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Your Bottle Labels Could Be Used Everywhere

No matter whether you are doing bakery business, or cosmetic , or chemical industry etc, bottle labels will be helpful for your business.

Shampoo Bottle Labels
Bottle labels for shampoo could be custom in any shape and any color
Perfume Bottle Labels
Best4U makes your clear bottle labels in premium printing, no color faded
Detergent Labels
Bottle labels could be re printed when you get them, and it could be colorful.
Juice Bottle Label
Printing your brand own bottle labels with 1000pcs, drive your brand with low risk
Essential Oil Bottle Labels
Bottle labels could be in any size, no matter it's vial bottle or big olive oil bottle
Supplement Bottle Labels
Bottle labels could be with multiple printing or finish choices

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Materials for Bottle Labels

Best4U supports bottle Labels on rolls, or sheet or cut them in size individually.

Label Packing Method

Bottle Labels Printing Art

There are many material options for bottle labels, most customers choose synthetic paper. It can make your bottle labels performance perfectly :

  • Waterproof, oilproof and anti-corrosion.
  • Bottle labels could be in any color printing.
  • Bottle labels could be cut in any shape.
  • Bottle labels could be glued by automatic labelling machines.

Printing art options for bottle labels: CMYK printing, UV Printing, Hot stamping ( Gold stamping, silver stamping, red stamping, green stamping, purple stamping and more )

Laminated film options for bottle labels: Gossy, Matte, Pearl, Alu Foiled and more

Tips help you get instant quotation :

  • Confirm bottle labels size according appearance effect you need.
  • Confirm bottle labels material.
  • Confirm bottle labels quantity you need.

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    Best4U bottle label supplier is an expert in bottle label manufacturing. Best4U lets you customize your bottle labels in any color and in any shape you want. To assure that your custom bottle labels more authentic in design, Best4U has high-tech printing machines like CMYK and PMS to suit your demands for your bottle label printing.

    Choose what shape you prefer, like oval bottle labels, round bottle labels, square bottle labels, rectangle bottle labels, or any shape you want your bottle labels will look like.

    If you encounter some problems regarding the designs of your bottle labels, you have nothing to fear about your bottle labels, because the Best4U bottle label manufacturer has 3 professional makers and an expert team to manage all your demands for your bottle labels. You can send us your detailed order and Best4U will make it perfect for you.

    Best4U offers multiple types of materials for your bottle labels, like coated paper, Kraft paper, PVC for your bottle labels, PET, PE, BOPP, textured paper for your bottle labels, etc. You can choose any materials you like for your bottle labels and these materials are also different in thickness.

    We can use the Best4U bottle labels in different ways or in what industry you belong. You can apply your Best4U bottle labels in a laundry shop, bakery shop, Cosmetics, or even in chemical products, etc.

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    Except for bottle labels, Best4U offers also a lot of labels in manufacturing. You can have wine labels, hologram stickers, packaging seal labels, and much more to mention that Best4U offers. In whatever industry you belong to, Best4U is your best buddy to have.

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    Bottle Label – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    Innovations in bottle labels continue to be an essential part of marketing today.

    Consumers are often willing to purchase a premium-priced bottle solely because its label is distinctive and attractive.

    Bottle Labels are custom designed to meet the needs of the particular wine or liquor is sold.

    The packaging’s quality and design are essential as it is one of the first steps of contact between you and your customer.

    Discussed below are Bottle Label FAQs that are sure to help you with the process.

    1. How much does it cost to label a bottle?

    Most companies start at a minimum of $1 per bottle label. Price range is about $0.01~$1 in manufacturers of China.

    However,  the label’s size , order quantity and shape also play a vital role in determining the cost associated with bottle labels. And the price varies with the choice of a quality label, a fancy die-cut that is more detailed and takes longer to produce.

    2. How do I print my water bottle labels?

    To print your water bottle labels. You can use an online graphic design tool or use software like adobe illustrator or photoshop.

