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    UV Printing Wine Bottle Labels

    Highlight your logo in a luxurious way, Best4U makes premium printing quality

    Hot stamping wine bottle labels

    Foil stamping beer labels could make your logo in  gold, silver, red, green etc solid color foil

    Wine Bottle Neck Labels

    Bottle neck beer labels make your products more beautiful

    Waterproof beer labels

    Clear transparent beer labels are good for beverages to keep a “no label” looking

    Simple beer label

    Best4U has a low MOQ of custom orders and lowest price deals without breaking your bank

    Wedding beer labels

    Customize your wedding beer labels with photos, colored fonts, floral prints, etc.

    Craft beer labels

    Craft beer labels will make your product more stylish and attractive with a vintage look

    Beer can labels

    You can have it on a can! Best4U can accommodate any designs you want

    Glass bottle beer labels

    It is popular and Best4U has high-tech machines to produce the best product

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    Best4U started in 2009, a stable and precise company for over 10 years. Best4U is reliable and keeps on improving to give you the best outcome of your beer labels.

    High-end types of machinery and excellent customer service are some of the best assets that Best4U has. You are going to love working with us and we can assure you that your beer labels will be outstanding.

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    High technology machine for bottle stickers

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    Material Checking
    Material Checking For Beer Labels
    Best4U has great quality materials to make your beer labels satisfying
    PMS Printing
    PMS Printing For Beer Labels
    To make you beer labels more attractive and eye-catching
    Packing method
    Packing Of Beer Labels
    Packing of your beer labels could be on roll or sheet, depending on your demand and it is packed safely
    UV Printing
    Printing Art Of Beer Labels
    Best4U offers rich luxury printing methods that meet your demands
    Hot Stamping
    Lamination Choices
    To make your beer labels special and in great designs
    Delivery Checking
    Quality Checking Of Your Beer Labels
    Best4U make sure that your beer labels will be 100% of the best quality that you deserve.
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Delivery Checking Of Beer Labels
    Your beer labels will be properly checked 100% before delivery process
    Fast Shipping
    Fast Shipping Of Beer Labels
    Best4U will deliver your beer labels prior to your deadline and ensure the safety of your products

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    Customize beer labels
    Gift beer labels
    transparent beer labels
    Waterproof beer labels
    soft drink beer labels
    UV Beer Labels
    Photo beer labels
    Clear beer labels

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    Best4U is one of the highest companies in China for 10 years. Best4U beer labels manufacturer has proved a lot in the industry in beer label printing. Best4U has high-quality technology to modernize printing and bring out the best product of beer labels for you.

    When it comes to materials, Best4U has a lot to offer for your beer labels, like PVC beer labels, UV printing beer labels, synthetic paper beer labels, textured paper beer labels, hot stamping beer labels, and many more…

    Best4U has advanced types of machinery to make your beer labels outstanding among others. Your beer labels will be made according to your demands and we can secure that your custom beer labels will be more creative and eye-catching to consumers.

    As a professional beer label supplier, you can customize your desire beer label design, and we supply different colors and shapes for your beer labels. Best4U recommends CMYK, PMS, UV beer labels, hot stamping beer labels printing for the best result for your custom beer labels to come up with the highest condition.

    Pick out what shape you like for your beer labels. Best4U has different shapes to offer, like rectangle, round, triangle, and more to mention…

    Best4U manufacturer is professional for your beer label manufacturing. There are different types of materials to pick from that Best4U offers. Best4U offers synthetic paper beer labels, Kraft paper beer labels, coated paper beer labels, BOPP beer labels, PET beer labels, etc.

    Best4U can supply your beer labels and can accommodate your beer labels according to your needs like beer labels for weddings, beer labels for cans, beer labels for any occasion, and many more… Best4U is here to guide you and you will love doing business with Best4U. You can send your detailed order to us and your quotation for your beer label printing and Best4U will serve you straightaway.

