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    Best4U is known to be one of the outstanding manufacturers of body butter labels with over 10 years of experience in the printing industry and trusted by 1000+ top brands worldwide.

    With expert and creative designers that will assist you with your artwork to make everything goes smoothly. Fast processing of orders and we provide fast shipping services all around the world.

    Best4U has premium quality materials that you can choose to customize your body butter labels using the latest digital machines to secure the high-quality printing of every layout. We assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with our works.

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    Material Checking
    Material Checking
    Best4U 100% check the materials to secure its premium quality
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    Your body butter labels will be printed on advanced machines for perfect result
    Packing method
    Your orders will be pack on rolls, on sheets or cut in sizes, depends on your needs
    Offset Printing
    Offset Printing
    High-quality, consistent results and cost-effective for medium to large runs
    Soft Touch Laminated
    Soft Touch Laminated
    Enhances the perceived value and quality of the product
    Delivery Checking
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    Best4U does four (4) times QC of every order to give you a top-grade quality labels
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    Delivery Checking
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    Fast Shipping
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    “Why Choose Best4U As Your Bod Butter Labels Supplier?”

    Best4U provides creative designs and durable personalized body butter labels since 2009 in China and is capable to give you what is best for your products with a wide capacity of body butter labels factory that can produce large numbers of custom body butter labels and using high technology machines to cope up wonderful body butter labels printing that you can always be satisfied.

    There are a lot of usages for your custom body butter labels by using them in different fields, like any type of products you have or even for personal use, you can use them on your cosmetic products, wedding souvenirs, party favors, and so on. It is the best option for showing others what you can do more to make your personalized body butter labels presentable and also for stepping up your branding solution.

    To make your custom body butter labels perfect, you can choose the right materials that Best4U offers including coated paper body butter labels, synthetic paper body butter labels, Kraft paper body butter labels, PET body butter labels, PVC body butter labels, PE body butter labels, BOPP body butter labels, etc. These top-grade quality materials have different thickness, you can select depending on your needs.

    Best4U has expert and artistic designers for your personalized body butter labels that can assist your artwork needs. Every custom body butter labels can custom in shape, and color, so you can style it on your own way and Best4U as your body butter labels manufacturer will make it more beautiful, like transparent body butter labels, round body butter labels, rectangle body butter labels, gold body butter labels, white body butter labels, color printed body butter labels, etc.

    You can order custom body butter labels as much as you want, Best4U can manufacturer 30,000 pieces and more of your personalized body butter labels and also supports small orders with low MOQ for as low as 1000 pieces for custom body butter labels at an affordable price. Rest assured that Best4U body butter labels supplier will give you the highest quality that every consumer will be amazed at.

    Best4U is known for being a competitive body butter label supplier in China since 2009, can carry out your custom body butter labels to the highest level. We conduct a 100% strict quality checking for all your orders to secure each quality standard and must pass the four times quality checking before sending it out to you.

    You will receive your personalized body butter labels in great condition. If you find some quality problems regarding your orders, Best4U offers a 100% compensation or money-back guarantee. That is how we show our concern about the quality of every custom body butter label. Best4U is your authentic body butter label supplier that guarantees you 100% satisfaction.

    There are many ways to customize your custom body butter labels, like adding some attractive detail or put some colorful prints for your product. Best4U can manufacture your personalized body butter labels using our high-quality printing arts, you can choose PMS body butter labels, CMYK body butter labels, UV body butter labels, hot stamping body butter labels, etc. Your product could be more sophisticated.

    Best4U always ensures high quality of custom body butter labels using eight (8) types of printing machines and maintains the goodness of the quality of your body butter label printing. You can always get your personalized body butter labels even in peak season and Best4U can ship your orders any time.

    Best4U has fast production for your custom body butter labels with wide manufacturing lines and we can ship worldwide, Best4U can do export with fast shipping services and you can get your personalized body butter labels on time as you needed.

    Your body butter label supplier will always make your orders safe. Best4U will ship your custom body butter labels with stronghold boxes to avoid any damages or any complications during the shipping process.

    Best4U also provides a free sample of body butter labels, so you can see the actual output of our works before placing your large order. Other than that, we always make sure that you will receive your orders without any hassle, Best4U will handle all the process for your personalized body butter labels without spending too much of your time and money.

    For different kinds of sticker labels, Best4U can also manufacture and supply pantry labels, hot sauce labels, thank you stickers, shampoo labels, etc. You can send your inquiry anytime at Best4U.

    To satisfy your needs, Best4U can give you any kind of custom body butter labels, like homemade body butter labels, floral body butter labels, vinyl body butter labels, gold foil body butter labels, transparent body butter labels, and more. Best4U will be your perfect partner for your effective branding.

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    The Definitive FAQ Guide – Body Butter Labels

    Body butter labels, like other sticker labels that we use on our products, are essential.

