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Give Your Bottle Seal Sticker a Great Look

Best4U only produces premium quality materials for your bottle seal sticker. Makes your clients feel secure by giving them a secure look on your bottle seal sticker.

Lollipop Style Bottle Seal Sticker
Bottle seal sticker could be custom depending on your request
Honey Bottle Seal Sticker
Create a unique and premium quality honey bottle seal sticker with Best4U
Hot Sauce Bottle Seal Sticker
Spice up your hot sauce bottles with customized seal sticker
Wine Bottle Seal Sticker
Best4U has fast production lines that can produce more than 30000 wine bottle seal stickers in five hours
Cosmetic Bottle Seal Sticker (2)
Easy to personalize your bottle seal sticker to make your product glamorous and attractive to customers
Clear Bottle Seal Sticker
Best4U accepts small orders with minimum order required of 1000 pieces of clear bottle seal stickers
Gold Bottle Seal Sticker
Customizing your bottle seal stickers will make it more unique and premium
Kraft Bottle Seal Sticker
Best4U only uses high quality materials for your kraft bottle seal sticker
Aluminum Foil Seal Stickers
Available in any sizes, color and choose your own material.

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Best4U offers a variety of materials for your bottle seal sticker, from which you may select to make your bottle seal sticker more presentable:

  • Bottle seal stickers could be in any print designs
  • Seal stickers for bottle could be any color and shape.
  • Waterproof, oilproof, and anti-corrosion bottle seal sticker

Tips help you get an instant quotation :

  • Send us your detailed requirement for your bottle seal sticker
  • Confirm the material that you want for your bottle seal sticker
  • Confirm the quantity of bottle seal sticker you need.


Best4U has a wide variety of materials to choose from.

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You can have your orders on roll or sheet, depends on your demand.

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    If you are finding the best manufacturer for your bottle seal sticker you are in the right place. Best4U is the best bottle seal sticker manufacturer and has been on top for 10 years and more. Best4U is known to have produced premium quality bottle seal stickers and more than 1000 brands have put their full trust in Best4U as their bottle seal sticker manufacturer.


    Best4U, as the best and leading producer of bottle seal stickers, always ensures that you receive high-quality bottle seal stickers, and Best4U is concerned about your pleasure. We can tell you that with our quality and advanced machines and professional designers, you will exactly have what you need for your bottle seal stickers.


    If you simply add unique features to your bottle seal stickers with Best4U’s help, which has been recognized as an exceptional bottle seal stickers supplier since 2009, it can inspire your branding. Our technology allows you to print high-resolution bottle seal stickers, and all of your custom bottle seal stickers are created using high-quality raw materials.


    Having trouble with your layout and designs for your bottle seal sticker? Don’t worry, Best4U has our professional designers that you can work with on your bottle seal stickers layout. Best4U will ensure you that your ideal bottle seal stickers will be put into reality. You can discuss with our team the colors, shape, and if you have the design that you need for your bottle seal stickers.


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    Choose Best4U as Your Manufacturer

    Best4U ensures you that your bottle seal stickers will be unique in design and that they will look presentable. You can even choose any print that you need for your bottle seal stickers. Hot stamping bottle seal stickers, UV bottle seal stickers, CMYK, and PMS are all options. Simply send your bottle seal stickers orders to Best4U, and they will assist you throughout the process.

    Best4U has a Kraft paper bottle seal sticker, synthetic paper bottle seal sticker, PVC bottle seal sticker, coated paper bottle seal sticker, PE bottle seal sticker, PET bottle seal sticker, and so many more. This will allow you to have many options for the materials in making your bottle seal sticker.

    Customer service of Best4U will be available for you anytime 24 hours so you can place an order of your bottle seal stickers. We guarantee 100 percent strict quality control for your bottle seal stickers, and each order must go through a four-time quality control inspection of your bottle seal stickers to ensure that Best4U delivers premium quality bottle seal stickers.

    Best4U has a wide option for your bottle seal sticker. You can create your bottle seal sticker depending on the need of your brand. We use only high-quality materials that will make sure that a high-quality bottle seal sticker is produced.

