers:

    • CKK facial Paper
    • Glassine Paper
    • Plastic Film Backing Paper

    Backing paper can be in any color, such as white, yellow, blue, and translucence.

    It can be transparent and translucent.

    Backing paper for business stickers can be super gloss, surface coated with plastic, and the backing paper can be flattened using the machine.

    6. What are the adhesives used for business stickers?

    Here are some of the most often used label adhesives and what they are suitable for to assist you with your adhesive selection.

    Types of Adhesives:

    • Water-Based Adhesive

    Eco-friendly adhesive and safe to use on food, medicines, daily chemical items, and other industrial products.

    Affordable type of glue and its stickiness range is wide.

    • Oil Glue

    This type of glue has high water resistance and high-temperature resistance.

    The oil-based adhesive is used on electronic labels and some labels that are in a high-temperature environment.

    • Hot Melt Adhesive

    It has strong water resistance.

    Can be applied on a label that doesn’t require high temperature, like supermarket labels, food, medicine, and more.

    7. How to customize business stickers using free templates?

    The use of a sticker design template can benefit any business.

    free templates for business templates

    There are many sticker label templates online that are downloadable.

    Most templates for stickers are free.

    First, choose the template that fits your requirement and download it on your desktop.

    To edit and save a label template, open Word and open the label template.

    Make all the necessary modifications to the template, such as adding your company’s logo to the labels and inserting the product’s content.

    After you’ve finished customizing, go to the “File” tab and save your personalized business sticker template.

    8. How much do business stickers cost?

    Just like other sticker labels, business stickers are very affordable and have been shown to be a cost-effective tool for business branding.

    There are numerous suppliers who offer the best costs. The more you order, the lower the price will be.

    For 1000 pieces of customized business stickers, the pricing is typically around $40-$80. Individual pricing could range from $0.1 to $5 per piece or per roll.

    9. Can I use eggshell paper for my business stickers?


    You could use eggshell paper for your personalized business stickers to safeguard your product from tampering.

    eggshell business stickers

    Eggshell stickers, often known as destructible stickers, are very difficult to remove.

    Given the demand, they are also available in the same long-lasting and full-color solvent ink set just like other types of paper material.

    10. What is the purpose of using business stickers?

    When it comes to businesses, business stickers are multifunctional.

    Generally, business stickers have many purposes, including business marketing, entertaining, social gatherings, religion, economics, and so on.

    In business, a marketer can use a sticker to convey information about the ingredients or other contents of the item.

    A business sticker plays an important role not only for business but for other personal purposes.

    No need to overspend on your branding. Business stickers can help you increase your profits by adding a professional label to your product.

    Every product with a label can communicate with consumers and entice shoppers to purchase.

    11. What is a hologram business sticker?

    The eye-catching rainbow look of hologram business stickers changes with light and position.

    hologram business stickers

    Business stickers made of holographic material are waterproof, long-lasting, and fade-resistant, which means they will endure longer.

    Logos, serial numbers, product content, and other information can be printed on it. Custom sizes, shapes, and designs are obtainable.

    12. Can I choose waterproof business stickers from my supplier?

    Yes, you can choose waterproof business stickers.

    Suppliers of business stickers make a variety of sticker labels, including waterproof business stickers.

    Many brands choose waterproof labels since they are splash-resistant and long-lasting.

    This type of sticker is laminated to protect it from moisture.

    Waterproof business stickers may apply to some products, like frozen food products, beverages, canned goods, bathing products, and so on.

    Can be personalized according to the label design you choose.

    13. Can a business sticker tear-proof?

    Yes, whatever kind of sticker can be tear-proof.

    The higher quality printing is a real advantage of tear-proof business stickers.

    Tear-proof labels are durable enough to withstand tearing while also being resistant to a variety of other conditions.

    tear proof business stickers

    Synthetic paper, PVC, PET, and BOPP are all material options for tear-resistant business stickers.

    These materials are highly recommended for any type of products and it can be used outdoors and indoors.

    14. Is it okay to use business stickers for special events?

    Of course!

    Business stickers aren’t just for the corporate world.

    It’s a versatile sticker that may be used for a wide array of applications, including birthdays, store openings, homecomings, baby showers, wedding ceremonies, and much more.