    That is why we created this article to provide a wealth of information regarding the importance of using body butter labels as well as other helpful information for your business.

    This comprehensive guide to body butter labels will offer you an estimate of how much the label will cost, as well as information on customization, manufacturers, specifications, printing process, and more.

    1. What are body butter labels?

    The body butter labels are an important aspect of the package.

    It assists the buyer in discovering more about the product’s contents and is the first factor that the consumer would notice when purchasing a product.

    body butter labels

    It can be utilized for decoration or for useful functions.

    Labels for body butter can be customized including the company name, trademark, or logo.

    With all these purposes, it’s simple to see how body butter labels may help your business stand out.

    Body butter labels are an effective and economical way to get your message in front of buyers.

    2. What are the procedures for labeling body butter products properly?

    Make a one-of-a-kind design for your body butter labels.

    When labeling a product, it must effectively communicate the product’s purpose at a glimpse.

    Convey other vital info such as the product’s name, ingredients, warning indications, how to use the product and the manufacturer and location.

    It informs the purchasers about the product’s healthiness or unhealthiness.

    When customers realize that a product contains all of the information they require, they are less likely to be concerned.

    3. How much do body butter labels cost?

    Body butter labels are a low-cost solution for promotion and the perfect way to attract more clients to your business.

    Body butter labels will not blow your budget because they only range in price from $0.1 to $3. Pricing will be determined by a variety of factors.

    The customization of the label, which includes the custom shape, color, patterns, materials used, and size of the body butter labels, is one factor that will affect the cost of the body butter labels.

    The cost is also affected by the quantity of body butter labels. The more you order, the less you’ll have to pay.

    Many Chinese providers offer bespoke body butter labels at reasonable pricing.

    4. Can I make my body butter labels using Kraft paper?

    Yes, Kraft paper can be used in making body butter labels.

    Kraft paper has an organic, homemade quality and gives your body butter labels a realistic look.

    Kraft body butter labels

    Your Kraft body butter labels can be a vintage or rustic look that brings uniqueness to your brand.

    The brown hue and matte texture of Kraft paper distinguish it from other types of paper. Kraft paper, on the other hand, comes in a variety of colors, including black and white, which you may use for your body butter labels.

    Kraft body butter labels are constructed of environmentally friendly Kraft paper.

    It’s a simplistic method to visually express information, and it is really popular among people and businesses that make homemade or handcrafted goods, and it’s commonly used to market innovative products.

    5. Is it possible to make my body butter labels Cricut?

    Of course!

    The body butter labels can be Cricut.

    A Cricut label is also referred to as a die-cut label since it cuts along the borders of the label’s exact shape.

    cricut body butter labels

    A Cricut body butter label can be used for a range of items, not just beauty and skincare goods. With a custom style, you may make any label in Cricut.

    You only need the supplies for your sticker labels, a printer, and a scissor to cut your body butter labels to their perfect shape if you manufacture your own Cricut body butter labels at home.

    6. What printing techniques may be used on body butter labels to make them more appealing?

    Using printing arts on your body butter labels is one factor in making them look great.

    For your bespoke body butter labels, you can choose from a selection of printing arts, including:

    • Cold foil stamping
    • Hot stamping
    • Emboss/Deboss
    • Ultraviolet (UV) printing
    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing

    You can learn about each printing technique and decide which one is best for your body butter labels.

    Hot Stamping

    Hot stamping is a fairly permanent procedure that uses a higher temperature, whereas cold stamping uses a lower temperature in printing.

    It is a lithographic printing technique that involves transferring metal foils or pre-dried inks onto the surface using heated print molds

    Hot stamping can survive some tough conditions.

    PMS Printing

    PMS stands for “Pantone Machine System”.

    A Pantone color may be matched using the letterpress printing technique, and the goal is to produce a color system that was consistent.

    Pantone colors are a terrific way to match colors precisely. Designers and printers can use PMS colors to meet common color goals.

    Your brand colors will be printed consistently and properly in all printing materials for body butter labels as a result of this technique.

    7. Which shape is better to use, oval or rectangle body butter labels?

    Since most labels are rectangle, oval, square, or round, a distinctive shape can set your personalized body butter labels out from the crowd.

    rectangle body butter labels

    Rectangle labels are popular among marketers because they provide the most solution space of any label form.

    Glass and plastic bottles, jars, packages, and just much everything may be labeled with custom rectangle body butter labels.

    Oval labels, despite their limited design space, go nicely with lovely, minimalist artwork.

    Labels in the shape of an oval may quickly establish your design. Since unique oval labels may boost a product’s packaging of your body butter labels.

    An oval shape is mostly applied in wide marketing products, including food, beverage, and cosmetic items, etc.

    8. Can I make my body butter labels a tamper-proof label?

    Yes, your body butter labels can be tamper-proof labels.