    You can use the Best4U bottle seal sticker in any brands that you have, such as if you have a brand of honey jars, beers bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottles for spices or hot sauce, and even your wine bottles. Best4U will always be your best option.

    Best4U is capable of producing more than 30000 bottle seal stickers in just five hours. So even if you order more than thousands of bottle seal stickers in a day Best4U can satisfy the number of bottle seal stickers that you need. The big manufacturing capacity that Best4U has makes it possible to manufacture thousands of orders daily.

    If you own a small business or are just starting, custom bottle seal stickers can have a major impact on your marketing while being cost-effective and requiring little effort on your part.

    Best4U offers a large capacity bottle seal stickers factory that can manufacture and produce a large number of custom circle label stickers for your business; you may purchase as many as you need.

    We also support small orders of bottle seal stickers. We have a minimum order required of 1000 pieces of bottle seal stickers at a very affordable price. This will make your worries go away, Best4U will satisfy your needs without breaking the bank.

    Best4U does not just focus on bottle seal stickers. We also manufacture so many kinds of labels and stickers that will best suit your products. We have wine labelsspice bottle labelsliquor labels, and so many more. Send us your inquiries and Best4U will take care of you.

    After all of the operations have been completed on your custom bottle seal stickers, Best4U provides quick shipping services. It will be packed using secure packaging to make sure that orders arrive safely at your location. You may have your bottle seal stickers on a sheet or roll, depending on your needs. You can even have them trimmed to size if you wish.

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    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Bottle Seal Sticker

    Make every bottle sealed with an amazing customized bottle seal sticker while making the product secure.

    We will guide you with all the information you need for business promotion, marketing, special events, souvenirs, and a lot more.

    This will be very helpful to help you manage your products and choose the best ideas for your business such as the manufacturers, materials, printing arts, packaging method, etc.

    1. Is a bottle seal sticker protecting the product?

    The bottle seal sticker not only protects the products from being tampered with or contaminated, but it also protects the customers from buying a spoiled product.

    bottle seal sticker

    It’s a benefit for both consumers and sellers for using the bottle seal sticker in any type of product.

    A lot of brands and companies are required to use the bottle seal sticker to keep their product sealed and avoid opening without consent.

    2. How big is the bottle seal sticker?

    The bottle seal sticker is customizable.

    The bottle seal sticker can be altered with your own preference.

    When obtaining a bottle seal sticker from a manufacturer, the size of the bottle seal sticker, such as the height and width, must be specified.

    The bottle seal sticker can be a lollipop shape for about 12 cm in size. That is one of the popular sizes of a bottle seal sticker.

    Manufacturers are able to customize the size of the bottle seal sticker according to what you need.

    3. Why do we have to choose China in importing bottle seal stickers?

    There must be numerous reasons why you have to choose China in importing bottle seal stickers.

    China has the widest capacity and high-end equipment that can sustain the quality standard of bottle seal sticker.

    No matter what design of bottle seal sticker you want, Chinese manufacturers can do custom artwork.

    They are able to ship orders globally.

    Thousands of brands around the world choose manufacturers of bottle seal sticker from China because of their reliability, competitiveness, and trustworthiness.

    For how many decades that a lot of Chinese manufacturers of bottle seal sticker served every company and other brands with satisfaction.

    4. Where is this bottle seal sticker can be used?

    The bottle seal sticker is widely used and quite flexible.

    bottle seal sticker

    It can be used in the following:

    • Sauce
    • Cosmetics
    • Honey
    • Milk
    • Candle
    • Perfume
    • Beverages
    • Medicine
    • Food take away

    The bottle seal sticker can be used during events where you can express your style in the crowd.

    An impressive bottle seal sticker can make your products stand out.

    5. What materials are used to make bottle seal stickers?

    The bottle seal sticker is made with a fine material that makes it suitable for its application.

    Every material has a different type and different texture.

    The following are the materials for the bottle seal sticker:

    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • BOPP
    • Coated paper
    • PET colored
    • PET transparent
    • PVC
    • Textured paper
    • Vinyl
    • Eggshell paper ( destructible )
    • PE

    Coated Paper 

    Coated paper has the cheapest cost material that is popular to use in some products.

