Attaching Labels to Clothes

In this article, you’ll learn how to put labels on your clothing

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    Methods of Attaching Labels to Clothes

    Your produced garment will look more genuine if it has a lovely label with your name or a detail of the item. You have the option of creating your own labels or using pre-made ones.

    attaching labels to clothes

    What is the importance of putting labels on Clothes?

    The worth of labels on the clothing is significant. It promotes brand name and logo awareness. It also shows how clothing and accessories are made.

    Labels can be a valuable tool for developing consumer communication. You can choose your artwork, the font style to use, etc.

    It helps you to build your own brand and maximize your creativity in labeling your garments.

    Ensure that your brand name and logo are both readable and recognizable, regardless of your chosen graphic design.

    How are labels attached to clothing?

    You can hand sew or machine sew your labels onto any clothing line you’re making or want to sell.

    Hand Sewing:

    For those with a lot of time and patience, this is a great option. However, it is not suggested for labeling a significant number of clothing pieces.

    hand sewing labels on clothes

    Put the label in position with a needle, then sew it to the hem of your t-shirt, the neck, the sleeve, the pocket, or wherever else you’d want.

    There are different patterns of stitching, you can choose a running stitch, backstitch, cross stitch, and so on. You can do whatever you wanted to do when hand sewing your labels into your clothes.

    Using Sewing Machine:

    Using an embroidery machine to automate the procedure and even a dedicated label sewing machine, there are many different types of reasonably priced sewing machines available today.

    You do not need to initially pin the label into place when using a sewing machine. All you need to do is run the shirt through the machine while holding the label in place.

    Sewing machine for labeling clothes

    However, there are alternative methods for applying labels on clothing depending on the surface you’re dealing with and the kind of backing your label.

    Iron Labels or Heat Press:

    Highly useful, and simple to use and they will attach significantly to your merchandise.

    To avoid damaging your item with the heat from the iron, you must be cautious and make sure it is not composed of a fabric that is sensitive to heat.

    Iron labels on clothes

    1. Put the iron in the cotton setting or increase the heat to a medium setting.
    2. If necessary, peel the label’s back. Adjust the label to the desired location.
    3. Apply heat for 10 seconds, then remove the iron and examine the label. Repeat as necessary to form a strong connection.
    4. Give it at least 24 hours while it cools down before being washed and dried.

    Stick On Labels:

    Stick On Labels

    For clothing that has to be identified temporarily, stick on labels for clothes is perfect, commonly used on kid’s wear.

    There is no need to iron these Stick-Ons. It is advised to place the Stick-On directly on the label from the clothing factory and to press down firmly until the label adheres entirely.

    Stick on clothing labels make tagging clothing so quick and simple.

    The disadvantage of this method is that the attached labels will eventually fall into the washer when the cloth is being washed.

    Laundry Stamps:

    Clothing stamps

    Its impression on the clothes lasts between 10 and 20 washes, depending on the laundry detergent, temperature, and use of fabric softener or stain removers.

    It has limits but is quick and simple to use just like an ordinary stamp when applying it to your apparel.

    Fabric Markers:

    Using a permanent laundry marker to name items is the simplest and most affordable option.

    Fabric Markers

    The washable ink is quick to use and lasts through several cycles of washing the garments.

    Always write the owner’s name on the label or an inside seam using a marker.

    To trap any bleeding ink, place cardboard under the label area on the outside of the garment.

    Hanging Tags:

    A tag that may be placed onto an internal seam, hemline, or care label is among the newest methods for labeling clothing.

    The tag doesn’t really fade, is able to withstand high temperatures, and may be removed.

    Could be customized using your own graphics or logo, as well as custom text and symbols, QR codes, and more.

    hanging tags

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