    When you have a tamper-proof label on your body butter product, you can generally expect to be able to show consumers whenever tampering has happened.

    body butter labels as tamper proof label

    Your body butter label can transform into tamper-proof, keeping itself from being reused and leaving bits of label and indications of tampering behind.

    Paper or film materials can be used to create tamper-proof labels for body butter products. Tamper-proof labels with holograms can also be used.

    It can be placed on the top or cap of the body butter product to prevent it from being unintentionally opened.

    Customization is also allowed for tamper-proof labels that contain product information.

    9. Is it possible for me to get body butter labels from China?


    China is capable and a good source of body butter labels.

    Some marketers all around the world choose suppliers from China since China is a competitive country that can give you a high-quality product at a very affordable price.

    The Chinese suppliers of body butter labels use top grade equipment and have expert employees and designers in designing body butter labels.

    There are various suppliers in China that you can choose to work with your body butter labels that specialize in customization in different designs with high-quality raw materials.

    Choose the appropriate supplier and you can send them your quotation for your body butter labels orders online or through their email.

    10. What is the structure of body butter labels?

    It is also important to understand the structure of body butter labels.

    structure of the body butter labels

    The structure of the body butter labels is composed of 4 layers, such as:

    • Coating

    The coating of the label is the lamination and the printing process of the facial paper.

    • Facial paper

    A printing substrate is a material that is used to create a printed image.

    • Adhesive

    Self-adhesive labels are made using adhesive or glue, which allows them to stick to any surface.

    There are different types of adhesive depending on the application of the label.

    • Backing paper

    A release liner is also known as a backing paper. This backing paper is covered with a silicone oil coating that acts as an adhesive barrier.

    11. Will it be possible to print my own body butter labels at the office or at home?


    You can print your own body butter labels everywhere as long as you have the printer and desktop to customize and print the sticker labels even at home or at your office.

    You won’t need a special sticker printer because any inkjet printer will do to print body butter labels.

    There are printers that are great to use for printing body butter labels in high-quality result.

    You can use the following printers to print high-quality labels:

    • DYMO Label Printing Machine
    • Brother P-touch Label Maker
    • Epson EcoTank ET-2750
    • ROLLO Product Label Printer
    • HP ENVY 6055 Wireless printer
    • MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer
    • DYMO Label Printing Machine
    • Canon TS9120
    • Brother VC-500W
    • Canon Pixma iX6820

    Search for a printer with at least 6 cartridges if your label design demands vibrant color variations and tonal variance.

    A wireless printer, such as the HP ENVY 6055 Wireless printer, is also an option. With this wireless printer, you can quickly print anything directly from your mobile device, and it is a cost-effective printer to own.

    12. Is it necessary to have each body butter label goes through a quality inspection process?

    Yes, definitely!

    Many manufacturers would like to ensure that the labels they are producing are of high quality and that their customers are satisfied.

    Checking, measuring, or testing one or more sticker labels or products and comparing the results to the particular standards to guarantee compliance is known as quality inspection or quality control.

    The following factors are included in the quality inspection of body butter labels:

    • Material inspection

    Material checking includes the template, color, etc. This will ensure the materials will be used are high-quality and with no defects.

    • In-production inspection

    It is required to check all the machines if all work properly and the labels are perfectly printed.

    • Finished product checking

    This is the inspection of all the finished products with no quality errors and ensuring that all the body butter labels are beautifully printed.

    • Shipment inspection

    Before dispatching all the orders of the clients, the manufacturers will secure that all orders where accurately packed and with no quality defects.

    That is why, in order to satisfy every quality standard of body butter labels you desire, quality inspection or quality control is necessary in all types of businesses.

    13. How can I find a good supplier with great service?

    You have more options when it comes to finding providers to make your body butter labels.

    The very first part of managing the quality of the sticker label and preventing label defects in your orders is to search and select the best supplier.

    A supplier of body butter labels who are held accountable will accept responsibility for the quality issue and endeavor to rapidly resolve it.

    A supplier who isn’t held accountable, on the other hand, is more liable to deflect blame.

    A good supplier should be able to produce a product label that fits your specifications on a regular basis.

    How can you determine if a supplier will be able to match your requirements?

    Check the following capabilities of a supplier below:

    • Expertise in manufacturing product labels
    • Ethical compliance
    • Great record and experienced capabilities
    • Responsible
    • Trustworthy

    It’s vital to select a supplier who is easy and comfortable to work with and will provide you with the greatest body butter labels possible.

    14. How can I make my body butter labels glossy?

    A body butter labels with a glossy finish will enhance the exposure of your brand and will mesmerize the shoppers.

    A glossy body butter labels has a shiny look that looks like glass and it makes the product elegant.

    The glossy finish is ideal for any product. Your label will be resistant to water and oils.