    It’s perfect for retail, occasional events, supermarkets, etc.

    Coated paper can be coated and laminated with a glossy finish or matte finish.


    Bopp is a transparent type of material.

    The BOPP material has an amazing transparency, oil proof, water proof and corrosion proof.

    The design of the label is highlighted from the material surface and gives the brand a perfect result.


    An inexpensive material and has a soft texture.

    It is a water resistant and oil resistant material to protect every detail printed on the bottle seal sticker.

    6. Do I have to choose the permanent adhesive for the bottle seal sticker?

    When choosing the adhesive, it will be up to your preferences.

    But in using the bottle seal sticker, the permanent adhesive is the right one to choose.

    It is to avoid the opening of the product without permission or being tampered with by anyone.

    The permanent adhesive will let the bottle seal sticker stick securely on the top of the bottle and serve as a protection against tampering.

    Aside from permanent adhesive, there are other kinds of glue that can be applied to the bottle seal sticker.

    These are the types of adhesives:

    • Permanent Adhesive
    • Removable Adhesive
    • Repositionable Adhesive

    The removable adhesive is when a sticker can be removed and attached many times without damaging the sticker and without leaving any residue on the surface.

    The repositionable adhesive will let you reposition or reattach the sticker on the surface in a short period of time and without losing the adhesion.

    7. What can I put on the bottle seal sticker?

    The bottle seal sticker can be modified and can be printed with details about the product.

    The logo of your brand, flavor, or scent of the product can be input on the bottle seal sticker.

    bottle seal sticker

    You can also put the barcode of the product so that it can be scanned easily.

    Different colors and artworks can be added to it.

    For events, aesthetic designs, vintage or floral is possible to make it visible and easier to catch up people’s attention.

    8. Is it better to pick a destructible paper for the bottle seal sticker?

    Yes, of course.

    The destructible paper is one of the recommended materials for a bottle seal sticker.

    As we all know that destructible paper cannot be removed in one piece. Once it is forced to remove it will be crushed or broken into pieces and that works difficult to do by anyone.

    The destructible paper is used to prevent some tampering, counterfeiting, theft, and so on.

    It is very important to protect the product that we own especially when that product is placed on the shelves out in the market.

    The destructible paper is a cost-effective material for the bottle seal sticker.

    9. Can I personalize the bottle seal sticker with my own artwork?

    Yes, of course.

    personalized bottle seal sticker

    The bottle seal sticker can be personalized with any artwork design you prefer to have for your bottled products.

    Make your bottled products secure with bottle seal sticker trendy looks.

    To personalize the bottle seal sticker, there are tons of design selections of templates online to pick, to provide the simplest personalization that you can work into it.

    If you are inspired in making and personalizing the bottle seal sticker on your own, you can absolutely do that by using some editing applications on the internet, such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Pixlr, Canva, and more.

    The bottle seal sticker has a security purpose for every product in a way that it can be more attractive the way we want it to be.

    10. What is the preferred packaging method for the bottle seal sticker?

    The bottle seal sticker can be in any packaging method.

    The most popular packaging method for bottle seal sticker are roll form, sheet form, and cut in shape.

    Roll Form Bottle Seal Sticker

    Bottle seal sticker in roll is versatile and can be customized.

    It is recommended if you want a faster application and you are using a label dispenser to apply it to the product.

    It can be manually applied also by hanging it on a hanger tube, etc.

    Sheet Form Bottle Seal Sticker

    The bottle seal sticker is on a printed sheet form.

    It is good for small applications of products and can be done manually.

    Cut in Shape Bottle Seal Sticker

    The bottle seal sticker is cut by pieces or individually.

    For whatever shape of the label, it can be a good choice for a bottle seal sticker.

    11. Is it better to include a printing option for the bottle seal sticker?


    If there is no printed design or not applying any of those printing options, the bottle seal sticker will be different and will look ugly to the eyes of the consumers.

    A range of printing options can help make a trendy style of bottle seal sticker.

    Printing Options:

    • Emboss Printing
    • Deboss Printing
    • UV Printing (ultraviolet)
    • PMS Printing
    • Flexographic Printing
    • Digital Printing
    • CMYK Printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Cold Foiling

    These different types of printing options have different procedures on how they are being processed for the great results of bottle seal sticker.

