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How Best4U Makes Your Beauty Labels In Top Quality

  • Free Samples of bottle labels
    Free Sample Of Beauty Labels
    You will get a free beauty labels sample in order for you to check the quality of our output
  • Strict QC of bottle labels
    Strict QC Inspection
    Best4U does 4 times quality checking of each of your beauty labels for securing the standard quality of your orders
  • Material options
    Quality Material Options
    Best4U has various high-quality materials to choose from for your beauty labels
  • Advanced Machines of bottle labels
    Top Grade Machines
    Best4U will manufacture your beauty labels with highly digital machines for excellent output
  • Assist Design
    Assist Your Artwork Designs
    Best4U is always here to assist your needs including your artwork designs with our expert designers
  • Wonderful Service of bottle labels
    Excellent After-sale Service
    Best4U has 100% compensation for every quality problem, but we assure you that all your beauty labels are of top quality standard

Your Beauty Labels Are Important For Branding Your Products

Whether you have a small business or homemade products, Best4U beauty labels are very useful for whatever beauty products you have, like lipstick, face cream, eyeliner, beauty soap, liquid foundation, and more. Best4U will help you put your brand on top.

PE Beauty Labels
Make your products beautiful with unique custom design you need
Kraft Beauty Labels
Best4U will help you customize your kraft beauty labels into highest level
Vinyl Beauty Labels
Top choice of our customers with stylish look and will protect your logo
Gold Foil Beauty Labels
You can personalize with custom shape and with highlighted brand logo
Spot UV Beauty Labels
Low MOQ with 1000pcs of custom beauty labels and with lowest prices
Matte Beauty Labels
Available in custom sizes and shapes, Best4U will make it outstanding
Glossy Beauty Labels
Cost-effective that are high-quality with shiny look
Printable Beauty Labels
It could be artistic with floral design or any design you want
Clear Beauty Labels
Best4U will make it more glamorous and stands out in the market

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    Why Best4U Earn Good Reputation Since 2009?You Must Choose Your Supplier Wisely

    Best4U handles everything for your custom beauty labels with the material options and your artwork designs. All your personalized beauty labels will fabricate smoothly by Best4U, your beauty labels manufacturer with high-end machines to create extraordinary and heavy-duty custom beauty labels and with the help of our stylish designers, it will be less hassle and the easiest way for you.

    As an expert and knowledgeable in customizing your custom beauty labels, Best4U made a way to grab your customer’s attention. Aside from making your personalized beauty labels durable, Best4U has various raw materials to apply for your custom beauty labels, including coated beauty labels, synthetic beauty labels, Kraft beauty labels, PE beauty labels, BOPP beauty labels, PET beauty labels, etc.

    You have the right to design and choose the right materials you need for your personalized beauty labels. Your beauty labels supplier offers many printing options to make your custom beauty labels will look more beautiful, like UV beauty labels, CMYK beauty labels, PMS beauty labels, hot stamping beauty labels. A finishing touch that Best4U makes your personalized beauty labels stands out in the marketplace.

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    Best4U provides 100% compensation if there are quality problems you experience
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    Best4U is trusted by many top brands worldwide for its credibility and passion
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    Easiest Way
    Best4U will make it easier for you to have your high-quality beauty labels with less hassle and affordable price

    You Need A Supplier That Can Supply All Your Needs

    Best4U has helped many companies since 2009 in giving them unique custom beauty labels and making them successful and active in the market nowadays. That is why Best4U, your beauty labels supplier trusted by 1000+ top brands for having an outstanding specialty that we offer.

    For whatever products you have, or you may have a small business, your Best4U beauty labels can help you out. It is a good idea to express your stylish way in creating your personalized beauty labels to convey a detailed message to consumers so that they will know what kind of products they are purchasing. Best4U has a unique solution for your success in business and will make it all possible.

    Every product is different and requires different output just like your personalized beauty labels. You can use your custom beauty labels in any beauty product, like beauty soap, face cream, lip balm, beauty lotions, liquid foundations, eye shadow, nail polish, and more. With the highlighted logo in your product and eye-catching custom beauty labels and surely your customers will notice your brand.

    Best4U has over 10 years of experience in beauty label printing with high image quality and long-lasting types of personalized beauty labels. You can specialize your custom beauty labels with embossing labels, or you can select matte beauty labels or glossy beauty labels that you will absolutely like.