    Apart from business products, this is ideal for personalizing gifts, souvenirs, keepsakes, and other connected stuff.

    15. How to order business stickers from China?

    To order business stickers from China, you must first seek a competitive supplier.

    There are a lot of suppliers in China who manufacture business stickers at a low price.

    You can verify a supplier’s trustworthiness to see if they are a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced manufacturer.

    Send your orders directly to your supplier, including your custom design, colors, shapes, sizes, and theme for your business stickers.

    Following the completion of the manufacturing process for business stickers, the manufacturer from China will send your orders to your doors.

    16. Can I ask for a free sample of a business sticker from a manufacturer before placing an order?

    You can contact your supplier for a free sample.

    Some manufacturers will provide you with a free sample of business stickers.

    They want you to be able to see the quality of their work before placing an order with them.

    17. Is there other colors of Kraft business stickers aside from brown color?

    Yes, the Kraft business sticker is available in natural colors.





    The printability, easy processing, and durability of Kraft paper are all great.

    Kraft business stickers

    Choose white Kraft paper if you want to customize the printing of your Kraft business stickers and make it colorful.

    The color of Kraft Paper is primarily Brown color.

    However, Kraft paper is not always brown as you always know.

    To produce different colors of Kraft paper, multiple bleaching procedures can be added to the process.

    Kraft business stickers cannot be covered with film or any kind of lamination and it is not waterproof.

    Hence, Kraft business stickers are known to be practical to use for it is strong and cost-effective for any types of industry.

    18. What is the difference between foil stamping business stickers and UV business stickers?

    Foil stamping and UV printings are all excellent kinds of process art in labeling.

    However, they differed in terms of processing and output.

    Meanwhile, UV business stickers are created by applying a gloss or matte coating to a selected parts of your sticker labels and curing them using Ultraviolet light.

    UV business stickers

    While foil stamping business stickers is the process of applying heat and pressure to apply metallic print and foil to materials such as plastics, papers, and packaging boxes.

    foil stamping business stickers

    When produced by a professional manufacturer, both printing arts are extremely durable and long-lasting.

    19. Is there a writable business sticker?

    Yes, there is a writable business sticker.

    Writable business stickers are a quick and easy solution to label your products while manually customizing each label with a manufacturing date, expiration date, brand logo, or product flavor, etc.

    writable business stickers

    These labels have a strong, long-lasting adhesive and a matte surface that allows them to be written on with a pen, chalk, or marker.

    Writable business stickers can be used on any smooth and clean surfaced items, like bottles, jars, computers, laptops, glass windows, packaging boxes, and more…

    20. Can I use business stickers on packaging boxes, envelopes, paper bags, etc.?

    Yes, you can!

    Business stickers are highly flexible when applied to various products.

    You can apply business stickers on envelopes, packaging boxes, paper bags, crafts, special events, cosmetics, sauce, pantry products, wine, etc.

    With custom printed labels to match your branding or business message, as well as a personalized theme that you prefer.

    Very appropriate for expressing your creativity on packages, mailers, and shipping boxes.

    Additionally, business stickers are very helpful to boost your marketing sales in all industries.

    21. What are the processing art options for business stickers?

    Processing arts for labels are enhancements to your labels that will add a glamorous effect to attract people.

    There are several types of processing arts for business stickers, this includes:

    • Cold Foil
    • UV Printing
    • Emboss Printing
    • CMYK
    • PMS Printing
    • Matte Film
    • Glossy Film
    • Dome Epoxy, etc.

    To enhance the label and provide itself with a three-dimensional aspect, a dome epoxy is covered with a clear polyurethane compound.

    All these processing arts are used in any kind of label especially in business stickers.

    These are widely utilized by a lot of label manufacturers to make every branding effective.

    22. What is CMYK printing for business stickers?

    Colors are partially or completely overlaid on a lighter, usually white, background in CMYK printing for business stickers.

    CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key which is Black.

    CMYK business stickers

    For print materials, CMYK is preferable, specifically for business stickers.

    Colors are created using a subtractive method in CMYK.

    In this process, the light that might normally be reflected is reduced by the ink.

    However, CMY alone is incapable of producing extremely dark hues such as “true black,” thus black (abbreviated “K” for “key color”) is applied.

    23. Can I apply lamination for my business stickers?

    Yes, lamination can be applied on business stickers as well as other sticker labels.

