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    Custom Printing Label for Bottle

    Personalised labels for bottles have different types, such as self-adhesive labels for bottles and heat shrink wrap labels for bottles.

    Self adhesive product bottle labels are a perfect choice if you want to stick label on the bottle easily, if there’s not much plain space on your product bottle, then shrink label is good.

    Best4U prints all kinds of bottle labels for your brand.

    Personalized Bottle Labels Could Be Used Everywhere

    Custom made labels for bottles could be used for any industries like cosmetic products, food products, chemical products, etc.

    Shampoo Bottle Labels

    Bottle labels for shampoo could be custom in any shape and any color

    Labels for Wine Bottles

    Printing your own bottle labels with 1000pcs, drive your brand with low risk

    Juice Bottle Shrink Labels

    Heat shrink bottle labels MOQ is 30,000pcs to print personalised design

    Supplement Bottle Labels

    Custom labels for bottles could be with multiple printing or finish choices

    Detergent Bottle Wrap Labels

    Bottle wrap labels could fit any shape of the bottle,  luxury your brand in cheap way

    Logo Print Water Bottle Stickers Label

    Bottle sleeve labels could be with adhesive on full backside or just the wrap-around part

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    Labels for Bottles by Material

    Different material has different features, order your custom bottle labels with a professional manufacturer.

    Special Bottle Labels Printing Art

    Best4U has many high teach printing equipment to meet different printing requests, we make your bottle labels look more luxurious.

    • Gold Stamping Bottle Labels
      Custom Logo Hot Stamping Bottle Labels

      Hot stamping could make your logo in gold, silver, green, purple, etc colors

    • Embossed Logo Bottle Labels
      Embossed Logo Printing Bottle Labels

      Embossed logo printing has 3D touch feeling, it could be embossed or letterpress

    • UV printing wine labels
      Spot UV Logo Printing Bottle Labels

      UV printing makes the logo foiled, making the logo luxury in a different way

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    We support free existing samples to check the quality

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    Best4U offers 1-7 working days of production normally

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    No matter before-sale or after-sale, Best4U provides wonderful service all the time

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    Great service and high quality make us get 99.8% positive feedback

    Professional Designers Help Make Attractive Design

    Suppose you encounter some problems regarding the designs of your bottle labels. In that case, you have nothing to fear about it, because the Best4U bottle label manufacturer has professional designers and an expert team to manage all your custom demands.

    Our designers, with rich experience in the packaging field, know how to make your products more attractive.

    Assist On Design (1)
    Best4U Label Printing Machines 670x380

    Advanced Printing Machines Make Min Color Difference

    Best4U is an expert supplier in bottle label manufacturing, we have operated for more than 10 years with consistently high-quality bottle labels, and our premium printing machines guarantee that your custom bottle labels will be perfectly made.

    Best4U lets you customize your bottle labels in any color and in any shape you want. To ensure more luxury labels for bottles, Best4U has high-tech printing machines like CMYK and PMS, Hot/Cold Stamping, etc,  to suit your demands for your bottle label printing.

    Best4U Makes Label for Bottle to Help Your Products Be More Attractive

    Best4U Label Printing Machine 570x360
    Printing Quality Inspection 570x360

    Best4U manufacturer is competent in producing a large quantity of orders with high printing technologies, to secure your personalized design in premium quality, our QC standard is higher than the industry average.

    We inspect all the steps including design template, material, production, packaging, etc

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    Hand Sanitizer Bottle Labels
    Hand Sanitizer Label

    We offer customizable labels in various shapes, sizes, and materials to enhance your packaging with hand sanitizer label.

    Clear Bottle Labels
    Hand Soap Dish Soap Labels

    Waterproof and durable label options suitable for hand soap dish soap labels.

    Water Bottle Labels
    Water Bottle Stickers

    A high-quality custom water bottle stickers with options for die-cut shapes with durability and vibrant colors.

    Cooperative Brand
    Why Could Best4U Get High Praise from Market?

    As a professional bottle label manufacturer, we have rich industry experience and cooperate with many famous brands, so that we can make your custom made bottle design with awesome elements and attract more markets.