    All your custom beauty labels will be properly checked and it should be done four times quality checking to have a stable standard quality of your personalized beauty labels. Your beauty labels manufacturer ensures that your personalized beauty labels will be of top-grade quality and Best4U will transform your products into stunning and visually beautiful.

    Best4U has fast automatic lines to fabricate your custom beauty labels on time and well-organized procedures and has a large capacity of beauty labels factory in China to support large orders like 30,000 pieces of custom beauty labels that manufacture only in just 5 hours. Best4U will give you the exact requirement that you need for your personalized beauty labels.

    For the 100% great service that Best4U offers, with an approachable team that can assist your demand always. Best4U provides a 100% warranty for your custom beauty products, if you meet some issues with your orders, we have a wonderful after-sales service and Best4U can guarantee you that.

    The easiest way to show your buyers by using personalized beauty labels that Best4U, your beauty labels manufacturer made. Your custom beauty labels are adhesive sticker types that can be easily attached to your product, like jars, plastic bottles, glass bottles, small bottles, large bottles, etc.

    Best4U has an excellent printing capability for your beauty labels printing using advanced digital machines to produce durable beauty labels and can bring out 100% satisfaction for all your request. Best4U can supply different types of labels, like eggshell labels, perfume labels, shipping labels, bottle labels, warranty labels, hologram labels, business sticker labels, pantry labels, etc.

    You will get enough personalized beauty labels even in busy days or high season. Best4U beauty labels supplier will support your small orders with low MOQ of custom beauty labels that offers a cheaper price that you don’t have to spend too much and it is surely a cost-effective solution for all your problems regarding your business.

    Your beauty labels are safely packed in stronghold cartons that secure your orders and you can request when you want to deliver it by air travel or ship by sea. All your custom beauty labels will be packed on rolls, on sheets, or can be cut by size, depends on your request. Best4U provides a fast delivery process worldwide in order for you to receive your parcels on time.

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    Beauty Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Beauty labels are very useful for your branding solutions and recommended by thousands of top brands worldwide.

    This guide will give you the information about how to create your beauty labels, printing materials, paper materials, manufacturing process, sizes of beauty labels, importance of using beauty labels, etc.

    1.    What beauty label can do for you?

    Your beauty label should speak to every customer and grab their attention.

    beauty labels

    If you own a beauty line, your beauty labels could add a potential for your business whether it is a small business or a big business.

    Your beauty label is the first thing that the customers are going to see, so you must get their impression and if that would happen, they are likely would give it a try and bring your beauty products home.

    You need to make your products stands out on the shelves using beauty label that can level up your branding and a successful business.

    2.    How do I label my personalized beauty products?

    There are various ways to label your beauty products by creating your beauty labels beautiful and informative.

    Your label should always include your business name and product name. That is the first thing that your customer notices. You can also put your contact information such as your website on your label.

    personalized beauty label

    You can also state the ingredients used and net contents to tell the customers how much product is inside the container or package.

    There should be a declaration of manufacturer of your beauty products, so consumers must know where your products came from.

    3.    What type of materials used for manufacturing beauty labels?

    There are different types of materials in manufacturing your beauty labels, such as:

    • Coated Paper
    • Synthetic Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • PVC
    • PE
    • BOPP
    • PET

    materials for beauty labels

    These types of materials also have options by different thicknesses. You can choose suitable ones for your beauty labels.

    Synthetic Paper, PVC, PE, PET, BOPP is waterproof, oil-resistant, and daily anti-corrosion and they are widely used in cosmetic, beauty products, body care, detergent, household, food, etc.

    There are also transparent materials like PVC, PE, PET, and BOPP, and these types of materials could be covered with laser film just like hologram labels.

    You can choose one of these materials depending on your desired requirement for your products.

    4.    How can I design my custom label for beauty products?

    In designing your custom label for your beauty products you can use Photoshop or any kind of tool to customize your beauty labels and you can be stylish to make your beauty labels attractive.

    custom beauty labels

    Highlight your logo to recognize and it must be clear and readable by the eyes of your consumers.

    You can use decorative designs or desired pictures to be more stylish.

    Customize your fonts, colors and shapes that you want for your custom beauty labels.

    It should be unique and should tell the story of your brand with special feature and create a theme that can make it nice-looking.

    5.    Is it easy to remove beauty labels on a bottle?

    It depends on the type of label you choose for your beauty labels.