    There are two ways. You can then click on the links under the “My Albums” section on the left-hand side of the page, or you can choose from ready-to-use templates.

    Select the Water Bottle labels album/ desired template that you would like to upload your artwork to.

    Just click on the “Edit” button located on each product page, and choose the photo you’d like to use.

    Design your bottle labels using our easy-to-use interface.

    You can even add personalized text and stickers to create a customized look for your bottles!

    When you have completed the design of your label, you can take print at the very instant.

    3. How do you make a waterproof water bottle label?

    The key lies in making the labels from waterproof material and then applying them to the bottles.

    The inkjet printer provides clear, crisp printing to any size or shape of the material.

    After you cut out the labels, you would peel off the plastic layer and stick them onto the water bottles with adhesive.

    Waterproof bottle labels

    You could also print them out on sticker stock that already has adhesive, so all they need is water to seal and get shipped to your customers for birthday parties.

    Bottle Label materials that are durable and easy to apply will help protect the labels and the bottles.

    4. What material is used for bottle labels?

    Bottle labels are made up of three parts: a layered sheet of paper (or other material such as plastic or vellum), an adhesive, and a label cut out with whatever information you need.

    5. What size should water bottle labels be?

    Bottle labels should be large enough to fit across the water bottle and small enough that they do not flop down the side of the bottle.

    Some standard sizes are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No.LabelSize (in)
    1Wine3.5 × 4
    2Beer4 × 3
    3Water Bottle (16 oz)8 × 2
    4Water Bottle (12 oz)8.25 × 1.75
    5Address Tag2.63 × 1
    6Name Tag3.38 × 2.31

    6. How do you make glass bottle labels?

    Here are the steps to make a glass bottle labels:

    • After you print your labels on plain paper or standard sticker paper, let them dry.
    • Trace a shape on the label with a pencil.
    • You can apply your labels to any smooth glass surface, such as jars, vases, or bottles.

    Glass Bottle Labels are helpful to label grocery bottles, shampoo bottles, glassware, and more.

    This ensures ease of identification and makes it easy to recycle the containers.

    7. What size are mini wine bottle labels?

    Some standard sizes that are widely used for mini wine bottle labels are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No.LabelSizes (in)
    1Mini Wine Bottle2 × 3
    23 × 2
    33 × 3
    41.75 × 8
    52 × 7.5

    8. How do you paste a label onto a bottle?

    Hold the label firmly in place once its place in the bottle.

    Align it with the area you want it to be placed on the bottle.

    Press down from the center and move it outwards slightly to the left and just to the right.

    Smooth down, and the bottle labels should be firmly in place.

    9. How do you make mini champagne bottle labels?

    With the help of a free online graphic tool like Canva or software like Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, you can make custom mini champagne bottle labels quickly and easily.

    There is no limit for quantity and sizes.

    Simply select your mini champagne bottle label template and insert your text, images, or themes.

    Mini bottle labels

    Then print and stick your design onto your mini champagne bottle labels with glue or adhesive.

    10. What is the size of a champagne bottle label?

    The size of champagne bottle labels depends on the size and shape of champagne bottles. Some of the standard champagne label sizes are listed in the table below:

    Size of bottle labels

    Sr. No.LabelSizes (in)
    1Champagne Bottle4 × 6
    24 × 4
    33.5 × 4
    45 × 5
    56     × 4

    11. How do you make Bottle labels on Microsoft Word?

    There are several different ways to create Bottle labels on Microsoft Word.

    The easiest way is to use pre-made templates to download from the internet or make your new template.

    These templates may come with a design already on them that you can choose to replace or leave it as is.

    You are doing a slight change in the size, text, font, colors, themes, etc. You can build a design of your own bottle labels.

    After complete formatting, you can print your bottle label and paste it where you want.

    12. What is the usage of bottle labels?

    One of the best ways to increase your product’s presentation is by using bottle labels without adding costs.

    Bottle labels not only beautify a product’s packaging; they also aid in marketing.

    Bottle labels can be used in the wine, liquor, beer, or beverage industry.