    Choose Suitable Material, Printing and Packing Method for Your Own Bottle Labels

    Materials for Bottle Labels

    Printing Art

    Label Packing Method

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    What's your minimum order quantity for personalised printing bottle labels?

    For self adhesive bottle labels, we support doing 1,000pcs with your own design.

    For heat shrink bottle labels, MOQ will be 30,000pcs.

    How long does Best4U need to finish bulk order of label for bottle?

    Normally our production time is 1-7 working days

    Could Best4U company help me to stick the label on bottles?

    We have labeling machines to help you label the bottles, we also could help you source the bottles at wholesale price.

    Innovations in bottle labels continue to be an essential part of marketing today.

    Consumers are often willing to purchase a premium-priced bottle solely because its label is distinctive and attractive.

    The packaging’s quality and design are essential as it is one of the first steps of contact between you and your customer.

    Discussed below are Bottle Label FAQs that are sure to help you with the process.

    What material is used for bottle labels?

    Self adhesive labels for bottles are made up of three parts: a layered sheet of release paper, an adhesive, and a label cut out and print with whatever information you need.

    Heat shrink bottle labels are only the label layer which cut out and print with your design.

    Printing label layer has many different materials like: coated paper, kraft paper, synthetic paper, PVC, PET, PE, BOPP, etc.

    What size should water bottle labels be?

    Bottle labels should be large enough to fit across the water bottle and small enough that they do not flop down the side of the bottle.

    Some standard sizes are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No. Label Size (in)
    1 Wine 3.5 × 4
    2 Beer 4 × 3
    3 Water Bottle (16 oz) 8 × 2
    4 Water Bottle (12 oz) 8.25 × 1.75
    5 Address Tag 2.63 × 1
    6 Name Tag 3.38 × 2.31


    You may need more bottle label size and tips.

    What size are mini wine bottle labels?

    Some standard sizes that are widely used for mini wine bottle labels are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No. Label Sizes (in)
    1 Mini Wine Bottle 2 × 3
    2 3 × 2
    3 3 × 3
    4 1.75 × 8
    5 2 × 7.5
    What is the size of a champagne bottle label?

    The size of champagne bottle labels depends on the size and shape of champagne bottles. Some of the standard champagne label sizes are listed in the table below:

    Size of bottle labels

    Sr. No. Label Sizes (in)
    1 Champagne Bottle 4 × 6
    2 4 × 4
    3 3.5 × 4
    4 5 × 5
    5 6     × 4
    What is a standard size for a beer bottle label?

    The standard sizes for beer bottle labels are listed in the table below:

    Sr. No. Label Sizes (in)
    1 Beer Bottle 2.75 × 4.25
    2 3.25 × 4
    3 5 × 2
    How to get a bottle label template?

    Browse a large selection of online bottle label template sites, such as or

    Templates exist for wine bottle labels, water bottles bottle labels, beer bottle labels, carbonated beverages bottle labels, etc.

    You can select an existing template or make a new one by building tools available on these websites.

    How do you choose the packing method of bottle labels?

    If you are labeling them by machine, then must choose roll packing. If by manual, then there’s no request.

    How to choose the rolling direction of bottle labels if it is packed on a roll?

    When printing bottle labels, you have to consider the direction that they will be rolling, as this will affect how the labels are labeled by your labeling machine.

    Label roll direction of bottle labels

    How to install the bottle labels on an automatic labeling machine?

    Installing labels on the bottle can be very time-consuming. Using automatic labeling machines is the faster and more accurate way to apply these labels.

    Automatic bottle labeling machine comes with particular parts: bottle holder, glass mount, and labels.

    First, place the bottles on the machine, glass mounts over the empty bottle and installs the bottle holder above it.

    Then slide out the bottle label guide from the feeder so that the label will be in between.

    Afterward, make sure that there is some space between the glass mount and bottle cap.

    And insert the bottle labels into the label holder, and hit it with a bit of bit force! After these steps are done with installing bottle labels on the automatic labeling machine.