    There are various industries we have and Best4U beer labels are popular to use anywhere. Beer labels in Best4U are best to use on any occasion like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can use beer label printing in your own business if you own a restaurant, café bar, or department store. Best4U beer label manufacturer is your best choice to help you.

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    Beer Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    A beer label FAQ guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your beer labels and how to make them stand out above all the rest.

    The label of a beer is one of the essential parts of this beautiful drink.

    This is where you pass on information about the contents of your beer.

    It’s also where you put your logo if you are using custom labels for business purposes.

    Learn everything about beer labels with this complete guide.

    1.    How do I make my beer labels?

    There are many ways to make your beer labels. Making your label is quick and easy.

    The first way is with your desired design drawn on the label paper or using Paper Label Designer software which provides an easy way to create your custom-designed beer labels.

    The second way is to download one of the free beer label designs or use one of the beer label templates.

    Making Beer Labels

    The option exists to optimize your beer label template with various desired colors, themes, and effects.

    You can also add images and text to reflect your thoughts or brand on your beer label.

    After you finished optimizing your template, print it with an inkjet printer or any other printer you have access to.

    You can then place it on your beer bottle.

    2.    What is required on a beer label?

    Your beer label must include eight key elements.

    When it comes to beer labels, some ingredients should be present in every recipe listed on the label, while others are required under rare circumstances.

    Label Requirement

    These elements are listed below:

    • Brand Name: The name of the specific brand that is carrying out production.
    • Class and designation: To which category does it belong and what identification it possesses.
    • Address: Location of the plant where the specific brand is produced.
    • Ingredients: What is inside the product or what components are used in manufacturing this product.
    • Alcohol Content: Is the alcohol content included is under the limit set up by authorities.
    • Disclosure for certain ingredients: Reveal some specific elements that are prohibited in particular recipe production.
    • Health warning: What effects it possesses when taken by anyone, or is there any limitation in consumption for this product.
    • Country of origin: Mention the source of the country on the label in which beer is produced.

    You can check here to get more supported information.

    3.    Are beer labels valuable?

    Yes, they truly worth it.

    One of the most important aspects of any beer is the label if you are a beer drinker.

    The label is everything. Beer labels tell you everything that you need to know about a brew.

    They can specify ingredients, alcohol content, flavor profiles, brewed, and even what color it is.

    Labels giving information about brewing or beer history can also be precious.

    Some beer labels have so much value that they have auctioned at even 1.25 million dollars and have recorded at Guinness World Records.

    Beer Labels are a great way to have your beer stand out in the retail setting. Beer labels are competing with other beers at the store, so it possesses excellent value.

    So, you must pay massive care in designing beer labels. After all, this will be on the shelf right next to several other bottles of the exact wine.

    4.    What size are beer labels?

    To start with beer labels, the first thing you need to do is determine your label’s size.

    There are several different beer label sizes to choose from. Some of them are listed below.


    Sr. No.

    Can Size (oz)

    Label Size (in)



    2.25 × 8.0



    3.625 × 6.25



    3.625 × 7.5



    3.625 × 8.0



    5.0 × 6.25



    5.0 × 7.5



    5.0 × 8.0

    Sr. No.

    Bottle Size (oz)

    Label Size (in)



    3.5 × 7.0



    4.0 × 8.0




    Sr. No.

    Wraps per roll







    5.    How do I make a beer label in photoshop?

    To make a beer label in photoshop is pretty simple.

    There are several ways to make a beer label in Photoshop.

    Launch Photoshop. Click the “File” tab at the top of the program. Click “Open” in the drop-down menu, and select the beer label template you would like to open.

    Customize your template according to your needs. Options exist for the addition of text, themes, and fonts.

     Photoshop Label

    Photoshop lets you choose from hundreds of designer layouts, upload your artwork, and select from dozens of different fonts, and you can create a unique beer label that is one-of-a-kind!