    13. How to get a bottle label template?

    Browse a large selection of online bottle label templates at or

    Templates exist for wine bottle labels, water bottles bottle labels, beer bottle labels, carbonated beverages bottle labels, etc.

    You can select an existing template or make a new one by building tools available on these websites.

    14. What is a custom bottle label?

    A custom bottle label is a label that helps promote any and every brand, product, or business.

    It is an important marketing tool that helps you get a successful start to your business or event.

    With the right design and layout, your custom bottle labels will be one of the most valuable tools you can have in your collection.

    15. How to customize water bottle label templates?

    There are countless methods for customizing your water bottle templates.

    Pick out a template, such as a number template bottle label, apple shape bottle labels, rectangle size bottle label, hearts shaped water bottle label, or any other choice.

    Customizable bottle labels

    After your login to the editor page, click on the screen’s right side’s edit button.

    The page will redirect you to the page where you can customize your bottle labels.

    16. How to make vector art images of bottle labels?

    You need to use Adobe Photoshop for image processing and Adobe Illustrator for creating vector graphics for bottle labels.

    Vector art Images of bottle labels

    First, prepare images of bottles from the front, back, and diagonal. You need to use Adobe Photoshop for image processing and Adobe Illustrator for creating vector graphics for bottle labels.

    Then bottle labels artwork and vector graphics for bottle labels are created in Adobe Illustrator using bottle contours as a form.

    Finally, all these files are combined into one picture in Adobe Photoshop.

    The combination of these files will make up a vector art image of bottle labels.

    17. Can you recycle bottles with labels?

    Yes, you can recycle bottles with labels. In general, a brand does not affect whether a plastic bottle can be recycled or not.

    Removing the bottle labels helps return the empty containers to stores more quickly to be reused for their intended purpose.

    Recycle bottle with labels

    This is because both bottles and bottle labels are made from post-consumer recycled material (pcrm), which means they have already been used once before, so there is a less negative impact on our environment.

    18. What are the types of bottle labels?

    There are seven types of bottle labels that are widely used:

    • Dry Peel bottle labels
    • Fold Out bottle labels
    • Reseal bottle labels
    • Prime bottle labels
    • Tag and Board Packaging bottle labels
    • Die-Cut bottle labels
    • Expandable Reseal Booklet bottle labels

    19. Which papers are best for bottle labels?

    There are three types of bottle labels materials that are most popular with bottle labels:

    • White Glossy Labels
    • Transparent labels
    • Shiny Foil Labels

    20. Do wine bottle labels relate at all to their quality?

    The bottle labels content relates to its quality because it can be a sign to tell people what they’re tasting and how much it costs, which can determine whether a person buys it or not.

    Bottle labels identity also relates to its quality because Wine consumers need indicators, or these supplies will not determine if the labels are accurate or illegal products.

    Wine bottle labels must look excellent and appealing for consumers to buy the product.

    Different colors, shapes, and graphic designs on the bottle labels help enhance consumers’ perception of the product.

    21. What are the colors mainly used in bottle labeling?

    Most bottle labels are printed in red, green, yellow, blue, or black ink with a primarily white background.

    There is a wide range of all the different colors most commonly used when labeling. However, they will be produced in a single color often, then marked with a colored sticker on top.

    Sometimes multiple colors are used, with one of them being black.

    Finding the correct bottle labels for your business is all about finding the option that works for you and your company image.

    22. Which is the best machine used in bottle labeling?

    Several machines exist in the market that is known for bottle labeling; Popular among them are listed below:

    • Mophorn Round Bottle labeling Machine
    • Primera label applicator
    • The label wizard
    • The label wizard adjustable

    23. How do you choose the material of bottle labels?

    When choosing the label material, the label maker company must also look at its ability to withstand the harsh environment often found in a refrigerator during storage.

    Material for bottle labels

    There are many different types of bottles used within various industries, such as food packaging, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic packaging.