    Digital Printing

    Digital printing is the process where the images are digitally printed.

    It is commonly used in printing magazines, newspapers, banners, and more.

    High-quality images can be printed on the bottle seal sticker using this method.

    Emboss Printing

    Emboss printing is very popular for any kind of product because it adds a unique and attractive look that can amaze everyone.

    emboss bottle seal sticker

    This is the process in which the image or the words is lifted from the surface that resulting in the high-quality texture of printing.

    12. What are the best ways to pick a bottle seal sticker manufacturer?

    A role of a manufacturer of bottle seal sticker can change the way you handle your business and make your life easier.

    If you choose a manufacturer, make sure that they can meet your specified needs in a great way.

    Since there are many manufacturers nowadays, you have to be wise and vigilant when choosing the right one and must have the following traits.

    • Can be trusted
    • Must be reliable
    • Must have long years of experience
    • Must be competitive
    • Can do customization
    • Has proof on some previous transactions
    • Has high-end machines
    • Can ship orders worldwide
    • Accepts bulk and small orders

    Those mentioned above must be considered in finding the right manufacturer of bottle seal sticker to make you satisfied.

    Online searching is one of the applicable methods in finding a manufacturer.

    13. Does a bottle seal sticker can fit to any type of bottle?


    Any type of bottle can be used in applying the bottle seal sticker.

    It can be a glass bottle, plastic bottle, stainless bottle, etc.

    The bottle seal sticker is flexible and whether what size the bottle is, it is possible to attach it on.

    You can custom the size of the bottle seal sticker and that depends on the bottle type and bottle size.

    14. Is a bottle seal sticker serve as a tamper-proof label?


    In protecting the product, everyone must have this type of sticker label.

    When a label has been tampered with, there is visual proof.

    As a result, using a tamper-proof label like a bottle seal sticker is necessary.

    Thus, it can be modified with other materials, printing arts, and artworks that you prefer.

    Hologram tamper proof bottle seal sticker is very famous for pharmaceuticals, electronics, beauty products, and so on.

    15. Where can I get a sample of bottle seal sticker before I can order in bulk?

    There is various supplier of bottle seal sticker that gives a sample of their output.

    You can ask your supplier for a sample of bottle seal sticker so that you can actually see their works and then you can decide if you want to order from them.

    The supplier must issue or provide a sample from their own layout to their customers for free.

    If you have no supplier yet, you can simply check it on the internet for the suppliers that can provide a free sample of bottle seal sticker before placing a bulk order.

    16. Is a bottle seal sticker safe to use for all beverages?

    Yes, of course.

    bottle seal sticker for beverages

    Whether it is a juice drink, water, wine, beer, soda, and so on. It is advisable to use a bottle seal sticker to make the product safe especially when your business has a delivery method.

    This bottle seal sticker can help you manage the product to seal every cap of the beverages to avoid opening and prevent the product from spilling off.

    It is also safe to use the bottle seal sticker for beverages since there are materials that are used to manufacture this kind of label that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

    The biggest brands and large companies around the world used this bottle seal sticker for how many decades and that is proven for how many years in protecting their product to some possible instances.

    17. Can I make my bottle seal sticker waterproof?

    Yes, of course.

    It is one of the goals of every business to protect the brand logo and names of their product.

    It is very important to make the labels high-quality and by making them waterproof.

    The waterproof bottle seal sticker is a high standard quality of a label that is being laminated.

    There are materials for bottle seal sticker also that are advisable and highly suggested to make a waterproof bottle seal sticker, such as PVC, BOPP, PET, PP, and PE.

    The waterproof bottle seal sticker is best to use especially on any kind of bottled beverages, cosmetics, essential oils, bathing products, etc.

    Because it can prevent the label from splashing or any kind of wet like if you put the bottle on the bucket with a lot of ice, the print on the bottle seal sticker will not easily be vanished.

    It can be personalized as well and it is an inexpensive idea for a sophisticated result of bottle seal sticker.