    Lamination adds protection to any kind of harmful elements and it is acid-rain resistant.

    An additional layer is placed on the surface of printed stickers that extends the sticker’s longevity by about 1-3 years.

    Lamination for business stickers is a process that involves adding a layer of material to a sticker in enhancing its durability, strength, and attractiveness.

    Matte and glossy lamination are the most frequent types of lamination used in business stickers.

    Any things, such as business stickers, that will be exposed to the elements including heat, moisture and cold should be laminated.

    24. How to emphasize if the business stickers are waterproof?

    In emphasizing the business sticker whether it is waterproof or not.

    Check the material or paper with water that is used in business stickers, if the paper absorbed the water or not.

    The Glossy White, Matte, and Clear Waterproof Labels are printed on durable polypropylene material.

    When exposed to moisture or sprayed with water, your business stickers are waterproof if their colors do not change.

    Beer, wine, water bottles, supermarket items, and other products benefit from waterproof labeling.

    25. Are business stickers okay to apply on beverages?


    Business stickers can also be applied to any beverage.

    business stickers for beverages

    If they’re for wine, whisky, champagne, juice jars, water, or beer bottles, custom business stickers are useful.

    To beautify your items, make sure you get suitable business stickers for beverages produced. BOPP, PET, PE, Synthetic paper, PVC, and other materials have a strong adhesive that avoids peeling and keeps your artwork looking new even in the most extreme environments.

    26. What are the example sizes of business stickers for jars?

    Business stickers should fit into your packaging or container.

    Any type of container you have for your items comes in a variety of sizes.

    We’ll show you some reference sizes for jars that you can use for your business stickers.

    Business Stickers Size Chart For Jars

    Jar Size

    Oval Shape (inches)

    Mason Jars

    4 oz.

    1 x 2 inches

    8 oz.

    1.5 x 2.5 inches
    Sauce Jars 8 oz.

    1 x 2 inches

    16 oz.

    2 x 3 inches

    These label size charts are simply for your convenience; you can choose the appropriate sizes for your products based on your preferences.

    27. Are business stickers eco-friendly?

    Paper-based business stickers are environmentally friendly and safe to put on a variety of products, especially foodstuffs.

    Each sticker complies with strong chemical emission regulations and contributes to the reduction of indoor air pollution, making it suitable for use in delicate indoor situations.

    Indoor and outdoor use is possible with these eco-friendly business stickers.

    28. Is there a removable business sticker?


    Removable business stickers are also available from different sticker manufacturers.

    Removable Stickers are ideal for all types of applications.

    Removable labels make it simple to fix errors, and they may be updated with new content.

    Removable business stickers can be applied to automobile windows, electronic devices, medicinal products, and other surfaces.

    removable business stickers

    On your car window, you may effortlessly remove it without any difficulty and defects on your business stickers.

    Stickers with this removable adhesive are only intended for temporary use.

    They stick to most flat surfaces and come off easily without leaving any residue.

    29. Can I have my business stickers in any shape?


    Business stickers come in any shape.

    Simply choose the shape for your personalized business stickers.

    The most frequent shapes used in most industries are round, square, oval, and rectangle.

    Irregular shapes, such as hexagons, triangular shapes, nonagon shapes, and others, can be used.

    You may modify the size of your labels in any shape of business stickers.

    30. Which packaging method is better, cut-to-size labels, on rolls or sheets?

    All of these packaging options are suggested, however, they differ in terms of how they are cut and packed.


    Business stickers that are manufactured on a continuous liner and looped around a cardboard spindle are known as roll labels.

    It’s simple to remove labels from rolls for manual application as well as machine application with faster application on any product.

    Cut-To-Size Labels

    Cut-to-size labels, as the name implies, are labels that are cut to that same shape and size that the buyer specifies.

    Are excellent for handouts and packaging labels and are ideal for high-quality labeling applications such as coffee products, wine, and containers, as well as marketing promotions, decorations, and event freebies.


    For personal or professional labeling needs, labels on sheets are recommended.

    Sheet business stickers are simple to print at home or at work, and they come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors.

    It’s not always easy to decide between rolled labels, sheet labels, and cut-to-size labels.

    Decide the preferred packaging method that is easy for you.

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