    Each needs its specific bottle label material that can withstand various situations. It must be durable in cold weather and high temperature.

    24. How do you design the bottle labels?

    Designers use templates to create a design for the bottle labels.

    This allows you to select a suitable size and shape of template from a wide range of available online bottle label templates.

    Using a template is also a great place to start if you have no idea what you are doing and create something fast.

    Just customize the selected bottle labels templates to your needs, like change fonts, colors, effects, themes, etc.

    Templates are also good places to get some inspiration or find some general kinds of things you should include in your bottle labels designs.

    You can also use adobe illustrator for designing bottle labels without templates and with your design.

    25. How do you choose the packing method of bottle labels?

    The packing method is essential to the customers.

    As the bottle labels do not look alike, different packing methods should be applied to different sizes, shapes, and colors of bottles.

    You may choose various options to maintain the quality of your products.

    Products can be packed with or without shelving labels.

    If you choose to allow space, it is better to measure your products’ height, width, and thickness before designing a packaging box that will enable you to insert the products inside with ease.

    26. How to choose the rolling direction of bottle labels if it is packed on a roll?

    When printing bottle labels, you have to consider the direction that it will be rolling, as this will affect how the labels are printed.

    Label roll direction of bottle labelsLabel roll direction of bottle labels

    27. How to install the bottle labels on an automatic labeling machine?

    Installing labels on the bottle can be very time-consuming. Using automatic labeling machines is the faster and more accurate way to apply these labels.

    Automatic bottle labeling machine comes with particular parts: bottle holder, glass mount, and labels.

    First, place the bottles on the machine, glass mounts over the empty bottle and installs the bottle holder above it.

    Then slide out the bottle labels guide from the feeder so that the label will be in between.

    Afterward, make sure that there is some space between the glass mount and bottle cap.

    And insert the bottle labels into the label holder, and hit it with a bit of bit force! After these steps are done with installing bottle labels on the automatic labeling machine.

    The machine can apply wine, beer, or water bottle labels to approximately 50 bottles per minute.

    28. How to evaluate whether the bottle labels are waterproof?

    Whether the bottle labels are waterproof, first of all, you should test the water on the paper to see whether it is absorbed or not.

    You can also dip the bottle labels material into the water for a certain period to see whether moisture will be affected.

    If there is no change in color and appearance of a waterproof bottle labels after being dipped in water, it will pass this test.

    Water-resistance means that the ink is no easy to be removed from the paper by water and influence other factors such as temperature.

    29. How to replace the bottle labels on the labeling machine?

    The method to replace the bottle labels is as follows.

    The first step is to buy new bottle label feed tape, put this tape roller into the roller feed located on the automatic labeling machine. Cut the chain between the two bottles.

    At this time, the old label comes off, and then the new one is put on.

    30. How to remove the bottle labels?

    To replace the bottle labels on the labeling machine, remove old tags from empty bottles by the heating oven to 100C.

    Spray the bottle with water.

    Peel off the bottle labels (work from top to bottom) and then remove the adhesive residue.

    If bottle labels do not come away quickly, cover the bottle with a thick layer of frosting spray, leave until set and peel off.

    31. How to clean the residual glue after removing the bottle labels?

    To make the residual glue effective cleaning, choose the whitening agent or acetone, etc.

    Residual cleaning of bottle labels

    And then, break out into the bottle label’s glue and remove most of the residual glue. You can also add a little dish detergent mixed with water, soak for a few minutes, then gently remove the residual glue.

    32. How to confirm your label size?

    There are two ways to confirm your bottle labels size: using the tape measure method, and the other is by using the ruler method.

    Depending on how much information you want to include on the bottle labels and the type of bottle you are labeling, there are several guidelines for determining what size label you need.

    If you have a lot of information to add to your bottle labels and the label will be printed using direct thermal paper or thermal transfer printing, you may need to get a custom-sized brand.

    The easiest option is to use computer software that will help you determine what size bottle labels you need.

    This is often a feature included when you are purchasing bottle label software or label application software.