    You’ll need laminating paper to laminate your label if you want it to look glossy.

    glossy body butter labels

    You may personalize your body butter labels in any style or design that fits your business.

    15. What should a body butter label contain?

    Your label must have the following primary information:

    • The ingredients are listed in ranking by mass or volume
    • Any related precautions or warnings about using the product
    • The measuring unit (volume or weight)
    • A company’s name, address, and website

    The product name should come first in the Statement of Identity, followed by a description of the product using its common term.

    All these contents must be present in the body butter labels just like other products, like cosmetics, bathe products, perfumes, and etc.

    16. Can body butter labels be applied to packaging boxes?

    Yes, of course!

    A body butter labels can be attached to any kind of product packaging including packaging boxes.

    Bespoke body butter labels are an excellent investment for new businesses, and they come with packaging boxes as well.

    packaging box label of body butter

    The body butter labels have a stunning appearance, which will be able to entertain clients, with and a combination of printing processes, including as PMS, UV, and CMYK printing, as well as a distinctive design and style that can stick to any type of packaging.

    A body butter labels can be die-cut or any customization will occur. With proper labeling of packaging boxes that stand out will give your brand an excellent destination.

    17. Where else can body butter labels be applied?

    Labels, as we all know, are flexible and may be placed almost anywhere. Sticker labels are required to identify your goods, whether it is on a jar, bottle, paper bag, packaging box, or other containers.

    It can be made to your specifications in terms of shape, size, style, and color for any sort of body butter packaging or container.

    Your body butter’s packaging is essential in establishing your brand in the marketplace. It’s a way to persuade customers to buy your goods.

    Not just on market, it can also be applied to social events like birthdays, gender reveals, bridal parties, weddings, and more…

    18. Can I use eggshell paper for my body butter labels to make it destructible?


    That is another option to secure your product by choosing eggshell paper for body butter labels.

    Eggshell paper material is a destructible kind of paper that is torn apart when removed and is incredibly difficult to remove.

    It’s a good choice to employ eggshell body butter labels on different types of containers to safeguard your brand from theft or tampering situations.

    These personalized eggshell stickers serve as permanent labels that are difficult to break. They won’t peel off after a week, unlike regular paper labels. Because of their durability and resistance to tampering, they’re also known as security or tamper-evident stickers.

    Any attempt to remove these eggshell body butter labels will result in their complete destruction by pieces.

    Analyze the importance while selecting eggshell paper, as it may have an impact on print quality and longevity.

    19. Is it okay to use floral body butter labels for bridal showers and other occasions?

    Yes, of course!

    There are more design alternatives for designing lovely body butter labels, especially if you want to utilize them at social functions.

    body butter labels for occasions

    The names and dates of your special event will be printed on the personalized body butter labels.

    You can also add custom fonts, such as the bride’s name in floral design or a photo of the bride. Insert a heartfelt message if you wish on the label.

    These customized body butter labels can be as a treat to friends, a market at a bazaar, or can be used in their home business.

    20. What types of label materials can I use to personalize body butter labels?

    Body butter labels are made using a multitude of label materials.

    Choose appropriate materials that fit the quality of your product and brand to make your body butter labels stand out.

    Raw materials of body butter labels include the following:

    • Eggshell paper (destructible/fragile paper)
    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Coated paper
    • Textured paper
    • PVC
    • PP
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Holographic paper

    These materials are differentiated with their thickness and quality with proper usage depending on the environment and the product.

    The clear paper types of materials are synthetic paper, BOPP, PP, PVC, and PET which are durable because clear materials are waterproof, oil-resistant, and have a longer life span in utilizing to any product.

    The destructible paper that is commonly known as the eggshell paper is highly suggested to make labels tamper-resistant.

    21. Are body butter labels necessary?

    Yes! Body butter labels are necessary since product labels say everything about the product that makes it easy for the consumers to know the product well before purchasing.

    It will be a huge help for your product advertising and marketing.

    A cost-efficiency that can help you in your branding needs and it is easy to sell products with a label on it.

    Compared to non-labeled products, it will make the shoppers convince that the product they are buying is satisfying with a label that contains many details about the particular brand.

    It is one way to be creative and make your brand boom whether it’s a homemade product or a known brand.

    22. What are gold foil body butter labels?

    A foil printed label has two types: Hot foil label and a Cold foil label.

    Hot foil and cold foil labels have different processes for printing that can be designed with gold color.

    Hot foil printing

    Using a heated, carved plate, hot foil labels are created by pressing metallic, dry ink into the label material.

    Cold foil printing

    Cold foil labels are created by pressing a thin foil sheet into label material and drying it using a UV drying light.

    This gold foil body butter labels has a luxurious style and a metallic design that make it more sophisticated.

    It’s also used to highlight the letters and logos on gold foil business cards, packaging logos, cosmetic labels, and so on.

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