    Test on a few samples before labeling the bulk!

    How to replace the bottle labels on the labeling machine?

    The method to replace the bottle labels is as follows.

    The first step is to buy new bottle label feed tape, and put this tape roller into the roller feed located on the automatic labeling machine. Cut the chain between the two bottles.

    At this time, the old label comes off, and then the new one is put on.

    Is the paper with glossy film waterproof?

    It’s only anti-splash, couldn’t be waterproof. When it’s in the water, the inside paper layer will still get wet and damaged. Then it will be separated with the glossy film layer.

    What is the difference between a rotary printing machine and a small CMYK label printing machine?

    The difference is in the quality. Small CMYK bottle labels printing machine has high productivity, and its price is lower than a rotary printing machine.

    The rotary printing machine cost is higher than the small CMYK bottle labels printing machine because each color has a different screen unit. But it could make higher printing quality.

    When customers need many colors, it will cost much more money to use a rotary printing machine.

    However, there are some bottle labels for which a rotary machine is more advantageous.

    For example, a two-color bottle label needs to load color plates for both colors, making labeling very fast – but this kind of setup cannot be done on a semi-automatic machine.

    Compare to shrink sleeve labels, what is the advantage of adhesive bottle labels?

    Adhesive bottle labels, as the name suggests, are labels with adhesive built-in. Adhesive bottle labels are more resilient in use. It can be put on containers of glass, metal, and plastic.

    It is more elastic, and it is not easy to break when you handle the bottle labels printed on adhesive labels.

    The printing quality is also more substantial than shrinks sleeves.

    This makes the printed bottle label materials look stable, neat, and transparent.

    The minimum order quantity of adhesive bottle labels is smaller

    What format of design artwork do I need to print bottle labels?

    The artwork of design comes in various formats, including vector, such as a CMYK color file if in Illustrator (.ai) or a PDF file if you are using Corel Draw (.cdr). Adobe Photoshop images must be saved as .psd files, but we recommend that you convert them to CMYK when printing.

    Vector artwork will maintain its quality across all sizes of bottle labels, while rasterized or placed (bitmap) images may suffer some degradation.

    Look for programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw to deal with formats as mentioned above for bottle labels.

    What are the best practices for ensuring labels stick properly to bottles?

    To ensure labels adhere properly when sticking labels on bottles, you should:

    1. Clean the Bottle Surface: Make sure the surface of the bottle is clean and dry before applying the label. Use a mild detergent and water to remove any dirt, oil, or residue, and allow the bottle to dry completely. This helps the adhesive bond more effectively.
    2. Choose the Right Adhesive: Select an adhesive that is compatible with the bottle material. For plastic bottles, a permanent adhesive is often the best choice as it provides a strong, long-lasting bond. If the bottle is made of glass or another material, ensure the adhesive is appropriate for that surface.
    3. Apply at Room Temperature: Apply the labels at room temperature (between 18-24°C or 65-75°F). Extreme temperatures can affect the adhesive’s ability to bond properly. Avoid applying labels in very cold or very hot conditions.
    4. Use Quality Materials: Opt for high-quality, durable label materials. Waterproof labels are essential for hand sanitizer bottles since they are frequently exposed to liquids. Also, choosing labels resistant to oil and chemicals can help maintain their appearance and adhesion over time.
    5. Smooth Application: Apply the label smoothly and evenly, avoiding air bubbles and wrinkles. A label applicator can help ensure consistent placement and pressure, improving adhesion.
    6. Allow Time for Adhesion: After applying the label, give it time to set and bond fully with the bottle surface. Depending on the adhesive used, this usually takes a few hours to a full day.

    By following these best practices, you can ensure that your labels stay securely attached to hand sanitizer bottles, maintaining their appearance and functionality over time.

    What are DIY Bottle Labels?

    Creating DIY bottle labels can be a fun and rewarding project.

    You can create attractive and professional-looking DIY bottle labels that add a personal touch to your products.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you design and produce your custom labels for hand sanitizer bottles or any other bottled product. Click Here.

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