    You can also determine bottle label size by assessing your bottle’s size and comparing them with a standard chart on which label sizes are depicted for various bottle shapes and sizes widely used worldwide.

    33. How to identify the paper with glossy film and PVC material?

    The paper with the glossy film is made of white pulp (cotton, flax, or hemp) and raw materials like raw wood pulp, lime, soda, sulfuric acid, carbon black, etc. All of them are environmentally friendly materials with low cost.

    Paper with glossy film is a new type of transparent plastic printing paper that utilizes transparency and gloss to print high-quality photos.

    Glossy paper is paper having a shiny finish. These glossy sheets are available in several finishes, including matte, gloss, and metallic.

    PVC material is the standard material of paper. The origin of the PVC card is polyvinyl chloride.

    More importantly, it makes plastics resistant to stress-crack propagation and makes the plastic more flexible.

    The PVC bottle labels material is made to withstand extreme temperatures and is waterproof. Because of this, it is usually used for printing outdoor products.

    34. How to import bottle labels from China?

    If you would like to import bottle labels from China, the best thing to do is find a reliable supplier.

    The first step can be confusing and difficult for those new to shopping for products made in China, but it doesn’t have to be difficult once you know what to do.

    Upload your bottle label design files and contact information on the manufacturer’s website. Once you are done with your design and size criteria, simply checkout.

    Your bottle labels will be delivered to you within few days at your doorstep.

    35. What is the lamination of bottle labels?

    Lamination of bottle labels is the process of bonding a tough polyester film to a substrate such as paper or plastic to make durable and attractive products.

    Laminated labels of bottle labels

    The most common bottle labels lamination type is matte; however, you can also laminate with gloss for an even more premium appearance.

    While the laminate makes the bottle labels look great, it also adds protection from moisture and other outdoor elements.

    Lamination is also a great way to ensure that your bottle labels designs remain high quality over time by protecting them from damage through regular use.

    36. What is the background paper of bottle labels?

    The background paper used in bottle labels is white and is made of Polypropylene with a thickness of 135 microns.

    With the lightweight of 80GSM, it is not easy to be broken during wrapping on the bottles.

    Also, it has high water and corrosion resistance, transparency, tack, so it can protect the bottle labels clean surface from scratching.

    The texture of this material is smooth and firm, which is easy for scribing and sticking.

    37. What is CMYK printing of bottle labels?

    CMYK printing of bottle labels is a color printing process that has been widely used for printing any numbers, letters, images, and others.

    CMYK printing refers to four colors of ink used in most color printing bottle labels.

    The four colors consist of cyan (a greenish-blue), magenta (a light purple), yellow and black.

    The “key” in printing uses these four colors of ink to create any color that appears in the image, including ones the eye cannot see.

    In addition to the possible combinations created by varying the amount of each color used, these ink colors can be combined with white to create tints; and with black or gray (which are shades) to create shadows.

    38. What is PMS printing of bottle labels?

    PMS printing of bottle labels is an offset printing technique used on private label promotional water, juice, and sports drink bottles.

    PMS printing of bottle labels

    PMS printing of bottle labels involves using special inks so that the colors will be matched to your company’s logo or to match another industry standard.

    To order this, you would have to have artwork prepared, and then you would send it to the company making bottle labels.

    39. What is UV printing of bottle labels?

    UV printing of bottle labels is the latest technology in label printing. When a CMYK image is printed using UV ink, it can be placed on top of a product or beverage while retaining its color and design for impact.

    UV Printing of bottle labels

    UV inks are different from the traditional four-color process of black ink; they accurately transmit light, ensuring that your labels appear real on products and items when viewed under natural lighting conditions.

    UV printing of bottle labels may help preserve the flavor and freshness of beverages.

    The UV (ultraviolet) light is designed to collapse the bubbles in soda, beer, and other packages.

    It also keeps the bottles or cans from chipping or fading.

    40. What is the cold foil of bottle labels?

    The cold foil of bottle labels is hot beat out foil technology with high precision and low cost.