    18. Is it okay to make a clear bottle seal sticker?


    There is a clear bottle seal sticker available on different manufacturers.

    The clear or transparent materials for bottle seal sticker are in demand since the quality of clear material is a high standard and considered as one of the recommended materials for any kind of label.

    The clear bottle seal sticker has good transparency and the prints are good to look at.

    The bottle seal sticker will be tear proof, water proof, oil proof, etc. with the use of clear materials, like BOPP, PVC, PET ( clear ), and so on.

    It will surely secure the product with the custom clear bottle seal sticker.

    19. Is Kraft paper okay to use to manufacture a bottle seal sticker?

    Yes, of course.

    Kraft bottle seal sticker

    Kraft paper is known as a durable kind of paper material because it can sustain any weather such as outdoor and indoor usage.

    It has a very unique appearance in detail and is eye-catching.

    You cannot resist using Kraft paper because it will make the product outstanding as well.

    The personalized Kraft bottle seal sticker is perfect for any surprises, party bash, business marketing, and gatherings, and so on.

    20. What is the ordering procedure when purchasing a bottle seal sticker from a supplier?

    When you purchase a bottle seal sticker from a supplier, it has a proper procedure to follow to make the deal go smoothly.

    You must also choose the supplier that can sustain your needs regarding the bottle seal sticker.

    The following are the ordering procedures when purchasing a bottle seal sticker from a supplier:

    • Send orders and quotation
    • Calculation of orders
    • Confirmation of orders
    • Payment
    • Checking ( materials, adhesive, template )
    • Manufacturing process
    • Quality checking
    • Packing
    • Delivery process

    21. Can I make the bottle seal sticker in rainbow color?


    A bottle seal sticker with a rainbow color is an attractive way to express your thoughts and deliver your creativity out to your brand.

    It can be with any color also like green, orange, purple, red, blue, and yellow and so on.

    It is a bright idea for a brighter result for branding your product in making the bottle seal sticker in rainbow design and can also be used on some special events.

    Aside from making it colorful, you can also make the shape personalized as you desire.

    22. Is the bottle seal sticker can be used outdoor?

    Yes, of course.

    Whether the application of the product is indoor or outdoor, the bottle seal sticker can sustain and can be applied.

    There are materials that can sustain the weather in outdoor applications like synthetic paper, Kraft paper, BOPP, textured paper, and more.

    Those materials are best to choose to provide the sustainability of the label.

    Also, consider the printing art and the adhesive that is used because there are appropriate printing arts and adhesive that are good for outdoor application.

    23. Is the bottle seal sticker cheap or expensive?

    Maybe you are wondering if the bottle seal sticker is expensive or not.

    Well, actually it is totally cheap.

    That is the reason why many companies choose to have this type of sticker label to protect their products in the market.

    It is one way to pursue the achievement in marketing your product by using the bottle seal sticker without worrying much.

    The price range of the bottle seal sticker will depend on the custom design that you chose to have from your manufacturer.

    It will only range from about $0.1 up to $2 per piece and that is a very a cost effective solution for any kind of branding and application.

    24. What are the factors that need to consider if the bottle seal sticker has been tampered already?

    Once the bottle seal sticker is being forced to remove or being tampered with by someone else, it will be crushed and torn off from the cap of the bottle.

    bottle seal sticker is tampered

    Actually, it will really depend on what type of adhesive you chose and what type of material you have for the bottle seal sticker.

    For example, if you chose the eggshell paper and permanent glue, it will be hard to remove by theft or someone else.

    Since eggshell paper cannot be removed in a whole piece and the permanent glue is very hard to remove as well.

    25. Can I make my bottle seal sticker round?

    Yes, of course.

    The usual shape of the bottle seal sticker is round, like a lollipop shape.

    However, you can create another shape that fits your goal for your brand.

    26. Is it possible for bottle seal stickers to be applied in jars, wine bottles, milk, etc.?


    The bottle seal sticker is a flexible type of sticker that can be attached to any type of surface or containers like jars, milk bottles, wine bottles, envelopes, packaging boxes, and so on.

    This is a helpful material to help you cope with your business to a new level and also by helping consumers to ensure that the product is safe.


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