    You can also design your beer label without using a template, and this will help you stand out from your competition with a unique and aesthetically pleasing design.

    After you have finished customizing your beer label, you can print it through the File menu within the photoshop through print command.

    Later you can use it on your desired bottle or can size.

    6.    How much does a beer label design cost?

    Beer labels are generally just a little more than other labels, with custom print labels often starting at around $100 for a quantity of 500 and $40-80 per 1000 after that.

    Beer label design costs can also vary depending on the complexity of your design.

    The cost of a beer label design depends on whether the design is created custom or from stock, the size/label style, and the number of labels you need.

    Overall, the average cost of a custom computer-generated label will be between $10 and $50.

    A custom-designed beer can be an easy way to get customized beer bottles without spending any more money in the end!

    7.    What is the best beer label printer?

    Several printers are classified based on printing widths, printing speed, number of labels printed per day, etc.

    Some of the best printers are listed below:

    • Arkscan 2054A LAN Thermal Shipping Label Printer
    • Brady BMP41 Label Printer
    • Brother P – touch cube plus
    • Brother QL – 800
    • Brother VC 500W Compact Color printer
    • Epson Label Works LW-PX750PCD kit
    • Zebra GC 420D Direct thermal printer
    • Dynamo label writer 450 turbo

    Label Printer

    First, you need to determine how you are going to use the labels. There are many different types of beer label printers available that may fit your needs.

    If you want to select an excellent Beer Label printer and save your time and money, the best way is to read beer label reviews.

    8.    What are personalized beer labels?

    The Personalized Beer Label allows you to design your beer bottle label.

    Add text, a graphic, or choose from a gallery of preselected designs. You select the artwork.

    Beer labels are printed on a permanent adhesive material that will adhere to most beer bottles.

    Perfect for homebrewing, bars, restaurants, or any occasion that calls for a personalized touch.

    Personalized beer labels are an excellent way for you to create unique labels for your homemade beer.

    Personalized beer labels allow you to represent precisely what and who you are.

    From a simple, clean style for a small microbrewery or a wild and creative custom label,

    Personalizing your label can turn your vision into a reality.

    9.    Where to get free beer label templates?

    Browse a large selection of online bottle label templates at various websites.

    Templates exist for wine bottle labels, water bottle labels, beer bottle labels, carbonated beverage bottle labels, etc.

    You can select an existing template or make a new one by building tools available on these websites.

    Free beer label templates allow you to design your labels for your homebrew beer.

    You have to download a free printable template and then add the details of your beer, such as alcohol content, style, type of beverage, and ingredients.

    Numerous excellent breweries offer their labels for free at their site.

    Label templates can be used to create labels on any laser or inkjet printer.

    There are no setup or usage fees, and you can use the free templates an unlimited number of times.

    10.      What are beer bottle labels made of?

    While the actual label material can vary depending on the label printer being used, the most popular materials must be waterproof.

    Other label materials include pressure-sensitive polymers, direct thermal plastics, thermal laminates, and cut-and-welded self-adhesive labels.

    While beer bottle labels will be made of different materials that vary depending on which type you choose to use, they all have in common that they will stay on the bottle until you peel them off!

    Beer bottles needed to be placed in fridges are specially designed to have durable beer bottle labels.

    If you label material that cannot stand for a longer time, it is useless to label your bottle.

    This is why material selection for beer labels is very important.

    11.      Why are stone beer labels upside down?

    Stone beer bottle labels turn to be upside down. This is maybe for two reasons.

    Firstly, it was a way to get the beer to stand upright with the cork on the top of a bottle.

    Secondly, when there is any sediment in the bottom of a bottle, this is how the label will be facing down when the bottle stands upside down in a rack.

     Upside down

    Thirdly, this is because the permanent adhesive will form a better seal when applied, and the label will not drift from proper alignment as there is no beer to flow along the edges and break the bond.