    There are many ways to remove beauty labels on a bottle.

    The easiest way and a common way to remove beauty labels on a bottle are the following:

    • Remove the label from the bottle
    • Apply dish soap directly to the residue on your bottle
    • Scrub it using a sponge or a paper towel
    • Rinse with hot water, this could loosen the label’s adhesive

    removing labels from bottles

    In these easy steps, you can easily remove the beauty label on a bottle depending on the type of label you have applied to your bottle.

    6.    What information needs to be printed on the beauty label?

    In printing your beauty label, there are important information that needs to be input into your beauty label that can easily be recognized by consumers.

    Here are some of the following:

    • Identity of the Product

    The most important is the brand name or your logo that is highlighted in your product and describes your product by its common name, like mascara, lotion, etc.

    It must contain the product name and you can customize the fonts and the size of the letter that you desire for your product logo.

    information on beauty labels


    • Net Contents

    It includes the information about how much the product contains, like the weight, count, or quantity inside the package.

    • Manufacturer / Distributor

    It tells about who is the manufacturer or the distributor of the product.

    Some customers will look into the label and find out who is the manufacturer of the product they are buying to ensure if the product is authentic or not.

    • Ingredient Declaration

    It is necessary to state the ingredient of the beauty product on the label and that indicates the quantity in percentage terms of an ingredient.

    There are some customers that are allergic to some ingredients from the beauty product, so that is why you must indicate each ingredient that your product contains.

    7.    What are the sizes for beauty labels?

    To start your beauty labels, you must determine the sizes of the labels required for your beauty products.

    Some sizes are listed below for your reference, detail beauty label sizes need to double check with your container size.

    Beauty Products

    Sr. No.

    Bottle Size (ml)

    Label Size (inches)



    1.75 x 3



    1.625 x 3.25



    1.25 x 2.5



    1 x 2

    8.    Can I customize the text size for my beauty labels?

    Yes, you can.

    In customizing your text size it should be suitable for the container of your product and should be readable.

    A minimum text size of 2.5mm (x-height 1.2mm) or 7 points is the smallest size that most people (and regulators) are likely to consider readable.

    Your text size should be increased proportionally with label and container size to ensure good readability.

    9.    Are the materials used for beauty labels safe?


    The raw materials used for making beauty labels are safe.

    All beauty label materials are environmentally-friendly and this promote and protect the consumers and the product itself.

    Most consumers will consider that all beauty labels were used are safe.

    10.    Is it expensive to order beauty labels?

    Beauty labels are very cheap but with good quality. The price range is about $0.01 to $0.3, price is affected by order quantity, printing techniques, beauty label size and material, etc.

    Generally, it is very easy to get your desired beauty labels without spending too much on your brand.

    11.    Can I choose different colors for my beauty labels?

    When creating your custom beauty label, you have to choose the right color that coincide your brand.

    If you want positive colors, you can choose:

    • Green ­- Happiness and relaxation
    • White – Clean and complement
    • Black – Wisdom and stability
    • Blue – Creativity
    • Gold – Elegance

    These colors are most likely chosen that bring positivity to every consumer.

    You can also make your beauty label more attractive by choosing colorful printed or pink color because pink is commonly used for beauty products and it stands for feminine.

    Different colors for beauty labels

    There is a various color that you can choose and it depends on your choice.

    12.    Do I need to have a barcode on my label?

    You can choose to have a barcode on your labels.

    In general, barcoding is not required for custom beauty labels, unless they are for products intended to be sold in a retail setting.

    Bar code has now been made mandatory for the companies deal in Pharmaceuticals, Trading with Super Markets, etc.

    barcode on beauty label

    You need to have a barcode if you sell to large retailers like Wallmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, GNC, etc., and to any retail stores that require barcodes.

    However, if your products don’t have barcode, you can still sell it online or anywhere that doesn’t require a barcode.

    13.    How long will it take to print beauty labels?

    It depends if it is large bulk orders or small orders.

    For small orders of beauty labels, it can only take 30 minutes- 1 hour of printing.

    To finish a large order, for example, if you order 30,000 pieces of beauty labels, it will only take 4-5hours of manufacturing your labels.

    It will not take any longer in processing your beauty labels.

    After printing your beauty labels, it will probably ship on the same day.

    14.    What are matte beauty labels?

    Matte beauty labels can enhance your label designs.