    Cold Foil of bottle labels

    It can decorate the bottle labels’ surface directly to make the logo and words have a shiny effect, which can have an excellent visual effect.

    Besides, it can protect the bottle labels printing from being damaged caused by dirt or water spray during the delivery to cut down many after-service costs.

    Also, cold foiling technology does not need curing. Thus, it can be carried out very fast during production, which significantly reduces the production cost.

    41. What is low tack glue of bottle labels?

    Low tack glue: This is an easy, flexible and removable adhesive form; low tack glue is not easy to addiction.

    When applying in the bottle of soft drink, it will not cause damage to bottle and keep bottle labels never fall off when you open the cap or put back the cap after drinking. So, this paper label is reusable.

    Low tack glue of bottle labels is suitable for applying soft drink bottles, oil, soy sauce, etc.

    42. What is the application of labels?

    Bottle labels help us identify the contents of our refrigerator, medicines storage, kitchen shelves, and more.

    Bottle labels are used to convey information that could be in text or images.

    The customer can see the label from a distance and immediately understand the message without reading it first.

    Not only are labels used for identification but also the specification of details, operating instructions, directions, and warranty claims.

    Bottle labels include text or graphics that communicate product use and operation. There are different types of brands like identification labels, applications labels, support documentation labels, etc.

    Bottle labels play an essential role in guiding the user on how to use a product.

    43. How to emphasize the printing content of bottle labels in shiny and bling effect?

    To improve bottle labels printing’s visual effect, the cold foil can be directly printed on the bottle label treating the ink with gold or silver.

    The foil printing coating can make the printing content look gorgeous and glistening.

    Hot stamping and spot UV are the standard options offered by Bottle label manufacturers and suppliers.

    The characteristics shown are high quality, low cost, perfect service.

    You can also find screen printing bottle labels, uncoated paper labels, neck labels, and anything you need.

    44. Is there eco-friendly paper?

    Yes, Eco-friendly water bottle labels exist, and they are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and water-based inks.

    Bamboo, Cork, Cotton, plant fibers, and grass are the most common materials used in manufacturing eco-friendly bottle labels.

    Eco Friendly bottle labels

    They are guaranteed to be made with less harmful emissions and toxic chemicals and materials that decompose more rapidly than regular bottle labels.

    These bottle labels are also water-resistant, which allows them to be used for liquids like water bottles.

    45. What kind of material is most famous for bakery labels?

    The old-fashioned, glues-based labels are most famous for bakery labels. They are cheap.

    The printing color has a baked-on feeling and requires preparation (so the glues can dry).

    Bakery bottle labels

    Bakery labels are the ones to withstand high temperatures, staying put amid a crowded oven.

    Oven-safe labels can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

    They are made from a material resistant to moisture and repels heat and steam while also being food safe. A good bakery label will be able to stand up to oil spillage.

    46. What is the max size that the label printing machine (Not Inkjet Printer) can print?

    The bottle labels -printing machine is a device for printing bottle labels in the production process.

    A labeling machine can print bottle labels up to 350*350mm in size. It can also print on various materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, cellophane for food packaging, and many other options.

    47. What is the difference between a rotary printing machine and a small CMYK label printing machine?

    The difference is in the quality. Small CMYK bottle labels printing machine has high productivity, and its price is lower than rotary printing machine.

    We can get the same products as the Pantone code number, C-M-Y-K, but the materials are not expensive, such as PVC, PS, acetate, etc.

    The rotary printing machine cost is higher than the small CMYK bottle labels printing machine because each color has a different screen unit.

    When customers need many colors, it will cost much more money to use a rotary printing machine.

    However, there are some bottle labels for which a rotary machine is more advantageous.

    For example, a two-color bottle label needs to load color plates for both colors, making labeling very fast – but this kind of setup cannot be done on a semi-automatic machine.

    48. What is the difference between die-cut and kiss-cut bottle labels?

    Die-cut bottle labels are cut out of the sticker sheet to create the exact shape, such as words or graphics.