    While the brewery does not correctly reveal this upside-down strategy, they are only exclaiming it as an international standard or defining it as a way to attract several buyers.

    12.      What do peel beer labels mean?

    Peel beer labels mean that the beer label can be removed without damaging the bottle’s surface and that it is durable enough to withstand cold temperatures.

    Peel-off beer labels are available in pre-cut as well as custom-shaped label sizes.

    Peel-off beer labels emerge from the backing in a uniquely unexpected way that looks like it was done by hand, which gives them a handmade and organic feel.

    Peel Label

    They will add more character to your special brew, and you can trust us to give you the most attractive shape and size to fit your brand’s needs.

    Peel and stick labels that are blank on one side have a pressure-sensitive adhesive to apply to glass beer bottles.

    One of the advantages of peel-off labels is that they can be removed from bottles and recycled, also the bottle can also be recycled and used once again for the new purpose.

    13.      How to display beer labels?

    To display beer labels and to preserve the flavor and aroma of your beer, there are various methods that you can use.

    Label application: Attaching the label to the bottle before bottling is what is called label application.

    This method helps in showcasing your product and does not allow air to be trapped beneath the label.

     Display Beer labels

    Beer bottle layering: Another technique is using cooling beer labels through layering.

    As there are various layers of foam involved in this method, it keeps your beer cool for a longer time than if held in the case.

    The answer also depends on the style of a beer label.

    There is a label display system that allows you to identify individual beers for custom beer bottle labels or for a label designed by the brewery to display in its store.

    There are also displays for beer and wine that allow an entire product category to be displayed together for ease of recognition by customers.

    14.      What can beer labels do to your wedding?

    Yes, I believe that custom beer labels can give an added fun element to your wedding.

    Aside from the obvious- of getting everyone, think for their stag do – it’s a great way to label what drinks are being served at the wedding.

    Beer labels also make for fantastic gifts and keepsakes at the end of the night.

    The fun designs on beer labels will undoubtedly be a talking point on the wedding journey!


    They are more likely to represent something special to your relationship as a couple.

    Wedding invitations are going the way of craft beer bottle labeling.

    Beer labels and bridal shower invites are all the rage, so why not incorporate them into your wedding invitations

    15.      Can I add pictures to beer labels?

    Yes, there are many label applications out there that allow you to add picture files.

    Many of these applications have a feature where you can use pictures already on your computer to take a new one for every label.

    You can even add a picture of the product you are labeling if it is in front of you.


    You can search for “label maker” or “printing software” and put it in your operating system (Windows, Android, Mac, etc.), and it will give you loads of options to choose from.

    You can add one or more images to your beer labels, and they will be printed on the bottom of the label.

    16.      What do you mean by animated beer labels?

    Animated beer labels use full-color graphics to create a stunning effect that your viewers can see. Animated beer label reflects cartoony art to attract viewers.

    You may place your picture, logo, text, or company information on these labels, which will be printed on the bottles.

    The Animated Beer Label can enhance and entertain the viewer, but it can also relay any information.


    This is where this particular label shines.

    Animated beer labels are perfect for promoting your brand to your target audience.

    It’s just the perfect way for you to promote your product and connect with consumers in a better way.

    17.      How to make beer label waterproof?

    There are several ways of making a beer bottle label waterproof.

    One way is to put a varnish coat on the label, which should be allowed to dry before using the bottle.

    Investing in some waterproof glue will help your beer labels become water-retaining and resistant to water.


    When applying a label with waterproof adhesive, make sure to cover the label’s entire surface with glue.

    You can also add a layer of lamination to your label, and this layer keeps away oil and water while giving your brand a shinier look.

    This shinier look will catch the sight of many buyers, thus playing its role in advertising your brand.

    18.      What is meant by vector and raster beer labels?

    Vector beer labels are very different from raster images.

    Vector beer labels can have the highest resolution and a much larger size than most images.

    This means vector beer labels have smooth edges and can be scaled to any size, and still look great.