    Matte labels are perfect when your product labels need a high-end appearance.

    matte beauty labels

    It is a great choice to choose matte beauty labels, it gives off a duller and more subtle finish.

    Matte stickers are weatherproof, but not UV-protected so they will fade faster in sunlight.

    Just make sure to apply your labels at a temperate temperature and on a dry surface.

    15.    What is a glossy beauty labels?

    A glossy finish is a characteristic of laminate or varnish that has a high shine effect.

    Glossy paper is shinier, looks like having high contrast and makes the color “pop” on the stickers. The extra shine works well if you are planning to load your sticker with a lot of colors and big graphics.

    glossy beauty labels

    Glossy beauty labels are popular because of versatility, cost-effective and appealing.

    Glossy labels can be used in a different industry, like food, health, beverage, and more.

    Glossy labels are recommended for indoor applications as outdoor environment can cause gloss to fade easily.

    16.    Can I use Photoshop to personalize my beauty labels?

    Yes, you can use Photoshop to personalize your beauty labels.

    Photoshop can help you design your labels and allows you to create high-quality vector imagery that won’t pixelate when resize.

    Photoshop for beauty labels

    Many designers commonly used Photoshop in customizing their labels.

    It could be a big help for you to use Photoshop to obtain your desired design in creating your unique personalized beauty labels.

    17.    Are there other shapes to apply for beauty labels?

    Yes, there are many shapes that you can apply for your beauty labels.

    Common shapes that are used to apply for beauty labels are as follows:

    • Round
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Oval

    These different shapes can be applied to jars, glass bottles, small containers, plastic bottles, etc.

    Many customers use rectangle shape, because rectangle has a long space to design all you want for your products.

    You can choose whatever shape you like for your custom beauty label that will fit your style.

    18.    What other industries do beauty labels can be used in?

    Beauty labels can be used in other industries like personal care goods for everyday use.

    The beauty products industry has a wide range of products such as:

    • Cosmetics

    This includes mascara, lipstick, lip balm, foundation, etc.

    • Skincare

    Like cleansers, face cream, deodorant, shaving cream, etc.

    • Haircare

    For hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, etc.

    • Toiletries

    Such as beauty soap, liquid soap, bubble bath, etc.

    Your beauty label is highly versatile and very useful in many ways and a cost-effective solution for branding.

    19.    Can beauty labels be transparent?

    Yes, your beauty labels could be transparent.

    For a unique and premium look of beauty labels, you can choose transparent material.

    These are transparent materials that you can choose from:

    • PVC
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP

    transparent beauty labels

    Transparent label for your beauty products could give a fresher and modern look, which is another way to make your products visually appealing to consumers.

    They are resistant to oil and water, so it’s an ideal option for everyone who wanted to make their beauty labels transparent.

    20.    What is a gold foil beauty label?

    Gold foil is a process that uses heat and pressure as well as dye or toner to adhere a foil layer to the label.

    They have a shiny reflective surface and are made from metalized paper and a permanent kind of adhesive.

    gold foil beauty label

    There are two types of foil paper material.

    • Silver Foil
    • Gold Foil

    Both of these types of foil paper add a high-quality and luxurious look to your label.

    Gold and silver metallic ink are more expensive than an ordinary ink that can boost the quality and value of the product.

    Gold foil label gives an incredible look to your brand and one of the top choice by most clients.

    21.    What is a printable beauty label?

    Printable beauty label is a kind of label that allows you to print by your mini machines or write words on it.

    This will be wonderful for those who are looking for a creative look for their beauty products.

    Printable beauty labels

    You can customize your printable beauty label in any size, shape and color.

    This can help you organize your beauty products and can show your customers many different designs that they want.

    22.    Can beauty labels be applied to the jar?

    Yes, you can apply beauty labels on a jar.

    You can easily apply labels on jars in whatever sizes.

    beauty labels on jar

    Your beauty label will smoothly stick on smooth surfaces like on jars.

    There are durable and waterproof labels for any types of jar, like mason jars, glass jars, etc.

    Personalize the beauty labels that you will put on a jar in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

    This could make your product in a jar more attractive and nice-looking.

    23.    How are beauty labels made?

    It is important to label your products whether you are selling homemade beauty products or just for personal use.

    There are easy steps on how to make beauty labels.

    • Preparing Material Stock

    This is the first step. Choose the right paper material for your beauty label from a various choices of materials that you can pick.