    Kiss cut bottle labels are all outline with no cut. The second one is cheaper than die-cut.

    When you look at the corners of kiss-cut labels, they are often square or rectangular shaped.

    Die Cut vs Kiss of bottle labels

    Die-cut bottle labels are typically more exact and accurate in shape.

    Die-cut bottle labels have a matte finish, while kiss-cut stickers are shiny and glossy.

    The time it takes to create and apply die-cut bottle labels is about half of what it takes for kiss-cut titles.

    49.  Is there any certificate in the printing industry?

    Yes, there is a Certificate in Printing Industry including IPP and CSP certifications. Certification is awarded to those printers which display measurable industry leadership.

    The ISO 9001 certification is the most requested. This certificate is for service industries in regards to the client’s needs.

    This certificate is provided to those who have done their service well and provide 100% satisfaction to their clients.

    50. When your logo is with the circle and needs to cut into the round label, why your logo looks not in the center of the round label?

    Proper circle cutting requires the design to be implemented appropriately in the bottle labels template.

    If your design is not centered in the bottle labels template, the cutting process will distort its shape and make your bottle label logo appear misshaped on the product.

    Label Designer Utility provides a helping hand that allows people to customize their label designs on different bottles before printing them.

    51. Where to download the bottle label template?

    There are so many bottle label templates available online.

    Choose from thousands of bottle label design options can be difficult. If you are looking for wine bottle labels, these templates make it easy.

    The pictures tell all the info one needs.

    These free downloadable wine bottle labels and water bottle labels give you room to add your company’s name and offer custom information.

    52. Can I reprint my content after getting the bottle labels?

    Yes, it is possible to reprint your bottle labels after getting them printed on the bottles. It is straightforward.

    The bottle labels are printed on high-quality, waterproof polypropylene plastic, which can be recycled and reused again.

    Reprinting bottle labels

    The bottle label designs are customizable according to the business requirements and needs of the business.

    The bottle label printing can help create a unique identity about your product and stand out from all other market products.

    53. How to test whether the material is eco-friendly by yourself?

    There are many products and materials on the market, and it can be hard to know if a specific product is truly environmentally friendly for bottle labels.

    You will be able to quickly test whether your bottle label is earth-friendly by dissolving each bottle label in an aquarium to find out how long it takes to degrade and break down.

    54. What is the difference between computer holography and digital holography?

    The computer-generated hologram is an artificially generated hologram by using a computer and digital processing.

    And digital holograms are the images obtained by applying the principle of digital image processing techniques such as computer graphics and digital signal processors (DSPs) to the optical recording of natural objects.

    The computer-generated hologram is a technique of wavefront reconstruction.

    In contrast, a digital hologram is a method used to store visual information.

    Computer-generated holograms are primarily used in highly specialized fields, such as security and medicine, while digital holography is used for light shows and similar applications.

    55. Compare to shrink sleeve labels, what is the advantage of adhesive bottle labels?

    Adhesive bottle labels, as the name suggests, are labels with adhesive built-in. Adhesive bottle labels are more resilient in use. It can be put on containers of glass, metal, and plastic.

    It is more elastic, and it is not easy to break when you handle the bottle labels printed on with adhesive labels.

    The printing quality is also more substantial than shrinks sleeves.

    This makes the printed bottle labels materials look stable, neat, and transparent.

    56.  Can bottle labels make with a circuit?

    Yes, bottle labels can make with a circuit. To do so, you cannot print only a brand, but you need a circuit board to install it.

    In this digital age, the easiest way to put a circuit is that type of board on the aluminum foil like soda bottle label cans or beer bottles.

    It can be very widely used in a DIY project and for any drink cans or plastic water bottles for the people who DIY for edible oil containers or coffee containers.

    Try the circuit custom bottle labels. Anywhere you want to add a slogan or logo on a small hot water bottle, forming a large amount of recycling product.