    On the other hand, raster labels do not have high resolution, and their pixels becomes distorted when scaled above specific limitation.

    Vector Raster

    Because of this, raster beer label use is mainly discouraged.

    Vector beer labels are made by using Illustrator.

    They use paths to define curves and lines that make them the most effective label for labeling.

    Paths can be easily scaled, rendered with very high precision, or produced at larger sizes than their original size without problems.

    19.      What is the best application for beer labels?

    Beer bottle labels or stretch sleeve labels for beer cans are a great way to distinguish your product, create publicity, and build brand recognition.

    Beer labels can be used as part of new product launches or as an awareness builder in specific markets.

    Beer labels are an excellent way to display your love of beer in an eye-catching manner that will be sure to attract all of your friends and family.

    Whether they are going to a party or want to see your latest collection, there is no more effective way to display all of your unique styles of beers.

    The primary function of labels is to have a picture of the contents to reflect the bottle.

    They are almost always made with bar codes and the brand name to indicate their brew.

    20.      What is the best way of making labels for your homebrewed beer bottles?

    There are many ways of making labels on your own, but several factors determine which method is the best for you.

    You can select free online available templates and customize them as per your requirements. This method is best if you are in a hurry.

    Working with these templates is easy and free, and it does not involve hard work and saves time.

    If your priority is quality, you must go for Adobe illustrator to work with your art. This software provides vector art.

    You can also use Microsoft Word to make beer labels. This method is more convenient than working with adobe illustrator.

    You need to select label size, add images, text to make your label one of its kind by following simple steps.

    Now it is up to you to select which one suits you for your current situation.

    21.      Why do we need nutrition labels on beer?

    Nutrition labels were created to help consumers make informed decisions on the products they buy.

    As health continues to be a big issue in society today, several states have mandated that all beer manufacturers provide nutritional data.

    This way, consumers can track what nutritional content is present in their products.

    Nutritional labels on beer would be helpful for those who need to monitor their alcohol intake.

    Because there is so much beer ingredients variation, it isn’t easy to know what the nutritional content might be from beer to beer.

    22.      How to measure the size of the beer label?

    There are two ways to confirm your bottle label size: using the tape measure method, and the other is by using the ruler method.

    Depending on how much information you want to include on the bottle labels and the type of bottle you are labeling, there are several guidelines for determining what size label you need.

    If you have a lot of information to add to your bottle labels and the label will be printed using direct thermal paper or thermal transfer printing, you may need to get a custom-sized brand.

    Label size

    The easiest option is to use computer software to determine what size bottle labels you need.

    This is often a feature included when you are purchasing bottle label software or label application software.

    You can also determine bottle label size by assessing your bottle’s size and comparing them with a standard chart on which label sizes are depicted for various bottle shapes and sizes widely used worldwide.

    23.      What is the impact of beer labels?

    The label is the first thing that a customer sees before they buy it, and it is letting them know what they should expect when the product is in their hand.

    The impact of beer labels is that what information it carries about the beer is attractive and appealing to target customers.

    The beer label, or sometimes called just a label, will increase the impact of your marketing.

    It’s not just a matter of putting words or images on a paper or card, and it’s about making an impression.

    With the growing trend of craft breweries, every beer brand needs to stand out in the streets.

    To do this, you need to give your customers undivided attention that builds their desire to own one of your finest products.

    24.      What can a beer label do for Father’s Day?

    Father’s Day is just around the corner, and with it are many queries about what to get for dad.

    Celebrate Father’s Day with a custom beer label.

    Fathers day

    If your dad likes to brew and bottle his beer, this beer label can be a great gift.

    Let him enjoy his day with the excellent beer label design that will indeed make a statement when it comes to giving beer as a gift.

    It is best to personalize the bottle so that it gives an extra special touch and makes your Father feel special as well.

    A great beer label can leave a mark on your Fathers thoughts.

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