    • Printing

    The next step is the printing process. In order to print a label in a perfect way, the images need to be in high-resolution and not pixelated, vector artwork for beauty labels are the best. This is the important process to manufacture a label as well as the barcodes of the label.

    • Film Coating

    Glossy, matte or holographic film is coated after printing, your beauty labels will be more gorgeous after film coating.

    • Cutting

    Beauty labels will go through cutting procedure, it’s either die cut roll labels, kiss cut roll labels or sheeting. You have to choose on what is the right converting choice for your products.

    • Finishing

    Finishing is to determine the roll label size, and your roll direction preference. You have to inform your label manufacturer your options for your beauty labels for a perfect result.

    These are the procedures on how accurately your beauty labels are made.

    24.    What are custom beauty labels?

    A custom beauty labels comes from the word “customize”, which means to create something that suits your taste and needs.

    In order for you to get what you exactly want for your beauty labels, you are allowed to customize your beauty labels.

    With custom size, color, shape, design and the right material that you prefer to use that matches your brand.

    Give out what is best for your beauty products and make them stand out in the marketplace.

    25.    What printing techniques are there for beauty labels?

    Choosing the best printing techniques for beauty labels is very important. You need to know what common options there are.

    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • UV printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Cold Foil

    Normally if printing color is not special pantone color, CMYK is OK. If there’s special pantone color on your beauty labels, don’t worry, PMS printing will help.

    If you need partial printing of the beauty labels with outstanding glossy surfaces, UV printing will help you.

    If you need the partial printing bling, hot stamping is a good choice, in hot stamping, there’re also options in different colors like gold, silver, red, green, purple, etc solid colors, another one is holographic.

    But if it’s gradual change in color that you need to make bling, hot stamping won’t help. Cold foil is OK.

    Why some colors look fade on the transparent beauty labels? It’s because there’s no background ink for it, some beauty label suppliers may won’t print the background for saving some cost.

    26.    Is there a minimum quantity to order beauty labels?

    If you choose regular designs from label manufacturers, normally there is no minimum quantity to order beauty labels.

    Most especially for those who are just starting up their businesses or they are using beauty labels for personal use.

    Some beauty label manufacturers will depend on the type of sticker you will order. If it is custom beauty labels, some suppliers have small minimum order quantity of labels and it is around 500 to 1000 pieces for personalized printing.

    You can get your beauty labels as much as you want for your products.

    27.    What is a surface film for beauty labels?

    Surface film is a protective film on a label that serves as a protective layer that protects your label from moisture, oil, grease, etc.

    surface film for beauty labels

    It will make your beauty labels durable and flexible.

    With surface film, your label can stand up from various conditions such as:

    • Heat
    • Cold
    • Tearing
    • Oil
    • Fading
    • Chemicals

    Your beauty labels will be protected with surface films that every label must have.

    There’re several kinds for beauty label surface film, such as glossy, matte, pearl, holographic, etc.

    28.    What do you mean by UV printing?

    UV printing is a unique digital printing method that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to dry ink as it is printed.

    UV printing beauty labels

    It is one of the top choice by many for this method allows your label to be sophisticated.

    UV printing has high-quality color, resistant to scratch, durable, and tear-proof.

    The ink that is used in UV printing is environmentally friendly and safe to use even in food products.

    UV printed label will last long up to 2 years without fading, or up to 5 years when laminated.

    It is recommended if you want a long-lasting label for your beauty products.

    29.    What kind of printing materials can make a beauty label beautiful?

    There are different types of materials that will make every label beautiful.

    For your beauty labels, it is recommended to use the following:

    • Synthetic Paper
    • PVC
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP

    These types of materials are widely used in beauty products, skincare products, detergent products, household products, etc.

    This could make your label beautiful and your brand logo will be protected.

    If you need beauty labels that look vintage, kraft paper is good, but it’s not waterproof.

    Texture paper is also a nice choice for a beauty label if you don’t consider about the water-resistance point.

    30.    What is the importance of using beauty labels?

    Using a beauty label is very important for marketing your product and it shows the identity of your product.

    Beauty labels are essential as this helps to grab the attention of your consumers and to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

    It is important also to display the ingredients on the label for those who may be allergic to certain ingredients.

    It should show the correct information about the product.

    This serves as a convenient way for the consumers that will let them see and know the products they are buying.

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