    57. Why do daycare and kindergarten need labels?

    Labels are a necessity for daycares and kindergartens.

    Not only do they help track each child’s belongings for the duration of their time there, but labels help to identify children in an emergency.

    Kindergarten bottle labels

    Each child is assigned a sticker for their clothing (color, size, parent names), clothing labels (item, season), backpack label (digits and name), etc.

    This way, if a child becomes separated from their parents or caregivers in an emergency, paramedics or authorities can quickly identify the child by the labels made out of Care Bottles.

    58.  Is there high-temperature resistance material for labels?

    Yes, we choose polyester material for the bottle labels, which has sufficient strength and durability. The temperature resistance is >300°F.

    59. What is a standard size for a beer bottle label?

    The standard sizes for beer bottle labels are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No.LabelSizes (in)
    1Beer Bottle2.75 × 4.25
    23.25 × 4
    35 × 2

    60. What is the capacity of a label printing machine per hour?

    The number of linear inches produced per hour is impacted by factors such as the substrate, format or size, a print quality required, graphics, number of colors in the job.

    Labeling machines are capable of producing labels at speeds up to 400 inches/min.

    An average job throughput speed is approximately 60 bottle labels per minute, which translates to 20 linear inches per minute.

    61. What shapes of bottle labels are there?

    When designing bottle labels, there are some shapes available.

    Different-shaped bottle labels include square, rectangle, oval, diamond, or irregular shapes.

    Different bottle labels

    When deciding on the shape you would like to use, keep in mind this may be the main factor in the type of material you want to use.

    For example, if using a rectangular bottle labels, it is good to consider printing on canvas as the bulky edges will not affect your design. The bottle labels will easily sit flat against the surface.

    62.  What format of design artwork do I need to print bottle labels?

    The artwork of design comes in various formats, including vector, such as a CMYK color file if in Illustrator (.ai) or a PDF file if you are using Corel Draw (.cdr). Adobe Photoshop images must be saved as .psd files, but we recommend that you convert them to CMYK when printing.

    Vector artwork will maintain its quality across all sizes of bottle labels, while rasterized or placed (bitmap) images may suffer some degradation.

    Look for programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw to deal with formats as mentioned above for bottle labels.

    63.  How to solve the problem when my artwork of bottle label shows font missing?

    It is straightforward and easy to solve.

    You can add new fonts or re-design graphics on bottle labels to make them work with your wording on the computer, but if you want a quick change without touching your computer, try a free online bottle labels maker and design the template using Google fonts.

    It is a super-easy way to create and print custom water bottle labels that are 100% guaranteed to pass!

    64.  Is there a tearproof label?

    Yes, there are three main types of tearproof label material: polyester label, silicone label, and vinyl label.

    Polyester and silicone labels are more expensive than vinyl ones.

    Tearproof bottle labels

    Polyester bottle labels are pretty durable so that they will protect the essential information on your bottle labels effectively.

    Silicone bottle labels are a little dearer in price but adopt very stretchy silicone material so that the text on your bottle can be easy to read, even if it is slightly curvy. The vinyl label is a cheaper option;

    If you want to buy some cheap tearproof bottle labels, you can choose them.

    65.   What can the label do for your wedding?

    The Bottle Labels can complement and enhance your wedding.

    For example, the labels can hold wedding invitations, have photos, or place cards.

    The labels also come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance the aesthetics of your wedding.

    The elegant designer bottle and jar wedding labels will help you keep track of gifts and time and provide a special keepsake for your guests.

    The label can do just about anything you can dream up: from designating when gifts should arrive in encouraging guests and family to RSVP promptly.

    66.  Can I write on the label for homemade products?

    Yes, you can write on the label for your homemade products. This is known as labeling.

    Labeling helps you provide all of the information that would typically be on food labels (like a label applied to a bottle of honey, jam, or vinegar), including ingredients, dates, and weight or volume information.

    Homemade bottle label

    Labeling helps you identify a particular thing and provide you a piece of helpful information about the purpose it was intended.

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